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Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

I was in Vegas and just happened to walk into the Polo store at Ceasar's Palace and decided to try this Polo frangrance I had not seen before. This is around 2004-5. To my surprise it was nothing like any Polo cologne I had ever tried before. It was different. I was met by this wonderful scent that had a fine leather and Tobacco vibe. In my mind, what I see is a fine gentleman sitting on a leather chair smoking a cigar and sipping on a Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It is a smell of sophistication that exuded class. Now remember, this prior to me getting into the world of fragrance and knowing anything about Creed, Bond No9, Amouage, Memo, Le Labo, by Kilian, etc. Today, I still like this fragrance and wear it from time to time. It is a calming fragrance for me. I actually find some similarities between Purple Label and one of my favorites Bond No9, Bleeker Street.
I has good projection and lasting power. To me it is worth the money. When my bottle runs out, I'll just have to get another. Thumbs up for me.
17th May, 2016

Les Echappées - Shams Oud by Memo

To me it is the BEST one from this line. Although, from the ones I've tried, Luxor and African Leather are the honorable mentioned. I can see this house get many followers and I will probably be one of them. I can say without a doubt that Shams Oud will be a part of my collection as long as I can get my hands on it.
The opening is very sharp, resinous and spicy. I get the pepper,maybe some saffron and some type of resinous smell that is very sharp and dry. Although this facet is good, it is not my favorite part of this fragrance. About 3-4 hrs in, the pepper and saffron has taken a back seat. The smell has settled and it is no longer sharp and dry. It now becomes a comforting warm and embracing aroma that is probably the combination of the birch, oud and Tonka beans.

It has very good projection for the first 4hrs then it becomes and aura of beauty around you. It is more than a skin scent as it can be easily noticed from a short distance only to attract those near by closer in order to get a better sniff of this glorious scent.
I am 5 1/2 hrs into it and it is still on my skin easily noticed with the slightlest breeze of air.
28th April, 2016

Sunshine Man by Amouage

HackerX nailed the description to a T. I did not know that the common note was Immortelle so I learned something new here. When I first smelled Sunshine, I thought of a green fluid. Some how, I thought I had expirenced it before and sure enough, it was Eau Noire that I had gotten as a small sample. This fragrance is not one of my favorite from Amouage and I do not think it is a blind buy as Immortelle is not for everyone. However, it is a pleasant fragrance and will probably not be disappointed.

One thing I must add is that Sunshine has good projection and it is long lasting, so if it is not your cup of tea, good luck trying to scrub it off. I imagine it to take a few scrubbings.
13th February, 2016 (last edited: 12th February, 2016)
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Black by Puredistance

This is one of my favorites fragrances around. The only draw back is the price. I've been sparingly using my decant of 5 mls like if it was liquid gold. Wait a minute, it is liquid gold.
I get the leather, the woods, and a fabulous dry down. It's about a three in silage but last all day long. At times, you think it's gone but with a little breeze, you get the wonderful aroma coming off the skin. It's intoxicating. This could easily be my signature scent, if it wasn't for the price.
If you are looking for something unique,you might be disappointed with this one. However,if you want to smell great and be transported to a euphoric place, this one is the one. At least, it is for me.
21st May, 2015 (last edited: 01st October, 2015)

Prelude to Love by By Kilian

I have sampled this one a few times and have always loved it. It ranks 3rd in my book for L'oeuvre noir collection, only behind Straight to Heaven and Cruel Intentions. I just cannot bring myself to paying the full price tag. However, a 50ml refill bottle is much more affordable and could find its way to my collection.
I am yet to find a fragrance by Kilian that I do not like. They are all fantastic in their own merit. I say this, basing my decision solely on the fragrance and not on the price tag. However, By kilian was ahead of his time in making it affordable if you are willing to bypass the gorgeous looking presentation in the bottle and box.

