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Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

It's very strong and sharp in the opening; nose stingingly so. But it's also very captivating from the first second; I simply can't keep my nose away from it. Almost annoyingly addictive as it takes your attention completely.

Very gassy violet note with sour cherries, just a hint of acidic anis and luscious shrubs of caramelisized ivys dominates the first 20-30 minutes before the thick, oddly salty and pleasantly synthetic vanilla-tonka-musk bed in a shade of green takes the center of the stage.

Forever lasting with radiant sillage, so be carefull on the trigger, especially if you're a chap, think you can pull it off without smelling too pretty. (1-2 sprays will do, no matter if you have nuts or not)

Great work by gorgeous A.Menardo, although I like some of her other works better, including wonderfully satisfying L. Lempicka Au Masculin.
23rd September, 2011

Aqua Fitness by Biotherm

Absolutely terrific, fresh, aromatic citrus floral fragrance with delicious white musk undertones.

The main note in AF is, without a shadow of a doubt, honeysuckle. Together with waxy and mouthwateringly juicy citrus fruits and with hints of mint and woods and that musk it creates sort of, positively a chemical vibe. It smells like the best laundry detergent you've ever smelled. A laundry detergent that doesn't exist although it should.

Name and the blue bottle suggests a common aqua-calone-ocean-sport-young-twit fragrance, but it's not. It's wonderfully made unique, vital juice that works like a soothing antidepressant, in which the clinical and pharmacy like presentation fitts like a fist in the eye.
13th July, 2011

Diorella by Christian Dior

I have never been a great fan of these kind of classical chypre perfumes, but I also feel very confidant that I have the ability to appreciate a masterfully made fragrance when I meet one.

Diorella is delightfully decadent, yester yeary perfume with astonishingly heavy feel of class, confidence and mystery. It's very complex and haunting. Somehow it clearly makes me think about the time of season when autumn has just punched the last breath out of summer : Rottening fruits, waxy overripe flowers, damp earth, wet woods covered with brownish moss and other stuff of that kind.

I just recently bought me a bottle of this (blind) - A well restored wavy glass bottle with light blue cap. I presume it's some sort of vintage, and although I don't know the exact time of this version, I know it certainly isn't the latest one.

I don't like to wear this outside myself, but I do enjoy to spray it on my hands from time to time indoors and let my mind wonder in special ways. Generally speaking it is easily unisex though, just don't be too frightened about those piercing aldehydes at the top, they dry down soon enough.

On a side note, I once asked if my girlfriend liked it enough to wear it...Her response with grimacing look on her face : "God, no. It smells awful and awfully cheap."
13th July, 2011
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The Smell of Weather Turning by Gorilla Perfume

Wow. This stuff is weird and very strong. And in a way I'm convinced it's accurately named : The mysterious and dramatic smell of it brings to mind almost apocalyptic visions of gloomy storm front and upset birds flying around.

On the other hand, TSOWT is just a big and simple smoked mint, that can remind you of the smell of hot Touareg tea, or perhaps the intense smell of a thick forest full of nettle bushes, after heavy rain. Whatever. I said it's weird.

Highly interesting fragrance. Vivid and impressive. Get a sample of this and see if you find it wearable or not. In my case the jury is still out.
09th April, 2011

Patchouli Précieux / Patchouli Antique by Les Néréides

What?? It's a simple and blunt patchouly fragrance with only slight hints of vanilla and musk. So if you're looking for a strong and long lasting patchouly with earthy, raw, yet also rounded and full-bodied quality, your search might end right in here.

Good luck with getting over the associations of those lame and annoying 60's hippies, shagging in the bushes.
08th April, 2011

Opoponax / Impérial Opoponax by Les Néréides

Interesting how diverse opinions this one has received. I especially find it interesting that, not just T. Sanchez (The Guide), but also some others in the forums have considered this more sweet fougere than a opoponax laden oriental, which is another popular opinion.

