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    Jinko by Florascent

    One of the 'Kyoto Edition' series and inspired by the Kodo ceremony, this is a haunting and very unusual fragrance which may appeal to those who enjoy Japanese incense as the aloeswood and overall impression echoes the higher quality ones - definitely no resemblance to oud oil or the 'oud' synthetics currently so popular.
    It does not appear unduly sweet to me, gently spicy, a little dirty, gently smoky, slightly floral, generally exotic and quite addictive.
    It's one that I increasingly turn to when something calm and contemplative is in order.
    It appears to be a 'natural' (and vegan) fragrance and the longevity is not amazing but it's so enjoyable that I'm really happy to have it and the tiny EdP bottles are travel size.
    There is nothing of the slightly generic 'leaden' tone which appears (to me, anyway) common to some natural perfumes.
    This one unfortunately appears to be easier to find in mainland Europe than here in the U.K.

    07 September, 2014


    Reflection Woman by Amouage

    Wow, this is so unlike other Amouage perfumes of a similar age.
    Having acquired an early (Mosque) bottle of this it's wearing as a refreshing light calone/violet/magnolia creation after the initial freesia wears off.
    There must be less costly alternatives but it's pleasant, in a very reticent way.
    It reminds me of CDG's Serpentine in terms of style and presence.

    05 September, 2014


    Zahd by Slumberhouse

    Certainly a polarising composition, Zahd to me is rich, dark, cranberry crushed velvet scented with classic Nag Champa, touched by cocoa, nestling in an attar base.
    Hugely evocative and extremely exotic but also very wearable.

    06 August, 2014


    Eva Kant by O'Driù

    Named for Diabolik's cartoon partner on an anniversary year, Eva Kant is a most fitting creation.

    The unusual bitter citrus (chinotto?) is so appropriate in this scent, tempered by a touch of lavender & greens, initially reminding me of passing an upmarket urban fruit and flower stall, laden with greenery then tempered by ylang, vanilla and resinous spices as the journey proceeds.

    A bold and stylish creation, fast becoming a favourite.

    24 January, 2014


    Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse

    Starts out like a winey windfall pear, a touch of chamomile, moving on to memories of plump, juicy green olives, then creamy with massoia.
    This would be lovely in summer - on an unusually warm January day it's rather good fun too!

    13 January, 2014


    Ancient Resins by Aftelier

    This is a lovely oil containing a great deal of frankincense, together with Balm of Gilead and other aromatics.
    It's wearable alone as a light scent, layered with other fragrances, or as a hair elixir &body oil which is it's original purpose.

    It was originally created for Leonard Cohen.

    08 January, 2014


    Gin Fizz by Lubin

    The packaging of the vintage stuff really appeals to me, unlike the contents of the current version.
    It may have been fairly nice, in a quiet way, once upon a time but a recent sample was a massive disappointment as it is just so bland.

    04 January, 2014


    Sex Pistols by Etat Libre d'Orange

    Wouldn't have caused any window displays to have been arrested but fittingly revolting.
    Slightly disappointed that there were no free safety-pins included.

    29 December, 2013


    Thirty-three by Ex Idolo

    For a quality and very wearable take on rose/oud, this is an excellent choice and actually does contain oud oil - impressed :)

    One to enjoy wearing and be comforted by when a deep and moody oudy rose is required.

    28 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 24 January, 2014)


    Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

    Whilst not as rosy for long after the opening as the name might suggest, this is a skilful composition apparently inspired by the roses of Nangarhar and using both Afghani & Bulgarian rose products.

    The apricot is not a sticky jammy one to me at all - more kernels than jam, more amaretti than pie in combination with the almond.

    There is geranium leaf, tonka/vanilla and a little vetiver & tobacco, the patchouli & ambergris combining them into an addictive and comforting scent which is a joy to wear.

    27 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 28 December, 2013)


    Iris Nazarena by Aedes de Venustas

    Whilst singularly unqualified to review this, will scribble some thoughts anyway.

    Wow - bought this one on a whim and initially found the opening a little strident.

    Moving on swiftly (as it does), this is a lovely iris - less overwhelmingly 'carroty' than some, not sweet or powdery but an elegant rainbow of iris facets.

