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Vetiver by Guerlain

I live in a pathetic little country, which shall remain nameless here. Well, the country is so small that Guerlain Vetiver was taken off the shelves shortly after the relaunched 2000 version, apparently due to poor sales. Another blow to quality and another victory for hyped designer scents and provinsialism.

The good thing is I can have this one for my self. And a very good thing it is.

GV has one of the crispiest citrus openings I have experienced, it wakes you up and gets you ready for a challenging day. The coriander can be a little over the top, and comes off as somewhat synthetic, especially if you overapply on the same spot, but it's just a passing odd note. From the invigorating top notes it moves on to the heart of the scent which is a synthesis of pepper and tobacco, wherein the scent turns from crisp to warm. From here the intensity fades slowly, and again the scent takes a new direction, into a discreet, green vetiver that stays with you for the rest of the day.

The diversity and progression of the fragrance, while retaining its harmony and deliciousness through every phase, is amazing. The ingredients have the right masculine connotations. All in all, GV has class in abundance, and it will gladly lend you some.

It's a timeless masterpiece, that transcends any discussion about old fashioned/modern regarding fragrance. Certainly I can't detect any old fashion-ness in GV, despite what some think in this forum. But it is very different from contemporary trends in fragrance. And thank you for that!
13th July, 2008

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

A couple of observations:

1. To me, GIT doesn't live up to its name, I get an association to purple, not green at all. It must be the violet and iris.

2. GIT is from 1985, which I didn't know when I purchased a bottle. Strangely, one of my first thoughts when I tried it for the first time was "this is 80's stuff". It's rather generic, and there's a certain coldness to the composition,in an 80's kind of way. I can't pinpoint it further, it's just a feeling.

3. I would love to love this much talked about fragrance, but a chip on my shoulder keeps whispering "This smells cheap", because of the above mentioned reason.

1. There are no odd or false notes. The composition and development is logical and flawless.

2. On my skin the sillage and longevity is very good. Lasts most of a day.

3. I get an uplifting feeling from GIT. It's a positive fragrance, albeit in a 80's kind of way.
23rd October, 2007

Erolfa by Creed

Erolfa is not bad! It's "modern" for a Creed (which I consider a positive quality). But I find it is a narrow scent, that could have been so much more. I pick up 4 notes; lemon, salt, ozone and light wood. What I miss here is something like seaweed, tar and other sea/harbour related "dirty" notes, notes that would have broadened the olfactory picture of a seaside environment. Erolfa is too clean!
23rd October, 2007
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La Base for Him by Magic Helvetia

I blindbought La Base, due to the hype, the look and the description, expecting a bright, green scent. Well, it's not.

The top notes are not sparkling, though a lot is going on, a lot of herbal, minty, soapy notes. But they don't really live, and don't create an accord I find pleasing/interesting/compelling/gratifying, and are certainly not what I expect from a fragrance, they remind me more of some kind of health product.

The heart notes are by far the most interesting and wearable in this. The fragrance turns smoky, in an ok way, and stays that way for a couple of hours.

The base notes are sweet and green, without distinction, like a fading, accidental summary of the fragrance as such. Feels like the base accord is not intended, it's just a sum of the parts.

This is not a fragrance I reach for very often. I wear it occasionally, almost by duty; I bought it, the bottle looks good, it was expensive, I've got to wear it.

Despite regrets of buying it, I rate it neutral, because of the sympathetic and heroic concept. Fragrance creators must continue to follow their visions, experiment etc.!
22nd July, 2007 (last edited: 13th July, 2009)

Cyprien by Fragonard

Cyprien is very summerlike, with a dominance of the mandarine note, and just a hint of the "ocean spray" and cypress. If you're longing for spring and summer, wear this! Similar to a variety of fresh, contemporary scents, but still recognisable. Very well balanced. Good longevity. Not very masculine, more metrosexual, which makes me too old to wear it, but who cares...
12th February, 2006

Polo by Ralph Lauren

IMO Polo is more than a flashback to the 80s at their worst. In its creation it was nostalgic, and it is that quality I like, and that makes it a classic. The blend of pine and leather stands out from contempary fragrances, so if you're under 50 and wear this, you're making a statement. Forget the 80s, this is timeless seriousness with a twist!
12th February, 2006