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    Mandragore by Annick Goutal

    The first advice I can give in regards to this scent, you must try it on your skin first. When I smelt Mandragore from the bottle a look of horror, disgust and nausea must have crossed my face. Since I had only recently been quite ill with the flu, Mandragore instantly reminded me of a decongestant I took on a daily basis which was in the form of a lemon flavoured powder which when added to hot water, created the foulest smelling and tasting concoction on the planet.

    I didn't think I would be touching a bottle of Mandragore ever again, until now. I was brave and applied a few small sprays to my wrist and waited.

    I'm not a fan of the citrusy bergamot note, I never will be, however the pepper, mint and ginger notes balance the scent out nicely. After ten minutes the fragrance is quite pleasant and soft, certainly not nauseating like it was from the bottle.

    I think to fall head over heels in love with this scent requires an acquired taste. It is certainly very different from my other Annick Goutal love, Passion.

    I don't get a lot of woods in this fragrance, I think of it as more of a citrus aromatic rather than a woodsy perfume. It's unfortunate that this fragrance has poor lasting power, because it's perfumes like these that make people give up on Annick Goutal fragrances, which is a shame because she makes such lovely scents.

    I have concluded that I do like Mandragore, but only in small doses. It's certainly not something that I can picture myself wearing every day. I might wait until the warmer months to try this again, because I am eager to see how well this is worn during the hot Summer days.

    I probably wouldn't purchase this fragrance in a full bottle, however I'm content with my 15ml sample.

    27th April, 2011


    Esprit de Fleurs by Frapin

    If you are searching for a niche fragrance that is both a sillage monster and a powerful floral, this would be your best choice.

    I've had a cotton bud which was sprayed with this fragrance in my bag for over a month, and surprise, surprise, it still smells strongly and still manages to scent and deoderize my bag.

    Well, Esprit de Fleurs is certainly an interesting scent. It's expensive smelling, rich, slightly soapy and very flowery, and although I love how this fragrance makes all the contents in my handbag smell exquisite, I'm not sure whether I'd like to wear this on my actual skin.

    If you've ever accidently sprayed a room fragrance on your skin thinking it was an ordinary perfume, you'll know what I'm talking about. You certainly smell lovely, however you can't help feeling a little like a burning scented candle in an inclosed space. That's how I felt when I wore Esprit de Fleurs.

    I had this continuous urge to run to the nearest restroom and wash this stuff off, however I stuck with it because I was mesmorised by what it smelt like in the air around me. If it wasn't so expensive, I might have considered buying this fragrance for use as an air freshner.

    If Esprit de Fleurs were a little softer and not so heavy with the rose, jasmine and vanilla notes, I can see this fragrance being quite a popular and wearable scent. Yet for now, it only smells like an expensive air freshner.

    27th April, 2011


    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

    D&G for men is certainly a strong and lasting fragrance.

    My boyfriend had left town for a week and left me one of his shirts which is drenched in this scent. Five days on and I can still smell the scent wafting around my living room.

    I absolutely adore the female D&G fragrance, and in some ways I expect the matching male fragrance to be similiar yet more masculine smelling. D&G for men isn't exactly the same, however it does have a slight powderyness which is reminiscent of its female equivalent.

    Like most top-selling male fragrances, this scent starts off with a bright and refreshing burst of citruses. This is not something that I dislike, I'm quite the opposite when citrusy fragrances are worn by the other sex, (it tends to smell better in my humble opinion), yet there is nothing overly unique or different about this fragrance's opening that leaves me satisfied or panting heavily.

    Actually I really don't find D&G for men sexy at all. I think it's more of a casual scent, one that you would expect an upper-class man with impeccable taste and an expensive suit to wear to work each morning. This fragrance to me says "business" not "come hither".

    I must say that this fragrance evolves well. From the heart to the drydown, the scent gradually becomes sweeter and spicier until it becomes quite powdery yet somewhat bland.

    I will probably have to wear this scent myself in order to establish my final opinion on this scent, but so far this fragrance has disappointed me.

    27th April, 2011


    DKNY Red Delicious by Donna Karan

    I must have smelt this fragrance when I was holidaying in Melbourne, because everytime I smell this scent I think of the city, the shops and the busy streets.