Now, I move to the fragrance. At onset, this starts with a crisp orange aroma. However, to me, it smells more like the white part of the peel as opposed to the tangy, bitter outside. This quickly evolves into more of a delicate grape, more like a nice, ripe, purple grape bitten in half. I guess it is the combination of the iris and the orange blossom that gives this vibe. Either way, the aroma is delicate, luscious, and to my agony, subtle. It is a little more than a skin scent but it's not your power bomb. It lacks projection but the excellence of this fragrance and the quality of the ingredients can easily be noticed to be of high quality. The longevity is average. It lingers on my skin about 4-6hrs and longer if applied to clothes. However, this is a scent that will be enjoyed by the person wearing it and those that come in very close contact. But then again, I wear a fragrance for my enjoyment and this does the job. I believe this fragrance to be strictly Unisex and can be easily worn by either sex.

I went to get a refill of Cruel Intentions as my 50mls were almost gone. I happened to try this scent once again as well as some from the Asian Tales and Garden of Good and Evil collection that are now available. To my surprise, not only did I get Cruel Intentions, but also a refill of Prelude to Love. After reading my review done a few years ago, my feelings about this scent has not change at all. Great fragrance.
12th June, 2012 (last edited: 17th June, 2014)

Fumidus by Profumum

AnthonyDG actually has this one described perfectly. But unlike his dislike for it. I think it's magnificent. It's like sipping on Caol Ila or Lagavulin, which in my books are two great offers from Islay, while sitting by a wood burning fire. The mix of smoke and peaty vetiver is seamless. I detect a spicy note beneath that I cannot put my finger on it. It is a little medicinal undertone that brings this fragrance to a a great comfort zone. I don't know if this is something I would wear out for a night in the town. But more like something I would wear at home to bring me pleasure and comfort. It's something that I would wear to relax on winter night by the fire while reading a good book or even to watch a good show(for those who hate reading:-))
This fragrance is robust, opulent, long lasting with a great sillage.
03rd January, 2012

Lonestar Memories by Tauer

To me Lonestar Memories takes you through a weekend with the guys hunting letting the beard grow and enjoying a great time next to a fire as you lay your head on a saddle and look up to a beautiful clear sky and a bright constillation. As the fragrance develops you're going back home to be to the wife, but prior to seeing her you stop at your favorite barbershop to get rid of the overgrown beard and get a little touch up around the ears and neck so that you are presentable to her again.
I initially get a blast of smokey leather similar to the kind you smell on a saddle or at a place where they work with raw leather. This is not the soft suede leather you find in Cuir D'Iris, Daimiris, or Palais Jamais. This leather is more along the lines of Tuscan Leather, Cuir D'ottoman which is then blended with smokey aroma. This facet last for a while but it gradually gets softer until it becomes more of a shaving cream/barbershop smell similar to Bond No9 Cooper Square or YSL Rive Gauche but a more tolerable. It smells clean as if you were getting a shave by your favorite barber. How it transition to this is beyond me. I was watching a movie with my wife and as the movie was over I noticed how much the scent had transformed. This is something that needs to be worn a few times before completely understanding all the facets of the scent. However, I can tell on my first wear that it's something that I definitely like and would wear again. I am really looking forward to trying this again and paying a little more attention to the development. The sillage is moderate and the longivity is very good. Well formulated, fantastic transitions, thumbs up......
20th November, 2011

Straight to Heaven by By Kilian

The start has a boozy opening as everyone has stated but on me it goes right into a beautifully smooth patchouli/cedar that is not overpowering but yet it's there to claim its presence for the rest of the day. It promotes a soothing feeling over me and I just love to get whiffs of the scent as air hits my skin. This is simply a fantastic scent that is well made and not your head shop patchouili. To me, this is a perfect scent and a must have for my collection. It will be a part of my wardrobe even If I had only 15 fragrances to choose from, I like it that much. I also think that Cruel Intentions and Rose Oud are fantastic on this line. Another to consider is Back to Black, Everyone keeps talking about the $200 price, but you can buy a travel refill which is about 30mls for roughly $80 after taxes and add an atomizer for $1 and you have a wonderful fragrance at a fantastic price. The projection is above average. Longivity is greater than 6-8hrs. It is more towards the masculine spectrum in my books. It's an A+ in my books.
Now, a word of warning this is coming from a guy who loves Aventus, Spices and Wood, Original Cologne, Royal Oud, Jubilation xxv, Epic, Honour, Cruel Intentions, Rose Oud, Oxford and Cambridge, Oud Wood, Tobacco Vanille, Tuscan Leather, Santal Noble, Musc Ravageur, Jeux de Peau, Oamassi, Santal Praline, New Harlaam, Bleeker Street, Riverside Drive and such fragrances. So take it as it is, my humble and simple opinion.
01st November, 2011 (last edited: 18th February, 2012)

