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    Dior Addict Eau Fraîche by Christian Dior

    I encouraged myself to test this fragrance after I completed an internet quiz on 'what fragrance is best suited to you?' Dior Addict Eau Fraiche and Chanel No.19 were the recommendations.

    I managed to find this fragrance during my trip into the city where I promptly applied a few sprays to my wrist. My first impressions were, "this is not my type of perfume". The top notes were really heavy with the citruses and didn't appeal to my flowery and sweet tastes at all.

    I continued on with my shopping and it wasn't until I was travelling home that I smelt my wrist and the look of surprise and amazement crossed my face. My nose was met with a deliciously pretty floral heart of jasmine, tuberose, gardenia and freesia.

    Never in my life had I come across a fragrance with such definitive differences between the top and middle notes. I was somewhat happy and disappointed that this fragrance had transformed itself from being something that I disliked to something I thoroughly enjoyed in a matter of hours.

    I have considered purchasing this fragrance, but for the price I can't imagine myself doing so. If it wasn't for the fruity top notes, I would have gladly handed over the cash.

    I must add that the lasting power is excellent for this fragrance and that the bottle, in my opinion, is much more attractive than the original Dior Addict.

    For people that don't mind fruity florals, or refreshing citrus scents, I highly recommend you try Dior Addict Eau Fraiche as it would make a fantastic Summer fragrance to add to your wardrobe.

    27th April, 2011


    Dior Me, Dior Me Not by Christian Dior

    I had never come across or knew of this fragrance's existance until the other day when I was casually walking through my local chemist. It had caught my eye because unlike most of the Dior fragrances, this perfume was not behind secure glass cabinents, instead it was within my reach.

    Now looking at the notes listed, I can see why this fragrance smelt so unique. Dior Me, Dior Me Not is a flowery fragrance, but in no way overpowering and overdone. The scent is quite refreshing and I could easily detect the water notes which gave the scent an aquatic-like freshness.

    I would say that this fragrance is rather sweet and girly, possibly the reason why I enjoy this fragrance so much. I can't really imagine this scent appealing to lovers of Dior's other fragrances like J'adore or Dune, it doesn't exude elegance and sophistication like they do. Rather, Dior Me, Dior Me Not is like a breath of fresh air, a scent that you would not expect from a house like Dior.

    This fragrance should be worn as a casual or daytime scent, it doesn't really have that "wow" factor that would make it a great fragrance for special occasions. However, with that being said, I don't find this scent to be boring in any way. The packaging, I must admit is a little tacky, the box especially. It reminds me of those knockoff perfumes that are so prevalent at markets and cheap cosmetic stores.

    I'm not exactly sure whether this perfume, which is listed as a limited edition, has been completely discontinued. I find it strange that I managed to stumble across this fragrance 5 years after its release in a small country town chemist.

    27th April, 2011


    Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

    I have always been fond of Elizabeth Arden fragrances despite them being very common and aimed at the more mature consumers. Red Door, Provocative Woman and 5th Avenue, are only some of the many fragrances from this house that I adore and that my mother wears well.

    When Elizabeth Arden created Pretty it was obvious that they were intending to crack the younger market. However, with that being said, I would've liked to have seen the company create something unique and refreshing.

    Pretty is not a terrible scent, and it is likely that many people will buy this fragrance, but I for one will not be buying this.

    When I first smelt this, it reminded me of another fragrance that I couldn't seem to put my finger on. The reviewer below me suggested that it smelt like Miss Dior Cherie which I somewhat agree with. Perhaps it is a mixture of Miss Dior Cherie with hints of Can Can by Paris Hilton. The scent is indeed sugary sweet and flowery. The middle and base notes of this fragrance are certainly more likable than the top notes, where the peach and mandarin orange notes were far too prominent and strong.

    I feel as if I'm slightly out of the intended age group for this fragrance as it is a little too innocent and girly for my liking. Teens will probably snap this fragrance up like hotcakes as soon as the price goes down.

