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1 Million Intense by Paco Rabanne

This one seems weaker than the original

Though this is an EDP, it is weaker than the EDT. It has less sillage but pretty much the same synthetic cinnamon bubble gum hairspray vibe as the original EDT.

23rd August, 2013

Vetiver by Guerlain

Its ok

The 125 ml formulation is slightly better, it has decent longevity. There is a note, in this fragrance, I cannot pinpoint but conjures up an activities hall at senior's retirement home. Also a part of this fragrance smells like noxema skin creme. Encre Noir and Sycomore are better options.

23rd June, 2013

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci


This fragrance is a woody/incense masterpiece. Sadly it was discontinued for the trash bag fragrances of Frida Giannini. Long live King Ford, for putting out such a great fragrance.

16th May, 2013
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Oud by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

To the western nose this is a very unique scent, but this scent will be very familiar to those from the Northern India and Pakistan, where one of my good friends is from. It smells EXACTLY like "paan" masala , a candied rosy, oudy, fragrant molasses wrapped in betal leaves. Its decent but nothing great, especially considering its ridiculous price tag.
20th March, 2013

Aoud Purple Rose by Montale

Synthetic and incredibly bad, smells like bug spray seriously
18th November, 2012

Oudy Woody by Surrati

This fragrance grows on you fast, a leathery woody metallic fragrance, its perfect for very hot dry climates . It suppose to contain the Saif Al Hind accord, which accounts for the metallic sword vibe. Any lover of leather will like this.
12th November, 2012

Black Musk by Montale

Black Musk is lunar and dark. An enigmatic futuristic fragrance despite being an Oriental. For me its a dark , camphorous, cooling yet silver spicy fragrance. The sillage is insane and the longevity is about 10-12 hours on me. Wearing this I feel transported the futuristic world of TRON , clean, pristine, metallic. A winner from the house of Montale!
23rd August, 2012

Essence Oud by Ferrari

A great fragrance at a great price. Smells much more expensive than what it is.
The fragrance is a Rosy Tobacco with Vanilla and Oud blended in. Sillage is excellent, and longevity is 8-9 hours on my skin.
23rd August, 2012

Zafferano by Odori

Ignore the negative reviews. This is a sumptuous Saffron floral, but a dusty and dark one. The saffron gives it a masculine edge and the florals lighten it up. It smells of wealth and beauty. Its a great comfort fragrance, while sillage and longevity are average, as a scent it is stunning. I think it is over priced, and waited a long time till I found a deal on this. Overall though, its a masterpiece and the bottle is beautiful as well. Another thing to note, this is not an Oud fragrance, and I see no similarity to Black Aoud or any Montales.
12th June, 2012

Dark Aoud by Montale

I have the extra concentrated version of this and the regular EDP. Its an amazing fragrance, Dark Aoud takes 2 woods from the jungles of India, Mysore Sandalwood and Oudh and creates a sexy beast of a fragrance. Where Black Aoud is a romantic poet, Dark Aoud is a majestic tiger moving through the forest, regal and masculine.
04th May, 2012

Gucci Guilty pour Homme by Gucci

Smells horrible, like a Glade air freshner, cheap and synthetic. EPIC FAIL
31st March, 2012

Mark Birley for Men by Mark Birley

I bought this as my graduation gift, and I waited 2 years to do so. Its a beautiful scent , a very fresh and enigmatic fragrance. Don't listen to the negative reviews, if you love aquatics, this is the king of them!
12th October, 2011

Lumière Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Lumiere is very reminiscent of Narciso Rodriguez's Musc , but this one is for men and much better. It has this incredibly sexy boozy rose note , which is just intoxicating. A very romantic fragrance , one which evokes emotions of being in love. The patchouli grounds the rose and gives it an animalic masculine feel. A gem in the world of perfumery!
05th October, 2011
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Bang by Marc Jacobs

I love it ! In a sea of boring citrus fragrances its fun to have a fragrance which stands out. If you don't like pepper or incense , this is not for you ! A great comfort scent!
28th August, 2011

Shaikah by Al Rehab

For 6 dollars, this is a total deal! It smells like Tom Ford's Oud, but more complex . The top notes smell like Indian rice pudding , known as Kheer, a warm saffron and milky scent. It then evolves into a freshy amber musk with animalic notes and lasts for 8-9 hours on my skin . I bought some at a Pakistani restaurant. I will be getting more for sure!
01st June, 2011

Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons

It starts of as woody incense but turns into a sweet mysore sandalwood oil , it lasts 7-8 hours on my skin , its a well made wood fragrance, if you like the incense series by CDG or woodsy fragrances , you will enjoy this!
27th February, 2011 (last edited: 07th June, 2011)

Kristiansand New York by Kristiansand New York

Very similar to By Man , but not as long lasting , but hey its better than nothing or paying 250 on ebay
02nd September, 2010

He Wood Rocky Mountain Wood by Dsquared2

This is an amazing fragrance! This puts Gucci Homme to shame . The notes throughout smell of cedar and vetiver but in a very fresh way . It lasts long and usually most mens fragrances dont last long on my skin. It does conjure up images of being in Banff , Canada and experiencing the glacial beauty of the Rockies but at the same time it smells like Himalayan Buddhist Incense, so it has a very purifying and spiritual quality to it .
01st September, 2010

F pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

Excellent fragrance , I dont get the negative reviews. I always get compliments from girls about it. I can see why people might not like it , in particular the apple accords , but I find this a very fresh yet sophisticated fragrance. This is what millionaires smell like ! Wearing this you feel like a million bucks!
I prefer this to the Black , it has more punch to it .
30th August, 2010

Anvers by Ulrich Lang

This smells like an updated version of Sung Homme with better notes , but you can purchase Sung Homme for less than 20 bucks!
09th August, 2010 (last edited: 26th July, 2011)

Black Aoud by Montale

I was really keen to get this fragrance but I have mixed opinions about this. The longevity is not that long on my skin , 4-5 hours tops and while the dry down is great , the bug spray smells you have to endure to get the dry down are not so fun. Attar and Louban are much more sophisticated and long lasting on my skin. I think it is over rated .

This is an Update *************
I got the concentrated version from Montale , and the longevity is 16 hours , sillage is strong for the first 2-3 hours but dies down after , but the drydown is great. The bottle I received from Kuwait, was probably watered down or fake , this is pure magic. An intoxicating potion, something a Byronic hero would wear, very dark, emotional and sexy at the same time.
25th July, 2010 (last edited: 02nd February, 2012)

Challenge by Lacoste

I am a fan of lemon notes but this one is terribly done. Its a synthetic detergent which should be use to clean public bathrooms. The bottle is tacky and the urine color of the juice is not helping . 1/10 for this one.
25th July, 2010

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

Masterpiece! Aim for the vintage pre Loreal formulation!
15th July, 2010 (last edited: 23rd November, 2013)

D&G Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana

I do not understand the negative comments. This is an excellent citrus fragrance , its NOT pledge! It has a very fresh citrusy woods drydown and has great longevity. An awesome summer fragrance ,especially here in Texas where it soo hot and you need a fragrance like this . Pure Romance!
26th March, 2010 (last edited: 03rd April, 2010)

I am King by Sean John

I am Pauper should be the name of this fragrance . I get cheap glade peach notes and the only thing going for it is the name and millions of legions of hip hop culture fans who some how feel this , cheap cologne is a gateway to the world of P Diddy. Utterly pathetic.
01st March, 2010