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    Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

    It may not be entirely original, but I happen to really love this fragrance. It is the perfect fruity floral for women who are searching for something that is young and sexy but nothing like the cheap-smelling fruity scents on the market. It is surprisingly sweet yet warm and seductive. It's not a fragrance that will make you feel girly and cute, it is more likely to unleash the sex kitten and rouse up the men than be innocent.

    I love its unique blend of blackcurrant, spicy vanilla and ginger which is so comforting and feminine on my skin. The fragrance is also very versatile; it could be worn both day and night and is best suited to colder seasons. The lasting power is great too.

    Deep Red is such a sensual and almost orgasmic fragrance and one that I can imagine wearing with a tight-fitting black dress and killer high heels on a night that a girl just wants to feel and look stunning.

    26th April, 2011


    Escape by Calvin Klein

    I read these reviews before I tried this perfume, and I must say I was preparing myself for an overpoweringly strong, mature perfume. I should add that I'm 18 and that I really liked this fragrance when I finally got around to testing it.

    Strong, yes, but not so strong that it would knock someone out upon first sniff. Sophisticated, warm and sensual is how I would describe Escape. I can see this perfume being worn anytime, whether it be during the day, at night or even at a special occasion. It may be a perfume that smells very similiar to a lot of fragrances these days but there's something about Escape that is intriguing and rather charming.

    When I first tested this fragrance I had never noticed that Escape had a salty note. I was quite surprised to discover this as it did indeed remind me of the ocean. Seeming that all my memories associated with the beach are good ones, this will most definitely be top priority on my wishlist.

    Second update:
    Escape did not work well with my skin chemistry. Unfortunately I had to push this one aside.

    26th April, 2011


    Intimately Beckham Women by Beckham

    I really quite like this perfume. It's a very light and fun floral and I think the bottle design suits the perfume perfectly. The top notes are really nice but I was disappointed with the middle and base notes, not because they smelt bad, (which they didn't), but because the perfume reminded me so much of Curious by Britney Spears. Now when I read the notes in this perfume I can see that they both contain tuberose, white flowers, vanilla and musk.

    I'm not a fan of perfumes or celebrities that copy one another.

    26th April, 2011


    Hidden Fantasy by Britney Spears

    As a fan of Britney's fragrances I was eager to try this. The first initial spray is definitely sweet and orangey then it starts to smell slightly similiar to the original Fantasy. I would describe the scent as being similiar to an orange poppy seed cake.

    I don't dislike the scent, but there was something about Hidden Fantasy that didn't blend well with my skin chemistry. I was really disappointed that I wouldn't be adding the red bottle to the pink and blue bottles I have.

    The scent is long-lasting with about the same amount of sillage as Fantasy. I'll be interested to smell this on other people because I'm sure this fragrance will become another best-seller from Britney's perfume line.

    26th April, 2011


    Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

    I absolutely love this scent on a man. It's really sexy yet mild, (it's not one of those colognes that a man will feel shy wearing).

    Euphoria is soapy, clean and fresh with that little something to drive the women crazy. It's crispness is exactly how a man should smell just when he steps out of the shower.

    The pepper, ginger and suede notes make such a sexy and unique fragrance, something that would only smell sexy on a man. I just love snuggling up to a man wearing Euphoria, it's just so comforting and cozy.

    I love this scent so much that I buy this for every boy I know.

    26th April, 2011


    Can Can Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

    This is one of those perfumes that I'm always procrastinating over. One day I'll love it and then the next time I try it, I'll change my mind.

    This is definitely my favourite fragrance from Paris Hilton. Unlike her other perfumes, Can Can smells much more expensive and not as sickeningly sweet.

    Although this fragrance is still candy-like and aimed at the teen market, there is something strangely addictive about this perfume. When you first spray it, it doesn't exactly sweep you off your feet, however you find yourself sniffing your wrist for the rest of the day and thinking how nice it smells.

    The scent is really casual, girly and fun. The lasting power is also quite good.