    I much prefer this fragrance to the original Be Delicious because the apple note isn't so prominent. I like how this fragrance has blended the apple note with raspberry and litchi, creating something that is unique, divine and very fruity.

    I was shocked to see leather as one of the listed notes, but I'm rather glad because it has changed my view on leather scents. I once viewed leather as being strong and distasteful, yet now I really like it.

    Red Delicious is such an intriguing fragrance. One minute I'll be thinking it's passable, the next minute I'm totally in love.

    I can't wait until Summer so I can test it in the warmer weather. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be making this fragrance my favourite scent for the hotter months.

    27th April, 2011


    Still by Jennifer Lopez

    Still is surprisingly quite pleasant. Like many of her fragrances, this scent is very Summery and fresh.

    It's not quite fruity, yet not overly floral. Still is a nicely balanced blend of the two.

    This fragrance is obviously still popular because it is being sold almost 6 years on. I personally have never known anyone that wears this scent, yet I know of guys that swear by this fragrance as being truly sexy and captivating.

    If you mixed Paris Hilton with Escape by CK, this would be your result. Strange because I love Escape but detest Paris Hilton.

    The apple and floral blend in the top notes and heart of this perfume is what reminds me of the Paris Hilton fragrance. I would definitely recommend Still over Paris Hilton anyday.

    The scent is strong, but it's not strong enough to knock one out. I also found the lasting power quite impressive for a celebrity scent. I would suggest this fragrance to an older audience, I'm not sure whether this would suit young teen girls. It has a sense of maturity and sophistication that gives me that opinion.

    By the looks of it, this is a perfume that most agree with. I highly recommend.

    27th April, 2011


    Kate by Kate Moss

    When I think of this fragrance, I remember being 17 and running up to the perfume counter every day just to douse myself in this scent. I'm not sure why I never bought it, (I'm guessing my Britney Spears fragrance obsession finally took over), but I managed to forget all about it and eventually lose interest. Today I had to refresh my memory.

    At first sniff I can understand why I used to love it so much, however it is very different from the fragrances I now own. It's soft, subtle and rosy; extremely feminine and flowery. Vastly different from my loud gourmands and deeply sensual fragrances.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance smells cheap, but it is however rather common and unimaginative. The lasting power is this fragrance's major downfall. Within only a few minutes of applying, this scent had almost completely disappeared.

    I read in one review, a girl describing this fragrance as being "nice but forgettable", and I totally agree with that statement. For lovers of soft and delicate rose scents or perhaps people wanting a lighter version of Stella by Stella McCartney, give this scent a try, you may just like it.

    27th April, 2011


    Euphoria Spring Temptation by Calvin Klein

    Spring Temptation is exactly what I wanted Euphoria Blossom to smell like. I already own and love the original Euphoria yet I wanted something to wear in the warmer months. When I tried Euphoria Blossom I was disappointed, however this fragrance has me really impressed.

    Spring Temptation is the sheer, fruity floral version of Euphoria. It is lively, sweet, refreshing and extremely Summery. It reminds me of walking through fruit orchards and breathing in the gorgeous citrusy aromas of ripe and delicious fruits waiting to be picked.

    The decision in adding the water notes to the guava and pear was a wise decision I thought, because it made the opening top notes more pleasant and fresh. It was the sour and citrusy opening of Euphoria Blossom that made me dislike that scent.

    Since my Winter fragrance collection is considerably larger than my Summer collection I have been searching for a fragrance that I can wear along with my Moschino Funny! later this year. I'm thinking that perhaps Spring Temptation may become my final choice.

    27th April, 2011


    Magie Noire by Lancôme

    This fragrance surprised me. I didn't actually recognise this fragrance because it was bottled in a green rectangular-shaped bottle. The way it had been packaged made me assume that it was going to be a citrusy/green scent. I was truly amazed when I discovered that it wasn't.

    Magie Noire is a soft, slightly musky and pretty floral fragrance. The scent is oddly fresh and clean, yet warm, powdery and comforting. This makes me think that this would be an excellent fragrance for all seasons.

    This fragrance was naturally going to be a hit with me since it contains so many of my favourite notes; raspberry, honey, tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang and lily of the valley.

