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My Glow by Jennifer Lopez

My Glow is in a similar vein to the original Glow, however I find this fragrance less soapy and more floral.

Initially I found this fragrance rather synthetic which turned me off it at first. However, as it settled on the skin, it became a delicate and clean blend of floral scented soap and musk. I understand that this fragrance is intended to be something that won't irritate a newborn's sensitive nose, however I find this fragrance quite strong in some instances. Nothing like a natural skin-scent by any means.

Every now and then I can smell a definite nail polish remover smell, which is quite off-putting and sharp. Most of the time My Glow smells clean, refreshing and milky, but sometimes it's horrid. The bottle isn't as nice as it is in the picture shown here. In reality it looks rather cheap, with the rather large plastic angel an unnecessary part of the design.

Although My Glow is quite boring, it is relatively well-done. Certainly not as synthetic as some celebrity fragrances on the market today. Surprisingly this is one Jennifer Lopez fragrance which is difficult to find in the stores, so some searching may be required if you wish to get your hands on a bottle.

The sillage is quite soft and delicate, especially towards the drydown. Yet every now and then My Glow radiates a powerful powdery burst which can only be described as sharp. The lasting strength is moderate, around six hours.

A nice, clean fragrance for those that don't like anything too bold or flowery, but not something I would rush out to buy if I was a mother with a newborn baby in the crib.
14th April, 2012

L'Eau d'Issey by Issey Miyake

L'eau D'Issey is one of the world's biggest sellers, I know that much. As soon as I smelt this, I knew that I had smelt it on many women before, especially around Summer time.

I'm not a huge fan of floral aquatics. After smelling L'eau D'Issey I'm still not, but I do appreciate it as being one of the better ones on the market.

This fragrance opens very fresh and clean with a subtle sweetness. The melon is the most prominent note to my nose, with the rose, freesia and lotus giving this fragrance a slightly soapy feel.

It's not salty like some aquatics tend to be, rather it turns powdery and musky as it develops on the skin. It sometimes reminds me of the scent of freshly washed linen.

I think aquatics in general are an acquired taste. For some they are refreshing and clean, emulating the feeling of just stepping out of the shower. For other people, like myself, they tend to smell artificial, like chemicals fermenting in a test tube. L'eau D'Issey thankfully isn't as chemical as some I've smelt in the past.

L'eau D'Issey is a rather strong fragrance, with commendable lasting power. I find its crispness in hot weather very appealing, however this is a scent that I would particularly detest in a crowded space or during unsuitable weather.
14th April, 2012

Malabah by Penhaligon's

Malabah is such a beautiful name for a fragrance. Here I was captivated by its name and imagining a rich, spicy tea scent with an element of exotic sensuality.

This fragrance, to put it nicely, is too polite and refined in my opinion. It's simplistic, inoffensive and rather plain.

Malabah opened with some interesting accords which had me hoping this fragrance would develop into something magical. The lemony tea opening was about as interesting as it gets.

The heart is a combination of sweet and spicy, with such weak sillage that one may wonder if they're wearing a perfume at all. I've had my fair share of spicy rose scents, and Malabah has left me underwhelmed in that department.

For my spiced tea fix I usually turn to the beautiful L'Artisan's Tea for Two, not Malabah. I like strong, in-your-face kind of fragrances, and this Penhaligon's offering is far too lady-like and quiet for my personal tastes. I find it very British.

The lasting strength is pretty poor, struggling to last half the day on my skin. It was far too discreet and lacked serious warmth and distinction. It's pleasant, I'll say that much, but exotic is not a word that comes to mind when describing Malabah unfortunately.
14th April, 2012
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Stephen Jones by Stephen Jones

An intriguing fragrance to say the least. I'm certain that anything with a marketing description of 'violets that have been hit by meteorites' would have anyone rushing out to get themselves a sample.

