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    Attraction by Lancôme

    Not bad, but not wonderful either.

    My opinions on this fragrance keep changing. One minute I'll dislike it, the next minute I'll be somewhat intrigued by its scent.

    When I first applied Attraction to my wrist I was really confused as to why the gardenia, neroli and ylang ylang blend smelt so spicy and almost bitter on my skin. I guess it's a matter of chemistry although my friend also had the same reaction.

    Finally when the intial blast of the top notes pass, I am left with a rich and heavy blend of flowers, which in my opinion is pleasant but not very soft or feminine.

    When Attraction begins to fade and transcend into the drydown the scent becomes sweet and 'vanillery'. This drydown makes me like this fragrance, yet for the first hour I really did not enjoy Attraction in the slightest.

    To purchase this fragrance simply because I am 'attracted' to the drydown is silly and a waste of money, especially when this fragrance is extremely overpriced.

    I'd say that overall Attraction would have many positive responses, yet for me it just didn't have the 'wow-factor'. The lasting strength was phenomenal, I guess that's one good point, however I'm not surprised that Lancome has decided to discontinue this fragrance.

    04th June, 2011


    Inspiration by Lacoste

    Somehow Inspiration doesn't seem like an oriental floral, in fact it isn't floral at all, instead it's rather fruity/citrusy and fresh.

    I was waiting patiently for the beautiful white floral blend in the heart of this scent, but it never appeared.

    From the very beginning the pomegranate and mandarin orange notes are the standouts. I honestly don't mind this combination, however the pink pepper which starts to make its presence known after a few minutes, doesn't seem to blend well with the other notes, creating a jumbled and messy spicy fruit combination which in my opinion smells slightly off.

    Thankfully the pink pepper note disappears quickly, yet the pomegranate and mandarin orange remain. The scent becomes rather powdery and soapy in the heart where the florals are supposed to be. The subtle fruity notes keep this fragrance from becoming too bland, however Inspiration doesn't develop any further. The scent is pretty much just fresh and pleasant, nothing too extraordinary here.

    Unfortunately the lasting power is poor, 2 hours and it has practically disappeared. The best thing I can say about this fragrance is that it's plain but nice.

    04th June, 2011


    Baby Phat Golden Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons

    While Goddess in my opinion was for the younger consumers, Golden Goddess is for women.

    I am very impressed with this scent. The opening smells just like a glass of sparkling champagne mixed with caramel and rich, dark chocolate, which I can assure you, smells divine.

    Golden Goddess smells classy and elegant, not at all cheap or plasticky. This fragrance is heavenly, sweet, rich and sexy, all rolled into one.

    The drydown is also very beautiful which is great because most of the time the base notes usually let me down. It smells a little like coconut smothered in chocolate with a slight hint of vanilla, strange but delicious. Even smelling this fragrance right now is making me hungry.

    This fragrance's only real let down was the lasting power, but for the inexpensive price it wouldn't hurt to reapply every now and then. I highly recommend.

    04th June, 2011


    Baby Phat Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons

    I was really looking forward to testing Goddess because I absolutely adored the cute pink bottle, however my impression of this fragrance will not have me rushing out to buy it anytime soon.

    When I first sprayed Goddess I couldn't smell a thing. I tried it on my skin, on a card, even in the air, but still nothing. The opening is so light and airy that you need a super-nose to even detect the subtle notes.

    After a few minutes, when the heart began to appear, I was able to sense some of the notes. This scent is a basic powdery floral, nothing overly exciting or different. I don't get any pepper or spicyness, just gardenia, rose, lilac and hiacynth.

    Although Goddess isn't really my cup of tea, I would recommend this scent to young girls because of its subtle candy-like and baby powder scent. When worn by the right age group, this would be lovely.

    04th June, 2011


    Velvet Hour by Kate Moss

    I never expected this fragrance to be so unique and interesting. Since testing Kate, her first fragrance, I assumed that all her scents would be safe and unoriginal. Velvet Hour transcends past the common stereotype, and becomes something distinctive and alluring.

    I'll start by saying that Velvet Hour is a sillage monster, a scent that lasts and lasts. Because this fragrance is so strong I would most likely recommend this scent for Winter or night use.

    It's sweet, peppery, dark, intense and strangely beautiful. I'm so surprised that this fragrance sells so cheaply. I think its price may have something to do with the lack of promotion, because it definitely isn't based on the quality of this fragrance.

