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    Loukhoum by Keiko Mecheri

    It does smell very much like marzipan. Marzipan bar with smooth dust sugar icing. Very foody fragrance, very edible. Almost 100% gourmand.

    Subtle, only a tad smoky cherry pipe tobacco accord is wonderful, but although I agree with some reviewers in this not being too sweet, I find it just a little bit too powdery and feminine for myself. And though it doesn`t bother me personally, I should mention that this can sometimes change into very rubbery smelling fragrance due the combo of sweets and slightly smoky powder.

    Definitely a must try if you`re a fan of heliotrope, almonds and marzipan, or gourmands in general.

    10th November, 2008


    Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Well blended unchallenging incense. Very nice but too understated for my tastes. It lacks a great amount of edge and impressivnes in general. On the other hand, I don`t find it as beautiful or mysterious as some other incense scents. It shares a similar evergreen note with CdG`s Zagorsk, but that has much more oomph! to it. I`m just not a big fan of these quiet scents.

    Passage d'Enfer is hopelessly boring and outclassed by many other incense`s, not to mention other fragrances in general.

    10th November, 2008


    Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    The start of this fragrance is a real treat : It`s exactly like stepping into a leather store full of high quality leather accessories, gloves, jackets, boots, handbags etc.
    It smells absolutely wonderful, and its easily one of the most authentic leather smells any fragrance has ever produced. I love it.

    My big problem with Dzing! is that, after this brilliant start it goes downhill very fast, and when the couple of hours has past from the application, it smells oh-so-very boring blend of sweet blond woods with very shy animalic bite. At this moment, and on my skin, no leather in sight anymore.

    I hate it when the scent is composed like this. I just wish it had a better projection and those wonderful top notes wouldn`t transform the way they do here. I hate it when the first half an hour is such a dark contrast in intrest wise as it is here. After three hours I smell only whiffs of something which reminds me a bit of sawdust, vanilla sweet powdery bleh. And then it disappears completely. Modest lasting power with minimal sillage.

    Dzing! definitely has some great qualities to it, but most of all, is has ability to irritate me everytime I try it. It`s SO close to be something especially brilliant that it pisses me off.

    10th November, 2008


    Mûre et Musc Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A funful fruity mishmash that smells very similar to Fructis hairspray, gel, wax etc. It`s unbelievably similar, only in warmer and richer version, off course.

    I have always loved the smell of those Fructis products, so it`s not hard for me to enjoy this one too.
    I get assorted collection of fruits ; mainly blackberries naturally, but also blackcurrants, apples, kiwis and some citruses.
    The base is warm, slightly animalic musk. More suitable for women.

    10th November, 2008


    Rococo Homme by Joop!

    Quite personable spicy woody scent, reminds me just eensy-weensy bit of Serge Lutens`s Chene without beeswax / honey note.

    Dark and quite peppery pencil shavings with rich styrax sweetness. Lots of grey amber in the base.

    I find the lasting power and the sillage quite disapointing.

    10th November, 2008


    Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Ever seen a pyramid for Voleur de Roses? Well, here goes :

    Top : Fresh Rose Notes, Plum
    Heart : Patchouli Leaves
    Base : Benzoin, Amber


    One of my greatest favourites ever, Voleur de Roses is astonishingly beautiful, dreamy creation.
    This is very camphorous scent due the heavy load of patchouli, and I am a big fan of all kinds of medicinal smells. (actually I`m suprised if this one doesn`t have an actual camphor wood ingridient in it)
    Roses are here fresh indeed, "after thunderstorm" like fresh. Plum note is very juicy and luscious. Warm base of benzoin and amber creates a full-bodied, slightly sweet structure.
    The whole composion is quite red wine like to me, equally intoxicating too.

    Forever in my precious Top 10. Thumbs up to the seventh heaven.

    10th November, 2008


    Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I get (only slight, but still...) a resemblance to Sequia by Comme des Garcons, and off course the perfumer is one and the same too. It reminds me even much much more of some other scent, but as I typed this, I couldn`t get it to my mind although I tried to think very hard. It left me bothered, hopefully it won`t disturb my sleep tonight.