    Strangely enough, I think this would make the perfect bedtime scent during those warmer nights. It's soothing, delicate and luxurious. It actually reminds me slightly of D&G for women in its powdery softness of the drydown.

    I think this fragrance is an excellent choice if you want to go with something that isn't necessarily what everyone else wears. It's casual and delightful without being too overpowering. It's perfect.

    27th April, 2011


    Kylie Minogue Couture by Kylie Minogue

    Like Christina Aguilera, Kylie just can't get a single fragrance right. As disgusting as it sounds, Couture only makes me think of stale sweat mixed with pineapple juice.

    This is in no way as sexy as the bottle and the advertising seem to suggest. It is really hard for me to comprehend as to why Kylie would allow her name to be put to this, let alone how she could release other fragrances like Darling which smelt like bitter dandelions and Showtime which was so sickeningly sugary and sweet that I got a toothache.

    This fragrance could only be embraced by young teenage girls as there is a slight sweetness with the cherry and lemon blossom notes. However, I'm not sure whether young girls are a part of her fan base.

    The drydown is the nicest part to this fragrance, which is a simplistic vanilla and woods scent. Not overly unique, but nice.

    27th April, 2011


    Coco by Chanel

    I really wouldn't classify Coco Chanel as being an oriental spicy scent as I find that description to be very misleading. To me, Coco Chanel is an intense and rich floral.

    I had almost given up on Chanel fragrances; I had disliked No.5 and No.19 with a passion and had only appreciated Allure in small quantities. However, Coco was such a sophisticated, feminine, seductive and classic fragrance.

    Coco is elegance and class in a bottle. The opening is a fresh burst of florals and the heart is a gloriously warm and spicy rose mixed with spices.

    The drydown was absolutely divine with a beautiful aura of rich vanilla, making this fragrance's composition the result of a very talented and masterful perfumer.

    I am far too young to wear this type of fragrance and get away with it, but I don't doubt I'll be revisiting this when I'm older.

    27th April, 2011


    Hei by Alfred Sung

    I stumbled across this fragrance in a local chemist being sold rather cheaply. I was a little dubious at first, however I wanted to buy my man something so I decided to give it a try.

    I find the scent to be very similar to Cool Water by Davidoff, I think it's because of the lavender note. I consider that a good thing because both my man and I love Cool Water.

    Hei is a refreshing, clean and rather sexy scent. I figured that since my boyfriend already had Cool Water I would buy Hei in the deoderant and aftershave balm rather than the fragrance. When he blended and layered the two it was difficult to tell the difference.

    Hei is a fabulous fragrance for those warmer months because it is so light and casual. The lasting strength is also wonderful.

    I don't regret buying Hei products for my boyfriend, yet sometimes I wish that women weren't so attracted to the scent. He certainly receives many compliments and interested women when he wears this fragrance.

    27th April, 2011


    Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

    I don't mind this fragrance and I can certainly understand its popularity. It is very girly, sweet and playful.

    It is a little similar to Miss Dior Cherie I thought, yet there is a softer more powdery blend of vanilla, gardenia and jasmine. I can see why it is so commonly worn by young teen girls.

    In the US I have heard that both this fragrance and the original Juicy Couture are best sellers, however in Australia it is not so popular which allows me to consider buying this seeming that not many people wear this fragrance.

    The bottle is really cute, yet I'll be honest and say that I'd probably feel a little embarassed having it on my dresser because it looks a little childish.

    I do like this fragrance a lot, but I doubt I'd ever purchase it because I feel that I have way too many sweet and gourmand scents in my collection. I'm aiming to buy more grown-up fragrances that I can love and wear for many years to come. I'm sorry, but I just don't see myself wearing Viva La Juicy when I'm 30 years old.

    The lasting strength was great, I didn't have a problem with that at all. I thought the sillage was also quite good and more than often a few sprays was enough to last the entire day.

    27th April, 2011


    Twilight - The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

    Twilight is my favourite fragrance out of the three in the Lovely Collection. Surprisingly, many people preferred Endless and Dawn.

    I liked Twilight, because unlike the other two scents, this fragrance was bursting with vitality and character. The opening is a nice blend of citruses and spicyness from the pink pepper and galbanum notes. These top notes alone are daring and unique.

