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I am King by Sean John

Wow. About 90% of the reviewers so far seem tho think this is meant to be a review of Sean 'Puffy' Combs, and barely even mention the fragrance.

Based on the high percentage of negative reviews alone, I was planning to smell something similar to dollar store cologne, when I received my sample.

Maybe they mislabeled the bottle, or maybe the previous reviews have fakes, but I do not share the sentiment this is a terrible fragrance.

I will start with the flaws. If you are looking for a frag that lasts 6-12 hours, this is not it. I got about 4-5 which is about average from my experience.

The out of the bottle this does not smell very masculine. With 1 being an extremely feminine scent, and 10 being the most masculine, I would put 'I Am King' at about a 6.

Longevity and femininity aside, I love this fragrance. The mandarin/berry fruit cocktail at the start smell fantastic. Then, it turns into an extremely fresh aquatic/lemon/lime. This combination is great and I have not smelled it anywhere else.

From there, it dries down to a skin scent that is slightly more masculine than the start, but still feels 'soft'. Overall this reminds me of drinking fruity drinks at a Caribbean bar by the ocean.

20th February, 2010

Boss in Motion Edition Electric by Hugo Boss

This is great! I have been waiting for a fragrance with these exact notes. Great fresh bergamot/herbal opening, turns into a natural orange/cardamom combo. I cannot detect much violet, though.

It lasts long enough, and can be layered with the original boss in motion. Very fresh and uplifting at the start, then turns much softer by the drydown.

The orange is the link with the original, but they do not smell similar apart from that.

13th February, 2010

FCUK Him by French Connection

9/10 - loses a point for lack of longevity.

This was a cleverly made scent. Up close it smells sweeter, for the ladies snuggling up. A bit further away and there is more of the herbal sage/tea leaves vibe and less bubblegum. It gets sweeter by the dry-down is sweet but not overly so.

In addition, this is a very clean smelling and uplifting scent. There is no dark side or mystery to FCUK, which can be a good thing on someday and depends on mood.

30th January, 2010
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