    Anyway, Mechant Loup is a warm, honeyed boozy scent with a small touch of licorice and herbs. Not that complex, but well made as expected. Lasting power is okay, but I must say again I wish it was little bit stronger with more impressive sillage, and preferably with some nice animalic twist to it.

    ML is *nice* semi-gourmand oriental-fougere. Far away from being full size bottle worthy to me.

    It should probably deserve neutral rating from me, but I take thumbs down just from out of spite.

    10th November, 2008


    Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    A bullseye from Francis Kurkdjian. Bestseller here in Finland, like in everywhere else. Well deserved succes if you ask me.

    I would even be bold enough to call this somekind of masterpiece, and although it somewhat follows the line of Joop! Homme, it`s still very original creation.

    It smells synthetic and artificial, but in a most pleasant way. Minty lavender with a dash of cinnamon at the top of the plasticy, powdery vanilla-musk carpet. Weird combo of coolness and beating warmth.

    Le Male is very intriguing juice in a great bottle. And if you keep you`re finger easy on the trigger, there isn`t that many other fragrances which are able to gain more compliments, if that`s something you care for.

    10th November, 2008


    Boss Sport by Hugo Boss

    Traditional 80`s fresh aromatic fougere similar to many other of its kind, but it still manages to smell quite unique. And weird.

    I can see the certain resemblance to some sort of cleaning products or even floor waxes, but it actually makes this really interesting. To my nose this smells almost avant-gardish ; it`s synthetic and oddly compelling.
    I suppose tarragon is the key player in this fragrance, although that doesn`t tell you much.

    A really hard-to-explain fragrance. If possible, find out yourself.

    Hate the name, but the emerald green colour of the bottle is very attractive.

    10th November, 2008


    Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    I like this a lot, although I wouldn`t wear it myself, at least not outdoors.

    It`s basically a honey fragrance that is very aromatic and rich. Strong and masculine, lasts forever with interesting projection. I find it quite animalic, and perhaps slightly "dated".

    Dry yet quite sweet too, I get wonderful accords of damp hay and somethting which reminds me of (not smoky) tea.

    Could probably be seen as a faraway cousin of Kouros. Apply very gently.

    10th November, 2008


    Red Aoud by Montale

    Absolutely wonderful, especially for women. I swear I would buy a bottle of this for my girl immediately if she would like this one - but she doesn`t. She hates it. She hates oud fragrances in general.

    Such a shame, because I can`t think of many other fragrances that I would rather smell on a woman. I get mouth-watering blend of oud, saffron, iris and most smoothly textured sandalwood. Red Aoud smells warm and glimmering, sensual and compelling. It`s like a magnet.

    Flawless lasting power and satisfying sillage.

    Beautiful fragrance, but yes, I find it too feminine for my own personal use.

    09th November, 2008


    Spirit of the Tiger by Heeley

    Delicious tiger balsam hologram. Top notes especially are very accurate smelling, I can even imagine to get some whiffs of petroleum. (petroleum is used in tiger balsam, at least in the ones I have used)
    Camphor, mint, cardamom, clove and that petroleum. The scent is dry and quite balsam-like in structure.

    The drydown is slightly disapointing : It developes into this very peppery scent which hits me quite sharp and very thin. I wish this scent would carry itself a bit further, I wish it was more full bodied and longer lasting. Now it smells "too good" straight from the bottle compared to the smell after couple of hours have past.

    Thumbs up, though. Large bottle is a plus here, because it may be that he/she wants to spritz this one few times during the day, just to enjoy those wonderful first moments.

    09th November, 2008


    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    Already a classic. Has gained the admiration of conneissaurs as well as the big sales.

    To me it`s just one of those "nice" scents, meaning, I think it`s very pleasant wear and very well made, but without any shaking under my feets.

    Smells very natural, not artificial in a slightest bit, and it fits in every situation all year round. Another wonderful choice if you want to use only one scent during the days, without any rotation or collection of different kind of fragrances. In this case I suggest you to get those supporting products in whole.

