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    Iquitos by Alain Delon

    Can we agree that this is the best celeb fragrance of all times??

    The top notes can be quite harsh and synthetic, but the drydown soon reveils a marvelous, bold composion of rose, moss, vetiver and musk (civet). Very green with red accents. Of course, could easily be used by women too. Lasting power is stunning and the sillage is quite outrageous, so be carefull on the trigger.

    Provocative, eccentric juice in a most beautiful bottle.

    12th September, 2008


    Havana Reserva by Aramis

    Just thought I could put my short, informative note on this one : This is extremely similar to the original, so if you know that one then you know exactly how this one smells. Would be very hard to tell any differences, for many.

    12th September, 2008


    Havana by Aramis

    Aromatic and masculine are the first two things which comes to mind. I really do like the tartness in this one, that crispy tobacco, sweet woods and delicious take on bay rum. Drydown is to me quite much on the animalic side.
    I basically wear this only due the summertime, and it`s one of those scents which keeps getting better and better as it gets hotter and hotter....
    Like many of you know, this is still exclusively in production and actually very widely available in South Africa. Strange.

    MMM said this is not that original to him (S.Tacchini Uomo is a fine example!) and I must agree. Good scent though, not as good to me as many of the guys seem to think.

    12th September, 2008


    Desire for a Man by Dunhill

    Quite delicious, actually. Synthetic in a pleasant way. Fruity, sweet and vanillic-musky fragrance in lovely bottle. If you are looking for compliments, then this is a "can`t go wrong". Just don`t overload, 2-4 sprays will be fine.
    I find the lasting power to be quite flawless.

    My girlfriend told me it reminded her the way some specific My Little Pony toy use to smell. Ouch.

    12th September, 2008


    Déclaration by Cartier

    I absolutely love this fragrance. The best one from Ellena of which I have tried atleast, and I never seem to be bored wearing this. Perhaps because its smell brings my home country to my mind more than any other fragrance I know. Really, it smells just like me sitting under a lush and fresh birch tree during a warm summer day, shirt open and a bit sweaty, eating fresh from the oven pulla! (pulla is a famous Finnish cinnamon bun with lots of cardamom)

    12th September, 2008


    Comme des Garçons Parfum by Comme des Garçons

    Not my biggest CdG favourite. It`s not bad, it`s quite interesting as well, but after few full wearings I just noticed a big *blah from my side*. It`s sharp, very spicy, and eventually little bit boring. Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, styrax and pepper - something which reminds me of Piper Nigrum by L.Villoresi.
    Quite christmassy scent, and I like that, but after all this smells something that is unable to rock my world. Somethings wrong, personally speaking, but at the same time I must say that I would love to smell this one on some woman. I presume it would work in wonderful ways.

    A great bottle!

    12th September, 2008


    Aqua Quorum by Antonio Puig

    I must admit I love the bottle. I think it`s ridicilously good looking in a playful way, and I almost would like to buy me a full bottle because of that.
    The juice itself is like so many other Cool Water copycats are : A pleasant, aromatic marine blend of different kind of synthetic ingridients : Herbs, citruses and ambergris.
    Comparing to many of its soul companions, AQ is a bit spicier and perhaps a bit darker, but it`s still utterly boring.

    If only the scent would have matched the spirit of that bottle, then it would have been something fun and different.

    12th September, 2008


    Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior

    One of my biggest favourites on women, this one is absolutely irresistible. Extremely Annick Menardo like fragrance, her signarture accords are so easy to detect here. Holds very much similarities to some of her other fragrances indeed.

    Vanillic, almondy, a bit of a coconutty with floral accents, on a right person this is capable to make me weak in the knees.

    12th September, 2008


    Coco by Chanel

    A honeyed, balsamic Oriental which almost could be considered as unisex, but falls a bit short on that after all. Must be the civet mixed with flowers that keeps this definitely on feminine side. Guys, don`t even think about wearing this, hand it to your lady instead. It should be wonderful to smell it.

    12th September, 2008


    Kingdom by Alexander McQueen

    One of those fragrances for which I just have to put my thumb down because of a very simple reason : I felt absolutely uncomfortable wearing this, and I really wouldn`t want to smell this on a woman either.
    Interesting in a way, no doubt, but quite horrible in action.