To me, IO smells basically just like Givenchy's Pi's *shower gel* mixed with dash of good quality powder, benzoin obviously being a starring ingridient.
IO is very sweet, warm and powdery, leaning towards feminine side. Chaps can easily pull this one off too though, just remember not to spray 10 litres in your neck at once. (Well, that goes for ladies as well - 10 litres is just a bit too much)

Superb lasting power on this cozy perfume. It comes recommended especially for YOU, who likes the smell of that Pi (EdT), but finds it perhaps too sweet, strong or commonly used and wants an "refined" niche alternative. I rush you to get this one instead.
07th April, 2011

Breath of God by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful

Now famously a perfume which was born from two different fragrances, Inhale and Exhale, apparently by some sort of lucky accident.

It isn't nearly as offbeat, dry or in any way demanding as you might think. In fact, it is charmingly fresh and easily wearable fruity vetiver, with probably the most delicious and interestingly executed ozonic melon note ever made at the top, and then the smooth, smoky woods, fruit curd and savory vetiver at the bottom. It is contradictive and a bit weird smelling yes, but it's perfectly harmonious and a natural scent that becomes even slightly creamy in structure wise during the drydown.

Breath of God is equally suitable for both, men and women, and it gets five twinkling stars from me although the lasting power isn't fully satisfying.
06th April, 2011

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

Amusingly radiant and long lasting fragrance. Spray this more than four times, hit the crowd, and you're set for a few law suits against you.

But you know what? It smells irresistible. It's perhaps too loud even for my tastes (and I like strong stuff), but it smells good.
Despite the high price it actually smells sort of cheap, like some ordinary, scented spicy-vanilla candle found in a super-market, and it obviously isn't composed with that much of a high end ingredients, but smells good - I don't understand if you can disagree with me.

Fresh bitter-almond with the warm fruit-tarts at the top, enormous honeyed tobacco with a hint of a smoked cloves (medicinal, bitter, tea-like) in the middle, and a glowing but also, unfortunately, quite stuffy vanilla base.

But if you're into straightforward, sweet, strong and heavy honey-tobacco fragrances with a touch of smoke and gourmandies, I don't think anything can be more satisfying than this. And only 1 proper spray should do it.
29th March, 2011

Rochas Man by Rochas

A very old favourite of mine. It has the special honour of being that one fragrance that I think I've worn during the Christmas holidays more than any other, after I bought my bottle in 2003 (I still have this same one in use.) So Rochas Man always reminds me of December and Christmas time. Not a bad association, since I love that time of the year.

It's a well made fougere-oriental-gourmand hybrid, although at times the drydown goes a bit nuts on my skin (for instance when the temp is suddenly drastically rising), and it can turn into confused and quite messy, indeed. Luckily this thing rarely happens though, and when it does, it actually still smells great from a certain distance. Weird, complex and unfathomable behaviour - just like mine.

Some say the bottle reminds them of some obcene sex toy, but I've always been lucky enough to get the more pleasant associations and visions. (For example, ice cream cone, and my absolute favourite, space rocket of DDR's very own Sandmännchen)

To my knowledge original RM, released in 1999, has been slightly reformulated after J-M Duriez set to be a house nose for Rochas. That was in 2008.
28th March, 2011

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

I'm suprised about the fact that no matter how many different kind of note pyramids I've seen of this specific fragrance, none of them mentions civet or even musk. That's weird because I could swear there is civet in this scent (that is of course a one type of musk too).
It's possible that I've been fooled by the flood of indoles (ex. bergamot, jasmine), that could together, with tonka and patchouli, create that civet-like smell to my nose. Go figure.

But Zino has always appeared to me as a very animalic scent, and in this case, in a concrete meaning of the word : It has this weird and wonderful furry smell to it, which actually manages to remind me alot of the smell of cat's tummy fur after a long and hot summer day outside, running free, chasing mouses, birds and stuff.

Zino has some similarities with many other fragrances, and still it is very unique and unerringly regognizable. I admit I find the smell a bit dated when sprayed even once too much, but when reasonably applied it's actually completely timeless, sensual, classy and very masculine even though it has that sweet powder aspect with fairly lactonic drydown.