This fragrance, while strange, is not so futuristic in my opinion. It's more like violets with an attitude, being ever so edgy, dark and violent. I also feel that Stephen Jones falls under a gothic category.

Stephen Jones makes me fall in love with it the same way one would fall in love with Dior's Poison. That potent richness is strangely appealing, like something you'd expect to find, covered in dust, hidden away from the light in Count Dracula's basement.

It has a lot of character, but it's also a dark, Wintery scent, which will appeal to those that like anything ever so slightly depressing during the colder months.

The notes in this composition are not bright nor feminine. There is an obvious dark component added to each accord, with red rose, sharp violets, indolic jasmine, rich cloves and resinous amber keeping this fragrance from becoming a typical, tea party type scent.

The lasting power is exceptionally good, as is the sillage which could possibly knock someone out cold. I've come to the conclusion that I really like this fragrance, however I'm a little afraid to wear it in case someone might mistake me for a vampire.
14th April, 2012

Elixir by Penhaligon's

I love hot, spicy fragrances, particularly those along the lines of Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge with its fiery chilli notes and its raw sexuality.

Elixir opens a little similar to Xeryus Rouge with a fiery burst of spices, however it soon settles, like a fire that's beginning to burn out.

It had the potential to be a smoking hot fragrance, yet it has left me slightly underwhelmed, which is a massive shame. It's too light and polite on the skin for my tastes.

During the opening notes, I can smell the cinnamon, cardamom and what appears to be hot peppers. The scent rapidly cools down into a pleasant, subtly spiced floral with a slightly soapy quality.

The fragrance chops and changes, one minute it's spicy the next it's soft and flowery. The drydown shows some signs of the scent heating up again, but it never seems to reach boiling point. Rich woods and resins tend to dominate in the drydown, with the incense and vanilla being barely detectable to my nose.

I guess I'm still on the hunt for something similar to Xeryus Rouge for women. For those not expecting a hot fragrance for passionate wear, Elixir would most likely pass as an interesting, soft and wearable spicy oriental, yet for me this just couldn't make the mark.
14th April, 2012

LP No.9 for Men by Penhaligon's

I happened to be browsing in a perfume boutique the other day, searching for ideas for a fragrance for my boyfriend. I had begun to complain to the sales assistant about his smoking habit interfering with anything perfume-wise, when she recommended LP No.9 for Men.

The moment I smelt this, I understood why she introduced it to me. This fragrance is all about the spices and it actually smells like something a bad-boy smoker in a leather jacket would wear.

Forget all that love potion nonsense, this is rough, manly and sexy. I hesitated to buy this for my man because I was afraid that every woman in sight would want to jump him if he wore this in public.

The cloves, geranium, pepper, orange and nutmeg are quite prominent throughout the composition, although there is a hint of sweetness every now and then, possibly brought about by the cinnamon, and what could be vanilla.

The spices in LP No.9 for Men are more animalistic than exotic. Don't expect a spice bazaar in this particular fragrance. By the drydown I can almost detect a hint of caramel, so there are sweet aspects to this as well.

Unfortunately the lasting power isn't all that wonderful, tending to vanish after six hours into almost nothing. I would love it if this were more intense and lasting. Yet overall, I am quite impressed, with this fragrance being a great introduction to the house of Penhaligon's.
14th April, 2012

Perles de Lalique by Lalique

It is no secret that for a long time I've been searching for the perfect rose scent. I knew I wouldn't love a rose soliflore, there had to be other components, but who would have thought that pepper and patchouli would be its perfect counterparts.

Perles de Lalique is like heaven to me. It's a rich, tarty red rose amidst darker, masculine accords of pepper, patchouli, incense, woods and a hint of soap.

It's dark yet angelic, with a touch of strangeness. It smells like something you'd expect from Andy Tauer, just perhaps not as strong and bold. Both Perles de Lalique and Incense Rose share some similarities.

