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Devana by Pell Wall Perfumes

The unmistakable scent of Artemisia absinthium is captured so well in this one and this note continues for a couple of hours on me.

One of the joys of summer in the garden is brushing past members of this family and tweaking the odd leaf, but this must be one of the nicest - fresh, dry, silvery, even arid green.

Here, the driest herb is joined by a deep green citrus then softened a little - maybe a hint of freesia.

The later stages remain dry but softened by a slightly peppered sandalwood.

A lovely scent to wear when the leaves are no more and probably a refreshing contrast to the heavy scents of the summer garden!
06th December, 2013

Gin & Lime by Pell Wall Perfumes

In late 2013, mine starts out rather martini-like - although more subtle in this respect than the Concentree.
Both are very well blended.

The orange/neroli is gently evident as well early on, joined by a hint of coriander and the use of ambergris helps to shift these compositions away from the standard issue citric cologne, one of the reasons that I enjoy wearing them so much.

My other 'citric' colognes spend the winter in hibernation but these are just as enjoyable in cool weather.
29th November, 2013

Gin & Lime Cologne Concentrée by Pell Wall Perfumes

My first sniff of this one brought a spontaneous smile - the initial moments so reminiscent of a freshly poured Gin Martini with the fizz of the freshest lime, maybe some orange rind, this is definitely not a half-hearted attempt at a citrus opening, not harsh in any way but unusual and striking, the ingredient quality apparent from the start.

The orange blossom soon blooms, aided by a touch of coriander - all happily swirling around with delightful ambergris.

14th November, 2013
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1953 by Pell Wall Perfumes

Starting with a quotation from the Pell Wall website in order to explain the inspiration for this scent :-

"Named '1953' - after the year of the coronation - because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British Monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing - according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil - the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.
(synthetic substitutes have been used for civet & musk)"

As might be expected, this is a classy scent, the lovely, spicy orange blossom notes develop into an elegant and timeless, subtly blended slightly spicy floral with notes of rose, jasmine, ambergris and benzoin.

One hopes that the Coronation Oil was as enjoyable!

14th November, 2013

Anjin by Pell Wall Perfumes

Unusual, elegant and refreshing.

This is a lovely dry, spicy and citric fragrance initially reminding me faintly of the old Becherovka liqueur (but definitely not the current one!).

Sophisticated and modern, the sandalwood and styrax are aided by notes of pimento, coriander and a hint of clove, although these are softened by a very slight floral aspect.

A very well blended fragrance with excellent longevity and one that will definitely be finding a place on my 'go to' list.

Pros: Excellently blended ingredients

21st September, 2013

Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall Perfumes

A classic scent

Not a reviewer, or a 'nose' - just a long-time wearer who is a bit picky about buying full bottles these days.

To me, this one is English summertime in a bottle with rose, lily and a little jasmine (and violet leaf), plus bergamot mint and a neroli.

The drydown is lovely too, the sandalwood aspect, combined with the vanilla and musk, is a welcome change from the oft-repeated generic vanilla/musk.

A lovely touch is the delicate colour, obtained from home-grown roses and other ingredients.

Wearing this for the first time walking past some lavender bushes and potted lilies in the August sunshine was a lovely experience.

This has surprising longevity on me.

Pros: Quality ingredients and direct purchase.

09th September, 2013