    Overall, the scent is wearable and the lasting power is quite good, but to me Pretty smells like it's trying too hard to emulate other fruity florals on the market today. When a fragrance smells too much like something else it's always a bad sign with me.

    27th April, 2011


    Weekend for Women by Burberry

    If there ever came a time when the world was about to end and I had to save at least one perfume, this would be my choice. It is such a strange yet lovable scent, one that has a somewhat uncanny resemblance to a field of wildflowers.

    A perfectly imagined scene whilst wearing this fragrance would include a pretty, white summer dress and a picturesque green field complete with wild daisies. I would be lying on the grass next to the one I love watching the clouds drift by. It brings joy to my day.

    The combination of peach, reseda, sage and violet gives this fragrance a strangely bitter, honey-like scent. What I find so intriguing and fascinating is the unique drydown. I'll be walking down the street and wondering what smells so beautiful, and then I'll realise that it's actually me. Words cannot describe how warm and enriching this fragrance can be in its final stages.

    I would never have believed that a person like myself, with such a picky personality would ever find her signature scent. Well, I guess I proved myself wrong. I'll be wearing this perfume for many years to come.

    26th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 11th May, 2014)


    Believe by Britney Spears

    Believe is such an amazingly unique fragrance.

    It is one of those scents that grow on you, the more you wear it the more you love it.

    When I first tried Believe I hated it. Even when I bought it, it wasn't a favourite. I thought it smelt far too masculine, spicy and strong, with the patchouli giving me some serious headaches.

    Almost a year on, Believe has surpassed the other Britney fragrances in my collection and has become one of my favourite fragrance choices for Spring and Summer.

    Believe is more spicy than it is sweet. If you want the sugary goodness from Fantasy, the sweet syrupy fruits in Midnight Fantasy or the light, girlish florals from Curious, then this isn't for you.

    Britney has taken a much more mature approach towards this scent. My nose is met with a delightful blend of tropical fruits in the opening which is neither synthetic, overly sweet or nauseatingly fruity.

    The drydown is divine with an interesting blend of lime blossom, honeysuckle, amber and patchouli which gives this scent raw sex-appeal.

    In some ways Believe smells dirty, in a sexual kind of way. It's spicy, sensual, woodsy and intriguing. I find that I receive compliments mostly from men when I wear this scent.

    People who found her other fragrances too sweet, too childish or too mainstream really should give Believe a try.

    26th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 18th October, 2012)


    Amber by Renée

    This is an amazing fragrance! I was looking all over for a simplistic amber fragrance when I stumbled upon Amber by Renee. I fell in love with its richness and its subtle hints of ginger throughout. In some fragrances ginger is not done well, but I can safely say that Renee has done it justice.

    It's a rather strong and long-lasting fragrance, and I can imagine myself wearing this during Winter or to a night-time event. As a definite oriental, this fragrance is a bold and dominating blend of amber, spices, white tea and ginger. It also has a surprising soapiness which emerges every now and then, providing a clean crispness, never allowing this fragrance to become too overpowering.

    This is a fantastic buy for those of you that love oriental scents on the subtle side, even being suitable for those that love amber in any shape or form. I recommend.

    26th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 09th June, 2012)


    Brit Sheer by Burberry

    This was the first Burberry fragrance that I didn't fall head over heels in love with. Usually I'm lucky with their fragrances because they're often flowery, light or sweet, however Brit Sheer was far too fruity for my liking.

    I enjoyed both the EDT and EDP versions of Brit, so I immediately assumed I would like this fragrance. I often find that if I have high expectations before smelling a scent, I am usually left disappointed.

    The pineapple note is far too strong and when mixed with the yuzu note, it creates something that is sour and acidic smelling. To some people this fragrance is refreshing and clean, however fruity or citrusy fragrances don't usually appeal to my tastes in perfumes. I much prefer soft floral scents.