Lalique isn't entirely mainstream, yet it's not niche either. The quality of this scent however, begs to differ. It's just so warming and unique that I can't help falling head over heels in love with it.

It can be spicy at times, and a little sharp but I like that about it, it has presence. The scent is also dry, reminding me of rose potpourri. There are so many different dimensions to this fragrance.

The longevity and sillage are to die for, sending wafts of it around you like a cloud for the whole day. Another bonus is the rather affordable price tag which definitely took me by surprise. I managed to find a giftset with the large full bottle for around $80 AUD.

It may be early days, but this fragrance is full-fledged love.
14th April, 2012

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Habit Rouge confuses me a little. I'm very much attracted to the scent, yet I'm the one that desires to wear it rather than pass it on to some sexy man to please me.

Initially Habit Rouge has that familiar lemon-vanilla powdery scent, very much like Shalimar. Certainly the presence of the herbs, leather and the patchouli make it less feminine, yet it still has that unmissable, feministic Guerlain vibe.

It smells like sweet incense and cosmetics in a way. It's beautiful, and I can safely say that it's rivalling Shalimar on my wishlist.

As much as I try and picture a man in my head whenever I smell Habit Rouge, I keep getting an image of a tall supermodel with red lips and classic black attire, complete with shiny black heels. Apparently Madonna wears this. I'm not surprised.

It's much sweeter than what you'd expect from a male fragrance, almost being sweeter than Joop! Homme. I like how Luca Turin describes Habit Rouge as 'sweet dust'.

All I can say in regards to Habit Rouge; women should give it a try, manly men may not like it, and anyone with a sweet-tooth or a love for powdery scents will surely adore this.
14th April, 2012

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

I wasn't really expecting much from Voyage d'Hermes and I had already placed it into a typical citrus scent category prior to testing. How wrong could I be?

This fragrance is so very likable. It settles on the skin like a natural skin scent, musky and clean. It's a fragrance along the lines of Narciso Rodriguez, Acca Kappa's White Moss and Kiehl's Original Musk. There's also a beautiful creamy aspect to this fragrance that makes it very feminine on my skin.

There are very light, almost undetectable citrus notes in the opening which provides a slightly green and fresh feel. As it settles a clean, crisp, white muskiness can be felt.

Occasionally I can detect some element of spiciness, possibly cardamom, with a slight peppery aspect. This fragrance does smell a little bit like cardboard or wet paper. However, I like this odd scent.

Summer in Australia is usually unbearable, often making me queasy whenever I apply perfume for the day. Something so transparent and natural like Voyage d'Hermes would be perfect for the next few months in which I will have to brace the heat.

Despite it's airy-ness, Voyage d'Hermes has fantastic lasting strength and it powers through almost anything, including quick showers. I'm rather excited to have found Voyage d'Hermes at the right time of the year.
14th April, 2012

Moschino Glamour by Moschino

I'm quite an admirer of Moschino, particularly their fruity florals. I do however enjoy their stronger, more 'golden', sophisticated scents like Couture, Moschino and of course Glamour.

I did not take my nose from my wrist for many an hour when I first sprayed Glamour. I was initially intrigued by its smooth elegance and distinguishable Italian style.

To me it smells cozy yet extravagant. It has a really pretty exotic richness, mostly brought about by the salt and frangipani notes. I can tell it's a different kind of fragrance straight away, and that's what I love about Moschino, they take risks.

I liken this fragrance to the scent of an exclusive bar in a five star restaurant. It's slightly boozy, but it also smells of flowers and a mixture of women's expensive perfumes wafting through the air. The scent is balanced, even a touch smokey at times, but all in all, quite fresh and feminine.

The drydown is smooth, naturally sweet and woodsy, a delicious blend of amber and cedar. I'm really enjoying this fragrance throughout every part of its development. I'm a little shocked to see that there are some people that dislike Glamour. I think it deserves more praise than it is given.
14th April, 2012

Bang by Marc Jacobs

Bang has a lot of pepper, and all this pepper is working for me.

