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    Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

    This is quite an interesting fragrance by Chanel. It's actually very confusing to my nose. When I initially smelt this, it was strong and quite citrusy but when I breathed out and the smell settled with my nose, it became powdery and soft.

    It is quite a delightful little scent. I would imagine it to be very appealing to the younger crowd and this is reflected by Chanel's choice of Keira Knightly being the face of this perfume. The scent itself is very refined and elegant. Coco Mademoiselle is the definition of a woman that knows what she wants and understands the meaning of class and sophistication.

    The EDP lasts considerably longer than the EDT, which is to be expected. The fragrance settles nicely on the skin, yet it is to be used only in small amounts because it tends to be overpowering at times.

    26th April, 2011


    Bright Crystal by Versace

    When I first smelt this, I immediately thought of Baby Doll by YSL. They are both rather strong fruity scents that are youthful and vibrant.

    The bottle is adorable and very feminine. Versace always manages to make unique and creative bottles for their perfumes.

    The scent itself, although pleasant and uplifting, is a little fruitier than what I'm usually used to. It's an interesting fruity floral, I'll give it that, but there was something rather sour and bitter when I smelt this. If anything, it smelt like hair just after it had been washed with citrusy shampoos. For some people they will enjoy this fragrance because of its clean and crisp scent.

    As in regards to what I like, Bright Crystal is not my cup of tea, however this shouldn't persuade anyone not to try this fragrance. In my opinion, this is either a love it or hate it type of perfume.

    26th April, 2011


    Inspire by Christina Aguilera

    I'm not sure what it is, but I'm really disliking Christina Aguilera's perfumes. Both of her fragrances seem to have a similiar composition of strong fruits blended with softer floral notes. The fruity notes never seem to blend well.

    The mango mixed with the lemon was Inspire's biggest mistake. Sweet and sour notes just create something that reminds me of detergent. The scent is also really strong, quite overpowering and offensive.

    After a couple of hours this perfume had gone completely sour and synthetic. I could not smell a single floral note, which was a disappointment because I was really looking forward to the tuberose and rose notes in the heart of this fragrance.

    I'll admit that I would probably choose this fragrance over the Christina Aguilera fragrance, because it isn't as overpowering. I just think it's a shame that an artist who is known for being unique and experimentry, agreed to put her name to something so generic and cheap.

    26th April, 2011


    Live by Jennifer Lopez

    This fragrance is definitely fruity, yet it's not what you might expect from a celebrity perfume. Live is surprisingly expensive smelling and not your typical teen scent. The notes are quite complex and fresh.

    Initially, this fragrance is rather sweet and bright. However, I may add that this fragrance is in no way offensive or unpleasant. The pineapple note is not sour and 'in-you-face', instead it is softly blended with the citruses in the top notes. The violets actually add a rather spicy kick to the scent, which continues the somewhat exotic feel of this fragrance.

    The drydown is rather musky yet warmed by the caramel note. The sweetness of this perfume never diminishes and the lasting power is amazing.

    Live would make the perfect Summer fragrance because it is so lively, tropical and refreshing. The bottle is also very beautiful and colourful. I would recommend this fragrance if you wanted something that was candy-like, fun and youthful.

    26th April, 2011


    Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

    I think this is my favourite out of the Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance collection. The scent itself surprised me. I was expecting something really fruity and similiar to the original Covet. Pure Bloom is much lighter, sweeter and flowery.

    I really love the coconut scent in this fragrance. It gives that aura of an exotic celebration which makes this perfume better suited to the warmer months. The plum note also keeps this fragrance from becoming too citrusy and blends well with the tuberose and jasmine.

    I find the bottle very appealing. It is cute yet feminine and pretty. The purple colouring suits this perfume well.

    Unfortunately, Pure Bloom does not have good lasting power. However, because this fragrance is so light and fresh, reapplying during the day would not be of any problem.

    26th April, 2011


    Brit by Burberry

    I love that every Burberry fragrance I have tried manages to be unique yet classy at the same time. Burberry Brit certainly does not fail me in that opinion.

    Brit is slightly sweet, yet nothing like the sweet celebrity scents on today's market. The sweetness of the pear and the lime is rather refreshing. Brit also exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect scent for special occasions or evening wear.

    I love that this fragrance, if sprayed on your clothes, leaves a divine warm vanilla scent which you can smell everytime you open your wardrobe.