    The heart of this fragrance isn't as unique, yet the jasmine and peony, although safe choices, are highly effective and pleasantly combined.

    I like the choice of the incense note in the drydown which gives Twilight a smokey and powdery like quality.

    Unfortunately the lasting power is weak, but despite that this fragrance is still the best choice out of the three.

    27th April, 2011


    Endless - The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

    I had never liked Lovely or Covet, yet I found Pure Bloom to be quite enjoyable, so when the Lovely Collection was announced I was eager to try them.

    It pains me to say that these three fragrances in this series are her worst fragrances yet, with Endless being the worst of the three.

    When I first sprayed this scent, my immediate thoughts were cheap, flowery toilet spray. There is nothing unique or outstanding about this fragrance at all.

    The scent is very light and almost soapy, I didn't detect a single fruity note in the opening. It's mostly a mess of floral notes all mixed together with no thought or cleverness used in its composition.

    The only good thing about Endless was its lasting power, which lasted considerably longer than the other two perfumes in this collection.

    27th April, 2011


    Dawn - The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker

    Dawn is a slight improvement from Endless, yet there is nothing enticing or interesting about this fragrance.

    Like Endless, it is soapy and fresh, however it is not as flowery. I wouldn't say that Dawn is synthetic smelling, it is quite wearable and somewhat pleasant, but once again this fragrance is common and unimaginative.

    The scent itself is quite musky and subtle yet the lasting power is horrible. If it wasn't for the lack of lasting strength this fragrance may have been passable.

    27th April, 2011


    Innocent by Thierry Mugler

    I had been really stuck for ideas on what to get my best friend for her 21st, until I spotted a 50ml giftset of this fragrance for only $40. Angel by Thierry Mugler was her favourite fragrance, yet I had never tried Innocent so I immediately made it my duty to test it.

    There are similarities between Angel and Innocent, yet Innocent is much softer and less overpowering.

    Innocent starts off sweet and candy-like then it transforms into a warm vanilla and almond scent which is absolutely divine. This fragrance is still a gourmand like its predecessor and has the spices and chocolatey notes that made Angel so appealing.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance is "innocent", so I don't entirely agree with the name. To me, this scent is seductive, heavenly and extremely sexy. If anything this is the lighter/daytime version of Angel.

    I didn't have any qualms with the lasting strength, I thought it lasted quite well on my skin. When layered with the shower gel and body milk I can only imagine that the lasting power will be even better. I am sure that my friend will be pleased to receive this next month.

    27th April, 2011


    Dune by Christian Dior

    Dune is the perfect name for this fragrance as it certainly reminds me of the smell of salt, sand and the sea. I've never lived near the ocean, so everytime I went there on a holiday it was always an exciting and fun experience.

    Dune captures those feelings of happiness in its beautiful gold bottle. I can only imagine wearing this at the beach while feeling my feet sink into the soft sand and hearing the waves crash against the shoreline.

    The fragrance starts off fresh and citrusy, with the aldehydes blending nicely with the citruses, peony and rosewood. Dune soon develops into a full floral heart of jasmine and rose, yet the drydown is the highlight. The vanilla and benzoin notes create warmth that can only be compared to the feeling of the hot sun warming your skin on a Summer's day.

    The lasting power is fabulous, especially for an EDT that lasts over 7 hours. I really love the beachy like feeling that both this fragrance and Escape by Calvin Klein create. I had been disappointed when Escape didn't mix with my skin chemistry, so you can imagine my relief when this did.

    Dune is for people that don't mind unique fragrances or being transported to another place simply by scent.

    27th April, 2011


    Onde Mystère by Giorgio Armani

    Mysterious, this fragrance certainly is. Dark, slightly masculine, spicy and intriguing.

    I'm not very familiar with Armani scents however I am impressed by what I have tested so far. Onde Mystere is unique and daring, yet pleasant and attractive.

    The bottle design provokes a sense of darkness and underlying gothic tones. Although slightly masculine, and having the versatility to be unisex, this fragrance will not make a woman feel unfeminine. The roses and spices balance this scent with softness and sweetness.