    After the irisy anise & very slight juniper come leather and a shy rose, incense, vetiver, woods, all shining together and holding out until the end.

    09 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 December, 2013)


    Artemis by Pell Wall Perfumes

    The unmistakable scent of Artemisia absinthium is captured so well in this one and this note continues for a couple of hours on me.

    One of the joys of summer in the garden is brushing past members of this family and tweaking the odd leaf, but this must be one of the nicest - fresh, dry, silvery, even arid green.

    Here, the driest herb is joined by a deep green citrus then softened a little - maybe a hint of freesia.

    The later stages remain dry but softened by a slightly peppered sandalwood.

    A lovely scent to wear when the leaves are no more and probably a refreshing contrast to the heavy scents of the summer garden!

    06 December, 2013


    Lady Gaga Fame by Lady Gaga

    The blackberry bit was sort of O.K., but the choking that soon followed less so.

    01st December, 2013


    Gin & Lime by Pell Wall Perfumes

    In late 2013, mine starts out rather martini-like - although more subtle in this respect than the Concentree.
    Both are very well blended.

    The orange/neroli is gently evident as well early on, joined by a hint of coriander and the use of ambergris helps to shift these compositions away from the standard issue citric cologne, one of the reasons that I enjoy wearing them so much.

    My other 'citric' colognes spend the winter in hibernation but these are just as enjoyable in cool weather.

    29 November, 2013


    Les Nombres d'Or - Rose Etoile de Hollande by Mona di Orio

    Perhaps my enjoyment of this scent has been marred by my close connection with the deep red rose for which it was named - a fragrant joy from the past, still happily scenting the air in summer gardens.

    This doesn't strike me as a rosy fragrance, starting with peachy aldehydes, a rosy clove geranium and more with a bitter heliotrope aspect - not the heliotrope known by growers and bees, more a slightly upmarket play-doh.

    There was an occasional rosy whiff, but very little given the name.

    18 November, 2013


    Gin & Lime Cologne Concentrée by Pell Wall Perfumes

    My first sniff of this one brought a spontaneous smile - the initial moments so reminiscent of a freshly poured Gin Martini with the fizz of the freshest lime, maybe some orange rind, this is definitely not a half-hearted attempt at a citrus opening, not harsh in any way but unusual and striking, the ingredient quality apparent from the start.

    The orange blossom soon blooms, aided by a touch of coriander - all happily swirling around with delightful ambergris.

    14 November, 2013


    1953 by Pell Wall Perfumes

    Starting with a quotation from the Pell Wall website in order to explain the inspiration for this scent :-

    "Named '1953' - after the year of the coronation - because among many special things involved in the accession to the throne of a British Monarch perhaps the most special is the anointing - according to Wikipedia British Monarchs are the only ones still anointed as part of the ceremony and it is done with a specially made Coronation Oil - the ingredients for which have been similar since the 12th Century and include ambergris, civet, rose, jasmine, orange flower, cinnamon, musk and benzoin.
    (synthetic substitutes have been used for civet & musk)"

    As might be expected, this is a classy scent, the lovely, spicy orange blossom notes develop into an elegant and timeless, subtly blended slightly spicy floral with notes of rose, jasmine, ambergris and benzoin.

    One hopes that the Coronation Oil was as enjoyable!

    14 November, 2013


    Zeta by Tauer

    In most parts of England we don't have many native trees with fragrant flowers, so the short time that the Tillia tribe flowers is eagerly awaited by some of us!

    Many Europeans gather the fragrant flowers and use them in flower teas - we also use them in pot pourri and a few drops of the E.O. in the bath is a lovely treat.

    A large flowering Linden tree is such a delight which scents the surrounding air for quite a distance, conjured perfectly here.

    This scent is as fleeting as it's inspiration, a very pleasant experience and a lovely reminder of early summer days.

    09 November, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 December, 2013)


    Acqua di Parma Colonia by Acqua di Parma

    This was one of my 'go to' refreshers for warmer weather, a lovely, cheerful combination mostly of citrus, rose, lavender. & vetiver.

    Now that the rose seems to have disappeared (to me, anyway) and everything else diluted beyond recognition, it will not be replaced.