    12th September, 2008


    Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

    Oh wow. Most compelling mixture of saffron, florals (mainly jasmine), vetiver and musk. Fresh and clean yet quite animalic juice. In colors, it smells like green was mixtured with pink. Would love to smell this one on a woman, but personally as a guy, I wear this with full comfort and I don`t think no guy should be afraid to give this one a chance.

    12th September, 2008


    Amour de Cacao by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    The very minimal olfactory pyramid already gives you a clue for this not being especially complex fragrance, and it certainly is very true : This is indeed quite simple and linear composition. However, the aroma itself is so addictive and pleasant, that it makes the complexity totally pointless.
    I can`t say that I get the orange notes at all, but the star fruit in the middle certainly adds that certain fruity twist to it. Also, vanilla is quite obvious all the way, but to me these supporting notes of star fruit and vanilla pods only underlines the fact of this being just a simple cocoa bean scent - perhaps in some of it`s different variations.
    Things I get to my mind : Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, White Chocolate and slightly, some darker undertones of Dark Chocolate and freshly roasted Coffee with Milk. Despite the sweetness, this is no sugar overdozed fragrance by any means.

    I`m quite suprised that this hasn`t gain more popularity among guys. OK, this may lean towards feminine side a bit, but c`mon....this is completely unisex fragrance.

    Probably my second best gourmand favourite ever (nothing can beat good old A*men), and more than that, to me this might well be the coziest fragrance in existance. It creates a warm, soft edible aura that I have found totally calming. Wonderful fragrance to bed, too.

    I really do like the simple nature of AdC, and I wear it with more pleasure comparing to some more complex gourmands, such as Eau Noire, New Haarlem and Il Profumo`s.

    Sillage is very gentle yet reasonably impressive. To me, a fragrace which could/should be quite liberally used; even 6-8 sprays is advisable.
    Lasting power is flawless, don`t worry about it.

    Now, all you have to do is prepare yourself for getting some compliments.

    16th July, 2007


    l'eau de parfum #2 Spiritus / land by Miller et Bertaux

    Oh God I love this fragrance. I`m not here to review this scent in any technical ways . I`m not to describe the ingridients or notes in it.

    I just tell you that TO ME this is without a doubt one of the most soothing scents I have ever discovered, if not the most. Like a breathtakingly beautiful landscape seen through teary eyes or, mirage of angels in the middle of the cool wilderness.

    This fragrance really takes me away to somewhere better.

    Touch of something surreal.

    Touch of something unreal.

    26th October, 2006


    Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    My favourite Lutens, and one of my favourite scents ever.

    A shocking, sharp start of tart honey esther. Pure and somewhat quite raw. To me, love at first sniff.
    Dries down for lovely and intoxicating blend of deliciously sticky beeswax, crisp honey, with deep and medicinal Oudish woods. Lasts forever with excellent and tasty drydown.

    Miel de Bois is also one of the most evocative fragrances I know. I don`t need to tell exactly what it brings to my mind, but these echoes from the childhood is after all probably the most precious thing that any fragrance could ever produce.

    25th October, 2006


    Furyo by Jacques Bogart

    Extremely impressive start in this: Most likely those sweet animal notes mixed with herbs and fruits make even the most experienced nose to have a little recoil experience. It`s quite amazing, promising beginning.

    Unfortunetly, and most definitely to my suprise, the drydown doesn`t treat this scent so good. That Kouros like animalic richness disappers soon after couple of hours, and it turns to be very tart blend of patchouli-honey-civet. Similar to the drydown of Givenchy Gentleman, but more thin and sour.

    For everyone who enjoys particularly animalic scents, this is a must try, mainly because of those first couple of hours. However, the sample or perhaps decant will easily do, since that drydown isn`t that compelling nor wearable.

    25th October, 2006


    Royal Aoud by Montale

    Not bad. The oud is simply irresistible note; I love that warm, sticky medicinal aroma. It`s intoxicating and somehow, spiritual. Very mysterious.

    On me, Royal Aoud is very pure on oud - can`t see very much more going on after it settles down after application.
    Some charachter it still certainly has : I think this is the most leatheriest oud blend in series. Indeed, sometime during the drydown I thought very much of nicely kept rugged leather, perhaps polished horse saddle or something that kind. Later on, these leather associations disappear, and it turns more woody.