    Velvet Hour opens with the soft and powdery freesia note, with the incense and pepper creating a smoky yet spicy quality. This opening on its own is very impressive.

    The patchouli becomes quite strong after a few minutes of wear but the nutmeg mantains a certain softness and femininity which is delightful.

    The drydown is a little bland, however I do still enjoy this fragrance. Amber ends this fragrance with a warm and sensual closure.

    I'd make this fragrance a top pick for a unique evening scent that will certainly have you noticed and admired.

    04th June, 2011


    Hugo XX by Hugo Boss

    Predictable, pleasant but boring, Hugo XX won't be getting any rave reviews from me.

    This fragrance is so light that it takes a lot of sniffing and inhaling to even be able to describe what it smells like.

    Hugo XX has quite a simple opening with blackcurrant being its most dominant note. It's fruity yet it lacks that fruity punch which would've given this scent more character.

    The heart is just as bland and boring as its opening, with the jasmine and rose creating a scent which has been done and re-done many times before. The floral combination is soft and pretty, yet it has that all-to-familiar soapy quality which I really dislike.

    I never got to the drydown because this fragrance disappeared in only 30 minutes. It's possibly the worst lasting scent I've come across so far. I don't recommend this fragrance unless you like to be ordinary.

    04th June, 2011


    Champs-Elysées by Guerlain

    I find it hard to resist this beautiful, classic fragrance.

    When I first smelt Champs Elysees, my immediate thoughts were pear. A juicy, ripe, delicious pear.

    Although pear isn't listed as one of the notes, it could be the combination of peach and melon that gives it this quality.

    I love that Champs Elysees reminds me of home-made fruit salad, glorious Spring days and the immense feeling of happiness.

    When the pear note subsides I am left with a gorgeous blend of rose, mimose and hibiscus. Hidden amongst the floral notes I also sense a subtle hint of sparkling white wine, which makes this scent even more addictive.

    Champs Elysees is like sunshine in a bottle to me, and is quickly becoming one of my favourites. The lasting power is amazing, lasts the whole day, and seems to have the versatility to suit any age group. I was ashamed to think that I once assumed this was a fragrance for mature women. I'm glad Champs Elysees has proved me wrong.

    I'm urging anyone of any age to test this perfume. I'd be surprised if anyone truly disliked it.

    04th June, 2011


    Gucci by Gucci by Gucci

    This perfume isn't as bad as people make out, however it is slightly boring and unoriginal.

    I expected this fragrance to be intense, warm and truly seductive, however what I get is a light, musky, almost masculine scent. Not bad, it is definitely wearable, but not as outstanding as I would've liked it to be.

    There are slight hints of woodsy notes throughout this fragrance, yet there are no woods listed in this scent. The guava and pear notes confuse me greatly as I cannot smell them at all. Gucci opens with floral notes and stays like that until the scent fades away.

    Another disappointing aspect to this scent is its lack of lasting power, which surprised me seeming that you pay a considerable amount to own this fragrance. In my opinion you aren't getting what you paid for.

    I can't help feeling like there's something missing in this fragrance. It definitely lacks character and appeal for me.

    04th June, 2011


    Envy Me by Gucci

    This is the second time I've tried this scent, and to put it nicely, I really dislike Envy Me.

    In my opinion, it doesn't smell like something I'd imagine Gucci producing. It smells quite cheap and sour. It is in no way original and it's something I'd expect to find in a cheap drugstore, not listed under a famous brandname with an expensive price tag.

    The strong opening of pineapple, peony, mango and pink pepper put me right off. These notes never seem to blend well, and in general I'm not usually a fan of pineapple in perfumes to start with.

    I was hoping that the heart would be much more pleasant and interesting, but unfortunately the pomegranate and green tea took over and faded out a lot of the softer more delicate notes like the jasmine, rose and musk.

    During the drydown I began to smell some improvement, however by that stage I'd already decided that Envy Me wasn't my cup of tea.

    For people that honestly enjoy fruity scents, this could be for you. If I had to pick fragrances that I found similar to Envy Me I'd say, Paris Hilton and Baby Doll by YSL.

    04th June, 2011


    Very Irrésistible by Givenchy

    I'm surprised by how many people dislike this scent. In my opinion, it's lovely.

    It's rosy without being strong, too mature or predictable. The roses in Very Irresistible are soft, pretty and feminine.