    Despite what other people think, I actually like the bottle design. In my opinion, simplicity is more. I also believe that the advertisement and theme inspired by the Moulin Rouge, suits this fragrance.

    What keeps me from buying this is the synthetic drydown which smells like plastic on my skin. It's such a shame because I loved wearing Can Can for those first few hours.

    I would recommend this fragrance to young girls or very feminine women who like their perfumes to be flirtatious, sweet and playful.

    26th April, 2011


    L - L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

    I bought the shower gel as a gift for my housemate last year and she absolutely loved it. I have fond memories of the bathroom smelling like L after she'd used it. I decided to try the perfume the other day and I was hoping that it would smell like the shower gel did only a lot softer.

    I was a little disappointed to find out that it did smell exactly the same as the shower gel. It's a nice, pleasant scent, (don't get me wrong), but it stands out to me as a fragrance that smells better as a shampoo or body wash, not as a perfume.

    26th April, 2011


    Miracle by Lancôme

    I was rather disappointed when I smelt this. I had imagined Miracle to smell slightly sweeter and more flowery, since the pretty pink bottle had misled me. Instead Miracle is a strong burst of peppered fruits, a little like spicy orange juice I thought.

    In some ways it's quite sour and unpleasantly strong. I think it's one of those scents that rely on its wearer to smell good. I've smelt this on a few people who managed to make this fragrance smell softer and more flowery.

    On a positive note I like that Miracle is different. The spicyness mixed with the fruits is interesting and original. This fragrance would make an excellent Summer/Spring or casual scent.

    26th April, 2011


    Crystal Noir by Versace

    I usually love Versace perfumes, and I was sure that I would love this one too because of its tuberose and coconut notes. Unfortunately this was not so.

    All I got from this fragrance was a strong burst of powdery aldehydes, and let's just say I'm not a fan of aldehydes.

    On the other hand, Crystal Noir has great lasting power and after wearing it for a couple of hours, the aldehydes softened a little and I could smell the coconut and tuberose. I did quite enjoy the drydown but I found it a little similar to Curious by Britney Spears, which I already have. I'm not one for buying perfumes that smell like something I already own.

    26th April, 2011


    Sunkissed Glow by Jennifer Lopez

    This has just been introduced to Australia so I'm sure it would be in the US and the UK already.

    It is very fruity and sweet. It smells a little bit like mandarin, passionfruit and oranges, but definitely not sour. It's not something that I can imagine appealing to a more mature audience as it is more likely to be bought by the 25 and younger. It has great lasting power, it has been almost 6 hours since I sprayed it and it is still smelling strong.

    I won't be purchasing this however because I don't find it a unique fragrance in any way, it reminds me of something I've smelt before but I can't seem to put my finger on it.

    26th April, 2011


    Miss Dior Chérie (original) by Christian Dior

    I do still like this fragrance, I always have, but there is something about it that isn't urging me to buy it.

    Miss Dior Cherie is most definitely fruity and sweet, and certainly aimed at a younger crowd. The scent itself is quite complex and strong. The pineapple and strawberry wine like notes seem to dominate in this fragrance. Surprisingly I consider Miss Dior Cherie as being a boozy type of scent; something that would blend in well at special occasions or bars.

    Unfortunately I don't see myself buying this because I have far too many fruity scents, and I'm needing a more sophisticated wintery scent for the colder months.

    26th April, 2011


    Beyond Paradise by Estée Lauder

    I don't know what was going through my head when I decided that I actually liked this fragrance. Trying it on my wrist today made me change my mind completely.

    Sickeningly sweet, synthetic and reminiscent of toilet spray was how I perceived Beyond Paradise. I just couldn't get this perfume off my wrist fast enough.

    Definitely long-lasting, it took 3 different types of soaps to get this one off.