    While wearing this scent you are guaranteed to feel feminine, desirable and incredibly sexy. This is one very unique and lovable fragrance.

    26th April, 2011


    Beckham Signature for Her by Beckham

    This fragrance is surprisingly fruity, which is not something that I would have imagined Victoria Beckham putting her name to. I usually refer to fruity fragrances as being free-sprited and lively, whereas Victoria exudes elegance and sophistication.

    However, with that being said, the fragrance itself does not have the 'wow factor'. It's rather cheap and generic, which for the price tag is not something that you would expect.

    I really loved her first two fragrances for women, but this one doesn't appeal to me what-so-ever. The apple note is really strong, yet it's not as well done as perhaps DKNY Be Delicious or Ralph by Ralph Lauren. In this fragrance the apple note is sour and nauseating.

    I don't think that the choice to advertise this fragrance as being elegant and sophisticated was the right choice. This perfume would be better suited to a younger crowd and should be re-bottled and re-advertised to appeal to such a crowd.

    26th April, 2011


    Passion by Annick Goutal

    When I first smelt this, I melted. Passion is so unbelievably unique, warm, enticing and sexy. While wearing this scent for only a few minutes, and walking down a crowded street, heads were turning and men were stopping me and asking what I was wearing. With only one simple spray of this potion on my wrist, I felt confident, beautiful and glamorous.

    The first initial spray is indeed rather heady and strong, but the scent itself is unlike anything else. The warm vanilla, jasmine and tuberose blend is to die for. The scent reminds me of old fashioned stores filled with lace, rose scented oils and antiques. Passion is such a comforting scent with a slight incense touch in the base notes which settles beautifully on the skin.

    Because this fragrance is niche you won't find many women wearing this, hence the reason why I love this fragrance so dearly. The lasting power is fantastic and the warmth in the drydown is unlike anything I've ever tried before.

    This is a must for lovers of floral scents, or women searching for something expensive smelling yet unique and sophisticated.

    26th April, 2011


    Agent Provocateur Strip by Agent Provocateur

    To me, Strip smelt like a candy store, sickeningly sweet, overpowering and musky. There is such a huge difference between this fragrance and the other Agent Provocateur scents.

    Strip is somewhat of a clubbing/nightlife fragrance. It is strong and slightly smokey, reminding me of a room shrouded in cigarette smoke, glittering with fluro dresses and smelling of liquor and booze. This scent oozes naughtiness and sexuality, however, as much as I love sexy fragrances, this fragrance does not appeal to me. I consider sexy perfumes as being dark, sensual and dirty, Strip is none of those. It is sugary sweet, skanky and musty. I think that 'sexy' requires an element of class and maturity to be desirable.

    I spoke too soon, as now Strip is a part of my wardrobe. The first time I tested Strip I couldn't detect the tea note, nor would I have liked it back then even if I had. It's not as sweet as I previously took it to be, and its much more sultry and leathery than I could have imagined.

    An amazing fragrance, very sexy and great for nights out and about.

    26th April, 2011


    Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionelle by Agent Provocateur

    Supposedly this is the lighter variation of the original, however I don't entirely agree. In some ways I see this fragrance as the younger version of Agent Provocateur because it is so light and transparent.

    The scent itself is actually very faint, a big shock to the nose after smelling Agent Provocateur. Added to this fragrance is the note of pink pepper which is rather dominant in the top and heart of this perfume. Although Eau Emotionelle attempts to emulate the spicyness and sexiness of the original, it never achieves what Agent Provocateur had captured so well.

    I was a little disappointed that Eau Emotionelle wasn't as outstanding and daring as it's original. This fragrance was much too bland for my tastes.

    For lovers of Agent Provocateur, you will either love this or hate this. If you happen to love it, you will appreciate it for having the versatility to be worn during the warmer months and to the office.

    26th April, 2011


    Maitresse by Agent Provocateur

    Initially attracted to the sexy bottle, my expectations for this fragrance were extremely high. I am a lover of white florals yet a hater of aldehydes, so I knew that my opinions regarding this fragrance would be mixed.

    Maitresse begins with a soft and powdery white floral. At this point I was glad that the aldehydes were not too prominent yet disappointed that the fragrance didn't have enough power. Unfortunately this perfume didn't have the strength of Agent Provocateur, to me it was a subtle, musky and soapy scent.