    The scent actually opens with the roses and powdery softness of the other florals. Strange, because with most fruity florals, the citrus and fruits are most dominant in the top notes.

    This fragrance eventually softens and transcends into the heart of this scent where some fruits, possibly orange, are present.

    I like the sublteness of the overall scent. It's comforting and pretty, making it wonderful for wear in Spring and Summer when you don't want anything too strong or too overpowering.

    I actually applaud Givenchy for taking a risk with this scent and producing something that appeals to a different age group. Previously Givenchy had created Amarige and Organza, (just to name a few), which are lovely but just not suitable for the younger consumers. Very Irresistible, on the other hand, is perfect for them, and has now since spawned many different versions, including Absolutely Irresistible.

    I highly recommend this fragrance as a scent which will appeal to floral lovers as this perfume is more flowery than fruity. It's lasting power is good and it's guaranteed never to offend.

    04th June, 2011


    Hot Couture by Givenchy

    This was a very odd fragrance indeed. I totally wasn't expecting what I smelt when I intially applied Hot Couture.

    The previous reviewers are not wrong in stating that this is a peppery floral scent. It's quite sharp and surprising to my nose.

    I know many of you will go crook on me for saying this, but Hot Couture really reminds me of Chanel No.19. It has a grassy/green quality to it that I can't deny.

    In my personal opinion, I don't think this fragrance would be very well suited to young women, it seems to take a more mature and sophisticated approach. Don't get me wrong however, I'm not saying this is an 'old-lady fragrance'.

    I don't actually get the raspberry and vanilla in Hot Couture, which I'm a little disappointed about. To be honest, I don't find this scent sweet or fruity at all.

    I'd choose Versace Woman as a better alternative if you're looking for a raspberry and spicy/herb scent.

    04th June, 2011


    Ange ou Démon by Givenchy

    I'm surprised by Ange Ou Demon. Prior to testing this fragrance I had assumed it was similiar or along the lines of Armani Code for women and Thierry Mugler's Angel, however I find it much softer and in some ways more mysterious.

    Ange Ou Demon isn't as gothic and dark as the bottle seems to suggest. There's this undeniable softness and fragility which adds to this fragrance's allure.

    The scent is light and 'fluffy', almost airy with subtle hints of spicyness, like pepper or thyme. There is also a distinctive powdery-like quality to Ange Ou Demon which is reminiscent of some classic aldehydic fragrances.

    I enjoy Ange Ou Demon's spicy yet powdery scent, because like D&G for Women, this is a powdery fragrance that isn't sharp or soapy, instead it's inviting and sensual.

    When applied with a light hand, (as one should always do), the sillage is just strong enough to capture the people that dare to come close. I particularly like this aspect because it certainly adds to this perfume's mysterious appeal.

    Apart from the dominant notes of spices, florals and vanilla, I also sense a cinnamon note, which reminds me of Intimately Beckham Night, which is in some ways very similar to Ange Ou Demon.

    I'd say the lasting strength of this scent is good, however I fear this fragrance will be reformulated soon due to the oakmoss component. I highly suggest you try this scent while it is still in its original formulation.

    04th June, 2011


    Absolutely Irresistible by Givenchy

    Absolutely Irresistible is deliciously good.

    This fragrance opens with a scent that can only be described as a big, zesty, juicy, realistic mandarin orange. I love, (I can't say that word enough), how Givenchy have created a fruity scent that is real and not synthetic. I am often quite disappointed with fruity scents produced these days, hence the reason why I don't own many.

    One thing I've noticed with a lot of Givenchy fragrances is that they all dry down to a powdery-like, yet unique scent. The patchouli and the paprika notes, when added to the powdery florals in Absolutely Irresistible, create a spicy warmth that exudes sex appeal and mystery.

    As one of my friends would put it, "this fragrance makes you want to eat the parts of your body where you've sprayed it". Although it's not a gourmand, it could very well be one.

    I have to say however, that once Absolutely Irresistible settles on the skin it starts to smell very much like Deep Red by Hugo Boss. It'd actually be hard to tell them apart, especially since both have excellent sillage and superb lasting strength.

    Overall, I find this fragrance to be very versatile. It can easily be sultry and dirty while still maintaining an element of class and femininity. Definitely a must-try.

    04th June, 2011


    Red Door Revealed by Elizabeth Arden

    I rather like Red Door Revealed. In my opinion, it's like a younger version of the original Red Door, something that a young woman can wear without smelling ghastly or too grown up.