    Good stuff, but too vague for me personally.

    09th November, 2008


    Chergui by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    It smells very good, no doubt about it. Lasts well too. Loads and loads of coumarin in Chergui. To me it smells a lot like a mixture of honey, hay, vanilla and tea. Sugary, smooth and luminous.

    Chergui is definitely unisex, but in my opinion it leans clearly towards feminine side, and I personally find it a tad too much so. For that reason I`m not going to full size bottle here for myself, but I would certainly love to smell this on a woman. It would be heavenly.

    Btw, something has been wrong with the colouring chemichals of Chergui : I have heard the juice has turned into green in someones bottles, and I have had a sample vial myself where Chergui had turned into very dark brown, changing the cap of that sample from transparent white into purple red !!
    I`ve heard the news this was somekind of bad in production, concerning some specific batch(es), but still I find it very odd that this luxury house can screw things up like this.

    09th November, 2008


    Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Fantastic stuff. Easily one of the most original designer releases in last 10 or 15 years. Fantastic take on spices and smoky woods. For sure it`s very incensy too. To my nose the scent has lots of mysterious corners, although it isn`t that dark or brooding.

    Gucci Pour Homme smells absolutely amazing, but I must say it could last a bit longer, plus the drydown could behave better on my skin : It sometimes seems to loose it`s balance, developing this thin and sharp odor. Generally I hope the composion was smoother and more dense, perhaps more full-bodied. I think EdP concentration would do the trick.

    The bottle especially, but also the box design is absolutely gorgeous. One of the best fragrance presentations ever made, including niche market.

    09th November, 2008


    Horizon by Guy Laroche

    Completely unique take on oceanic theme. There is nothing like this, it is actually totally uncomparable.

    Quirky opening of aldehydes and herbs, accented by pepper and citrus. It smells pretty weird from the beginnig. Can be even little bit offputting.

    Bizarre combination of ozone, smoky leather and bitter patchouli is absolutely amazing. I also get something piney here, it`s not balsam like note, more like pine needles fold up....

    Horizon smells bittersweet, airy, herbaceus, fresh, smoky and spicy. A real treasure this fragrance of great contradictions.

    Get it while it`s still available.

    09th November, 2008


    H.M. by Hanae Mori

    Nice fresh gourmand fragrance. I like the minty lavender opening alot, and I have no complaints about drydown either, although it developes into overtly sweet fruity fragrance which smells awfully feminine to my nose. A close cousin to Angel for Women, this. Strawberry jam accord makes me think of Black XS, and then I also get something that brings Xeryus Rouge to mind.

    I don`t get any chocolate here at all. It smells more like that strawberry jam I mentioned before, blackberries, pineapples and vanilla pudding with sugar overload.

    Delicous, but to be honest, this is probably the most feminine fragrance ever made for male markets.

    I really think women should try this. At least I would be happy to smell this one on a woman.

    09th November, 2008


    Bel Ami by Hermès

    What a wonderful name for the fragrance, "beautiful friend". I love it.

    The scent itself isn`t bad either, although I don`t wear it myself anymore. To me Bel Ami has always been a borderline case. It smells good and fascinating, mysterious too, but at the times it can be quite offputting because of the weird combination of animalics, vanilla, flowers and smoky woods. Also, Bel Ami has a capability to remind me of Aramis, and that my friends is a huuuuge minus.

    Bel Ami is very raunchy fragrance. It`s sweet and animalic. It`s very much "love me or hate me" type of fragrance, so I feel little bit strage giving this one a neutral rating.

    09th November, 2008


    Shalimar by Guerlain


    Shalimar is amazing, intoxicating fragrance than can be quite difficult to wear, though. A real "keep-your-head-up-on-special-occasion" fragrance. Evening wear only.

    I have only tried EdT version, and I have worn it couple of times, but I didn`t feel myself comfortable during the times at all - to me it smelled very feminine after all, although it`s quite close for being a superb unisex creation. But yes, at least EdT isn`t appropriate for men, and that is naturally just my opinion....