    26th April, 2011


    Happy by Clinique

    I tried Happy for the first time in a large department store while holidaying in Melbourne, Australia. I instantly loved it and quickly added Happy to my perfume wishlist. I was shocked when I heard how many negative reviews this perfume had been given and I found it extremely hard to understand why... until today. I entered that same department store, (except in a different location), where they had a Happy tester bottle waiting to be sprayed. I tried it, and was utterly shocked! I now know what people meant when they said that Happy smelt like burnt rubber and licorice.

    Happy does not have a very long shelf life. It has been known to go off in as little as 8 months. In the case of tester bottles, they have been exposed to the heat and lighting around the store, and most of the Happy perfumes in their boxes have also been stored in an overlit cosmetic case for god only knows how long.

    My advice is if you have similiar experiences as to what I had with this fragrance, I suggest you buy from a trusted dealer, especially a place that sells Happy at such a rate that they have to renew their stock every 6 months.

    26th April, 2011


    Daisy by Marc Jacobs

    For the EDP (Black Edition):
    I have had this perfume on my wishlist for a very long time now since smelling it on a tester card a few months ago. Today I decided to try it on my skin, and let's just say I was utterly disappointed.

    Daisy does not blend well with my skin chemistry at all and ends up smelling like something reminiscent of play-dough. It was somewhat sickening and dirty smelling.

    When I look back now, I can see why so many people love Daisy, yet I don't consider this fragrance as being unique or outstanding in any way. Marc Jacobs was actually playing it safe when this perfume was created. I can't deny that Daisy is a best-seller and popular amongst young women, yet I wonder how many people bought this fragrance simply because of the bottle design and the hype surrounding it.

    26th April, 2011


    Armand Basi Femme by Armand Basi

    When I first tried this fragrance I had not previously heard of the brand Armand Basi and I'll admit I was a little dubious at first. Upon first spray, I found myself a little overwhelmed with its citrusy opening notes. Fortunately the sourness of the top notes quickly fade and a much softer floral scent emerges. Although pleasant, I thought the roses and jasmine were a little predictable and common.

    After wearing this fragrance for a couple of hours, the strength of the middle notes are still there and a very sensual and sultry vanilla starts to make its presence known. This in my opinion is the best part of this fragrance.

    Overall I found the fragrance to be very gentle, calming and soft. It was in no way loud and intrusive. I was a little disappointed though, that the fragrance didn't seem to match the uniqueness of the bottle itself, which was what intrigued me initially.

    26th April, 2011


    Moschino Funny! by Moschino

    I bought Funny! six months ago when I was shopping with a group of friends without testing it first. I'm very glad now that I did. Originally I bought Funny! because I loved the cute little bottle, but after some time the fragrance grew on me and now I absolutely adore this fragrance.

    I really love this perfume because for once you can really smell the difference between the top, middle and base notes. Funny! starts out really fruity for the first hour, then eventually it mellows into a delightful floral where you can definitely smell the peony, jasmine, green tea and violet. The middle notes last for ages and when the perfume finally starts to fade, your nose is met with a beautiful and calming ambery scent.

    I love wearing this during Spring or when I need a mood boost. Because like the perfume says, it does have that ability to make you Funny!

    26th April, 2011


    Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

    This fragrance is in no way similiar to Fantasy. It's much darker and fruitier. You can really smell the plum and sour cherry in this fragrance, but I don't find it sickening at all.

    The only time I do find this scent sickening is when I try wearing this during the day. Because this fragrance is so intensely fruity, I can't help feeling nauseous and overwhelmed. A girl on the bus the other day had doused herself in Midnight Fantasy and I heard quite a few passengers whisper to one another about how strong and headache inducing this scent was in an inclosed space.

    However, when worn on a cool night, the scent changes and becomes something that I love. I rather enjoy wearing Midnight Fantasy when I go out at night with my friends, and it goes down well in a nightclub atmosphere.

    I find the scent to be very sensual, seductive and intriguing. I always feel mysterious and sexy when wearing this. Another added bonus is that the scent is long-lasting, so it won't have vanished after the night is over.

    26th April, 2011


    Curious by Britney Spears

    This is the first Britney fragrance I bought.