    Even though Brit Sheer isn't my type of fragrance, this perfume doesn't strike me as being anything special. It is far too generic and safe.

    The lasting strength is also a disappointment, not lasting any longer than 2 hours.

    Edit: I have forced myself to re-test this and I must admit that it smells much nicer on the skin. I'm beginning to sense a delicate, sparkling pink grapefruit scent. On a warm day this is quite refreshing.

    26th April, 2011


    Alien by Thierry Mugler

    I've always admired Thierry Mugler's unique sense of style and approach when creating his fragrances and designing the packaging. While a fan of Angel, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect from his other fragrances. It took me a while to test Alien, his second most popular fragrance, for fear of being disappointed.

    Well, I certainly was not disappointed. Something urged me to try this on my skin rather than the tester card, and I'm rather glad I did just that.

    The initial spray was not at all loud and obtrusive, which was a pleasant surprise because I expected the top notes to be somewhat similiar in strength to Angel.

    Alien is quite a deep floral scent, with the jasmine creating a sweet yet powdery-like smell. I like that this fragrance isn't complex and that it succeeds in appealing to a wide audience.

    This fragrance has excellent sillage and lasting power. I wore this on a 5 hour train ride and I could still smell Alien wafting around me when I arrived at my destination.

    The fragrance is quite versatile. I see Alien as being better suited to colder months and night time wear, however it could adapt well to any season or occasion.

    Overall, I consider Alien as being a mysterious, sexy and bold fragrance. This is definitely not a perfume for the shy.

    26th April, 2011


    Liberté by Cacharel

    My immediate thoughts when I tried this perfume were, "it smells just like an orange flavoured icypole".

    As you may have guessed, Liberte is a very sweet and orangey scent. It's not what I would describe as a sexy fragrance, however it is very comforting, casual and warm.

    The citrus notes are quite intense when you first spray Liberte, but it mellows into a soft and sugary orange with the sweet and tropical note of frangipani.
    The drydown is quite spicy, but that is to be expected when you look at the notes listed.

    The overall scent is quite luminous and fresh. When I smell this and look at the bottle, for some strange reason it reminds me of beach parties. Perhaps this is because Liberte is a celebration in a bottle.

    I have a very high opinion of Cacharel and their fragrances, and this scent certainly did not disappoint.

    26th April, 2011


    Amarige by Givenchy

    I'm not very familiar with Givenchy fragrances as of yet, but this fragrance is certainly very memorable and beautiful and is one of friend's signature scents.

    Like most people have mentioned here, this is a very strong floral fragrance. It's strong in an elegant and sophisticated fashion rather than being offensive and "in your face".

    The scent is rich and spicy with subtle hints of fruit - rather oriental and unique. The notes of orange blossom and peach are quite prominent, making it quite sweet and feminine.

    I absolutely love that my friend wears this scent well, it blends perfectly with her skin chemistry and makes this classic fragrance smell exotic, sensual and very seductive. However, on myself Amarige becomes quite powdery, not terrible, but not as beautiful as when others wear this scent.

    I suggest that you try this before you buy to see whether it matches your chemistry.

    26th April, 2011


    Emporio Armani Diamonds by Giorgio Armani

    This is indeed a lovely, feminine and sweet fragrance.

    The notes of raspberry and litchi are very prominent in this fragrance, however they are not strong and overly fruity, instead they are light and sugary, almost like smelling a bag full of sweets.

    The scent itself is very refreshing and pretty. In the drydown I sensed some spicyness which I assumed comes from the vetiver note. The combination of sweet fruits blended with the spices has been achieved successfully, producing a scent that is both classy and elegant.

    I believe that this fragrance is being marketed to the younger audience, hence the decision in making Beyonce the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds. This scent is very appealing to younger women because it is so sweet and light, however I much prefer Versace Woman's raspberry notes above this fragrance even though I'm within the targeted age range.