Overall I think Zino is one of those fragrances, in which' case amount of application is especially important - has to be applied very moderately.

A now discontinued masterpiece, made by two great noses : M. Almairac & P. Bourdon.
28th March, 2011

No. 88 by Czech & Speake

No.88 was one of my very first niche loves. It was love at first sniff a few years back, and the feelings have remained strong. It's still one of my favourites.

A little drop of bergamot at the top, huge rose water heart with geraniums, incensy sandalwood and a dash of bitter oakmoss at the bottom. It's simple as that, and it's fantastic.

Beautiful fragrance that feels very natural and unpretentious, very graceful. Lasts for a long time on skin, but this works in fantastic ways also on clothing and even on hair.
At most times an extremely pleasant wear, although I've noticed that it sometimes has a strange tendency to create melancholic atmosphere and feelings. But there's a beauty even there, with this scent. It's a very emotional fragrance overall.

Gorgeous bottle is also very practical with nice, adjustable spray mechanism.
26th March, 2011

Antaeus by Chanel

Probably the most compelling special feature in this fragrance is the all-around-the-clock duration and development : It smells gorgeous straight from the bottle, that's for sure, but it gets even better and better during the hours and, after 20 hours of application it's still going strong and it smells better than ever.

Earthy, aromatic and deeply nuanced. My favourite part of it is perhaps the accord where the moist and rich beeswax is laid perfectly against the dark cigar box note.

Antaeus is one of the best things I've ever smelled. Also the bottle and the presentation overall is just perfect.

In the words of Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett : "Splendid ! Excellent !! First class !!!"
25th March, 2011

Sandalo by Etro

I don't consider this to be that much of a sandalwood fragrance. It is clearly more of a case of cedarwood- patchouli- animalic musk accord. It reminds me quite a bit of Zino (1986), only in very much lighter and subtle form.

Sandalo wears close to skin for a decent amount of time. Suitable for both sexes equally.

I think this is a nice little scent - it's well made and everything, but I just think it is not adabtly named fragrance at all ("Piccolo Ligneo Animale Oppuro Qualcosa" would have been better name for it), since it naturally gives one an impression of a true, sandalwood dominant scent. (And yes, I don't think it's that, not by any means)
There is that buttery sandalwood note in the blend, and it's detectible, but it goes winding in the shadows.

This, like everything else from Etro, has unfortunately gone through re-formulation at least once. (Some have actually been touched two or even three times)
I have only tried the original, vintage formulation of Sandalo.
24th March, 2011
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Eau Lente by Diptyque

Strong and heady oriental juice with a big fat spice note. (Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, fenugreek, basil, god-knows-what...)
Aromatic and incensy opoponax is harmoniously blended in, making this (together with those spices) smell like stepping into a bazaar somewhere in the east, or why not; some ethnical strore in Finland filled with all kinds of stuff, including spicy perfume oils and huge piles of different kind of incense products.

Although not listed notes, I get hints of rose and geranium, too.

This is a simple yet vivid fragrance that smells a whole lot better from a distance. And at it's best it works in intoxicating ways but the one should most definitely (once again) avoid spraying half a bottle at a time.
24th March, 2011

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

Very natural, bold rose scent with delicious green/cassis accents. Flawlessly engineered, strong and extremely long lasting fragrance. To my mind almost compehensively feminine smell, but that doesn't mean men can't wear it if they like, and actually I could well see this on a certain type of man too, when applied very moderately.

This would also make a fantastic parfum d' ambience; sprayed in the air, sheets, curtains etc.

Charming and beautiful four star perfume.
24th March, 2011

Wazamba by Parfum d'Empire

It smells absolutely brilliant right from the start : Aldehydes engaged with fruity and camphorous fir/cypress note smells at the same time strikingly authentic and unreal; it's like an imaginary forest of some beautiful Christmas tale, bottled.

When the soapy incense and honeyed woods actually kick in with full force, the change isn't very dramatic - From start to finish, this is after all a very linear, stable and yet so rich and nuanced fragrance. Lasts easily a whole day on skin, and on fabric (if not washed) I suspect traces of it are still notable after a decade.