It's nice to see a commercial release that's just that little bit different to the rest. Bang by Marc Jacobs is an intriguing, spicy and sexually demanding scent on a man, and I absolutely love it.

I don't mind the smell of pepper, but I can't say that this smells exactly like what you'd find on your dining table next to the salt. It's peppery, but also warm and balanced. The patchouli and benzoin compliments the scent, adding a creamy and masculine quality.

Bang has a smooth and lovely woodsy drydown, which is rather classy. I don't see why men can't wear this to a formal event, it seems perfect for it.

I actually love the bottle too, I think it's different and exciting. It really suits the scent. Modern yet edgy.

The longevity and the sillage are fairly strong, which is great. The peppery spiciness I get from this with the woodsy undertones gets more and more addictive everytime I smell it. Unfortunately I don't know many men whom this fragrance would suit. It has a very fashion-conscious metrosexual vibe to it.
14th April, 2012

Royal Desire by Christina Aguilera

Once upon a time I used to adore anything sweet. These days the thought of marshmallows in a fragrance makes me cringe a little.

I really disliked Christina Aguilera's signature fragrance and Inspire yet I found By Night much easier to stomach but a blatant rip-off of Dior's Hypnotic Poison. I find this fragrance, Royal Desire far too sugary and fruity, like a tartier version of Mariah Carey's M.

Royal Desire hit me straight away with its fluffy, sweet marshmallows and jammy berries. I think I may have said "yuck!" out loud when I was in the store.

After some time the development does show some promise, however the marshmallows do tend to cling to the skin. Royal Desire becomes considerably warmer and more floral as the scent progresses, however it becomes more predictable too.

Towards the drydown I felt that this fragrance fell flat. Once the muskiness came through, the combination was pretty much sugar and musk.

The lasting power is so-so, and the sillage is fairly moderate. I can't say that Christina Aguilera has managed to impress me with any of her perfumes. She has an impressive voice, but the same can't be said of Royal Desire I'm afraid.
14th April, 2012

Love, Chloé by Chloé

I read all these reviews prior to testing Love by Chloe, so the strong baby powder note did not take me by surprise nor did it revolt me.

What I did not like about this fragrance was its strong, almost sharp, powdery presence. The brand Chloe is really not for me. I didn't like the new Chloe and its flankers, nor did I enjoy this.

It smells like babies and strong floral-scented soap. In small quantities this could be nice, but it seems to be too much of everything. Just smelling this now is giving me a headache and I rarely get headaches from perfume.

I loved the bottle, with its classic simplicity, and while the scent does match it with its classic appeal, I feel that this is just way too overpowering. Love by Chloe tries so hard to make a statement when I really don't think it needs to.

All those floral notes when blended with the pink pepper makes the scent rather astringent. They were aiming for a clean, pretty and feminine floral, yet what I get is a sharp floral with air-freshner undertones.

So the sillage is obviously a monster, and the longevity is also quite big. Just a tad too cloying in my humble opinion.
14th April, 2012
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Black XS for Her by Paco Rabanne

I've been through some phases in my life, one of them included dying my hair black, wearing outrageous clothes and talking to decent men like a tramp. Black XS for Her reminds me of those days.

To me it smells like dark, syrupy cherries, (almost medicinal), vanilla flavoured cream, pepper and a hint of red rose. I like it in an odd kind of a way. It's not too sweet and it has an edgy-ness that I enjoy.

Honestly, this is more punk rock than gothic. It's a fun, party scent, not something for dark, brooding people.

Black XS for Her is yummy, but certainly not a gourmand. It's a nice in-between type of fragrance. Not too girly, not too sweet, not too dark. It's bold but also balanced.

I think this fragrance could work well in Winter and for nights out and about on the town. I kind of expected this fragrance to have an attitude, however I find the scent rather inviting. It's sexy too, which is a bonus.

