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Eau de Vetyver by L'Occitane

A lovely dark and smoky vetyver. Definitely stays closer to the skin, and not as in your face as Guerlain's. I am a fan of both, but I would not substitute one for the other as to my nose, they are very different. The word "austere" and "mature" has been used in previous reviews and I would agree that this is the feeling that I get from it. It definitely puts me into a more contemplative mood. It also doesn't last as long as I would like (just 2-3 hours) so it only loses points there. Decent price though.
02nd December, 2008

Shalimar by Guerlain

I was buying something else at the Guerlain boutique when the associate decided to give me some samples. Shalimar was one of them, and just for kicks I decided to give this "woman's" scent a try. I cannot stop sniffing my arm! Help!!! This scent is gorgeous! I think this is much nicer on me than Habit Rouge, which I have been using as a vanilla scent, but HR is much sharper and loud. It is somewhat similar to Jicky (which I also love) but taken out of the countryside and put into the city, although my love affair with Jicky still continues. Shalimar results in something that is a little powdery on my skin, but also "dry" in the right amounts. I do not feel self conscious wearing this. I will buy this...for myself.
01st December, 2008

Antaeus by Chanel

The first time I tried this, I sprayed this onto a piece of cardboard and sniffed. With the look on my face, you would have thought that I had just downed a whole bottle of Buckley's cough syrup. Fast forward 4 years, and I was debating on another Chanel fragrance. I decided to give it a go and sprayed Platinum Egoiste on one arm (which I had full intention of buying) and Antaeus on the other just for kicks. I ended up buying this over Platinum Egoiste. Antaeus does not smell like it does on cardboard. On my skin, all the elements blend into something quite abstract and unlike anything I've experienced before. A bit of sweetness yet still very fresh, one of the few scents that does NOT become cloying after a while. Good to wear almost anywhere (unless you work in a scent free workplace, as it does have presence even with only one spray). Good longevity as well. It was a little expensive in the stores, but well worth it.
30th November, 2008
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Jicky by Guerlain

I absolutely love this stuff. Goes on sharp, but not unpleasant. Then the dry down of vanilla and lavender is exquisite. I personally don't put on more than two sprays. I could wear this everyday. Lasts all day on me.
29th November, 2008

Eau de Cologne Impériale by Guerlain

A lovely citrus/green smell. Very fresh! Unfortunately, this only lasted 20 minutes on me. It is an eau de cologne, so you can't expect it to last long. As such, it still gets high marks from me. Great for scent-free work places...hehe
29th November, 2008

Mitsouko by Guerlain

At first, I was so-so on this fragrance. I wore a couple more times and now I'm hooked. It started off strong on me, but dies down to something that lingers very nicely in the background, not obtrusive. I can see why people call it "animalistic" since it does seem quite "raw" on myself, and not spicy at all like some of the reviewers say. This is truly one of those fragrances that changes with the wearer, and the aura is so organic. I love this fragrance, but would not go trigger happy on the spray. It is meant to augment one's natural aura, not overpower it.
08th November, 2005

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Another winner from Guerlain. Do not judge on first spray, but let it sit for at least a few minutes and you will smell why it can be so popular. Dry, yet slightly sweet, not cloying (unless you are judging on the first spray up the nose), very fresh but in a "fresh linens out of the dryer" kind of way - so very warm. This is perfect for the coming days of fall and winter. I would not have a problem wearing this to the office, or at home, or out to dinner. I can see this fragrance on many different types of guys, so it's adaptable, but I wouldn't go too young. I'm not talking age, but maturity. That said, it doesn't exactly scream old fogey either.
25th October, 2005

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée by Chanel

I got this by mistake. I had originally bought the travel spray of Pour Monsieur EDT, but the bottle was defective (when I pushed on the top, the whole thing came out of it's sheath). I exchanged it, but wanted the bottle instead and got the concentree version by mistake. It definitely is different, but on me, it smells stronger and lasts longer than the original EDT. It is more lemony in the beginning, and then gives a sharper woody smell as it dries down. It is very nice, I am not complaining. I also disagree that it is an older gentleman's cologne. I am in my twenties, and I find that a good fragrance is a good fragrance, no matter what the age (or gender, if you are open to wearing colognes designed for the opposite sex). I find this very suitable for office, weekend, or evening wear. Despite being stronger than the original, it is still quite subtle.
25th September, 2005