    I agree to a certain extent that there is something in this fragrance that does smell a little artificial, but that being said, this is not a cheap or nasty smelling perfume.

    Emporio Armani Diamonds still mantains the sophistication and excellence of Giorgio Armani scents and the lasting power is quite good.

    I don't think I'll be purchasing this fragrance, but I do recommend this scent for any one who enjoys sweet fragrances like Showtime by Kylie Minogue and Can Can by Paris Hilton.

    26th April, 2011


    Truth Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein

    I must say this was an interesting and unique choice by Calvin Klein when they created this fragrance. I love that this scent is complex and forever changing from citrus to spicyness to freshness.

    From the beginning the lemon note is very prominent and strong, with the notes of patchouli and bamboo lingering in the background. It takes a certain person to enjoy these top notes, preferably someone who enjoys their fruity/citrusy scents.

    However the scent mellows as it transcends into the heart of the fragrance which is gentle, flowery and fresh. The feministic aspects of this fragrance are portrayed through the lushness of the lily, mimose and peony combined.

    I detect a certain spicyness when I smell this in contact with my skin. This creates a warm and sensual scent which I rather enjoy.

    The lasting strength is quite good and the packaging, although simple, is modern and tasteful.

    Truth is a fragrance that will grow on you. The love might not happen after first sniff but give it a few more tries and you might be surprised.

    26th April, 2011


    No. 19 by Chanel

    I've never had any luck with Chanel fragrances and I definitely didn't fall in love with Chanel No.19 when I tested it today in the fragrance department.

    Green is an excellent word to describe this scent. It's a mixture of wet sand, freshly cut grass and alfalfa sprouts to my nose. Something that I adore in nature but not on my skin.

    This fragrance is fresh yet sharp and quite soapy. Although the floral notes are present in this fragrance, they aren't soft and feminine like other Chanel perfumes, instead they are sour and overpowering.

    In the drydown I sensed the familiar soapy/powdery notes that are present in every single Chanel fragrance I've tried. I could easily pick a Chanel fragrance out of 100 other scents with my eyes closed.

    I don't entirely dislike this scent; I do admire its individuality and freshness, however I'm more attracted to florals and sweeter scents. The lasting power is excellent, but that is to be expected from Chanel. On the right person this scent could be very distinctive, sophisticated and unique.

    26th April, 2011


    Baby Rose Jeans by Versace

    When I first started becoming interested in fragrances this perfume kept catching my eye and begging me to try it. When I first tested it, I decided it wasn't for me, however 12 months on I feel that my tastes have changed and that Baby Rose Jeans is more appealing than ever.

    I initially didn't like this scent because it wasn't very strong, but now that I've learnt to appreciate softer scents I see Baby Rose Jeans as being delicate, sweet and powdery.

    I would feel very comfortable wearing this scent because it isn't loud and strong like a majority of the fragrances I own. The scent when worn on the skin is quite intimate, feminine and clean-smelling making this perfume perfect for casual outings.

    The scent is a cross between a bed of roses and baby powder, not a very unique combination I must admit, but very beautiful and soft.

    I believe that this would make an excellent perfume for first-time wearers and young teens. It is non-offensive, light and fresh; perfect for those younger individuals.

    26th April, 2011


    Vanilla Vanille by Body Shop

    I wasn't really interested in perfumes when the original formula was on the shelves, so I'm doing a review based on the reformulated version.

    This is a rather complex fragrance for something that should only be vanilla and not much else. The Body Shop would learn a lot if they observed the ways in which Demeter compose their scents. Simplicity is often more.

    I do happen to like the warmth and creaminess of the vanilla in this fragrance. Wearing this is quite comforting and cozy. However, there is a slight fruitiness that comes and goes at random intervals which puts me right off. Although the citrus notes are quite faint, they still have a strong presence next to the vanilla.