    Red Door Revealed opens with some subtle fruitiness, however pear just didn't strike me as one of the notes in this fragrance, somehow it's missing. The top notes are more like a sharp but fleeting burst of orange, bergamot and berries.

    The heart of this scent is what I enjoyed the most. This fragrance becomes a soft, powdery and feminine floral, which settles on the skin beautifully.

    The lasting power of this fragrance is fantastic on my skin, lasting well up to 6 hours.

    If you're avoiding this fragrance simply because you presume it has the same overpowering and strong sillage like Red Door has, you are missing out. Red Door Revealed is the total opposite of Red Door. It's pretty, youthful, light, casual and sweet

    04th June, 2011


    Only The Brave by Diesel

    Very rarely do I dislike a male fragrance. Unfortunately this fragrance was the first masculine scent that disappointed me.

    The first thing I thought when I tried Only The Brave, was that it smelt rather bland and boring. It certainly didn't have me going 'ga-ga' or unleashing my hidden female instincts.

    The leather note made its entrance rather strongly, making me screw my face up with distaste. I didn't get much lemon in this fragrance, if there had have been, I'd probably have reacted badly.

    I really don't like the bottle design, it's quite nonsensical and in some ways scary. A handy tip for men; never display this bottle beside the bed when your lady is around, it may just give her nightmares.

    The name of this fragrance, doesn't seem to suit the scent. 'Brave'? There is nothing brave or daring about this fragrance, 'Safe' would have been a better name.

    04th June, 2011


    Quel Amour! by Annick Goutal

    I was so relieved when I read here that Quel Amour had a note of mint. I spent many hours trying to determine whether or not my nose had become incredibly confused.

    Strangely enough, I sensed the mint when I first applied Quel Amour to my skin. It was almost like a breath of toothpaste wafting up to my nose. Although to many that description may be unpleasant, to me it was different and somewhat appealing.

    The scent began with its minty freshness, before developing into a rich, romantic and classic floral. Peony and rose are very prominent notes in this fragrance. The scent reminded me of beautiful, old-fashioned trinket shops where the smell of pure rose oil used to fill the store.

    Like most Annick Goutal fragrances, Quel Amour has such a charming presence. In my opinion however, you won't like this fragrance if you don't like her previous scents. Quel Amour is more of an old-fashioned, classic, early 1900's inspired fragrance rather than being a modern scent.

    The fruity notes in Quel Amour aren't all that strong, although they are present. The peach is hidden in there somewhere however it has been overshadowed by the peony and rose.

    Quel Amour is your quintessential, rose scented Spring/Fall scent. Thinking of possible similarities, Stella by Stella McCartney comes to mind, however Quel Amour is much lighter and not as modern.

    This fragrance contains all natural oils and ingredients so you are guaranteed no artificial surprises. The scent is actually really long-lasting on my skin, and that is just for the EDT.

    04th June, 2011


    Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

    The moment I smelt Fico di Amalfi I must have been in a trance. I immediately pictured myself on a quiet, tropical beach on a hot Summer's day sipping a refreshing, fruity beverage.

    Although this is the first Acqua di Parma fragrance I've tried, I am already impressed by the quality and creativity that went into creating their scents.

    I often dislike the Summer months because I can never find a scent that works with my chemistry or one that appeals to me. In most cases fruity florals, aquatics and citrusy fragrances aren't my cup of tea. However, Fico di Amalfi is more than just a fruity floral fragrance.

    Obviously, for the price and the name, this fragrance is definitely not cheap smelling. Fico di Amalfi is sweet, almost like sugared candy, however this scent is in no way artificial.

    The fig note in this fragrance is delightful and it works well with the other notes in this scent, especially the citrus. Without the fig notes, Fico di Amalfi would have lost its charm.

    I really love how the pink pepper gives this fragrance that extra something, that extra kick while the jasmine makes this scent so feminine and comforting. Fico di Amalfi is successful in achieving that relaxed holiday atmosphere through scent.

    I have no qualms with the lasting power, it lasted really well on my skin, and even better, the scent worked well with my skin chemistry.

    I will definitely be considering this fragrance for my collection when the weather heats up. I can't think of a better choice for the swealtering heat over here in Australia.

