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Armani Privé Iris Céladon by Giorgio Armani

I'm always happy to find a new take on my favorite note of iris/orris. But sadly, overall the patchouli ruined this for me.
The experience started out well enough, with cardamon and maté adding intrigue to a buttery orris. Then, after about 20 minutes, the patchouli emerged and took over until it was all I could smell. (well, all I could notice).
An hour later the patchouli effect was much softened into just a little fizz, nicely balanced by the ambrette base (I thought I also smelled a bit of vanilla? -- but it's not in the notes). If you don't mind patchouli (I can't abide it) you may find this masculine iris delightful.
26th October, 2017
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Fire from Heaven by CB I Hate Perfume

I bought this when I visited their uber-hip store in uber-hip Williamsburg. I smelled too many of their scents, my nose got confused, and I ended up buying this. It's not bad: a subtle, sweet, strangely persistent, smoky scent on me. In the spirit of "love the one you're with" -- now that it's a member of my wardrobe -- I occasionally enjoy wearing this to the gym.
15th October, 2010