    I has come as a big suprise to me that my biggest favourite in the series is Aoud Lime. Didn`t expect that to happen, really. (but I do like that one alot, it`s one of my biggest favourites among "fresh" scents)

    Thumbs up here, but to be honest, I really don`t think any Aoud is worth for the 118 euros a bottle. For that price, I can get something even much more captivating and overall better.

    17th October, 2006


    Yuzu Rouge by 06130 Zéro Six Cent-Trente

    Yuzu Rouge is to me perhaps the most shampoo-ish fragrance that I have ever tried. Not kidding; and actually I`d claim that it`s almost exact smell with one specific Finnish shampoo that I have used several years of time.
    This is not a bad thing if you want to smell like shampoo; fresh and clean with natural vs. synthetic nuances.
    For me, a hundred euro niche fragrance will have to offer way much more than this. Way much more.

    Little credit for nice green/woody undertones plus for decent longevity.

    17th October, 2006


    Signature / Kisu by Tann Rokka

    Amazing packing for sure (and great name), but unfortunetly the scent itself doesn`t offer anything that special. Well balanced soft and gentle scent with prominent ylang-ylang note. Quite feminine, but could still easily be woren by men who are not afraid prominent floral accords.
    I`d say this is well made scent. However, for me Kisu is not worth for the high price. Not even close, actually. IMO it would have needed a bit more Oopmh!, and also more (insence?) woods to give more depth to it.
    Lasting power could be much, much better.

    15th October, 2006


    Le Boise by Ginestet

    One of the best packings ever made! It`s absolutely gorgeous!

    Sadly, the scent is quite disapointing : Very linear and simple blend of cedarwood and light musk, with slight touch of white pepper and insence. Reminds me very much of Gucci Rush, although Le Boise is more quiet and refined.

    Le Boise`s biggest hurdle is serious lasting power issue. It sucks.

    15th October, 2006


    Odeur 53 by Comme des Garçons

    I love this! Amazing bottle to start with, and the juice is even better. Odd in a way for sure, but also oh-so-easy-to-wear. Very pleasant smell, actually.

    This is perhaps the most childish scent there is, besides the actual baby/child perfumes. (such as Petit Guerlain)
    Evocative, pure and somehow very innocent smelling. Like a breath of a little baby.

    Extremely fresh and clean, but also very mysterious. Spacey scent too, and I actually see David Bowman wearing this in A Space Odyssey 2001 as he silently travels in his capsule, towards the birth of a Star Child.

    15th October, 2006


    Knize Ten by Knize

    Not a great fan of this one. I do appreciate the status of it as well as the unique character, but I simply find it very unwearable.
    The connection to Tabac Blond is obvious. They both are filled up with castoreum, having that extremely rugged leather aroma. And, I can`t help myself to see some resemblance to some sort of chemichals; glue or perhaps paint thinner. Really, smells like some stiff and old leather jacket wasdipped into a bucket full of turpentine!
    Drydown softens this quite a bit, developing even some (herbal) soapy accords. Lasting power is good, no doubt.

    Admirable in way yes, but for me not even close to be wearable.

    15th October, 2006


    Eau du Fier by Annick Goutal

    Along with Sables, this is the only Annick Goutal scent which I find interesting.

    Very good. I love the smell of smoke, and this one delivers that in big time.
    The smoke of Eau du Fier is kind of sweet and sticky. Like if you took a cupful of smoky tea and add spoonful of flowery honey and another one of some kind of jam, cherry or maybe apricot...

    Highly interesting blend, and very sadly now discontinued. Shame, indeed. We need more bold scents like this.

    15th October, 2006


    Scent Intense by Costume National

    I do love this one, although the drydown seems to me slightly disapointing.

    First hour with this scent is pure brilliance : Like Daim Blond (S. Lutens) but more toned down and more mysterious.

    After that happy-hour, this dries down to a berrish musky type of a fragrance - Very pleasant although it wears very close to the skin.

    Artistic, but also quite modest.

    14th October, 2006


    Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto

    Edit 2011 :

    When I made that original and awfully clumsy review back in 2006, I was just starting out this hobby, and I probably wrote it after very initial impression after I had received my blind bought bottle. I think I was still quite much in a learning process with fragrances in general, but in this case, particularly considering Yohji Homme.

    To cut the long story short, YH is outstandingly beautiful and well made fragrance. It's perfectly harmonious blend of licorice, woods and hint of spice, all placed upon wonderfully refined and emerald green fougere accord.
    And what was/is all the talk about poor longevity?? Yohji Homme lasts a time (at least 6 hours strong) that is absolutely satisfying to me.