    For some people this fragrance may be sexy, but for me, my definition of sexy is very different. If I had to describe Maitresse, I would say it is more romantic. Because it is so light, this fragrance would make a perfect daytime or office scent.

    26th April, 2011


    Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

    Agent Provocateur is such a distinctive, unique and daring fragrance.

    When I first sprayed it, I was almost blown over backwards with the strong florals mixed with the spices. It was a little too heady and 'in-your-face' for my liking. However, minutes later I sniffed my wrist once again and realised that this fragrance was growing on me.

    Slightly powdery, yet strangely sexy, Agent Provocateur is one perfume that changes with every sniff. One minute it's musky, next minute it's sour, the next it's sweet.

    I agree with the majority that says that this fragrance is sexy, because it most definitely is sexy. However, in my opinion, Agent Provocateur is not your typical brothel scent, it is much classier, more suited to the woman that is in control and enjoys her own feminine sexuality.

    Because this fragrance is primarily rose, jasmine and spices, this fragrance is for women and not little girls. The pink bottle with the black ribbon, although well suited to the fragrance, may attract younger consumers and discourage the more mature woman from trying Agent Provocateur.

    I would wear this as an evening scent, since it exudes such elegance and sensuality. Although, like the overall promotion of the fragrance suggests, this can also be worn as an intimate night fragrance with that special someone.

    26th April, 2011


    J'Adore by Christian Dior

    I must say I was rather surprised by this fragrance. By just looking at the bottle, the advertisements and the overall love that people have for this, I was expecting your typical floral that smells comforting, yet so much like Grandma.

    I was quite astounded by its fruity notes when I first sprayed J'adore. It wasn't a horrid blast of citrus or overly sweetened fruits, it was more subdued and sophisticated. If I had to pick a fragrance that was similar in its composition, elegance and style, I would say Miss Dior Cherie is rather similar.

    The scent itself is indeed very strong, but for me that is a quality that I enjoy in my perfumes. It definitely, in my opinion, has the potential to be a very seductive and sexy fragrance, as I have heard that many men prefer fruity scents on their women.

    I believe that this scent would be signature worthy because it is not something that I can imagine someone tiring of quickly. Although best suited to special occasions and nightwear, I can imagine this being worn as a casual fragrance. I believe that its versatility relies on how much scent you apply to your skin. Remember that less is more when you use J'adore.

    26th April, 2011


    Joop! Thrill Men by Joop!

    This fragrance is so odd. I was almost convinced when I sprayed this onto the spray card that I had accidently sprayed the female version instead. It's a very light scent, a lot lighter than what you'd expect from an EDT.

    The top notes are indeed very fruity, but not citrusy and sour, more sweet. The base was slightly more masculine but still strangely sweet with vanilla mixed with woods.

    I think this fragrance could be unisex. However, that being said, on the right man this could smell so very sexy.

    26th April, 2011


    No. 5 Eau Première by Chanel

    Like every girl on the planet, I cannot resist the urge to be drawn to expensive and exclusive brand names. The name 'Chanel', if mentioned in a conversation can make one sound and appear sophisticated and classy. It had been my dream since discovering the world of fragrances to be able to add a Chanel perfume to my growing collection. However, finding a Chanel perfume that I happened to actually like was starting to look like an impossible task.

    I had tested the original Chanel No.5, and although I could understand its appeal, it was far too mature and soapy for my liking. I concluded that it was my young age that made me feel that way.

    I convinced myself to try this new version of the original today, to try and prove myself wrong and to make a comparison between the two. The first initial spray, for my nose, is much softer and more pleasant than Chanel No.5. The scent also has a slight tang of citrus in the top notes, that when blended with the aldehydes and powdery softness it creates a warm and creamy fragrance. The drydown is an exquisitely soft vanilla scent with touches of rose and jasmine.

    I would describe Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere as a youthful spin on the original infamous fragrance. It is less aggressive with its powdery notes and is much sweeter and more casual. Chanel No.5 Eau Premiere is the fragrance you would wear when you can't wear Chanel No.5; like on a hot Summer's day or in the office.

    For those women, who like me, thought Chanel No.5 was far too strong and soapy, this fragrance is your better alternative.