    I remember craving this fragrance when it first came out. I would always spray this on me whenever I passed the fragrance counter at my local department store. I was so young at the time, it would be at least another 4 years before I actually owned Curious.

    When I finally owned a bottle of this, I rarely used it. I wanted to wear stronger and louder fragrances and Curious just seemed too light at the time. It wasn't until my perfume collection started spiralling out of control that I came back to this scent.

    In the warmer months Curious really blossomed. The fragrance was light, flowery yet musky. On the skin it was so soft, delicate and feminine.

    Curious is what I'd call a soft and pretty floral scent. In the opening you can smell the pear blending with the jasmine, tuberose and magnolia which has been really well done. This fragrance started my love for white florals and tuberose based scents.

    The drydown is quite musky yet the vanilla adds a slight sweetness which rounds off the scent nicely.

    I'm not ashamed to say that I wore this fragrance during this year's Summer, every day until every single drop was gone. The scent just left me so refreshed and clean-feeling.

    The lasting power unfortunately wasn't great, (possibly the reason why I haven't repurchased this fragrance). However, if I received this fragrance as a gift I would not complain.

    Overall, Curious is a distinctive fragrance best suited to young girls searching for something light, flirtatious and pretty.

    26th April, 2011


    Fantasy by Britney Spears

    This fragrance was my first introduction to gourmand scents. When I first smelt this, it was love at first sniff. It was unique, girly, deliciously sweet and intoxicatingly good.

    When you first spray Fantasy you are met with a slightly sour burst of tropical kiwi fruit. This however, does not last long and eventually the fragrance warms into a soft vanilla cupcake served fresh from the oven.

    My boyfriend quite often calls me 'cupcake' when I'm wearing Fantasy and although I wouldn't describe this fragrance as being sexy or seductive, it can be very inviting and playful. The bottle is also very cute and feminine, and looks absolutely fantastic on my dresser.

    If there were ever a scent-olympics, Fantasy would win the lasting-strength marathon. I spray this on at 8 in the morning and I can still smell it later that night.

    I have been known to wear this scent during the day and also out at night. I have even worn Fantasy on a few casual dates because it has the ability to create a somewhat romantic mood.

    This is once again another exceptional fragrance from Miss Britney Spears.

    26th April, 2011


    Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton

    I received this perfume as a gift, and I must say I'm not a fan. It's a rather odd fruity fragrance in that it isn't citrusy or sour, yet it isn't sweet either. It's more of a tart-like floral.

    I have tried to like this scent, but I have concluded that I just don't like this perfume at all. In some ways it reminds me of halved peaches that you buy in the cans. Not something that I aspire to smelling like.

    The lasting power is quite good and the scent is rather refreshing and clean smelling, so perhaps it will appeal to some. If I had to recommend this perfume, I would suggest it to teens seeming that it is inexpensive and fruity.

    26th April, 2011


    Angel by Thierry Mugler

    You simply can't go wrong with Angel. Being one of the most popular and well-known fragrances in the last 20 years, Angel still manages to stand out in a crowd.

    This is a delicious and very unique scent, the first of its kind. It's sexy, dark, mysterious, sweet and memorable. Surprisingly quite controversial, it seems that you will either love or hate this fragrance. I personally adore it and love wearing it especially during Winter or on a night out on the town.

    When I first apply Angel to my skin, I get a very distinctive mandarin note. This mandarin is fresh, juicy and raw, smells exactly like the actual fruit. Minutes later Angel begins to smell like gingerbread men and vanilla, I can even sense a chocolatey note, but perhaps more like a mug of hot chocolate rather than a block of solid chocolate.

    I find it difficult to control my sweet tooth when I wear this fragrance. I feel compelled to walk straight into the nearest bakery and buy every sweet pastry I can afford.

    Don't be fooled by the name, Angel is in no way innocent and heavenly. Demon would be a better suited name for this scent.

    I suggest that everyone try this at least once in their life because like Chanel No.5, it is quickly becoming a well-known classic.

    11th January, 2010

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