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$CAM by Xyrena

This opens with a huge blast of alcohol...
26th January, 2017

Spencer Hart Palm Springs by Floris

Opens so magnificently, but fades so dramatically. Could have been so much more.
25th October, 2015

Gold Man by Amouage

I have to go with ScentSurge on this one...I get an OVERWHELMING baby powder note that is persistent throughout! I absolutely loved Dia for Men, Jubilation XXV, Reflection Man and Ciel for Him, but I simply can't stomach this one.
28th March, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)
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Silver Bond / Andy Warhol Silver Factory by Bond No. 9

The first ten minutes is a little weird. However, once the opening notes wear off, it turns into a nice incense based scent. A very unique scent with great silage and longevity.
08th March, 2010 (last edited: 26th March, 2011)

Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck

This was a blind buy and one that I am happy with. It reminds me a little of Jil Sander Man. I like the opening blast of black pepper and mandarin, with a little bergamot lurking in the background. The middle turns a bit sweeter with the slightest hint of some delicate florals. The base mellows into some nice wood accords- sandalwood and maybe some Cedar, over a layer of vanilla and mild tobacco.
02nd March, 2010 (last edited: 19th September, 2011)

Metal Jeans Men by Versace

Doesn't anyone else catch the resemblance with Hugo Boss' Hugo? VMJ is much nicer than Hugo though. A light fruity scent that is impossible to offend with. The watermelon is dominant in the top notes, and I get the Jasmin coming through in the middle. The scent finally winds down to a pleasant musky woody base. I wonder why it was discontinued...
29th January, 2010

Piment Brûlant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I wore a sample of L’Artisan Parfumeur Priment Brulant as my SotD today and I have to say, it made me feel a bit sick. It really does smell of raw tomatoes and bell peppers. Not my idea of a wearable scent at all. Very bitter and sour to my nose. Thumbs all the way down for this one.
27th January, 2010 (last edited: 23rd July, 2011)

parfums*PARFUMS Series 2 Red: Palisander by Comme des Garçons

I thought the opening smelled a bit like wet clay. Not very appealing. The middle was better with some dry woods and a hint of chili pepper. It was the myrrh that really put me off this one though. I prefer Diptyque's Tam Dao.
27th January, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)

Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

I wore this scent for 5 years without realizing it was marketed for women. It's definitely very unisex. I love it! So dark and incensey. Borderline niche in my opinion. Definitely works best in the colder weather. I give it top marks. It was love at first sniff...
22nd January, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)

Aqua di Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

I found this to be more floral and fruity than aquatic....citrus/watermelon with touch of rose...average silage and longevity. Nothing to write home about, but then again this is not my type of scent.
19th January, 2010

Biagiotti Due Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

Nothing too exciting here. Very light and unoffensive, if that's what you're after. Starts off with a kind of fresh citrus note, followed by some light incense and anise with a hint of sandalwood. I don't get much spice but I thought I could smell some coconut maybe? The woody-oriental base notes reveal patchouli and vetiver. Biagiotti Due Uomo is classified as a sophisticated, woody, oriental, spicy, masculine fragrance. For me it was just one big yawn.
18th January, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)