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Osara by Henry Jacques

If you enjoyed perfumes like Gala de Loewe & Boucheron Boucheron in your 90’s, you will adore it has a perfect blend of flowers which never cloy nor suffocate. The dry down gets a little sweet which makes the experience very comforting.

A little oil goes a very long way...

Thumbs up!
07th December, 2018

Musk Oil Black by Henry Jacques

This perfume is also called Nour in the Classic Collection by Henry Jacques.

It starts with heady Ylang Ylang...

More will follow...
06th December, 2018

Acqua di Parma Colonia Sandalo by Acqua di Parma

A very light lemony Woody scent that does not last but it is ever so expensive!

Nice bottle but what a disappointment from this house.

Harrods launched it, now it is in Debenhams...should I say any more?

Thumbs down!
05th September, 2018
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Black Cassis by Berkeley Square

I have the body lotion of this fragrance not the fragrance itself.

This lotion is a thick but quick absorbing & moisturising product with a well executed blend of blackcurrant, lavender & cassis notes. The cassis notes is the prominent note overall from beginning to end.

Thumbs up!
04th September, 2018

Spring Fling by Bond No. 9

Liberty Island wears a hat of honeysuckle flowers
25th June, 2018

Legend Night by Montblanc

Who remembers Memoire d’homme by Nina Ricci launched 15 years ago and now discontinued? Well, this is the twin fragrance...

Nice to have found you again...

Good Longevity.

Thumbs up!
27th November, 2017 (last edited: 28th November, 2017)

New York Nights by Bond No. 9

Long lasting caramel from beginning to end...very nice.
28th October, 2017

Futur by Robert Piguet

Futur is a Green Beauty that stands out high in my collection.

I would describe it as a dreamy green perfume with a flawless retro perfumey dry down.

Longevity is average although wonderfully constructed.

Futur is a perfume to enjoy with yourself and close encounters...

Thumbs up!
04th September, 2017

Fabien Absolute by Henry Jacques

Absolutely Beautiful Fougere Chypre. Do you remember Loewe pour homme?

Violets make the fragrance sparkly initially along with bergamot and mandarin. Oud & Indian geranium gradually turn the experience woodier but retaining a green herbal quality. The drydown is a woody mossy masculine affair where the fragrance shines like no other due to its top quality ingredients.

I think I have finally found my signature fragrance...

Triple Thumbs up!
14th August, 2017 (last edited: 15th August, 2017)

Aura by Thierry Mugler

Angel muse with a fleeting green accord at the start. Very nice!

Lovely Green heart shaped bottle.

Thumbs up!
11th August, 2017

Vaninger by Oliver & Co.

Beautiful combination of vanilla & ginger with fantastic longevity.

Thumbs up!
16th December, 2016

The Buddhawood Box by 4160 Tuesdays

Lovely blend of creamy woods & flowers with good longevity.

Thumbs up!
04th December, 2016

Portos by Balenciaga

Gorgeous spicy leathery fougere from the 80's with that "old school" drydown.

Great longevity!

Now discontinued but try it if you can find it!

Thumbs up!
27th October, 2016
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Soho by Bond No. 9

Soho is a Madame who wears Bond no 9 B9; this fall season she adds a large hat covered in orange flowers to her outfit.

Wherever she goes, her presence is noted leaving a cloud of her fragrance.

Thumbs up!
21st October, 2016

Le Mâle Essence de Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier

Nice fragrance but full of aromachemicals so one minute you can smell yourself but can't the next; those around might smell you but prefer to be the interested party.

I shall stick to the original...
23rd September, 2016

Monsieur / Monsieur Bouquet by Henry Jacques

Monsieur by Henry Jacques is a green smooth masculine blend of pine needles, benzoin and leather.

I would classify it as a dry masculine barber shop morning fougere. Dry, austere, virile & assertive. No sweetness or flowers here. The longevity is good and a little goes a long way.

Thumbs up!
26th August, 2016 (last edited: 26th January, 2017)

Sandalo Misore by I Profumi di Firenze

This fragrance has to be possibly the most satisfying one regarding the note of sandalwood that I have ever tried.

It starts citrusy, then piles of sandalwood emerge and take you on a beautiful sensory trip for several hours until the dry down arrives with a dry dusty patchouli.

Good longevity & projection.

Thumbs up!
24th August, 2016

Dubai Amethyst by Bond No. 9

Dubai Encore Amethyst is a smooth and lovely take on fig, coconut and tonka with fantastic longevity.

