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Royal Water by Creed

I've really come full circle on this one. took repeated testings over years but the light bulb finally went off, and I went ahead and bought a bottle.

I do like "soapy" frags and this one definitely fits the bill. This is like a high-end combination of Clean and CK One with Creed's signature ambergris and musk base. Can't wait to wear this in the dead of summer. So uplifting, airy, and refreshing. Doesn't have the dessert-like heavy sweetness of Royal Delight.

Thumbs up, Creed. just sorry it took so long to see the light!
19th July, 2010

Royal Delight by Creed

like the name implies, this frag is like spraying yourself with Creme Brulee. So sweet, so decadent.

can't say it smells bad, but the leather/vanilla is just too much for me. while it technically smells great, i just can't imagine any situation where this would be appropriate. this is the definition of "cloying" to me. everytime i try it, i eventually have to wash it off after a couple of hours.
19th July, 2010

"Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

Holy hell...

I've been wearing Creed for about 15 years. Never came into contact with this until now.

It is absolutely exquisite. Lots of debate about "is it worth it?" That's a question that is subjective depending on your personal financial state, and your priorities. A better question is, "does it deserve this price point compared to other fragrances?" And the answer to that question is a resounding "YES".

The delicacy and complexity of this fragrance justbarelytops Windsor, and everything else I've wrapped my olifactory glands around. Overall, it is my second favorite fragrance ever (right behind the aforementioned Windsor).

And I am someone who is NOT a fan of Tabarome Millesime. This ain't the same ballpark... ain't even the same freakin sport!

Vintage Tabarome winds a confident road between high-class exclusivity and approachable familiarity. The top notes upon application are stunning, including a world-class bergamot and a commanding (but not off-putting) pepper. About 20 minutes in reveals a wonderfully organic green quality with a hint of Dad's shaving bowl from your childhood memory bank. An hour into this fragrance reveals a drydown that makes this fragrance more and more approachable and laid back. A sexy soapy scent comes in to unbutton this fragrance's starched dress shirt and roll the sleeves up. The wonderfully warm Creed house-note joins to create a hint of sweetness that is the hidden gem of this fragrance.

Those who trump this as a stuffy, "presidential", upper-class fragrance is missing the boat, in my opinion. I think this is no less than the benchmark to which all other male fragrances need measure, and applicable to far more personalities and situations than given credit for.

Just ordered one of the last 5 left (period) at the Creed Boutique in NYC (as of today). I've never felt better about dropping $405.

Unbelievable. "Thumbs Up" is an understatement.
02nd April, 2010
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