    I would describe and class this scent as a gourmand seeming that it's rather foody and sweet. It reminds me a little of vanilla icecream, but in my opinion this is not appealing to my nose.

    Perhaps if you layer this scent with a nice and delicate floral fragrance, it could smell passable, however I won't be buying this perfume oil, even at its inexpensive price, to try this.

    26th April, 2011


    Coconut by Body Shop

    I love the scent of coconut, however I do not like this fragrance.

    If this fragrance had been strictly coconut and vanilla I would have died and gone to heaven, but the notes of coriander and sandalwood destroyed this scent for me.

    I was searching for a foody and delicious coconut, but instead this fragrant oil has more of a tropical feel with added spices. It's not terrible, but it's not what I expected. Perhaps I should learn to test fragrances without having high expectations prior to smelling.

    26th April, 2011


    Intimately Beckham Night Women by Beckham

    I love that this fragrance is different and not something that you would expect from a celebrity scent. Unlike most celebrity fragrances being aimed at the younger crowd, this fragrance appeals to women and not just little girls.

    The scent is strong, mysterious and sexy. Definitely a good choice for nightclubs and hot dates.

    Initially, this fragrance is a strong and loud burst of citrus with spices, which is in no way unpleasant although it may sound that way. The heart of this fragrance is surprisingly made up of soft and powdery florals, however the scent still manages to be sexy with the remnants of cinnamon mixed in with the tuberose and lily.

    The drydown is unfortunately very faint, so it is hard to enjoy this fragrance fully. However, the lasting power of this perfume on my skin is excellent for an EDT.

    The dark purple, cube shaped bottle is very appealing, however my only concern is the difficulty which I have in removing the cap. Perhaps it is just the bottle I bought that seems to have this problem.

    I would definitely recommend this fragrance.

    26th April, 2011


    David Beckham Instinct Intense by Beckham

    Masculine, mysterious, sexy and hot. What more could a man want?

    I bought this for my boy, unsniffed. When I finally got home I crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be something that I could imagine him wearing. I was really happy with my choice.

    Intense Instinct was everything I was looking for and more. It was strong, warm and insanely seductive.

    The scent is actually quite sweet, this is possibly because of the melon note, but this is in no way feminine. I could never imagine a woman wearing this, it just wouldn't smell right.

    The ginger mixed with the woody accords makes me think that this would be the perfect male equivalent to Deep Red by Hugo Boss which I have on my wishlist. As cheesy as it sounds, this cologne with Deep Red would make the perfect matching couple's fragrance.

    The packaging and the bottle itself, just by looking at it, makes you assume that this is a very sexy and daring fragrance. Another really cool thing about the bottle is the cap which is magnetic. This hopefully reminds men to replace the cap after each use to keep the fragrance smelling good for longer.

    26th April, 2011


    CK In 2U Her by Calvin Klein

    I was truly amazed by this fragrance.

    When I first tried CK IN2U, it smelt rather like champagne. It had that familiar sourish and fizzy like quality. However, since testing it again, (this time on my skin), I must say that this fragrance is rather sweet.

    The opening of bergamot, grapefruit and currant isn't as loud on the skin as it is on paper. This scent softened into a sweet, creamy, cake-like fragrance, which somewhat reminded me of Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears.

    While on some people this fragrance is primarily tarty fruits, on others, as well as myself, CK IN2U is intimate and extremely pleasant.

    I wouldn't say that this fragrance has great sillage, because it doesn't, however the lasting power is impressive.

    I have definitely grown to like this fragrance, even considering purchasing it since discovering how different and soft it smelt when applied to the skin. I urge people to not buy this fragrance based on how it smells on paper or from the bottle.

    26th April, 2011


    CK In 2U POP Her by Calvin Klein

    IN2U Pop is fruity yet different. I think it's the lime note that makes this fragrance so unique and appealing.