The lasting power is pretty good, and same could be said of the sillage although it isn't all that strong. Overall, Black XS for Her is a fun, sexy and edgy scent, great for those girls that are growing out of the sugary, candied scents.
14th April, 2012

Carthusia Uomo by Carthusia

I would never have guessed that raspberry could work in a male fragrance. I'm glad that Carthusia Uomo has proved me wrong.

Carthusia Uomo smells deliciously sophisticated and rich. It's quite distinctive with sharp notes of fruity raspberry, rosewood, leather and salt. Thankfully this fragrance isn't too sweet. The raspberry note is natural, meaning that the only sweetness here is what you may expect from smelling a basket of freshly picked berries.

I do agree with this fragrance being an aromatic. It has a lovely, soothing quality despite its liveliness. Carthusia is quite a busy scent although it is not as complex as some fragrances.

The scent reminds me of the smell of a brand, spanking new computer. 'New-ness' has a smell, and Carthusia Uomo kind of has that the same smell. To be honest it was the first thing I noticed when I first smelt this.

The lasting power and sillage were good for me, and especially pleasing was the development on the skin, which was rather crisp and energizing. Once again I am impressed with Carthusia.
14th April, 2012

Numero Uno by Carthusia

Occasionally I tire of the mass of aquatics and citrus scents that I smell on the men around me. Discovering Numero Uno was a nice change, something unique and pleasing.

Numero Uno is quite herbaceous, but not in an overly green sense. It has this deliciously smooth and soothing blend of herbs, with the lavender in particular giving it that dreamy feel.

I bought a sample of this for my boyfriend to wear and I absolutely adored it. I liked it not because it was sexy, or because it was particularly bold, I found myself attracted to its friendliness. It made him smell so approachable and cuddly. It actually makes a wonderful bed-time scent.

Some might say that this is a fragrance for older men, but I disagree. I also think despite its rather masculine scent, a woman could also wear this. The subtle, powdery violet in the heart makes it a tad unisex.

Sharp notes of orange only feature for a few seconds in the opening. I get a lot of rosemary, lavender, patchouli, violet, musk and myrrh in this fragrance. The eucalyptus note is there, but I can't guarantee that you'll smell like the Australian bushland with this fragrance, although it does have a rugged feel to it.

The longevity is wonderful, however the sillage is rather soft, hence the reason why I find this a pleasing bed-time scent. Numero Uno is not for everyone but it's worth a try.
14th April, 2012

Fragonard by Fragonard

I'm enjoying Fragonard immensely because it has such simplistic beauty. This is a wonderfully balanced composition, with every note complimenting the other in perfect harmony.

There is a hint of zesty bergamot, which gives this fragrance a slight energetic feel. Mostly this fragrance is centered around the lily, honeysuckle and the jasmine, creating this sensuous yet green and leafy bouquet.

It's a very classic scent, like one you might wear on your wedding day. I'd certainly wear this fragrance if I was to wed on a rainy day in Rome, it has that cold yet romantic feel to it.

Fragonard makes you feel like a woman, a wise and elegant one at that. There's something very clean and crisp about the scent too, which makes it more likable on the skin.

It's along the lines of Diorissimo, just not as pink and Spring-like. Fragonard feels much plainer, but in no way boring, it just relies on its wearer to make something out of it. The scent makes me think of lotion and wedding dresses, there's no other way for me to describe it.

Not really a fragrance to make a statement, but one that will garner many compliments. I highly recommend.
14th April, 2012

Eau Fantasque by Fragonard

I had a bit of a giggle when this beautiful, mysterious French name, Eau Fantasque was nicely translated into 'odd water'.

I'd like to begin this review by saying that this fragrance is a little bit like odd water. It's citrusy water, to be exact, grapefruit water with a hint of jammy black currant and soapy freesia.

