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Wood Spice by Marks and Spencer

I'm really surprised this M&S 'Woodspice' aftershave gets so underrated reviews here. I absolutely love traditional scents and I rate this as good as Taylor's 'Shaving Shop', Penhaligon's 'Blenheim Bouquet' and the humble P&G 'Old Spice'. All rather old school scents.

This has a rather citrus based scent, lemon & cinnamon. Last for hours.
02nd December, 2012

Shaving Shop by Taylor of Old Bond Street

I've been on a cologne/aftershave frenzy since i started DE shaving about six months ago. TOBS 'Shaving Shop' is a wonderful old world fresh out of the barbers smell. I bought both the AS and EDT and have a slight preference for the AS although they are both great.
20th May, 2010