    Come to think of it, I think I haven't smelled any more brilliant discontinued fragrance.

    2006 : I don`t know what to think about this.

    It is very confusing to me that most of the people consider this as an Gourmand scent.
    I don`t think so at all: To me this is subtle, refined Fougere scent.

    It has some tasty notes in it, and it has some edible notes mixed...But still; This is just sweet, aromatic Fougere. Not a Gourmand scent, imo.

    Starts out like toned down sugared Jazz, continues to create this refined, smooth woody scent. Just a slight touch of anis, coffee and soft leather.

    Rhum?? I really don`t think so.

    I don`t honesty undertand people who compare this to Lolita Lempicka, A*Men or Rochas Man...I really don`t understand that.
    Still, a wonderful and unique Fougere blend - very refined and classy aroma.

    But but but...Yes, it`s a bit too weak. Sensual for sure, but still too weak.
    It doesn`t last long either, and I suppose these problems with strenght/longevity could be part of the discontinuance. I wouldn`t wonder.

    Great scent, made with high talent, but...

    12th October, 2006 (Last Edited: 11th April, 2011)


    Musc de Java by Les Néréides

    Very very nice scent. Gentle and beautiful
    blend of berries, light musk and something which gives me an impression of a fresh from the oven, buttery buns. Very nice. In someways, very melancholic scent. Evocative, too.

    The downside is insufficient longevity and overall impression of weakness in the drydown.
    Ah, it`s that fading beauty!!

    12th October, 2006


    L'Autre by Diptyque

    I have never been to India, but I`m quite familiar with spices and also some Indian dishes, and...I have never ever smelled any fragrance that would fit some specific country this well... Really, L`Autre (Diptyque) smells like India itself!

    I can imagine myself walking through some crowded, hot streets in Delhi: There are tables in bazaars full of spices - Cummin (yes, not cumin), fresh gingers, dried gingers, piles of Garam Masala... Some balsamic vinegars there too,curry spiced vege soups with only restrained pinches of chili`s...

    This is L`Autre, and I think it is amazing scent, with great amount of challenge to wear.

    12th October, 2006


    L'Anarchiste by Caron

    Basically I should love this fragrance : It has a lot of irresistible charisma, most marvellous bottle, and completely unique fragrance which really doesn’t remind me of anything else.

    I have had a sample of this and I’ve had a few test runs with it, giving it a chance after another.
    Last one was yesterday, and I’m afraid the game is now over…Have to admit at last that this scent is not for me. I let myself hate it now, and believe me I DO!!!

    What has actually always stricken me most in this fragrance, is that it has always smelled very “ill” to me. That menthol-metal combo reminds me very much of that taste which I have when I’m having a high fever with the very general feeling of being totally weak and helpless. Also, I guess that mintyness gives an impression of Vicks Vaporub – gives me reminder of not so happy childhood times.

    It is an impressive scent. Everyone who has smelled it can say the same – there’s really nothing like it. And, I understand the people who love it due to it’s odd and compelling nature…Even with me it’s somehow very close to being brilliant. Remember, love and hate are close oftenly here in the fragrance world, too.

    This scent indeed has got me scratching my head more than any other scent. It forced me to come back to it all over again. But now I’ve finally made up my mind for good. (I think...)

    L`Anarchiste makes me literally sick. I can imagine with this juice after my regular 4-6 sprays I would feel myself stumbling at the death’s door. In the arms of a deadly cancer, with infected blood and paralyzing pneumonia, waiting for the time to end..

    No thank you, Mr Fraysse!!

    Sickening, absolutely sickening juice.

    12th October, 2006


    Balenciaga pour Homme by Balenciaga

    Ah, the package/bottle combination is so much tied to the time of its release: Really, couldn`t be anything else but the year 1990. It`s not kitchy enough to be 80`s, but certainly not "correct" enough to be much younger.
    I like that white-green thing, btw. I like it alot.

    The start of this scent is not that pleasant, but it immediately is captivating: To me the top notes smells exactly like a bit raw rhubarb was dipped in honey. It`s very tart, biting start indeed.

    At this point it is extremely hard to believe that this is actually an Oriental fragrance. And to be honest, to me this ingredulous feeling follows all the way through the duration.
    Okay, let`s call this Oriental, but I think it`s very borderline: It has some heavy Fougere nuances, and more less Chypre ones. Complex scent, that don`t even need that much to be categorized.