    01st November, 2013 (Last Edited: 27 December, 2013)


    Anjin by Pell Wall Perfumes

    Unusual, elegant and refreshing.

    This is a lovely dry, spicy and citric fragrance initially reminding me faintly of the old Becherovka liqueur (but definitely not the current one!).

    Sophisticated and modern, the sandalwood and styrax are aided by notes of pimento, coriander and a hint of clove, although these are softened by a very slight floral aspect.

    A very well blended fragrance with excellent longevity and one that will definitely be finding a place on my 'go to' list.

    Pros: Excellently blended ingredients

    21st September, 2013


    Pretty in Pink by Pell Wall Perfumes

    A classic scent

    Not a reviewer, or a 'nose' - just a long-time wearer who is a bit picky about buying full bottles these days.

    To me, this one is English summertime in a bottle with rose, lily and a little jasmine (and violet leaf), plus bergamot mint and a neroli.

    The drydown is lovely too, the sandalwood aspect, combined with the vanilla and musk, is a welcome change from the oft-repeated generic vanilla/musk.

    A lovely touch is the delicate colour, obtained from home-grown roses and other ingredients.

    Wearing this for the first time walking past some lavender bushes and potted lilies in the August sunshine was a lovely experience.

    This has surprising longevity on me.

    Pros: Quality ingredients and direct purchase.

    09 September, 2013


    Ayoon Al Maha Attar by Amouage

    Someone told me that this was 'a masterpiece' and I wouldn't disagree.
    A simple Turkish rose/sandalwood/oud combo - hope it is produced again one day.
    It is one of my absolute favourites - not complex or pretentious by any means but wholly wearable and very long lasting.

    17 April, 2013 (Last Edited: 24 January, 2014)


    Beloved by Amouage

    Had a pleasant chypre aspect initially, but then lost it's way on me.

    17 April, 2013


    Saffron Rose by Grossmith

    Very nice saffron opening, and becomes a classy scent, but agree that the price may be a drawback as for any quality item, at £175/50 ml, the most expensive of the 'Black Label' issue.

    21st March, 2013 (Last Edited: 24 January, 2014)


    Calèche by Hermès

    Having recently located two old, sealed bottles of an old version of this classic (brown horse, pre-yellow box), it was difficult to believe the difference between the old and newest versions.
    Opening one bottle with great trepidation, one spray confirmed that I had not been imagining the rather exteme variation between the innocuous 'new' and the much more complex, haunting 'old'.
    Caleche used to have immense staying power, working it's way into coats in a very delicate way and this old stuff still has that lasting power.
    It is rather sad that the current offspring of Caleche will probably disappear through no fault of her beautiful, original parent.

    13 March, 2010 (Last Edited: 14 November, 2013)


    Lyric Woman by Amouage

    Cannot add much to the existing reviews, other than the label states that 'We do not test on animals, nor support it, and nor do our suppliers' - excellent news!

    Lyric Woman really is a lovely fragrance (especially for sunny days), a beautiful combination of notes which do not overwhelm the rose but compliment it perfectly. Longevity has not been a problem, although the edp is a very subtle scent.

    Reviewed the original issue and subsequent versions are different.

    04 March, 2010 (Last Edited: 29 December, 2013)


    Homage Attar by Amouage

    Hoping that this will not really be a limited edition as it seems to me to have the qualities of a true classic.
    Though smelling nothing like Joy, Homage by it's sheer presence reminds me of that enduring scent (haven't tried the new version though, still using the old).
    Homage contains such an intoxicating and true rose and the overall formulation is way more subtle than expected, very calming, uplifting, enveloping the wearer in a magic little cloud.
    This is one that I would not like to be without.

    Review for older white box version, subsequent purchases from authorised vendors only have been variable, from strong oud note (late white box), stronger citrus/less rose (early red box) to generally dilute (later red box).
    Obviously, naturally produced products will vary in composition but, at this price, some quality control is required if the price and demand is to be maintained.

    Edit - the later red/black box versions are strong on the orange blossom with more synthetics.
    I have not tried the late 2013 version.

    16 February, 2010 (Last Edited: 29 December, 2013)

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