    04th June, 2011


    Sensi by Giorgio Armani

    The first time I tested Sensi I got an awful shock because what I got was an acidic, oily, putrid smelling concoction on my wrist. However after scrubbing it off vigorously in the ladies room, I tried another tester bottle and much to my relief, this tester bottle was not off.

    The real Sensi, while still fresh, is delightfully elegant, slightly powdery and clean smelling. The scent is heavy enough to be worn in the colder months, however if applied with a light hand, Sensi could be worn well in Spring.

    This perfume is simply lovely. Although not very unique, I like Sensi's simplistic scent. However I will agree with Annehke that for all the unique and interesting notes listed, the overall product does slightly disappoint. I was expecting Sensi to smell unlike anything I'd ever tried before.

    I do however get the jasmine, almond and vanilla notes which together make a delightful mixture. Like all Armani scents, this fragrance is certainly sophisticated and elegant. I can see this scent suiting almost every occasion, whether it be casual or formal.

    I recommend Sensi to lovers of creamy, powdery and classic scents like Allure by Chanel and D&G by Dolce & Gabbana, to name a few.

    04th June, 2011


    Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

    Armani Code is in one word; divine.

    The best description that I can give: it's like a mixture of Deep Red by Hugo Boss, (not as sweet), and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It also smells very much like Diesel Plus Plus Feminine in the drydown.

    Ok, so obviously this isn't a unique scent, but it certainly is appealing. It's musky, mysterious, dark, hauntingly beautiful and spicy.

    The bottle and the commercial suits this fragrance perfectly. It is quite a sophisticated, yet sensual night-time fragrance.

    Of course you can never go wrong with Armani fragrances, they almost always exude quality and class.

    I was quite surprised that Armani Code wasn't heavy with the citrus notes. I expected the bitter orange note in particular to be strong like in Moschino Funny!, however the citruses were soft and nicely blended with the jasmine.

    The jasmine in this fragrance is most intriguing because instead of being soft, pretty and feminine, it is the opposite becoming daring and sexy. The honey and vanilla notes in the drydown are also worth raving over because together they create a scent that is truly breathtaking.

    For something that speaks confidence, sexiness and allure, you simply can't go wrong with Armani Code.

    04th June, 2011


    Sensuous by Estée Lauder

    I have a dear friend that adores this scent, so I urged myself to try Sensuous to see what all the fuss was about.

    Well, Sensuous is certainly a pleasant and soft scent, however I can't say that it struck me as very original or outstanding.

    When I first applied this fragrance, I was turned off by its strong opening which was rather headache-inducing. I waited quite impatiently for this initial blast to soften into a powdery and spicy scent, which was nice but not something I was overly keen on.

    To be completely honest, the only aspect of this fragrance which I found truly 'sensuous' was the drydown in my opinion, which was woodsy with touches of vanilla, spice and warmth. I couldn't sense the sweet honey note, which I'm rather quite glad about, because I don't believe it would have embodied this scent well.

    This fragrance may not appeal to my tastes, however I can see why people love it. It's cozy and soothing, something I could imagine someone wearing with a cashmere wool sweater and sipping a mug of hot chocolate while reading a dusty old book. As you can tell by my description, Sensuous is not a loud, sexy or outrageous fragrance, it's just a simple scent with a quiet yet charming presence.

    04th June, 2011


    Intuition by Estée Lauder

    I've never really been a fan of Estee Lauder fragrances, I always found them to smell slightly odd to my nose, however Intuition surprised me to say the least.

    I really enjoyed the citrusy opening which was refreshing and instantly reminded me of Summer. I just loved the way the lemon, grapefruit and bergamot blended so well together creating a scent that was sweet and lively.

    Unfortunately it is scents with these citrusy openings that never blend well with my skin chemistry, and sure enough this beautiful scent turned to rotten grapefruit when I wore it.

    Despite the fact that this fragrance and I are not meant to be, I still admire this scent when worn by other people.

    The heart of Intuition becomes a soft and somewhat powdery floral blend, which is absolutely gorgeous. The rose note is an absolute standout and it gives this fragrance that classy, feminine touch. I'll also agree with the other reviewers here that sensed a vanilla note in Intuition, it is certainly present for my nose as well, particularly in the drydown.

    I actually adore the bottle design of Intuition, which is surprising because I very rarely pay attention to a fragrance's packaging. The oval shaped bottle with the slightly off-centre, abstract cap is clearly something you would take pride in displaying on your dresser.