    26th April, 2011


    Yatagan by Caron

    I finally received this in the mail this morning. I must admit that I was preparing myself for something that I might dislike, but I highly doubted that seeming that I enjoy most male fragrances.

    Yatagan is indeed a very distinctive and unique scent, and I'm happy to say, one that I absolutely love. I considered wearing this myself, but I decided that it was risky because this fragrance is so very masculine.

    Spicy, woodsy and mesmerizing. Even just sniffing from the bottle makes me sigh. I'm really surprised that some men refuse to wear this. In my opinion it would make a man so much more appealing through it's darkness and sensuality.

    It actually reminds me of the Australian bush because it has a note that smells rather similiar to Eucalyptus oil. It also brings with it sentimental value through the distinctive pine needle scent. As a child there was a giant pine tree that grew in the corner of my yard, and many a time I would play under that tree and collect the pine cones like they were little treasures and hide them in my room. Yatagan brought this memory back to me today and I'm truly grateful for it.

    This fragrance is indeed very strong. One spray and the room is shrouded in a cloud of this deep, mysterious and exotic aroma. I cannot wait to try this on my man. I do believe I will be paying him a visit very soon.

    26th April, 2011


    Allure Eau de Parfum by Chanel

    I was surprised that this was a Chanel perfume. It was definitely not what I would have expected from their range. It is so deliciously soft and feminine. Whereas the other Chanel fragrances smell so sharp and mature.

    On my skin it transforms into a lovely warm vanilla and jasmine which surprisingly exudes sex appeal. I was always one for describing Chanel fragrances as being classy and conservative, never in my life would I have thought that one of their perfumes would be so sensual and sexy.

    Allure still does, however, stay true to the Chanel style, remaining classy, elegant and timeless. What I love most about this fragrance is its ability to suit almost every occasion. You could wear it to work, on a date, to a wedding or anywhere your heart desires. You wouldn't even have to re-apply this perfume at the end of the day because the lasting power is so good.

    It is fairly obvious and easy to conclude that a woman that wears this has impeccable taste in perfume.

    26th April, 2011


    Ralph Rocks by Ralph Lauren

    Since becoming interested in scents, I have trained my nose to appreciate scents that I wouldn't normally have liked. Had I been a young girl without my fragrance knowledge I may have enjoyed this fragrance.

    Ralph Rocks is most certainly aimed at a younger crowd. Typical of your fruity and sugary teen fragrances, this perfume certainly fits into that category. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren has played it too safe with this fragrance, emulating many celebrity scents in hope of cracking the teen market. I don't think this fragrance fits the description of a rock-chick. There is nothing rebellious or hardcore about it. It's more a cheap, tropical scent.

    The initial spray is very citrusy, like a strong blast of lemon and orange. This fragrance is also rather linear, the notes don't seem to differ between the top and base notes. Lasting power is also very poor, which is a shame for this fragrance's price.

    Ralph Rocks strikes me as a fragrance that you will only find the younger crowd wearing as it doesn't spell out sophistication or sexiness at all. I can only imagine this perfume being worn during the warmer months or at the beach, because this scent is not overly versatile. A better alternative if you like this scent would be Sunkissed Glow by Jennifer Lopez. It smells a lot more expensive but is only half the price.

    26th April, 2011


    Beautiful Love by Estée Lauder

    It is very difficult to compare the original Beautiful to Beautiful Love because they are both so different. Beautiful Love is more of a fruity floral whereas the original is strictly floral.

    The sales assistant told me that this fragrance is the younger alternative to the original, which I'd have to agree with. This fragrance is surprisingly pretty and nicely balanced. It may be a little overpowering initially with its fruity notes, but the drydown is absolutely exquisite. It becomes a soft and feminine blend of tuberose, jasmine and rose. The tuberose gives this fragrance that tropical and coconutty like scent.

    This fragrance actually makes me feel quite happy when I wear it. It's not like anything that I usually wear; it's not overpowering, sexy or daring. Instead it's more of a sweet and romantic type of scent. It could quite possibly be the signature fragrance for falling in love.

    The lasting power is fantastic and unlike most florals, this scent won't leave you smelling musty at the end of the day.

    26th April, 2011


    Beautiful Sheer by Estée Lauder

    Prior to testing this fragrance I was almost certain that the sheer version of Beautiful would smell just like the original only lighter, like an EDT. I was wrong.