Thumbs up!
05th July, 2016 (last edited: 20th September, 2017)

Dubai Amber by Bond No. 9

I have tried this new release a few times; it is an interesting take on masculine Oud a la Montale with an extended sweet dry down.

The beginning is dusty ashy oud that gradually settles into an ambery accord; the dry down is sweet and long lasting.

Nice for cool summer/fall evenings.

Thumb Up!
05th July, 2016 (last edited: 02nd August, 2016)

Boszporusz by Nishane

Identical fragrance to the masterpiece of Kenzo pour homme

Thumbs up!
29th June, 2016

Yuzu Ab Irato 09 by Parfumerie Generale

Short lived fragrant experience for a hot summer day.

Do not buy blind as the price is not right for this Acqua de second...

Medium Thumbs!
07th June, 2016

Liberty Island by Bond No. 9

Lovely fresh floral aquatic with a soothing beachy vibe which feels like a body mist for after the shower.

Best worn in hot weather.

Very nice!

28th May, 2016 (last edited: 05th November, 2016)

Anniversary by Perfumer's Guild

A beautiful masculine aromatic spicy fragrance with notes of bergamot, cardamom, coriander, cumin & woods.

Perfect for wearing in hot sunny weather during the day.

Good Longevity for a cologne.

Thumbs up!
25th May, 2016

Honeysuckle / Chèvrefeuille by Jean des Salines

Orange blossom & musk are the prominent notes in this fragrance ideal for day time wear in warm weather.

Good Longevity for an Eau de Cologne!

Thumbs up!

24th May, 2016

Lavender / Lavande by Jean des Salines

Soapy Lavender for warm weather with average longevity.

Thumbs up!
24th May, 2016

Les Echappées - Lalibela by Memo

A truly captivating perfume with blended notes to perfection giving an overall feeling of luxury & mystery.

Floriental with a rich vanilla dry down; perfectly unisex for casual or formalwear; day or night.

Do not be put off by other reviews; try it for yourself.

Excellent Projection & Longevity.

Thumbs up!
23rd May, 2016

Original English Lavender / English Lavender by Yardley

I wear English Lavender by Yardley in spring/summer mornings for my first dog walk.

The fragrance has the necessary calming properties to wake you up gradually & peacefully.

I mostly detect lavender & tonka notes while wearing it; I adore the relaxing effect it has on me...I also have a solid perfume stick of the fragrance to cool down at work on hot summer days.

Short longevity but well worth the experience...thanks Yardley!

Thumbs up!
23rd May, 2016

Bayolea by Penhaligon's

I have been using a shaving kit by Bayolea for a few weeks. It consists of face wash, shaving cream & aftershave balm. The shaving razor is retro looking & very sharp.

I have also used a sample of the fragrance that came with the kit.

The result is a grooming dream to look forward to in the mornings; the Barbershop Quality of the products is excellent.

The fragrance is a Fougere affair made of dry lemony & lavender notes with moderate longevity; the feel is very old school and certainly suited for the 40+ gentleman who grew up with discipline & awareness.

Very nice indeed & a must recommendation for fougere lovers. Best for day time wearing in spring/summer.

Thumbs up!
23rd May, 2016

Kavianca by Henry Jacques

Kavianca is a lovely feminine floral fragrance with a retro feel right from the start.

The start is fruity with raspberries & violets followed by a perfect blend of rose & jasmine which lasts for ages. The dry down is gentle yet refined with hugging notes of amber & musk.

The overall experience is gentle, retro & feminine and very interesting. Longevity is excellent.

Beautiful bottle too...

Thumbs up!
22nd May, 2016

Angelina by Henry Jacques

Angelina is a beautiful fragrance by Henry Jacques that I would classify within the oriental category.

It starts with a lemony top note followed by a blend of rose & jasmine wrapped up in an ambery cloud of sandalwood & vanilla. I detect nuances of rum possibly cognac; is this the vanilla peeking through? Perhaps...

Longevity is excellent.

Angelina belongs to the group of fragrances for women by Henry Jacques although to my nose it could be worn by men in cooler weather. Vanisia & Nohiba came to mind when wearing it...

I would recommend wearing Angelina in the evening during autumn/winter to fully appreciate its character.

Thumbs up!
21st May, 2016 (last edited: 22nd May, 2016)