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Saks New Orleans by Bond No. 9

I received New Orleans as a anniversary present from my husband this year. I must say the falcon is very breathtaking in person.My husband was told by the SA at Saks in Nola, that the house of Bond no.9 only made 150 bottles of New Orleans and that no more would be made, they only have 11 bottles left now!

New Orleans is a lovely scent, I find it very hard to write a review here I love this one too much! If you like any of the notes listed you would love this;like the Big Easy this fragrance is just a very wearable gourmand, with each note transposing and floating in layers with each other, each developing on the skin with a warm and subtle glow.I'm very impressed with the Cajun base, I love patchouli, sandalwood,and amber with sprinkles of cinnamon. I close my eyes and can feel the rhythm of Nola. I'm just glad this fragrance smells nothing like crawdads, beer, whiskey or sweet leaf that you might catch whiffs of down on Decatur St.

Go Saints!
08th April, 2010

Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

My signature for years after she was first released...Of course I still have a bottle and will always keep it in my collection....If you don't like Coco Mademoiselle I doubt we would get along..In fact I might just give you quite the patchouli/ rose vanilla/white musk headache even...

I remember a few months after I first bought CM I was out giving make-overs and hustling perfume at this huge crowded trade show. When (to my surprise and almost embarrassment) this lady chased down my silage breathless and panting while pushing her way through a throng of people just to ask me what I was wearing...

Of course NOW it's way too popular..Even so Coco Mademoiselle you will always have a place in my heart...
08th April, 2010