    After half an hour that sharpness has quite much settled. Still at this point, to me this scent is very raw and unsensual. Like a squeezed lemon juice in a jar of floral-honey. Few drops of diswasher detergent thrown along. Interesting, but not too likeable.

    Quite strangely, after one hour or so, this scent seems to change its course in remarkable style: It must be the benzoin that takes slowly over the tarty citrus notes, while honey is obviously still in predominant part. Scent is very close to the skin. It`s still a bit sour, but benzoin gives it some caramelisized charachter, yet not overly so. Actually, well done balance with sweet and sour.

    This is one of the most liveliest scents I`ve ever discovered. And the most amazing thing is that now that I`ve test this few times, it seems to behave quite differently everytime! And another thing; this is one of those scents that seems to disapper in sometime, and you already are disapointed with the longevity...And then suddenly, there it is again - out from nowhere seems to come that honey note again, and you are eager to catch a sniff what else is still in there. This is amazing, and quite frankly, sometimes quite irritating quality, this lost and found.
    Naturally, it must be the case of skin temperature here. And, that is why I think this scent is actually at its best in the summer - I`m sure the heat will treat it nicely, indeed. I can`t wait to try this when it`s get hot!

    Traces of a basenote in this scent reminds me of one specific candy I know. I`m not sure exactly what`s in that candy, but it is slightly flavoured with honey, I suppose. It is not actual honey-candy, but there must be some essence used...It`s quite sticky and juicy, too.

    Also some woods appears to be in the base of Balenciaga, giving it just slightly a insency quality. Honeyed woods in the vein of Kouros.

    Yes, Kouros!!! This is only another scent of the two that occured to my mind with Balanciaga. (Another one is Miel de Bois, but Balenciaga is eventually much more wearable, much more sensual)

    No one could ever claim that Balenciaga Pour Homme wasn`t some sort of relative, even close one, to Kouros. It lacks of the animalic vibe, as well as most of the greens of Kouros. But that honeyed, a bit urinal, and a bit detergented character with insence accords is so similar, that I honestly think my headline for this thread is at least justified.

    apart from the scent itself: What is it with these discontinueses?? For instance this one, I wonder who was that
    idiot-enough person to make that desicion? And what was it all about??
    Yet, I`m the first to admit that "discontinued" stamp adds a huge load of charisma to the scent. And harder to get, better, and more exciting. That`s the way it goes.
    And so, how do I wish to get a large bottle of this someday. Until that, I have to manage with my two miniatures.

    12th October, 2006


    La Nuit by Paco Rabanne

    OK, I bought this basically only for the reason that Luca Turin said so delicious things about it in his blog, which is sadly now closed.
    As you may know, his thoughts were like "this is probably the most animalic parfum ever made..." and "there is something so wrong with this frag that it`s truly amazing" etc.

    Got to have it, indeed.

    So, I sprayed it on my hand, and guess what happend??
    Exactly: I was disapointed again, like I have been before with these high expectations. (especially with Dzing!)
    I thought "what is this..?" "This, the most animalic scent..?" "This, something so wrong..?"
    To me only wrongness seemed to be that it smelled like some usual, even cheap women`s perfume. Flowery, feminine, not that complex at all. I wanted to cry - this had to be my holy grail of getting dirty, getting really weird. I wanted to shock some people with some style wearing this, not with this plain women`s cocktail.

    Then I fell asleep. (Zzzzz...2hours)

    I woke up from my nap, and I have hardly dried my tears of disapointment, as I smell my upper palm...
    What happens??
    I start to grin, I start to roll my eyes and mumble to myself..." this is what the man was talking about...So it`s all about the drydown, all about letting it develope and heat up on the skin...WOW!!"

    But hey, leather??!! Are you serious??? What kind of leder hosen have you`ve been smelling then???

    Nichts leather for me, shall I put it...lovely crotch???

    12th October, 2006


    Oriental Lumpur by Les Néréides

    Ginger! Gingery disapointment!!
    I was looking for something edible, spicy and tasty - I got this ginger odeur with only slight touch of pepper. Not so good. I`d even say boring.
    If you want to smell like some eastern dish, then go for L`Autre (Diptyque). That is everything but boring.

    11th October, 2006

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