    Bergamot, rosewood, jasmin, iris, benzoin, opoponax, balsams, little bit civet thrown along. (it`s old news that Shalimar indeed has some civet)
    Shalimar (EdT) is a massive oriental, feminine and highly intoxicating with saucy animal presence.

    Be very, VERY easy on the trigger. 2 sprays is perfect.

    09th November, 2008


    Mitsouko by Guerlain


    Balsamic fruity chypre that doesn`t move me into a direction or another. It doesn`t smell bad by any means, but it isn`t especially compelling or interesting either. It smells very vintage, very perfumy. I definitely wouldn`t call this one dated, but it certainly lacks that specific contemporary touch which basically makes it uncontrivated for only numerous types of people.

    Out of other biggest feminine classics of Guerlain (Jicky, L`Heure Bleue, Shalimar, Vol de Nuit) I like Mitsouko least.

    09th November, 2008


    Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

    I`m one of those people who doesn`t quite follow the Luca Turin`s admiration towards this fragrance. It`s quite strange indeed, isn`t it? :)

    On the other hand, I don`t detest this scent by any means, it`s actually quite nice. It smells quite alot like a lite version of Comme des Gargons Dry Clean to my nose. (that one is ultra strong stuff, btw)

    I love the pyramid of Beyond Paradise for Men, and like I said, the scent isn`t that bad at all : I get grass, cucumber, a hint of herbs, subtle aromatic woods and something which reminds me of wet concrete - and in my mind this accord especially linked this one to Dry Clean.
    I won`t buy me a full bottle, but I presume I would enjoy this scent especially in summertime, when walking down by the water on a sunny day.

    But is it one of the greatest fragrances for men ever created, and will it be a classic like Luca Turin said??

    Well, what else can I say but...."Opinions are just like a-holes - we all got one."

    08th November, 2008


    In Leather Man by Etienne Aigner

    Notes :

    Top : Grapefruit, Yuzu, Bergamot, Apple, Pineapple, Melon

    Heart : Nutmeg, Pepper, Cardamom, Lavender, Patchouli, Oakmoss

    Base : Sandalwood, Cedar, Leather, Musk, Vetiver, Amber

    This is a lowly leather fragrance. The opening is very brutal alcoholic burst, but it soon settles down for a true smelling leather, which however smells way too subtle and weak for my tastes. No sillage whatsoever, and the lasting power isn`t that impressive at all. Not unique by any means ; reminds me of many other fragrances available. A bit of Cuiron there, a bit of Ferrari Passion and so on. Also, I came to think of this as a super weak imitation of Bel Ami.
    A distant animalic tone, very distant.

    For the people who enjoy leather scents in a most subtle way.

    08th November, 2008


    Geir by Geir Ness

    First I must say that I think Quarry quite much nailed it when she said "A scent whose time, perhaps, has come and gone..." Spot on, love.

    It`s a nice scent though, I won`t deny that. Sweet, fresh, moist and sticky. Can be easy to wear and will probably please the people around you. Nice lasting power.

    I bought a large bottle few years ago, but after few wearings I noticed a major problem : It had a tendency to sting my nose, literally, even when I sprayed moderately. I`ve had this same problem with few other scents as well ; at least Basala, Xeryus Rouge and Ungaro III comes to mind...
    I`m not sure what is it, but its true. Maybe it`s somekind of aromachemical that my nose detests. Go figure.

    Shame, because I quite like the aroma, although its a bit boring and not that original.

    But then, if something stings and burn my nostrills, it desrves thumbs down to say the least !

    08th November, 2008


    Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    One of the biggest niche classics ever, I guess. Lots of cinnamon and civet in the opening - it can be a bit offputting if inhaled too deeply.

    Yes, civet. Although it`s not listed as in official notes, it doesn`t take that much of a nose to smell that this one has civet in it. It`s very obvious after all.

    No doubt this is a masterful blend technically speaking : The balance is a miracle and it smells very chic (when applied moderately). Cinnamon and cloves predominates, while the tonka beans and vanilla make the composion very sweet, very powdery. Dash of smooth woods in the base. And lots of that civet from start to finish.