    Fresh, Summery and crisp, IN2U Pop isn't as sour and strong as its original IN2U for her. The original had more of a grape-like/champagne scent, whereas this fragrance actually smells more like a tropical cocktail.

    I'm not really big on fruity scents, however I would recommend this fragrance for people who do. In my opinion, this scent is much better than IN2U for her.

    26th April, 2011


    Weekend for Men by Burberry

    It's no secret that my favourite perfume of all time is Weekend for women, so I was eager to see what the male version was like with the intention of perhaps purchasing it for my significant other.

    This cologne is not a floral like its female equivalent, which I consider a good thing, I like my men to smell masculine. Weekend for men is quite fruity yet pleasantly sour, that makes this scent a fantastic Summer fragrance as it is sharp and refreshing without being too overpowering.

    The lasting strength is not bad, however I'm speaking from a female perspective where many of our fragrances are eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette, so the lasting power might actually be fantastic for some.

    Weekend is so light and clean that it actually could be worn by a very daring woman. However, I do believe that this fragrance is very masculine. The only element of this fragrance that mirrors Weekend for women is the honey note in the drydown, which adds warmth and a little bit of sweetness.

    My verdict on this fragrance; I love it yet I don't think this type of fragrance would suit my man (he's more into dark and woodsy scents). However, I will consider buying this for some of my male friends when it comes time to buy them gifts.

    26th April, 2011


    Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

    Never in my life would I have ever thought that a fragrance of this kind would sweep me off my feet. Normally I dislike powdery scents, but D&G is so much more than baby powder.

    This fragrance is such an interesting combination of both sweet and sharp. The aldehydes aren't as strong and soapy as in Chanel No.5, rather they are softer and more delicate. If Marilyn Monroe had said she wore only a few drops of D&G to bed then I would've understood her completely. This scent is so incredibly feminine and sensual.

    In my opinion, D&G defines sexy. Whenever I wear this I feel to urge to crawl up in bed next to my lover and whisper sweet nothings into each others ears. Because the scent is so soothing and warm it also does wonders in settling nerves or anxiety, meaning it would be perfect for those job interviews and first dates.

    I love that this perfume is memorable. It's not something that people will forget the smell of when you leave the room. The lasting power is also fantastic, I can still smell it 7 hours after applying.

    If you're looking for something clean-smelling, versatile, seductive and classy, this is my recommendation.

    26th April, 2011


    Burberry the Beat by Burberry

    I find it very difficult to find a Burberry fragrance that I don't like. If I had all the money in the world I would buy every single one of their fragrances, male and female.

    I was slightly off-put by the top notes which were a little too citrusy for me, yet the drydown caught me off guard and sent me spiralling into a state of love.

    The Beat is modern, eccentric and powerful. The scent can be sweet at times, but it never loses its sex appeal or transforms into something sickeningly sugary. I sense a coconut note for some strange reason, which makes me think that this fragrance is the perfect scent for a celebration. Perhaps it is also the bottle which is shaped like a flask that makes me think of a party-like atmosphere.

    This scent's only downfall was the lasting power, which shocked me because Burberry fragrances usually last for ages on my skin. The Beat unfortunately didn't last any more than an hour on me.

    26th April, 2011


    Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klein

    I'll admit I was somewhat disappointed when I smelt this. I absolutely love Euphoria and I was looking for an equivalent that I could wear in the warmer months. Unfortunately this wasn't it.

    Although it isn't classed as a fruity floral, there are considerable amounts of fruity notes in this fragrance. There are still slight woody undertones in this perfume that were a major component in the original fragrance, yet Euphoria Blossom doesn't have the darkness and sensuality that made the original so sexy and alluring.

    I heard somewhere that this fragrance was created to appeal to the Asian market, because a majority of them dislike heavy fragrances. I'd be interested to hear how well Euphoria Blossom is doing over there.