Vetiver by Guerlain

Took a risk with this one and bought it over the internet based on curiousity. I'm glad I did, because I love this one. It's simple, fresh and feels like I can wear it anytime of day, for any season. Also, great to wear to work. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and this really seems to be an "appropriate" fragrance for the area. Very green.
08th September, 2005

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

Very nice, the first of Guerlain's that I have tried and I like it. Bought a bottle. Slightly sweet, powdery, woody, smooth. I look forward to trying some of their other scents. I would not compare it to Vera Wang for Men though. I tried that too, and although I love the scent of VW, it was much weaker than L'Instant.
28th August, 2005

Sienna by Crabtree & Evelyn

This is something of a favourite of mine - something to wear when it is colder out because it is so warm. I've definitely had compliments on this one. Not spicy, but more on the sweet side (but not sickenly sweet like L'eau Issey for men). Actually, smells like a good old bar of soap - clean, not too overpowering. Generally lasts the whole day on me. The packaging has improved (they changed from the splash to the spray a few months ago) and that makes application so much less messy, enables you some control. Should you choose between the aftershave or cologne, I would chose the cologne, it has more staying power.
19th August, 2005

Pleasures for Men by Estée Lauder

This was probably the first cologne I really, really liked. However, that was when I was younger, and before that I had an unfound dislike for colognes (like I said, I was a young, and stupid). Anyway, this cologne is fresh, hint of floral, very light. Surprisingly, it does last about half a day despite the lightness. I would say this cologne is great for a "beginner" because it is so tame. However, when I recently put it on, I found it weak (no it wasn't old). Maybe I've just "been around the block" a few times and really seen what's out there? Not bad, but not spectacular either.
19th August, 2005

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

What can I say about this one? Mmmm...mmmm.....good! It definitely has the smell of usual "department store". You know, walk into a department store and general wall of cologne hits you, however this one has a definite edge. Very modern, yet classic, fresh with a hint of warmth. Chanel is definitely living up to the name with this one. Generally good stamina to last all day. I find it good for daytime office or evening wear and even wore it when I was in university. As always, try before you buy.
19th August, 2005
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Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

This is definitely something different. I first tried it at a department store and wasn't extremely taken by it, however it did grow on me. Also, definitely for someone who likes a fresher scent - but definitely not too citrusy or too flowery. The top notes hit you with the lime, and the lingering herbs are something that goes between green and peppery. I just wish it lingers longer. The only down side to this scent is that it doesn't last more than 3-4 hours on me - and I sit in an office all day. However, I think it is a must have for any collector.
19th August, 2005

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

For the past what, 10 years, that this fragrance has been around, I have avoided it - I have no idea why. I tried it on this past weekend at a store and really liked it. It will be too sweet for some, however, I just happen to like the smell of baby powder and this is kind of what it is like, except that it's definitely not for a baby. It has great staying power too. To me, this cologne would depend on my mood and probably the season (probably better in fall/winter cool rainy days). Not one I would wear everyday, but good one to have.
19th August, 2005

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

My advice about this one: if you first tried it on - and actually liked it. Buy the smallest bottle that you can find. I found that while I liked the smell, I actually became sick and got a headache after several times of using it. I am not sensitive and have never been sick of colognes, but this is the first one. I am not that great at identifying smells (probably making me a lousy cologne reviewer) however, there is one part of this cologne that seems to steamroll over the other pieces. I had no idea it had so many notes - I could not smell them. I think it might have been the vetiver. Anyway, you have been warned.
19th August, 2005

Kenneth Cole New York Men by Kenneth Cole

Wow, not many likers for this one. I happen to like this one. It is definitely more on the fresh side. For some reason, this one lasts all day on me (one of the only colognes that does). Also, happens to be the one cologne that friends of mine will put on if they are over, on a whim because they also love the smell - men and women. Most of the above reviews are right, there is nothing overly special about this, however this is a great cologne if you work in an office where you don't want to overpower the canned air around you. It is very non-offensive.
19th August, 2005