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Boss in Motion Edition Green by Hugo Boss

I really like this. I bought it when it first came out and have recently rediscovered it. This is most definitely not a fresh, aquatic or sporty scent that perhaps the packaging and marketing implies. On my skin I get a lot of the 'living cognac' note and the woods in the base softened by a little patchouli. It comes across as surprisingly masculine rather than weak and insipid. It's boozy and slightly leathery while the tangerine in the top notes keeps it from becoming too heavy. It doesn't last long I'm afraid but overall much better than I expected.
07th September, 2010
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United Kingdom

Burberry London by Burberry

My wife owns this and I have to say it smells wonderful on her. She wore it all last winter which really is the perfect time to use it.
To my nose it seems both fresh and floral, and then woody and musky a little later on. There is something very cosy and relaxed about it. But at other times it also comes across as rather playful and dare I say it a little sexy.
It is certainly a fairly loud fragrance and can be a real stinger if over applied (which is quite easy - I had to ask the wife to go easy on the trigger).
AA Gill described another Burberry fragrance as 'chav spit' and I've seen this misquoted and attributed to London as well. Well, its not Shalimar thats for sure but it's not trying to be. Its not in the realms of greatness but it is very pleasant with a slightly seductive edge. Thumbs up.
29th August, 2010
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United Kingdom

Quorum by Antonio Puig

You are either going to 'get' this fragrance or not. If you like clean, fresh, 'just-out-of-the-shower' scents then steer clear. This is not for you. If you like Azzaro Pour Homme, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, Havana and fragrances that roughly fall within the 'aromatic fougere' category then the chances are you will find something of interest in Quorum.

Quorum on my skin is a heady cacophony of spices, leather and tobacco. And I absolutely dig this. I certainly cannot wear it too often. It is very strong and fully deserves its 'powerhouse' status. As with so many 70s and early 80s fragrances it feels somewhat rebellious to wear this nowadays which simply adds to its allure. My brother took one sniff at Quorum and said 'oh, that's a gentleman's cologne'. On the other hand it has a distinctly macho bravura about it that conjures cliche images of Southern Mediterranean men. It is a 'deep' smell.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Quorum is its price. In the UK you can pick up the 100ml Eau de Toilette for £9.99. Considering the sheer quality of the fragrance it has to rank as one of the greatest bargains and value-for-money scents in the world of perfumery today.
27th May, 2010
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United Kingdom

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

My relationship with YSL L'Homme is the story of my journey into the world of fragrance. I was bought this collectively by my wife and mother for my birthday when it was first released in 2006. I immediately liked it. I loved the bottle with its industrial steel cap and its Bauhaus simplicity. I also liked the fragrance very much as it was pretty much all I knew back then. Fresh was best. That's how a man should smell I thought. Trying to capture that 'just out of the shower' feel as Tania Sanchez puts it rather witheringly. Now that I have delved deeper into the world of perfumery and as I have matured from my 20s to my 30s my tastes have changed.

For a while I hated L'Homme but in reality I realised that I wanted to hate it rather than actually truly disliking it. I haven't come full circle and I still think it is an average fragrance that says little and inspires even less. But I don't think by any means it is a bad perfume. The slightly spicy fresh opening that heads down into a good dollop of vetiver is very pleasant indeed. I cannot imagine anyone recoiling from L'Homme in horror. But that is perhaps its downfall. There's nothing to strongly object to yet nothing also to truly love. I'm wearing it now on this very warm early summer evening and it is very refreshing. But I require more from my fragrances than just to freshen me up nowadays. A quick shower and blast of some cheap deodorant will do that.

I still think that this is leaps and bounds ahead of so many other 'fresh', 'sporty', 'citrus' mens fragrances on the market today, and leagues better than almost any 'summer edition' flanker. I can't really recommend L'Homme but I do admire it YSL's marketing campaign very much. The bottle, the box, the whole image construction is expertly executed to appeal to aspirational modern twenty-somethings. If I was still in that category I would probably buy it all over again.
23rd May, 2010
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United Kingdom