    Beautiful Sheer is like a fresh burst of youth and femininity. Although I quite liked the original Beautiful, this perfume seems to appeal to me more due to my young age. I would recommend this fragrance for Spring and Summer months, as it is light, fresh and non-cloying. The fruity and floral notes in this fragrance have been perfectly blended creating something that is both pleasant and versatile. It would be difficult to find anyone that found this fragrance offensive.

    I don't think it was Estee Lauder's intention for this fragrance to be considered a masterpiece, which it definitely isn't. However, I consider it a fragrance that captures many desirable elements, such as being fresh, clean and inoffensive. I believe that every woman should have at least one fragrance in their wardrobe that is pretty, casual and refreshing like Beautiful Sheer. It could quite easily become a signature scent or a fragrance that you turn to when you can't decide what else to wear.

    26th April, 2011


    Beautiful by Estée Lauder

    This is possibly one of Estee Lauder's best fragrances. I can see why this is such a popular choice for a bride on her wedding day and unlike most Estee Lauder fragrances, the synthetic notes in this are not as strong.

    Mature? Yes, it most definitely requires maturity, sophistication and class to pull this one off. Old lady scent? Certainly not. Although this may smell like your typical 80's floral, there is something about it that never fails in gaining attention and compliments, especially from men.

    This is a soft and romantic fragrance with fantastic lasting strength. One spray goes a very long way in regards to wearing this.

    26th April, 2011


    Bulgari Black by Bulgari

    Everytime I see this fragrance in the stores it is almost always placed in the male fragrance department. For people that don't follow fragrances like a religion, one would assume that it is a male fragrance rather than a unisex scent.

    I was compelled to try Bvlgari Black after reading that it was a popular and unique fragrance which women seemed to enjoy wearing. As a fan of everything unique, I tried this in a store yesterday. I was not game to spray on my skin, so I tried it on a tester card.

    There was an immediate blast of sharp rubber and leather, which left me surprised but not repulsed. However, in only a few minutes the scent changed to a sweet honey and car tyre rubber scent. I was horrified by this combination. Before this fragrance had become repulsive, I would have suggested that Bvlgari Black was a unique and masculine perfume, but the sweetness of the honey made it, in my opinion, far too sweet for a man and too disgusting for a woman to wear.

    I've never had such a bad reaction to fragrance in my life. With every sniff I would shudder, gag and almost pass out. Perhaps this is one of those love it or hate it type of fragrances. There is no doubt that I absolutely hated this.

    Re-visited Black, and I must say it isn't as bad as how I had perceived it two years ago. It's still rubbery and sweet, however the scent is much more pleasing to my now trained nose. I have removed this fragrance from my dislike list.

    26th April, 2011


    Lalique (new) by Lalique

    If one were a Disney princess, living in an enchanted castle and dressed in the finest silks and satins, I would imagine that this would be their signature scent. The bottle design itself needs no introduction as it has been designed by the one and only Rene Lalique, one of the most talented and renowned glassware artists of the 20th century.

    Soft, feminine and elegant this fragrance exudes beauty and style. It is a scent that will not disagree with any age group, whether it be young or old. Lalique will never offend as its fragrant aroma highlights your charm and inner radiance.

    The initial application is one of sheer beauty as the gardenia and black currant blend into a soft and soothing scent. Like a fresh bunch of exquisite and beautiful flowers this scent has the ability to conjure up romantic thoughts and sweep you off your feet. The most desirable aspect of this fragrance was the warmth in the drydown, which became a soft vanilla and musk. The combination of these two scents, which remained very close to the skin, made the experience even more intimate.

    I would recommend this fragrance as one that is best worn during the Fall and Winter months, as it has a certain aura that is so comforting during harsh and unpredictable weather. Lalique is such a light, romantic and enchanting fragrance which is a must-buy for every woman that is searching for something to release their inner beauty.

    26th April, 2011


    Tabu by Dana

    This is a fragrance which I happen to see quite often while I'm out shopping or browsing through the stores. With its distinguishable black, white and red bottle and the matching talcum powder in its box not far away, this is one inexpensive fragrance many seem to avoid.

    I was surprised to find this fragrance in my mother's room, covered in dust and pushed to the darkest part of her closet. It was obviously my father's attempt at buying my mother a fragrance, but trying to do it on the cheap. I found myself reaching for this bottle and dusting it with a tissue, only to spritz a small quantity onto my wrist.