    The lasting strength was great on other people, however on myself, not only did it smell off but it also didn't last. I do urge you not to do a blind purchase on this fragrance because you may end up with the same results as me. Apart from that this fragrance is a crisp, pleasant and casual scent which I highly recommend.

    04th June, 2011


    Escada Moon Sparkle by Escada

    I'll be honest and say that although this is not one of the most unique fragrances that I've tried this week, it is certainly up there as one of the better fragrances I've tried.

    Moon Sparkle is without a doubt a fruity fragrance. However, this scent is not your typical fruity perfume. It smells expensive, it's not too sweet or artificial and it lacks the heavy notes of citrus.

    Tropical and exotic is how I picture this fragrance. It's feminine, versatile and delicious with the apple, strawberry and black currant notes being most prominent.

    It reminds me of Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears in some ways, however this fragrance is much softer and dare I say, not so artificial.

    Moon Sparkle would make a lovely fragrance choice for the hotter months. It has good sillage and the lasting power, although not fantastic, is better than average.

    After just one whiff of this fragrance you'll feel like you're on vacation. I definitely recommend Moon Sparkle as a refreshing choice this Summer.

    04th June, 2011


    Red Door Velvet by Elizabeth Arden

    There isn't really any comparison between this scent and the original Red Door. If you disliked Red Door, I urge you not to dismiss this fragrance.

    The fragrance itself is quite musky, but nicely done. I think Red Door Velvet is more of a floral than a fruity scent. The bergamot in the opening is so subtle that you would have missed it entirely had you not been informed of its presence.

    I was actually both shocked and pleasantly surprised by how expensive-smelling and sophisticated this fragrance is. The scent has a certain richness and warmth that exudes class.

    The lasting strength was quite good I found, certainly better lasting than Red Door.

    I won't say that this fragrance is better than Red Door, because in my opinion they both smell lovely when worn by the right person, however I'll admit that this fragrance would most likely be the more popular choice over the original.

    For something deep, rich and unique from the Elizabeth Arden fragrance range, I would definitely recommend.

    04th June, 2011


    Joop! Jump by Joop!

    If I ever smelt this on a man I swear I'd die and go to heaven.

    Jump is much softer, more refreshing and as some might say, more masculine than the original Joop! Homme. If Joop! Homme was your Winter scent, then this fragrance would be your Summer alternative.

    The scent is spicy, slightly sweet (yet not as sweet as Joop! Homme), fresh and in some ways, powdery and soft, (especially in the drydown).

    Jump is a fragrance that portrays calm and tranquility. It is not sexy or dirty, just soothing. The perfect scent to snuggle with or wear casually.

    I would trust a man that wore Jump. There is something almost drug-like about this scent, it sends me to a calm, happy, quiet place. This is the first men's cologne that I have ever felt this way about, many of the scents I've tried have been sexy or loud, however this scent is the total opposite.

    The sillage is good, but not overpowering, (unless it is applied with a heavy hand). The lasting power is also great, which is no surprise because Joop! fragrances always impress me with their quality.

    Certainly a cologne that every man should consider adding to their collection.

    04th June, 2011


    I Love Dior by Christian Dior

    I'll start by saying that I tried this fragrance in the store today and I'm not a 100% certain on whether or not the tester has gone bad. The juice inside was orange coloured.

    I can sense alot of citrusy and orange blossom notes in this fragrance. They are in some ways strong, but not overpowering. I Love Dior is also quite soapy and fresh with slight hints of powder every now and then.

    Seeming that this fragrance has been discontinued now for almost 6 years, I have a funny feeling that the town in which I found this perfume is just trying to rid themselves of old stock. Australian stores are funny like that sometimes. Fragrances aren't usually a widely bought item.

    The scent reminds me somewhat of Truth for women by Calvin Klein, (I will be retesting Truth to make sure that also wasn't an off tester bottle).

    From what I can gather, I Love Dior was a unique, refreshing, clean and delightful floral fragrance. It is a pity that Dior makes so many limited editions only to discontinue them 12 months later

    04th June, 2011


    Ed Hardy Woman by Christian Audigier

    This is a truly delicious scent. For a floral girl like myself, I wouldn't have expected this fragrance to be so appealing. It's sweet, it's fruity and the sillage is great.

    The top notes of mango, grapefruit and strawberries is mouth-wateringly juicy and sugary sweet. Once you spray this on, you will immediately feel energised and refreshed. I think Ed Hardy would make the perfect Spring/Summer party scent.