    I didn't have a problem with the lasting power, I thought it lasted quite well on my skin, yet the sillage is not all that strong. I like that aspect however, because this scent works well as an intimate fragrance, a scent that lures people in and captivates them depending on how close you are.

    Onde Mystere is a very likable fragrance. I will be interested to try the other fragrances in this Onde series.

    27th April, 2011


    Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

    It was very difficult for me to smell this fragrance again. Eternity was once a scent that made me comfortable, happy, dizzy and head over heels in love. However, smelling this fragrance now only makes me sad and nostalgic.

    My first love wore Eternity every day. For almost four years and most of my teenage years, Eternity was more than just a cologne.

    This cologne is citrusy, fresh, clean and masculine. It's not outright sexy, it's more of a subtle sexy scent. A man that wears Eternity is a man that is kind and someone you can trust.

    The blend of citruses with the herbs and flowers are beautiful and comforting. I could spend hours just cuddling up to a man wearing this scent without getting a headache or feeling nauseous.

    Many men may be discouraged from buying this because it's so popular, yet I don't think it's popularity should deter them. I don't know of any woman that dislikes this cologne, so it is guaranteed to please.

    It's a shame that this fragrance has too many memories connected to it. I would love to be able to enjoy this scent for what it is and not be reminded of the past. But I guess that's the beauty of scent recognition.

    27th April, 2011


    Private Collection by Estée Lauder

    I wanted to try this scent because I liked the sound of the notes and thought that perhaps it would be a little similar to my all-time favourite Burberry Weekend.

    Well, similar it is not. This fragrance goes on very strong, it almost knocked me out. It has a very distinctive, mature and old-fashioned type scent.

    It was very difficult for me to sniff my wrist to get a proper description for reviewing this scent because the fragrance was so heavy and overpowering. I can sense the greeness in this fragrance, however, like Chanel No.19, all I could smell was wet grass.

    From a distance I didn't mind the scent. It was a rather intense, powdery and likable blend of floral notes. However, up close it smelt like rotten vegetables, dangerous chemicals and spicy herbs.

    This fragrance is certainly not my cup of tea, however I am reviewing this fragrance from a younger perspective. Perhaps when I am older I will appreciate this scent more, but I doubt I will ever be adding this to my collection.

    I have concluded that this is either a love it or hate it type of scent. To me this fragrance is far too potent and unpleasant for my liking.

    I am re-visiting this fragrance nearly two years on, and I must say my opinions and tastes have differed. While I don't love Private Collection just yet, it is surprisingly soapier than when I last tested it. That rotten smell has vanished and what is left is a rather mature and clean floral green.

    27th April, 2011


    Eau de Rubylips by Salvador Dali

    I was suggested this fragrance by a sales assistant as being similar to Noa Perle by Cacharel which I was also trying at the time.

    The two fragrances are indeed similar with their opening top notes, however I much prefer Noa Perle in the drydown.

    Eau De Rubylips is a very Summery fragrance with a citrusy and sour opening of grapefruit and a heart of pineapple and magnolia. I don't like grapefruit at the best of times, neither the smell or taste, however it wasn't too badly presented in this fragrance. Pineapple is another note that I usually detest in fragrances, yet the magnolia made the pineapple note softer and more balanced.

    I'll be honest and say that this fragrance will never appeal to me, however for lovers of fruity florals and fragrances like Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana and Baby Doll by YSL, this fragrance could be the one for you.

    The lasting power is pretty average, I never got to the base notes because the fragrance had disappeared before then.

    27th April, 2011


    Chloé (new) by Chloé

    There was nothing to dislike about this fragrance, yet nothing to make me fall in love with it either.

    Chloe is a light, clean, pretty and feminine floral scent which is not offensive nor extremely unique. For the price tag it was dissapointing that this fragrance smelt like so many other cheaper fragrances.

    I had actually first tried this fragrance earlier in 2008, when my perfume obsession had only just begun. At the time I thought this fragrance was divine, but after 12 months of writing reviews and smelling other fragrances, Chloe no longer appeals to me.

    I believe that your own personality will determine whether or not you like this fragrance. If you're a little like me and enjoy intense, unique and sexy fragrances which help you stand out in a crowd, then this fragrance may not be for you. However, if subtle, clean and pretty scents are your thing then this fragrance could be your next big winner.

