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Aventus by Creed

Pineapple and some indistinct floral concoction. I don't see this as anyone's signature scent. Maybe Sponge Bob square pants who lived in a pineapple. Creed tried and failed with this. The ridiculous price tag should fool no-one.
02nd August, 2015

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

An odd one. It evokes such strong opinions it makes it a high risk venture. As soon as anyone identifies it, you're done for. Yet it has some distinct allure and smells like nothing else, a bygone age. Perhaps wear just a tiny bit in summer, and only if you expect to score in the wee hours of morning, and don't care who knows.
02nd August, 2015

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I was put off by the price too, but on getting a sample I really came to enjoy the subtle, sublime and rare scent of true violets. I even like the sweet, oily, almost mucosal scent that's kinda sexy and healthy. The ingredients are top notch, nothing synthetic whatsoever.

So I coughed up the $180 for a 100ml EDP. I've spent easily that much on perfumes I came to detest... what a waste. I've found so few scents I really like, so to find one I've come to love, and better still, feel comfortable wearing any time, I think it's worth shelling out.

I now wear this pretty much every day. It's the only scent I'm comfortable with applying directly. Even Vetiver and Terre'D'Hermes, which I love, I wouldn't apply directly.
10th October, 2010 (last edited: 09th April, 2011)
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Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Floral, powdery, plus I'm getting a sweet sawdust note, like from a woodworkshop.

Personally I wouldn't wear it. It's too much like those shopping mall scents they use to entice passer's by.
04th September, 2010

Hot Water by Davidoff

Something fragrance irritates my nose, something peppery and abrasive. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone prone to allergies.
17th August, 2010

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

To be fair I'm a regular user of vetiver and cedar base note fragrances, so I may be immune to the primary essences of this one. That said I get few impressions from this fragrance, just a vague sweet, powdery talc odor. I anticipate a lot from Guerlain, and I just can't find anything much in this creation.
17th August, 2010

Armani Attitude by Giorgio Armani

Though I agree that the bottle and name (who comes up with these names?) are counterproductive to this otherwise delicate and subtle fragrance, in the end the scent is what we end up living with for 8 hours a day.

The opening is citrus, an exceptional, sophisticated citrus, like you would get in a fine Sorrento limoncello. Then it develops a fresh, lightly herbaceous and slightly coniferous character. It fades with a pleasant oriental resonance with no hint of sourness or preservatives.

Attitude is not a 'wow' fragrance, and contrary to the name, it doesn't have attitude. It isn't as evocative as it could be But it is a pleasing blend of fine ingredients, is well balanced and lasting.

17th August, 2010

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

I don't get the fuss. Sweet incense with something peppery, anise or licorice, and traces of pungent sweet florals, gardenia or jasmine or something. A pleasantly feminine perfumed curiously repackaged for men.

I would be delighted if my garden smelt like this. I wouldn't however, go and roll in it.
17th August, 2010

Cool Water by Davidoff

All I could smell of this fragrance was bubble gum, the pink, fruity, musky kind. Better suited for a younger crowd, a much younger crowd.
17th August, 2010

XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

It's fine, unoffensive, unassuming - the paco rabanne for people who don't like the 'real' paco rabanne. I didn't find it evocative of anything, unlike a classic fragrance, so I had to wonder what the point of wearing it was.
14th August, 2010

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

My first impression on spraying Paco Rabanne is 'Pwooaarr!!' In a 21st century world of shy, foody, fruity and almost apologetic men's fragrances, PR is none of these. It's manly, forceful and an unmistakeable 'aftershave' fragrance.

I'd never want to use for sombre days, and walking through a sprayed cloud is preferable to applying it directly, but there is something classic, primal, energising and ultimately satisfying about this scent, especially a few hours later when the floral, herbal notes have died away.
14th August, 2010

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

I find this too bland and lacking any masculinity. I wonder who the market is with a name like 'red jacket', rentacar clerks and flight stewards maybe, the kind of jobs where you need to smell professional, asexual, and without a strong personality.
14th August, 2010

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

A really pleasant, fresh, marine inspired fragrance that ages very well. If it weren't so common, I would've made it a staple in my weekly cycle.
14th August, 2010
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Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

Loved the initial punch of acidic citrus coupled with a fresh green accompaniment (coriander?). The transition to more luxuriant, solid oils is pleasantly sophisticated if a little soapy.

The killer for me was the dusty, heavy synthetic musky base, which just reminds me of cheap, overused, sprayon deoderants in gym change rooms. It may have been cool in 1985, but it's a common environmental pollutant now.

It's possible this fragrance was specifically designed to mask more unpleasant masculine smells emmitted by pungent men, giving them an everlasting fresh talc smell. You may need to work up a terrific sweat, or smoke a pipe for a week, before it kicks in and does what it should do.
01st March, 2010

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

I love this scent and never grow tired of it. For me it evokes crisp mountain conifer forests with mineral springs and primal mist.
12th February, 2010 (last edited: 01st March, 2010)

M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

Not unpleasant, but to my nose, very musky and powdery. This is too close to so many roll on deodorants I've tried for it to be anything special. It evokes images of a man who is afraid of his personal odor and is constantly applying perfumed products to cover it up.
12th February, 2010

Vetiver by Guerlain

As I live in a country with few orchards and even less cedar trees, I find this fragrance exotic. The distict leafy citrus and slightly bitter herb notes evoke images of well ordered French fields segmented by slightly untame hedges and herb patches, something like you'd see in Impressionist landscape paintings.

I'd be a little uncomfortable wearing this as it evokes well-dressed European casualness which I don't aspire to, and still the smell intrigues me.
12th February, 2010

A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

Nothing offensive, everything sweet,not at all sophisticated but perfectly pleasant. You can't really go wrong with this one. I wear it at dance parties, pity it doesn't last long.
12th February, 2010 (last edited: 01st March, 2010)

Imperial Leather by Cussons

After many years I still find this perfume fresh, natural, masculine and sensuous. It is still sold in Australia, mostly as after-shave in men's shaving packs, and it doesn't seem to age. The sensuality and sweetness of the lavender and vanilla is somehow rendered less floral, more primal by the woody, earthy textures. It doesn't seem to have any of the synthetic and bitter qualities I detect in even good modern perfumes, and its transition from top to bottom notes is almost seamless. The perfume seems to be appreciated by both men and women equally, old and young, but seems to me better suited to men over 35.
08th February, 2010