Refreshing, but not sweet like you may expect. It's nice and crisp without being too complex. Honestly, up close, this fragrance is a little too much, but from a distance, this is quite a pleasant Summery find.

A touch green, but not overly so. It's mostly citrus scented soap to my nose. I'd actually recommend this to both men and women, there's nothing that screams pretty femininity here. I applaud Jae for already noting this.

It might be watery, crisp, and at times transparent, but Eau Fantasque seems very natural on the skin. I'm pleased to say that it doesn't remind me of candy or detergent.

In the EDT concentration, the sillage and lasting strength are not bad. I don't think I'd want anything overpowering from this fragrance, it suits those hot Summer days nicely.
12th April, 2012

Capucine by Fragonard

With my lack of finesse in French language, I assumed this fragrance would smell like a cappuccino. When I realised it didn't, I turned to research and found that the direct translation into English was a type of water cress called Nasturtium. Apparently it is known for its tangy and peppery flavour.

Well Capucine is neither a cappuccino nor a pungent tasting herb. This fragrance is actually quite a delicate, creamy and sweet floral.

It has a lovely French aura to it, that makes me grasp for the words classic and feminine. It's nothing particularly unique, but it's a scent that stays with me long after it's gone.

I get mostly creamy, slightly powdered rose and jasmine with a rich tea note that brings a touch of masculinity and boldness to the composition. At times this fragrance is mysterious, but its occasional candied sweetness brings it back to the land of the predictable.

It has one of the nicest musky drydowns I've found in a fragrance, with the distinctive creamy, vanillac sweetness working well in the base.

The lasting power is great for that of an EDT, and I can only imagine how much richer and creamier the pure parfum version of this fragrance would be.
12th April, 2012

Vetiver 46 by Le Labo

Vetiver as a note has its ups and downs with me. Sometimes I'm intrigued by the way it smells, other times, I find it too dry and a little bitter. Vetyver 46 has managed to encompass every aspect of what I consider perfection in a fragrance.

This scent is surprisingly fresh, a little damp, but also smokey. The pepper adds to its invigorating punch, however the vetiver, cedar and guaiac woods are what keeps this fragrance rich, masculine and exotic.

The typical Le Labo incense accord is also found in Vetyver 46, however its done in such a way that you don't feel like a walking temple. There is only the subtlest hint of sweetness in this fragrance, found in the form of powder towards the drydown.

To be honest, Vetyver 46 isn't a true representation of vetiver itself, it's more of a spiced woods and incense fragrance. It tries to incorporate the qualities of vetiver, however it misses the point.

Because this fragrance isn't so dry, green and grassy, it's possibly the reason why I enjoyed this so much. Although I will agree with its masculine nature, I'll say that it is wearable for women too.

The lasting power and sillage are extraordinarily good, but I wouldn't expect anything less from Le Labo. Once again Le Labo has presented a fragrance that isn't exactly what is listed on the bottle, but have got away with it anyway.
12th April, 2012

Labdanum 18 / Ciste 18 by Le Labo

Labdanum 18 is yet another fragrance following in the trend of sweet, ambery incense scents.

Animalistic, but a little tame too, Labdanum 18 is beautiful. It has that dirtiness and rawness found in fragrances like Oud 27, Rose 31 and Patchouli 24, however this fragrance is much smoother, more feminine and sensual.

I'm tending to compare Labdanum 18 to Donna Karan's Essence Labdanum, although I find the latter a touch too linear and weak. This fragrance in particular has a deliciously sweet smokiness, which turns to powder towards the drydown.

The scent is minimalist yet effective. From all of Le Labo's oriental offerings, Labdanum 18 is the most feminine and incense-y.

I really loved the progression from the top notes to the heart, however in the drydown, while this fragrance still captivates me, I find it a little too predictable. My only gripe being that it shares many similarities with other incense-based scents.

