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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

I am sure that all fragrance lovers have that one fragrance that changes their outlook on fragrances forever, and in my case that fragrance is Fahrenheit. I can still remember when I first smelled Fahrenheit in 2000, up to this point I was accustomed to only smelling the fresh aquatic fragrances like ADG that still to this day are worn by the masses. I did not really see their vaule let alone enjoyed wearing fragrances to much, I mainly wore them because girls liked when a guy smelled nice, and if I remember correctly I only had one bottle which was Good Life by Davidoff. Then it happend I was going through a coworkers small collection and the bottle of the original Fahrenheit caught my eye as did the name I thought what a strange name for a fragrance, I sprayed it on and I remember I was blown away by the in your face scent of petroleum and violet leaf which I loved and instantly I was taken back to high school and being in a shop class where I worked on engines and remembering how I loved the scent that would be stuck on me after getting out of that class. I then thought why would anyone want wear this scent, and how is this scent suppose to attract women. I guess I must have had a strange look on my face because I remember my coworker say something like "Strong intresting smell HUH?" which I replied "Oh Yeah!". I then asked him do girls actually like when you wear this, and his response was yup they do give it a little and you will smell why. What I smelled next was a beautiful mixture of sweet violet, honeysuckle, cedar, musk, sandlewood, and tonka. Needless to say I fell in love with this fragrance and honestly did not care at that point if anyone else liked this fragrance on me because I loved it on myself, and in that I discovered that one should never wear fragrances for others, one should wear them for their own enjoyment. Because if you love the fragrance that you are wearing it gives you a sense of joy, and confidence that will allow others to see the beauty and enjoy the fragrance you are wearing as well.

I can not say who should or should not wear Fahrenheit that is for each individual to test out and decide on there own, but what I can say is that todays formulation is much more wearable then the original because it is far less harsh. I myself love the old formulation and wear it from time to time, but I am also happy with the new formulation because I try not to focus on whats not there and focus more on what still is after all it is still in essence Fahrenheit, and I know that if I had first smelled Fahrenheit today I would still love it for what it is today an amazing unique niche fragrance in a designer market.
30th December, 2010

1 Million by Paco Rabanne

This is a great scent if you are young trying to get noticed, and your life revolves around clubbing and bar hopping, the scent is amazing in those situations. However I feel it being such a great clubbing scent is also its down fall, it is becoming very popular and in time will soon be a common scent and will not get the great amount of attention it once did and it will meet the fate of many other attention catching scents before it. That being said this fragrance to me is sweet to the point of almost being feminine, which is no suprise when one looks at todays trends. It does to me give off a bubble gum type scent which is pleasing and many girls I have met seem to like. However for me this fragrance is not very versital, I can only wear it in the colder months or when I am out on the town clubbing, any other time it just does not work for me. Do I love this scent NO, do I hate it NO, to me it is just another scent that I have in my collection that I use at certain times and even in those situations it is not my go to scent.
28th December, 2010

Joop! Homme by Joop!

This fragrance causes a constant internal struggle with in me on one side I hate it because it is so over the top sweet in such a synthetic manner and swear I will never use it again. But then there the other side of me that loved using this since college and loves it because it is so sweet and gets you noticed and lasts what seems like forever. One thing is for sure this will have a place in my collection if for nothing more then nostalgia. One thing I will give this fragrance credit for is for being so bold from its hot pink juice to its loud scent which if not applied correctly can be down right cloyingly offensive. Love it or hate it one thing is for sure once you smell it you won't soon forget it LOL.
28th December, 2010
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