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Poppy by Coach

I tested this from a sample that I finished off today. It's a fruity floral fragrance, and it just doesn't grab me. I didn't like it the first time I tried it on my arm, because it seemed too aggressively fruity and a bit harsh. This grew on me a little when I lightly spritzed this on me last night. It seemed bright and refreshing. The scent makes me think of the color orange. I liked it enough to wear it to work today. It's easy to wear and pleasant enough. It didn't seem to change much over time. This is an edp and the lasting power was pretty good - I could still easily smell it at the end of the workday. But it doesn't really do anything for me and by lunchtime I needed to spritz a different fragrance on one wrist to have something interesting to smell. It was kind of fun to sample, but it's one of those fragrances I don't need to try again.
24th August, 2010

Artemisia by Penhaligon's

This smells a lot like Cashmere Mist. I owned and finished a bottle of CM, and every once in a while I long to have another bottle. I've recently finished a sample of Artemisia, and found it so similar, but more refined than CM. CM sometimes became cloying on me, and I think that would not happen with Artemisia. I do like Artemisia and would probably wear it frequently. But Artemisia is more expensive, and I haven't decided if it's worth it to me. I do like Artemisia's bottle better.
13th June, 2009

Fracas by Robert Piguet

Ultrafeminine, pure, white floral, a little spicy. Not spicy in the way that for example, cinnamon is spicy, but a natural floral spicyness. When overdone or if it's not agreeing with you that day, it can be thick, choking and headache inducing. But when conditions are right, it dries down to something so utterly beautiful and gentle. It doesn't smell like rose, but it gives me the feeling of being caressed by smooth, cool, pale pink rose petals.
30th September, 2006
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Vanilia by L'Artisan Parfumeur

On my skin I get a soft, slightly powdery vanilla fragrance with a hint of a sharp, almost metallic note running through it. Although it is not really foody, it is really delicious. I can understand why this is described as a smoky fragrance, but to me it's more like vapor. It's subtle and never becomes cloying like some other vanilla fragrances get on my skin. The lasting power is not great though.
16th March, 2006

Eau d'Hadrien by Annick Goutal

Light, lilting, lemony and lovely. This is one of the very rare fragrances that has been a repeat buy for me. Once in a while I get tired of it, but I know this is one that I will come back to again and again. To me it's refreshing and relaxing, even though that sounds like a contradiction. The body creme is just amazing, but so expensive. I had received a nice sized sample of it and of course now I want to buy a tube. I also want to try the EDP at some point. Maybe in the future, but at the moment I have plenty of the EDT on hand and too many other fragrances to justify such extravagant purchases. I guess it's a pretty simple fragrance, but that's one of the reasons I like it. The citrus notes stay after the drydown, but is joined by light woods that give it a refined quality. I feel comfortable wearing this anywhere. It's great for the office, for a leisurely stroll outdoors, for meeting friends for dinner, and for countless other occasions.
12th March, 2006

Coeur de Vahiné by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

For the first few seconds it was very nice, sparkling, fruity and sunny. But then it became way too sweet for me. Kind of like very sweet fruit punch. Then it faded pretty quickly, but didn't dry down to something nicer. Rather, it held on to it's overly sweet note even while disappearing.
05th March, 2006

Fleur du Matin by Miller Harris

It smelled nice in the sample vial, like natural wildflowers and herbs gathered from a morning walk. On my skin, all I got in the beginning stages was a strong lemon, or some other citrus, none of the flowers. After a little while, I started to get some of the greens and light woods. Kept waiting for the flowers, but they never came. Finally settled into an herbal scent, very slightly spicy, which wouldn't be bad but it smells a little sour on my skin.
22nd February, 2006

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger

So clean! Even slightly astringent. An energetic combination of citrus and floral notes. Cool and crisp, like winter air on a clear day. It's pretty potent and long lasting, too. The drydown is really's a dry floral and dare I say, sophisticated? I enjoyed both the initial burst and the lingering scent throughout the day. I should note that this review is based on wearing my sample for one day. But I'm pretty certain that if I had a bottle of this, I would wear this a lot because I have nothing else like it in my collection. Overall, I find this very wearable, casual, office friendly and even a little sexy.
26th January, 2006

Eau du Ciel by Annick Goutal

I go through phases with this one. Right now I'm liking it again. It's so soft, feminine, and gentle. The lasting power is odd. Sometimes it just vanishes within an hour. Other times it lasts all day, although in a very subtle way.
12th January, 2005

Vera Wang by Vera Wang

This is a fragrance that I wish I could fast forward past the initial stages. It is too strong and cloying of a floral on me in the beginning. Overpowering and without depth. But after an hour or two, what remains is a heavenly, beautiful floral that is so uplifting and then you're left with the cleanest drydown. You can really smell the good quality ingredients that went into this fragrance (by the way, I have the EDP). Ultimately, the way it wears over time wins me over.
10th December, 2004