Memoir Man by Amouage

Memoir Man starts with a sharp Absinth/mint start that fades quickly on my skin. These green topnote is nowhere as sharp as the Absinth note found in A taste of Heaven by Killian which to my nose smells like freshly cut grass with scallions. I don't really care for the scallions smell so that it's missing in Memoir is a good thing in my book. I think that Memoir is better formulated and has a better transition into a soft leather accord that I could compare to that found in a brand new car such as a Ferrari. I still get small whiffs of Absinth and leather for quite a while after application. However, I do not get much of the woods and tobacco from this scent. So to me, this fragrance is like riding a sports car through a grass field and smelling the fresh cut grass and the expensive leather interior of the car.
This fragrance has little sillage. It stays close the body on me. It's smooth, elegant, and soothing. Longivity could vary depending on skin type so I will not go into that. However, if money is problem, I am sure you could get something out there much cheaper but not quite as refined. Is it bottle worthy? I am still trying not sure. Just like all Amouage fragrances, it does not come cheap. This would be the only drawback to this fragrance. For those on a budget, like me, it's difficult to pay this kind of money unless it would be a signature scent which for me it will not be. However, I will not allow my economics affect my taste. So, I will recommend this scent. I think at the least it should be a must try.
After 6hrs of application, I left with a soft Leather accord. The more I smelled this fragrance, the soft leather accord reminds me of Daim Blond by Serge Lutens.
I have revisited this fragrance many times since my post. Each time loving it more and more. There was a week where I wore it almost 4 days straight which is something I don't do often. I will consider this fragrance as a needed staple on my collection and it is definetely bottle worthy. Mine is on the way.
20th December, 2010 (last edited: 16th March, 2016)

Power by 50 Cent

Being new to fragrances and not having much experience with describing a scent, I am going to give this one a try. I experienced Power for the first time last week after trying Boucheron and Kourus. However, you cannot give any fragrance a fair shake after witnessing these two fragrances. So I decided to give it another try today. I was expecting to feel the same way as I did a week ago, but I was pleasantly surprised. Power has a citrus topnote that fades rather quickly leaving a light spicy scent that later develops into a woodsy/citrus scent as a basenote. Of course, I don't think it has the sillage nor the longivity is something to brag about, but I was quite impressed by the character and presence of this fragrance, enough to make me want to buy it. Don't turn your back on this one so quickly. It may grow on you just as it did on me.

PS.... Tried it on again, the juice only lasted about 4hrs on my skin, but still could smell it on my clothes after 6hrs. I don't think you can over apply it. It's not overpowering as someone mentioned earlier. However,I still think that is a pleasant fragrance mainly for those in college for a night out, to wear at the office, or casual occasions.

04th March, 2010 (last edited: 06th January, 2011)

X for Men by Clive Christian

This is the type of fragrance that I would like to be attached to my name. It's amazing. It stands out over any other fragrances I sampled today. You can be in a room full of people and everyone will know where you are. This not for the meek and subtle. This fragrance oozes confidence, stature, euphoria. It's intoxicating. Now, the price tag is not for everyone. It has to be thought out long and hard, and that is exactly what I am about to do. Does it take a place on my wishlist. You are darn right. It's the next scent I am buying. Now, take this as a novice on the fragrance world who has not experienced much. I consider myself a Teenager, a novice in this world of fragrace, but If I had to pick one fragrance that epetimizes what describes who I am. This essence would be the one.
24th February, 2010

Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

Dany 1985,
I am sorry but I am going to disagree with you on this one. I just tried Blu Notte at the store and is just like Andyman stated. The drying note is of baby powder. Where as Bman is a woody undertone with an added spicy kick. I agree with you on thumbs up for Bman which is defenitely must have in my books. However, Blu Notte pour Homme requires a liking for baby powder. Maybe a great fragance for those whose significant other just had a child and the lady of the house likes that baby powder smell which reminds her of the baby.
19th February, 2010