    Seconds later I was met with a wonderful and totally unexpected, warming scent. It took me to a place where I had visited so many times as a child; a quaint, little store filled with incense, tiny trinkets, tie-dye saris and colourful wind chimes. It had such a carefree, quirky and unique style. Such a sensual and warm fragrance.

    I promptly asked my mother to give it one more try, to which she discovered what had captivated me only minutes before. Never again will I judge a fragrance solely on its price tag. This fragrance is a true gem in the world of scents.

    26th April, 2011


    Set Sail St. Barts for Women by Tommy Bahama

    This is a rare fragrance which my friend happens to own. Either of us had never heard of the house Tommy Bahama, I don't think they import their products to the land of Oz. However, my friend had it shipped here from America.

    I found this fragrance to be rather masculine in some ways. That's because this is not your average fruity and sweet summer scent. This fragrance has very light and crisp top notes where the lime and tequila notes are most prominent. However this fragrance does not remain sharp and citrusey for long and eventually it becomes a warm musky base. The lasting power is fairly average unfortunately. I would recommend this fragrance to people searching for a summer scent that is refreshing but not fruity, sugary sweet, or too teenish.

    26th April, 2011


    Ardenbeauty by Elizabeth Arden

    From what I remember smelling, I really liked this one. I had originally been searching for a fragrance for my mother's birthday and seeming that she loves most Elizabeth Arden fragrances I was compelled to try this. From a quick whiff, I thought that smells nice and walked off. I returned some weeks later and got my mother to test it to see if she liked it, (she didn't unfortunately). Before leaving, I sprayed a bit on my wrist and a few hours later I was wondering what smelt so good.

    Even my boyfriend at the time noticed it and asked what made me smell so sexy. I think a lot of people may be shocked to know that it's an Elizabeth Arden fragrance. At the time I didn't buy it because I was going through a strange stage in my life where I refused to buy anything cheap. But now that I'm older and a lot wiser I think I'll succumb and buy a bottle of this on my next shopping spree.

    26th April, 2011


    Cool Water Woman by Davidoff

    This perfume tops my 'most hated scents' list. Such a disappointment when I loved the male version so much.

    This was a horrid blast of sourness and nose burning acidity. It beats me as to how people can wear this. When the horrible top notes mellow all I get is a boring, predictable water scent.

    Nothing exciting about this what-so-ever.

    26th April, 2011


    Joop! Homme by Joop!

    Oh my gosh! This fragrance is an aphrodisiac!

    I love it's sweet tobacco-like scent and it's warmth. When a man wears this it is so inviting and sexy.

    I love cinnamon, jasmine and vanilla, so this cologne is an absolute winner. It's actually a shame that I can't wear this for myself. Some days I wish I was a man because so many of their fragrances are so much sexier than female ones.

    What really gets me about this fragrance is its leathery, spicy, musky and tobacco like notes. If I had never smelt this cologne I would have probably avoided it like the plague, however the combination of the four makes this fragrance so dirty and seductive.

    This is definitely something that a man should wear if he wants his lady to get into the mood. There has to be a sex pheromone is this fragrance, I'm convinced.

    26th April, 2011


    Cool Water by Davidoff

    I once dated a guy that wore this cologne all the time. It was through him wearing this fragrance that I realised that some male fragrances are designed specifically to attract women.

    This perfume is amazing and the after-shave is just as good. I actually have a bottle, because I bought it for an another boyfriend but decided at last minute that he didn't deserve gifts.

    You can really smell the lavender scent in this, but it is in no way a girly scent. Cool Water is so masculine and sexy. On a man, this fragrance drives me wild.

    It is indeed a strong scent, however it is refreshing and quite Summery. My boyfriend wears this scent to tease me because he knows the effect it has over me.

    26th April, 2011


    Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche Skinscent by Estée Lauder

    I tried this perfume a few times last year, and even though I would not purchase it for myself, its scent intrigued me.

    This is one of those fragrances that remind you of coconutty suntan lotion. Not horrible, but not what you expect in a fragrance. Men seemed to really dislike this when I wore it, which figures because almost all men hate the smell of a fake tan.

    I'd say it would fit in nicely as a summery beach fragrance, because it tends to remind me alot through scent-recognition of some the beaches up Sydney way.

    26th April, 2011

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