    I disagree with the other reviewers that described this fragrance as common, uninteresting and plain, in my opinion this is a very colourful and vibrant scent.

    In the heart of this fragrance, I can smell some similarities to DKNY Red Delicious, which I also love. I'd probably find it difficult to tell the difference between the two.

    I am yet to test this on my skin, and I actually fear doing so, seeming that most fruity florals turn sour with my skin chemistry. I also don't see myself adding this perfume to my wishlist in a hurry, not unless the price decreases dramatically, because right now the price is ridiculous.

    04th June, 2011


    Echo Woman by Davidoff

    This fragrance is not that bad. It's actually one of the better fruity florals I've smelt during the lead up to this year's Summer.

    Echo Woman does have a fruity punch to it, however it is sweet and refreshing. A fantastic word to describe this scent is pretty; it's feminine and youthful, great for those younger women searching for a nice, light, Summery fragrance.

    I particularly like the casual and laid-back feel of this fragrance. It is certainly not a strong or offensive type of perfume, it manages to stay quiet a majority of the time, only sending wafts of its scent towards the people that come close enough to you.

    I don't smell the vodka or white musk notes, (vodka is usually fairly odorless in general), however I can smell the floral notes and a hint of orange and pear (although those notes are not listed).

    I'll agree that the lasting power is fairly average, however I wouldn't say that it was terrible. You just might have to carry this perfume around in your purse to reapply every now and then if you plan on spending your day out and about.

    04th June, 2011


    Noa Fleur by Cacharel

    Am I the only one that thought this fragrance smelt like hairspray?

    After reading all these wonderful reviews, I was convinced that it had to have been a bad tester bottle, however once I tried it in another store I got the same result.

    I couldn't seem to get past the strong and intoxicating scent of hairspray. I found it hard to believe that some people compared this fragrance to the original Noa. In my opinion, there is no comparison.

    The coffee note is absent in this fragrance, and there are only clean and slightly synthetic florals present. I can smell hints of rose, however it isn't a strong and desirable rose, nor something overly feminine and sweet. Instead the rose note is very subtle and lacks any sign of life.

    I have a feeling that Noa Fleur may be a little too heavy with the alcohol. That would explain my negative reaction to this fragrance.

    04th June, 2011


    Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

    Luscious Pink confuses me greatly. One second it will be fruity and sour, the next second it will be soapy and clean.

    It's hard to dislike this fragrance, however because it is so safe and unoriginal, it doesn't appeal to me in the least.

    Luscious Pink is gentle and soft, which for some people is admirable, yet in my opinion this fragrance needs that extra boost, that little something that gives life to this seemingly dull scent.

    I much prefered Mariah's previous fragrance M, which surprised me with its unique and daring combination of notes. I have no idea why her company decided to follow-up with this fragrance which simply bores me to tears.

    I can't actually pin-point any particular notes in this fragrance, however I wouldn't refer to this scent as being a jumbled mess. Luscious Pink has a somewhat lotion type smell, and on that observation I would say that Live Platinum by Jennifer Lopez is slightly similar.

    I very much doubt that anyone would ever say a rude comment about anyone wearing this fragrance, however I don't see how it would gather any compliments. Even more disappointing than the scent itself, the lasting power isn't all that great either.

    04th June, 2011


    Unforgivable Woman by Sean John

    I'm actually surprised by all the negative reviews on this fragrance. I certainly did not find this scent boring or rotten-smelling. I actually consider this fragrance to be rather unique and special.

    I'm rather shocked that the top notes are primarily citrus and fruits, because I did not get even the slightest hint of these notes on my skin. On me, the top notes were warm and spicy, quite sensual and comforting.

    The heart of Unforgivable Woman is so odd, yet so appealing. I can smell a minty note mixed with fresh, green leaves and a hint of spiciness. This combination had me hooked and I couldn't help smelling my wrist every couple of minutes to see whether the fragrance had developed further.

    The drydown, although lovely, was a little predictable with sandalwood being the most dominant note followed by patchouli, vanilla and amber.

    Although they are not completely the same, Unforgivable Woman reminds me in some ways of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

    I certainly have a lot of respect for Sean John's recent merge into fragrances. So far, so good. I wouldn't say that this fragrance is sexy, in my opinion it is more of an intriguing and mysterious scent. It is certainly refreshing to have a celebrity create something so original these days.

    04th June, 2011

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