    27th April, 2011


    Noa Perle by Cacharel

    Noa Perle was so very fruity and fresh in the beginning that I feared I would not like this fragrance. I left the perfume store concluding that Noa Perle was a Summer fragrance heavily scented with citruses.

    However, thirty minutes later, I was surprised by the soft florals that began to emerge. The fragrance was still considered to be fresh and clean, yet there was something about this scent that was winning me over.

    Hours later I realised that I was actually enjoying wearing this fragrance. Oddly enough, in the base notes there was a rubbery, balloon-like scent, which although strange was somewhat likable.

    I don't agree with the bottle design which gave me the impression that this fragrance is reminiscent of the ocean. Instead Noa Perle reminds me of Summer carnivals and fairs complete with jumping castles and fairy floss.

    The lasting power is rather excellent however the sillage is not all that strong. This scent certainly would not offend making it perfect for the office or hot Summer days.

    27th April, 2011


    LouLou by Cacharel

    I've only recently discovered a love for sweet and intense orientals. Lou Lou in my personal opinion is not dated at all. The fragrance is unique, rich, womanly and desirable.

    Lou Lou makes me think of the Taj Mahal and ancient India, even though I have never travelled there. The composition of beautiful flowers mixed with a powdery vanilla and incense base is delightful and enchanting.

    There is an inviting warmth to this scent, that makes me want to cuddle up next to someone beside a warm fire while it's cold outside. Lou Lou manages to be both classy, luxiourous and glamourous while creating an aura of sensuality and mystery.

    This scent has been known to be a little overpowering at times, so it's best if sprayed with a light hand. I find Lou Lou to be rather similar to Samsara by Guerlain and Angel by Thierry Mugler, so if you are a lover of those fragrances you should give Lou Lou a try.

    27th April, 2011


    Eden by Cacharel

    The sales assistant was correct in saying that this fragrance by Cacharel is unique and somewhat intriguing.

    Unusual, intense, tropical and sweet are words to describe the beauty of this amazing scent. Eden is a fragrance that you will find yourself falling in love with over and over.

    Personally, I can't see how anybody could dislike this scent, however I am aware that what I love is not always to everyone's taste.

    It's hard to pin-point a certain season and occasion for this fragrance to be worn. I think Eden could be a very versatile scent. It has enough depth and distinction for the colder months and a freshness and vitality for the hotter months. How you wear this fragrance will rely on your own personal choice.

    Eden has great sillage and the lasting power is fantastic. I am also a fan of the packaging which is as odd and quirky as the fragrance itself.

    For me, this perfume is the perfect blend of fruits, flowers and woodsy notes. The citruses and the pineapple notes aren't strong or sour and the mimose, tuberose, jasmine and rose notes are absolutely divine.

    I must add that this isn't usually a fragrance that I would find myself liking, it's contrary to my tastes. However, there is something very enticing about this fragrance. It is a must try.

    27th April, 2011


    Kai by Kai

    Being a floral girl like myself, it is hard not to be enchanted by Kai. I know of many people that have been turned off by this fragrance's simple packaging and primary note of gardenia, but I urge people to not judge this fragrance before you try it. You are depriving yourself of something very special.

    The gardenia in this perfume is very green and fresh. In no way has the gardenia been tampered with or made to smell overly sweet or synthetic. Kai is like wandering through a garden full of these wonderous flowers and inhaling their delicious aroma.

    I particularly love how soft and creamy this scent becomes when it develops on my skin. Despite its strong floral notes, Kai never smells too mature or dated. On my skin, this scent is youthful, feminine and fresh.

    The sillage is fantastic and the lasting power also great. My only gripe is with the price, which I find absolutely ridiculous. I understand that Kai is an exclusive and independant brand, however I believe that more sales would be made if the price was much lower.

    Perhaps one day, if I'm rich, $100 for 10ml of Kai won't faze me and I will add this fragrance to my collection.

    27th April, 2011


    Gucci Flora by Gucci

    Nice, is a good word to describe Flora by Gucci. It's pleasant and clean but rather boring and safe.

    While obviously aimed at the younger market, Gucci chose to use a simplistic floral composition of citruses, peony, rose, osmanthus, patchouli and sandalwood. Not what I would call a daring combination.