Beautiful scent, which however, undoubtedly feels more like a luxurious room spray than a real personal fragrance.
23rd March, 2011

Le Mâle Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier

I was suprised to discover how conventionally the fragrance was flankered in here. On the other hand, it's obvious that a nose couldn't have a lot of space for his own creavity since we're talking about one of the most succesful male fragrances ever. It had to be only a slight variation, I suppose.

I like the original one a lot, I damn it because it's so used, but still I like it, and so it's not a miracle that I like this one too. And it's not even particularly unnecessary release in my opinion, because while it's very similar to Le Male (1995), there are still small but very significant differences.
Basically Terrible is a original LM with reduced lavender and lightened amber note, in addition with a hint of spice and dry vetiver. It has kept that wonderful, weird and contradictive character of the original; the play between the cool, almost milky tone with warmer, ambery aspect.

Not a must have if you already have the original, but if you don't like that particularly and find it perhaps overwhelmingly sweet and strong, then who knows, this might actually be worth trying.

Nice job.
23rd March, 2011

Kapsule Light by Lagerfeld

In this originally compelling and then totally disapointing Kapsule series, this is the worst one out of three.

Completely, from top to the bottom, boring and presumable watery fresh scent with a faint citrus-floral accord. Weak and short lived, and an absolute waste of time not to mention money.
23rd March, 2011

Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

Sharp coniferous note at the top fades quickly to make some room for a warm, tasty accord which basically smells like a combination of dried fruit and warm bread to my nose. That evergreen's still there, but not in a very prominent fashion.

To my nose, dry-down goes subtle, pure dry woodsy vetiver with hints of caramel apples, pencil shavings and incense.
Not nearly as room-spray-ish as you might think.

In my opinion works at it's best on clothing, and belive it or not, sprayed on hair.
23rd March, 2011

Bang by Marc Jacobs

It's not "primal" nor "hypnotic" at all, but fairly unremarkable fresh woody-spicy masculine.
It's not the worst release these days, not at all, but I still find it quite much pointless.

The flashy bottle is entertaining in a way, but it's also quite cheap with apparently easily breakable spray nozzle.
23rd March, 2011

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune by Guerlain

One the best citrus fragrances I have ever tried. It's natual, refreshingly aromatic grapefruit that can also be found at a very reasonable price.

AA Pamplelune smells alot like a hugely favoured Finnish drink called Original Long Drink, which is a fermented alcohol drink made of grapefruits and gin.
23rd March, 2011

Rectoverso Lollipop Toffee by Ulric de Varens

However ridicilous or disturbing the concept might be, the fragrance is actually well made naive and sinful gourmand that's not overly sweet - surprisingly so.
On most women it would smell very artificial and hilarious, but I've actually known someone who wore it well, and I tell you, when the thing works it will flip you upsidedown.

It wasn't meant to be a long living one in the first place, but in a way it's a shame it's discontinued already long time ago.
If I remember it right, the bottle won some desing award back in years ago.
22nd March, 2011

Vento Canale by Gianni Campagna

- Head: Caribbean Rum, Clary Sage, Carrot Seeds, Davana
- Heart: Cedar, Lily
- Base: Curry Herb, Amber, Tobacco, Musk, Honey, Raspberry, Vanilla, Cocoa, Pine balm, Vetiver

Now take a look at that pyramid, doesn't it look absolutely brilliant!?!?

And no, as suspected, it doesn't deliver the high expectations, although I can't say it's a bad scent. But yes, especially the diverse complexity of that pyramid is very misleading since this is after all a fairly simple and linear mixture of amber, honeyed tobacco and raspberry liqueur.
No carrot seeds (a shame!), no lily (thank god!), curry herb (damn it!), pine balm (hmph!) or some other notes available to my nose.

But it's still a very nicely made sweet oriental fragrance. It smells very, very warm, even hot I'd say. It isn't smoky at all, but it's really glowing like a heater. In colours, Vento canale is a fire-red mixed with passion orange and golden brown.