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

I have no idea what the pencil shavings reference so many fellow reviewers are mentioning means. Clearly at my school we had different kind of pencils. To my nose I very clearly get the pepper and ginger opening which lasts and lasts. Then soon after its wood all the way surrounded by amber and vetiver. Lastly the leather comes through. All in all feels very well crafted. I like this Gucci for its immaculate design from top to bottom. I love the retro yet modern feel of the whole package from the 70s black & white box to the strong lines and thick glass of the bottle which oozes masculinity. The fragrance itself feels 'old skool' in an ironic, self-aware way. Its Tom Ford giving us a postmodern wink. I have no idea if there are any scents from the 1970s that actually smell like this but Gucci Pour Homme does its best to make you think that there probably were yet I doubt many of them smelt as good as this.
On my skin it is very strong and one spray to the chest lasts for hours. I couldn't wear this to the office. Its a sexy Friday night on the town fragrance that seems most at home in a disco at 2am. It evokes illusions of Miami Vice and Scarface. It has that kind of brash utterly self-confident feel. If Al Pacino in Carlito's Way wears Armani Eau Pour Homme during the day, he'd wear this down at his club in the evening. Its a throwback to an era that in truth probably only existed in the movies and on TV. And I love it for that.
18th May, 2010
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United Kingdom

Cravache by Robert Piguet

I've never encountered the original Cravache which I understand is considerably better than this current formulation. Nonetheless I have to confess to enjoying this new Cravache very much. Its citrus all the way here and the vetiver/patchouli base really fleshes it all out. Its a very formal citrus indeed. This is not a carefree summer fragrance. It is indeed fresh and bracing but in a smart and slightly stiff way. Everyone talks about how the leather note has been removed and this seems to be the main gripe with this reformulation. Strangely, to my nose there is a definite soft leather note. Its subtle and very much in the background. It doesn't last though and eventually the patchouli becomes dominant with the lingering freshness of the vetiver remaining to the end.
Overall this is a very masculine, formal citrus floral in my books. Not something I regularly reach for but it certainly earns its place in my wardrobe. Definitely one to try if you can find.
17th May, 2010
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United Kingdom

Eau Sauvage Extrême by Christian Dior

Its only now, after a few months of owning Eau Sauvage Extreme, and on perhaps its 6th or 7th outing that I have finally understood this curiously difficult fragrance. After all, Eau Sauvage is immediately recognisable and so beautifully simple in its elegance that it defies logic that this Extreme version should be so hard to comprehend and indeed at times so hard to love.

It is most certainly its own fragrance that at first sniff seems to have little in common with its older sibling. Strong, sharp, pungeant, sour - just some of the immediate reactions that Eau Sauvage Extreme can induce upon introduction. Truth be told it does not smell good on paper. It does not even smell that terrific sprayed on the wrist. This is a very formal, refined, masculine scent that demands very careful application. One spray on the chest and one or two sprays on the collarbone will be absolutely plenty for most people. Spray this on your hand or wrist and shove it up to your nose and you will experience exactly what others reviewers here encountered and no-one would blame you in recoiling in shock. How could this possibily be related to the classic Eau Sauvage? Well it most certainly is. Yet it is far darker and broodier. Its confident and self-assured in a 80s way. Its not quite Wall Street/Gordon Gecko or City of London/Braces & bowler hats...but not far off.

Eau Sauvage Extreme smells very good from a distance once it has settled. It is one of those colognes that creates a very nice fragrant aura around the wearer as it reacts with body heat. The somewhat sour Lavender and sharpness of the Broom will never please some. It is not a superstrength version of the original. It is a variation on Eau Sauvage that goes off in a different direction while never entirely betraying its parentage it certainly marks out its own territory.

It's taken me some time to appreciate this fragrance and especially on how to wear it but now it has 'clicked' and fallen into place. I can't say that I will buy this again as it will take many years to get through this 100ml bottle. Eau Sauvage Extreme is being relaunched soon. It'll be very interesting to see if it is reformulated either into something new or as a longer lasting take on the original 1966 fragrance. If it is the latter then I know many people will be ecstatic myself included. But I will remember Extreme as being a hard to understand but ultimately classy addition to the Dior house.
10th May, 2010
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United Kingdom

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

I have both the EDT and the EDP. The EDT starts with an exhilarating burst of sparkling sweet citrus that on my skin quickly settles into vanilla and sandal. There is a faint undertone of soft leather throughout though I would never class this as a leather fragrance despite its connotations of all things equestrian. Its very classy and wearable for almost all occasions. The EDP is a different beast. Its still absolutely Habit Rouge but has an additional oud note that is reminiscent of YSL M7 which is no bad thing. The opening citrus is very much subdued in the EDP and the overall oriental effect is pronounced. Personally I find the EDT more pleasing over all.
06th March, 2010