    Well done, but it`s not for me or my lady. I basically should love this one, but the ultra sweet powderiness with strong animalic presence makes it very unpleasant in the end.

    Highly recommended for everyone to try.

    08th November, 2008


    Russisch Leder by Farina Gegenüber

    Quite strong at first, but it soon changes into a subtle skin fragrance that lingers on skin for a long time. And as it is with these animalic composions, it reacts strongly to skin temprerature.

    It smells like a mixture of tar and vintage leather, just like a scent called "russian leather" should. Smoky and very balsamic in structure.

    I think the EdC concentration fits very well to this juice. Due to it`s subtle nature it could easily be worn all year round, anywhere anytime. And if it would be stronger, I`m sure it would lose it`s lovely quality of the scent of animalic skin.

    08th November, 2008


    Messe de Minuit by Etro

    My problem with Messe de Minuit is that, at the end of the day it smells very old and "unhealthy". When I wear MdM I feel myself old and feeble, like I was carrying some sort of virus or disease. Complete opposite to Etro`s Palais Jamais which is very vital, full of life and well being.

    Messe de Minuit reminds me hauntingly much of the smell which has corroded clearly to my mind : When I was a little boy, me and my friends liked to spend our time in this deserted house made of wood. It was one of our favourite places. Everybody knew the house was lived by an old granny, who then had died. And obviously she didn`t have any kind of heirs or anything, because that estate rottened a long time untouched before the local officials decided to tear that house down.
    In the house there were still a lot of old, musty furnitures, moldy carpets, loads of rusty iron stuff and dirty vessels. Also, very much different kind of miscellaneous things, I for instance remember the cardboard boxes full of old newspapers and magazines.

    Messe des Minuit transportes me every single time to this specific time and place of my life. Plus like I said before, it makes me feel old and feeble.
    And while this is something fascinating in a way, I can`t wear it because of these things.

    Fragrances are meant to worn. This I only spray on my hand couple of times during the year, remembering the time when I was 10 years old, and sensing the fact that I am inevitably closing on death.

    08th November, 2008


    Indigo by Gant USA

    MonkeyManMatts words doubled precisely only not including the part where he suggested you to buy Erolfa.

    08th November, 2008


    Escada Homme by Escada

    I have worn both, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum. This is a review for latter concentration.

    Dried fruity opening with addition of sharp aromatic woods is quite a mess. The one should probably wait 5 minutes after application before really getting into this one.
    Dried fruitiness remains in small quantitiess, while the woods settles down for a smooth carpet. Gently spiced up with pepper, it developes into a sweet smell of amber-benzoin. Very rich and warm. It smells unique, too.
    I usually don`t like these recommendations in weather wise at all, but I suggest you should wear this in colder temps only. Wonderful winter warmer.

    It`s not impossible to find that EdP version of this, although it`s very rare and not in production anymore.
    If you shall see it somewhere, hold tight immediately.

    08th November, 2008


    Casual Friday by Escada

    Don`t let the silly name fool you, this is a wonderful semi-gourmand oriental with extremely good lasting power and powerful sillage.
    Very strong and aggressive to my nose, but in a most pleasant way. Anise / licorice dominates this one obviously, and it`s very vanillic-musky too. Spices and woods play very small part, but they are still notable. In sometime of the duration, it has an odd long lasting note that I would call "nutty".

    More anisic and vanillic than Le Male, and not as softly musky or full bodied than Au Masculin.
    Recommended, definitely.

    08th November, 2008


    Eau de Lierre by Diptyque

    Bitter, green scent with strong spice (pepper) accent. To my nose well made. It is nicely balanced, has some projection to it, and it smells extremely natural. It obviously has a strong "green plant" vibe going on.

    If "bitter", "green" and "peppery" ring your bells or if you`re a big fan of ivy, then I suggest you to get into this.

    Personally, I`ll pass. Eventually it`s just a big boring "bleh" without anything intresting to get hold of. I have that same kind of problem with many other scents from this house, too.

    07th November, 2008

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