In regards to longevity, Labdanum 18 does last considerably well. I found this fragrance very enjoyable on the day that I wore it, relishing in its smoothness and its exotic aura.
12th April, 2012

Fleur d'Oranger 27 by Le Labo

Fleur d'Oranger definitely falls into the category of being a white floral.

I like this fragrance because it's so simple. A rich, creamy blend of orange blossom and jasmine with a hint of bright, citrusy lemon.

The scent is very feminine, possibly one of the most feminine fragrances by Le Labo. Fleur d'Oranger 27 is quite heavenly in the way it settles on the skin. I'd even recommend this fragrance as a bridal scent for some.

While I love white florals, they don't suit me unfortunately. The delicate beauty of this fragrance and the intense white creaminess doesn't suit my rather bold personality and wild sense of dress.

It has a rather classic and romantic feel to it, and like I mentioned before, it strikes me as a wedding scent. Elegant, innocent and in some ways sensual.

The longevity is wonderful, in fact Le Labo is known for their outstanding quality. I can not even begin to express my love for this fragrance house and their ability to never let me down. Another great fragrance.
12th April, 2012

Bergamote 22 by Le Labo

For men? Really, I'm not convinced. The day I wore this, I received so many compliments. I didn't feel like this needed gender bending at all.

I usually hate dominant citrus notes in my fragrances, especially when grapefruit plays a leading role, but Bergamote 22 has proven that a perfectly refreshing citrus scent without harshness or sour accords can be achieved.

Bergamote 22 sparkles with such brightness and prettiness. In truth, the name is a little misleading as the woods are quite a feature in this fragrance.

There's a sweet aspect to this fragrance that is difficult to explain. It's a clean floral to my nose with an interesting soapy quality, especially towards the drydown. I only noticed the sweetness on the tester card, but not my skin.

On my skin, the masculinity of this fragrance appears. For the first few minutes it's a clean and crisp blend of citrus and musk, however vetiver and amber really feature after the top notes fade. This fragrance also struggled to last on me.

On others Bergamote 22 has wonderful sillage and longevity. I so wanted this fragrance to work for me, but like all citrus scents, they don't go well with my chemistry.

I have not been entirely let-down by this fragrance, in fact I'm thoroughly impressed. I highly recommend.
12th April, 2012

Vanilla Ice Cream by Demeter Fragrance Library

It's a gourmand for sure, and in my opinion, a sickening one at that.

Vanilla Ice Cream is really strong on the vanilla. If you've ever smelt vanilla essence straight from the bottle, it kind of smells like that. It's the strong, chemical and syrupy vanilla, not the light, sugary and white vanilla we're used to.

After the top notes settle, there is an obvious caramel note which kind of draws away from the vanilla ice cream that Demeter is attempting to re-create.

By the drydown, this smells like a vanilla flavoured milkshake, not ice cream.

Like most Demeter scents, this fragrance is pretty weak in both sillage and lasting strength. I've come to the conclusion that it may be difficult to re-create vanilla ice cream in all its icy foodiness. For starters it's a hard scent to describe.
09th April, 2012

Sex On The Beach by Demeter Fragrance Library

Never in my life has anyone bought me a cocktail. I guess nobody finds me worthy of such an expensive drink. Despite never drinking a Sex on the Beach cocktail in my life, I have smelt it at various bars I've attended during my lifetime.

Sex on the Beach has a rather distinguishable tropical scent. The drink is a blend of vodka, cranberry and orange juice and peach schnapps. While a rather potent beverage, the booziness is hidden. After a few of these drinks you're fooled into thinking it's all juice and no alcohol.

Sex on the Beach is delightfully refreshing. Sweet and flirtatious too. Fruity floral lovers will adore this. It makes me think of nightclubs with deafening music and fluoro party dresses.

The lasting strength is not bad, at least three hours and I find this fragrance one of the most versatile scents to layer with in the Demeter collection. The best part of Sex on the Beach is that there's no sand.
09th April, 2012

Rain by Demeter Fragrance Library

Okay, this really does not smell like rain to me.