    At the time of this fragrance's release, most of the world was heading into the warmer months, however Australia was going into Winter. Because Flora is so light, fresh and powdery, I don't expect that this fragrance will be a best seller this month.

    I would have liked to have seen some stronger floral notes such as; jasmine or orchid added to this fragrance to give more of a kick and depth to the scent. The scent as it is now is far too common for it to be oustanding.

    I'm disappointed that this fragrance turned out to be so mainstream. With a name like Gucci, they could have easily gotten away with experimenting with new and unique floral combinations. Here's hoping that their next release, which is also rumoured to be aimed at the younger crowd, is much more daring.

    27th April, 2011


    Burberry for Women by Burberry

    This is a rather hard to find fragrance due to it being listed under so many different names eg. Burberry for Women, Burberry Classic, Burberry London etc. When I eventually found it I had my fingers crossed that I hadn't been searching for something that was going to be a disappointment.

    Disappointed, I was not. Crazy about the scent? No, not really.

    This fragrance is light, creamy and warm. Unlike other Burberry scents, I felt that this fragrance stayed very close to the skin, making it an intimate perfume. When I smell Burberry Woman I immediately think of a hot sunny day, so I'd most likely wear this during the warmer seasons.

    The peach, apricot, pear and black currant add a fruity freshness to this scent without making it too sour or overpowering. This is actually a fruity opening that I rather enjoyed.

    I don't get a lot of jasmine in this fragrance, however the musk is fairly strong. Overall the scent is comforting and suitable for any age group, but with that being said this fragrance didn't grow on me because I found it rather linear and common.

    It's not the best perfume choice if you're looking to stand out from the crowd. Burberry Woman is friendly and casual, not sexy, romantic or outstanding.

    27th April, 2011


    Burberry London by Burberry

    Very rarely do I test a fragrance and feel the sudden urge to buy it right then and there without letting it develop fully on my skin. However, London was almost an exception.

    London is such a delicate and pretty floral scent. Not only is the fragrance beautiful when you first apply, but it continues its heavenly scent right until the very end. There is nothing to dislike about this fragrance.

    It has a classic-like smell, possibly because of the rose and jasmine notes, however this is in no way an 'old lady' perfume. The scent is soft, feminine, youthful and elegant.

    I wouldn't describe London as being outrageously sexual or provocative, because it definitely is none of those. Burberry scents are what I refer to as 'comfort scents', fragrances that you can feel comfortable wearing during the daytime, around the house, on a picnic or simply relaxing. I love that laid-back approach they have when creating their scents.

    Although I have never been to London, I believe this fragrance has captured the beauty and history that makes London so special. The fragrance is also suited to England's cold climate with its ability to create warmth and uplift your spirits on a cold winter's day.

    Although I resisted the urge to purchase this fragrance the other day, it will definitely stayed fixed in my wishlist until I buy it, which will probably be very soon.

    27th April, 2011


    L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo Pour Femme by Kenzo

    It is always exciting when a random fragrance catches my eye, because immediately I believe that it is fate, something beyond my control, that draws me in and urges me to love a new and unique scent.

    Perhaps it was the beautiful purple coloured bottle that attracted me or the name of this fragrance that made me anxious to test this.

    What hit me was a deep, sensual and unique scent which had been composed beautifully. The fruity top notes were subtle yet rich and sweet, with the slight presence of the plum note lingering underneath the fruits and the flowers. This scent is odd, but in a way that it makes you love this fragrance even more.

    Eau Indigo transports me to some far off land, a tropical and fertile rainforest filled with luscious and rare fruits with clear, luminous starry skies.

    When the tropical fruitiness passes, Eau Indigo softens into a powdery ylang ylang and jasmine blend. Strangely enough, as a child I owned a doll called 'Baby Born' which smelt exactly like this fragrance's drydown.

    When I smell this fragrance, I can imagine wearing this at night and during colder months because it is so warm and mysterious. I dare to admit that I find this fragrance incredibly sexy.

    Like Vertigo mentioned earlier, the colour indigo certainly matches this fragrance with its depth, mystery and darkness. I am eager to add this fragrance to my growing collection as it would add a different aspect and variety to what I already wear.

    27th April, 2011

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