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Infini by Caron

I own Infini in parfum , one of the latest incarnations - and I agree with what others have said . Contradictory , smoky , cold , remorseless . But yet I have come to love it .
I also own a mossy , vintage parfum de toilette 85 , gorgeous , easier to love , less metallic .
Recently I swapped for half an ounce of L'Infini parfum in a clear cylinder box . OMG , much more floral , almost jammy , and barely a whiff of that smoky/metallic accord . I'd be happy to share a sample .
I wish I knew when these different bottles were made...!
09th March, 2012

Sirocco by Lucien Lelong

Created by Jean Carles and very much related to his masterpiece Shalimar , Sirocco is very under-appreciated . It opens witha lavender-vanilla accord ( similar to Caron Pour un Homme ( released the same year ) but the rich amber-patchouli base soon comes forward . There is a small floral heart , but this is all about the incensey opopponax and patchouli drydown . It is the patchouli that saves this from becoming too rich and sweet , and the longevity is excellent .
The older , twisted bottles of dark jus are much richer , the newer , long necked bottles are a little vapid .
22nd August, 2011

Eau de Gucci by Gucci

To my nose this is a classic tangy floral, a variation on the original Gucci No 1 , which is discontinued and HTF .
The notes include tangerine, lilac, jasmine, violet, sandalwood, vetiver and vanilla .
Soft , very approprite for a sunny spring day !
01st May, 2011
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Pink Lotus by Aftelier

This is my favorite fragrance of ALL TIME !
Earthy , fruity and sooo sexy . The sandalwood is deep and textured and priceless .
I never want to be without it .
03rd February, 2011