For most of my life I lived in the country, so I know the scent of rain on either green or dry grass, gravel and forests. I also know what the scent of rain on pavements and roadsides smell like. While I don't mind the scent of rain, it's not a favourite.

Rain by Demeter strikes me as being too citrusy and watery. Natural rain has more of a musty smell. This trickery of a scent has a clean laundry kind of smell to it as well.

I'm somewhat disappointed seeming that I was only having a conversation with a friend the other day about bottling the scent of rain, and became rather excited about testing this. I can't get past the citrus layers.

Surprisingly Rain lasts a relatively long time, especially on the skin, which is rare for a Demeter scent. It's a pity that the lasting Demeter couldn't be a fragrance I liked.
09th April, 2012

Fig Leaf by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is one of the better fragrances from Demeter. Although it smells like figs, it seems much more complex than just that.

Fig Leaf is a wonderful, juicy and somewhat fresh scent with a beautiful feminine vibe. In my first year of living away from home, I lived in an old house with a fig tree out the back. I have beautiful memories of lying out on the back porch in Summer feasting on figs.

The minute I smelt this fragrance, it took me back to those happier times. Fig Leaf has an interesting tang to it throughout, however closer to the drydown the scent becomes a little powdery and milky.

Unfortunately the scent doesn't last long. Even on clothes it didn't want to hold.
09th April, 2012

Dirt by Demeter Fragrance Library

This is easily one of my favourites from Demeter. I was so hoping for wet, brown dirt and that's exactly what I got.

As a child I was fascinated by soil of all kinds. Out of red clay I'd make little figurines and place them in the sun to go hard and out of brown dirt I'd make mud cakes. It's possibly where my love for cooking began.

Dirt is damp, slightly musty, earthy and refreshing. I can see why Madonna wears this, it is charming in an odd kind of a way. Of course the name makes you crinkle your nose, but seriously experience it and your mind will change altogether.

I'm from the country, so perhaps I do feel a strong connection to the earth and its scent, but I do believe that anyone could learn to love this. It smells like fresh, juicy roots under the earth as well.

This fragrance is really enjoyable, I've been sniffing it all morning and its suiting this strange rainy weather we have today. A masterpiece in my opinion. It actually lasts on my skin a lot longer than expected too.
09th April, 2012

Brownie by Demeter Fragrance Library

I love chocolate, don't get me wrong. I can easily devour a whole chocolate block in one sitting. I love anything chocolate; chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, chocolate slices. But this fragrance Brownie is that feeling of eating too much chocolate even when you first spray it on.

There's too much sugar and not enough chocolate. I found Aquolina's Chocolovers delicious, but this fragrance just makes me sick.

It has a strange metallic note which is rather off-putting. I can't say that I'm particularly impressed. Here in Australia we do have brownies, however it's an American food and name, we probably just call them chocolate slices here. I wasn't brought up with them.

The chocolatey goodness is there in a quirky and foody fashion, however it doesn't deliver that mouth-watering sensation. It does the opposite of making me want to rush out and buy chocolate.
09th April, 2012

Birthday Cake by Demeter Fragrance Library

I guess I was searching for that scent of a birthday itself, rather than just the cake. Demeter pretty much smells like what is written on the bottle.

My birthday cakes are usually vanilla with strawberry or chocolate icing. This cake is chocolate with caramel flavoured cream.

The scent is not bad, perhaps a little sickeningly sweet when you first apply, but when it softens, the scent is pleasing.

I actually wanted a scent of waxy candles and the scent of sugared smoke to complete my birthday wish. Unfortunately Demeter's Birthday Cake is all about chocolate cake and not much else.

It can be a little coconutty at times which throws me off the chocolate track for awhile, however it doesn't last long. The scent doesn't last either, but I must point out that it is in cologne concentration anyway.
09th April, 2012