    26th April, 2011


    Miracle So Magic! by Lancôme

    This fragrance is a little like the original Miracle, yet much more flowery and sweet. Although there isn't rose listed in the notes, I can definitely smell roses in this perfume.

    This scent is much better suited to the bottle than the original. So Magic is certainly a 'pink' fragrance because it is so light, feminine and pretty. This fragrance would make a perfect scent for the warmer months as it is fresh and energising.

    If you're like me, and couldn't take a liking to Miracle because of its strong spicy notes, then this fragrance could be more suited to you.

    26th April, 2011


    Madame Rochas (new) by Rochas

    I will start off by saying that I'm 20 years old, and I love this scent. Madame Rochas is sophisticated, sensual, sexy and alluring. I was actually rather surprised that this had aldehydic notes, because to my nose I got a lot of spicyness and flowers.

    The scent is warm and distinctive. It exudes elegance and control. When settled on the skin the scent becomes powdery, but not sharp or soapy. The scent mantains its spicyness from beginning to end.

    I love that Madame Rochas manages to match the class and distinction of Chanel fragrances, but still remains affordable.

    While wearing this scent, I can guarantee that people will observe you for having impeccable taste. This scent defines you as a woman. Madame Rochas is a classic scent from the mid 1900's that every woman should have added to her collection.

    26th April, 2011


    M by Mariah Carey

    This fragrance is a little different from your typical celebrity scents. When you first smell this, you can sense the creativity and thought that had gone into this perfume's composition.

    Combining the saltiness of the ocean and the sugary sweetness of the marshmallow, M creates a scent that is both mature and fresh. The fragrance is in no way cloying, it is actually rather intimate as it stays close to the skin.

    After a few hours this fragrance warms into a soft vanilla and incense, which is incredibly soothing and calm.

    Because of this perfume's aquatic notes, I think this would make a great beach or Summery scent. The lasting power is excellent and the fragrance is very feminine and sensual. The bottle design is also quite beautiful, and the butterfly lid adds a sense of playfulness and vitality.

    26th April, 2011


    Showtime by Kylie Minogue

    Showtime smells like strawberry flavoured lollipops, vanilla icecream and copious amounts of sugar, making it the most sugary sweet fragrance I have ever smelt.

    Just when I thought nothing could be sweeter than Fantasy by Britney Spears, along comes Showtime. This is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. This fragrance requires certain tastes in perfume to be loved. Lovers of gourmands or sweet fruity florals will absolutely adore this.

    In my opinion, it is a little too sweet and young for my tastes, however it would be an instant fave amongst young teen girls. It has just enough sweetness and girlishness to compliment their youth and vitality.

    26th April, 2011


    Darling by Kylie Minogue

    From watching the advertisements, I figured that Darling would be reminiscent of the 90's and have a certain type of class and elegance. However, this was not so.

    Upon first spray, Darling was quite sour and common. I could detect the passionfruit and the litchi, but to me they weren't an appealing blend. Interestingly though, the scent when settled on the skin for a few hours became quite pleasant and soft. Perhaps it was the vanilla in the base that made me sit up and take notice.

    Unfortunately there is nothing about Darling that stands out from the crowd. While the base is likable, the rest of the fragrance leaves nothing to be desired.

    26th April, 2011


    Diesel Plus Plus Feminine by Diesel

    Testing this fragrance was such a pleasant surprise. For the inexpensive price and the mediocre bottle design I didn't really expect much from this fragrance, but I was met with something that totally blew me away.

    Plus Plus Feminine is so deliciously soft and creamy. The scent is a cross between the smell of baby and slightly off milk, however that description I just gave doesn't make it sound very appealing. I have tried many fragrances before, and disliked many, but this simple scent grabbed me at first sniff.

    There is a slight spicy note, like cinnamon mixed with vanilla that adds a sexy touch to this perfume. I am eager to wear this and see what my boyfriend thinks of this scent.

    26th April, 2011

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