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SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I tried both this and Eternity Summer within a couple days apart and first like them both. I went back and tried Kenzo Summer again- Do not like the strong first shot of mimosa. It is way to strong. If you are looking for a light summer frag I would choose the Eternity.
24th February, 2010

Vivara Variazioni - Acqua 330 by Emilio Pucci

I got this out of the women's Sephora perfume gift. It came with a dozen or so decants of different fragrances. I took my time on this since I wanted to make the best choice. I wanted something different from my usual 'oriental' and 'sweet' fragrance choice. This is a definate water scent. I brought it home and my DH likened it to Acqua di Gio which he likes as one of his fav scents. This isn't one of my signature scents, but I do like it as something different to wear for a change.
23rd February, 2010

Jasmin Noir by Bulgari

I am still undecided about this fragrance. It is not one I am immediatly 'in love' with. There are some sweet powdery notes that I really like on my skin, but the overpowering gardenia and jasmine were just too much for me.
23rd February, 2010
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Escada En Fleurs by Escada

Purchased this in the Schipol Airport on a layover. I usually dislike roses and heavy florals, so when I like this I was quite suprised. This is a nice combination of several flowers.
21st February, 2010

Amber Romance by Victoria's Secret

I loved this fragrance from the beginning- It is strong, so very little is needed. I stocked up while I could as I think it could be discontinued.
Love the Vanilla, makes me want to bundle up and take a nap.
14th February, 2010

Accenti by Gucci

I first purchased this in the Schipol Airport on a layover in 2000. Smelled this and HAD to have it. I wore this on my first date with my (now) husband. Beautiful fragrance, and now very hard to find.
14th February, 2010