Very unisex, very long lasting, very much discontinued.
22nd March, 2011

Michel Comte pour Homme by Michel Comte

There's a mistake with the names in here : The fact is there are only two fragrances ever released by this brand, and they are actually called Michel Comte Shared Pour Femme & Michel Comte Shared Pour Homme.
Could be the reason why there aren't any reviews - until now.

Michel Comte Shared Pour Homme is poorly executed citrus woody fragrance, and it's just one of those endless (and failed) imitations of that GIT/Cool Water theme.
I don't like it.
In addition that it smells completely pointless, it is, like I said, badly made blending wise. It's sharp and messy. Something in it reminds me of some common mediocre and cheap synthetic after shave with a nose pinching, overdozed aldehyde/juniper berry accord. Or I could just say, Echo by Davidoff.

It's no good.
22nd March, 2011

Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

There's something really sympathetic in this specific house. You know, during these oversupplied times when manufactures put out fragrances and flankers one after another, OdlR has kept his masculine line nice and tidy : Only two well made scents to this date and no flankers !

Oscar for Men is absolutely wonderful fragrance, and if I think about it, very understated in a way, too. It really deserves more attention and appreciation.

Fresh, woody and spicy juice with delicious grounded pepper note at the top, and a refined cedar note with traces of leather at the base. Quiet, fresh characteristic masculine fragrance that has outstandingly natural atmosphere. I'm in love.

Works wonderfully on clothes too, especially since the lasting power could leave one unsatisfied.

The beautiful, minimalistic frosted bottle I have is placed in marvelous, leather-like cardboard box, coloured in dark yellow.
21st March, 2011

Eau des Merveilles by Hermès

Captivating, bright aldehydic orange opening leads soon into a bitter and salty dry-down with that certain kind of floral/green plant feel to it, which to me, smells annoyingly thin and unsettling when inhaled too close. The sillage is more pleasant, but still hardly that enjoyable for me.

One of those fragrances which actually smelled interesting and rather good at the first time I tried it, but it quite soon lost it's charm afterwards and eventually I fell completely out of love. I can't stand it anymore, to be honest.

I've only tried EdT and have no intention to study other formulations.
21st March, 2011

Hermèssence Rose Ikebana by Hermès

Very nice yet ridicilously overpriced rose fragrance. It's very simple, cheery and beautiful, and very much on the feminine side. Hard for me to imagine this one on a man, but to each his own.

Perfectly balanced supporting sweet and green notes makes the rose smell very fresh and ripe, and the overall impression is very vital and positive. Little sunshine and ringing laughter, bottled, right in here.
21st March, 2011

Pour Un Homme by Caron

I do appreciate it, although I personally wear more robust lavender called Gris Clair with greater pleasure.

Caron PuH is a completely timeless, a bit dusty and almost savory lavender-vanilla fragrance with fine lasting power and subtle sillage. Very natural, honest and classy scent without any BS.
I think instead of that green juice, bluish gray would have completed the overall entirety better. No big deal, though.

I understand why many consider this to be a perfect fragrance. In it's own way, I do too, but I personally don't wear it currently mainly because of that Gris Clair and, perhaps I prefer edgier juices in general, anyway.

Caron Pour un Homme is a big fat shiny piece of perfume history. Everyone should try it at least once or twice.
20th March, 2011

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

Apple sauce with a pinch of cinnamon at the top is totally addictive and intoxicating. I love it, and I wish this wonder would last longer.

The dry down isn't bad either, though. Full-blooded oriental gourmand, which however never goes too sweet nor over the top.

Glowingly warm, almost roasted base with crisp caramel, honey and dried fruit keeps on flowing flawlessly for a long time. To me it smells more feminine than masculine, but I would still recommend to gents as well, at least to try out.

Cozy and extremely pleasant fragrance.
20th March, 2011

Dalimix by Salvador Dali

I can't stand this. I get a sharp and nose stinging blend of florals, watery fruits and spiky woods. Says unisex, but to me it smells very much like a bad feminine.

20th March, 2011