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Wild Forest by Armand Basi

Really nice, similar to Swiss Army Forest, but less green. This one is more woody with a lot of Iso E. It also has a striking resemblance to Jacomo Paradox Green, which is awesome!

Bottle is super cool, and feels like real wood. Performance is also excellent.
01st April, 2020

Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code with a hefty dose of bubble gum. Uninspiring, and boring.
20th March, 2020

Armani Code Sport by Giorgio Armani

A good concept with poor execution. Armani Code with extra mint? How could that be bad? Unfortunately it winds up smelling my a body spray version of Le Male, and the dry down is so disgusting here. Not worth retail, and certainly not worth inflation due to discontinuation.
20th March, 2020
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Cuir Vetiver by Yves Rocher

An almost perfect, and economically priced quality vetiver fragrance.

The vetiver note in Cuir Vetiver is literally to die for. The fragrance has everything I fiend for in vetiver.. green, earthy, high quality, powerful, a little sweet, a little spicy, projects well. And then.. after it's on skin for about 20 minutes, it starts to smell like a used urinal cake. Poof, downhill. It's hard to avoid it, I've tried to wear this and love it, but I can't. I also get the feeling that's why the guy I got this from in a swap got rid of it.

The bottle looks great, the craftsmanship is there. It's simplistic yet still eye catching. The blonde wood cap fits the profile of the scent. The piss accord ruins what could have been a perfect vetiver. I mean, this had real potential to be the be-all, end-all modern vetiver.

Yves Rocher if you're reading this, which I doubt. Fix this formula, tweak it and re-release it. Or create it as an EDP, or Intense, or whatever corny name you guys wanna do. This could have been a textbook vetiver for many men, if the nasty piss smelling urinal cake, heap of heavy ass-smelling musk wasn't there. I suppose some men might like this though.

I don't wanna drag on this review any longer, but it really does piss me off.
14th March, 2020

Chic Magnet by Alexandria Fragrances

This is my first Alexandria purchase. It came to $35.40 after shipping, with no coupon code to avoid this cost. The bottle is 1 oz, and the presentation is pretty nice, but you can kind of tell it is made from a budget brand. It's nicer than most designer stuff, but it's not as nice as real niche boxing/wrapping, but I digress.

The scent itself is a good representation of the dry down of Magnetism, which is something I have yet to find in any fragrance. It definitely has the Cherry Coke vibe in the opening, but it's not quite on point. The dry down smells more like a fizzy Coca-Cola with the fruitier notes dissipating. A couple of years ago I found a clone fragrance called Estrada, I think.. I have my bottle somewhere. It did a great job copying the top notes of Magnetism, but not so much the dry down. This one does the dry down very well imo. It seems to have solid projection too. Doesn't smell cheap, but it does smell synthetic, but if you know Magnetism, it's quite a synthetic frag. I think this one is pretty good. Dua also makes a clone of Magnetism, but I haven't tried it. Not too keen on buying from Dua or Alexandria, since they're actually pretty expensive for what you get. They could easily both be charging $25 a bottle and still make profit, but they are gouging for sure. However, I did really want a solid Magnetism like smell in my collection again, and nothing has come as close as this has. Projection seems quite good, but longevity I cannot say yet.
08th March, 2020

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

This honestly smells like Raid Roach Killer, with a little bit on cinnamon on top. It's not good, not the current formulation. Grateful that I only have a 1 oz bottle of it.
07th March, 2020

Artisan Pure by John Varvatos

A superb citrus Summer fragrance with a unique twist. Although not a listed note, I can't help but notice a massive dose of chili pepper in this one, it might also just be paprika. It's there and it's very apparent, especially in the initial opening. As it fades the chili blends into what appears to be neroli, jasmine, iris, and citruses. I can make out all of these notes, but they do well sticking together, and blending well. I also get coriander but no cardamom. the dry down is sweet and woodsy and lasts a good 6-8 hours on skin.

I'd label this one a spicy aromatic citrus. the first time I sampled it, I thought it was just a good citrus. It wasn't until I bought a bottle that I realized the amount of depth in this fragrance. It's damn good, and for the price now, around $35 for a 4.2 oz bottle, you can't go wrong.
03rd March, 2020

Aura for Men by Jacomo

Generic-ish, green, spicy fragrance for men. Has bits of Gucci Envy, but not a carbon copy. Overall, pretty good, and for the price, it's hard to top. Plus the bottle looks cool.

I've had a love hate relationship with this, over the past 10 years, buying and selling it, giving it away. I just bought it again, and really miss it. This time I think I'll hold on to it, and just won't wear it unless I'm really in the mood. It's just one of the scents that can rub me the wrong way sometimes.
01st March, 2020

Arrogant by English Laundry

I really like this. It's like a combination of Le Male, Realities, and CK Be. Or maybe I have the combination wrong, but it does have familiar DNA. I get a nice dose of neroli in the opening that isn't listed in the notes.

I feel like I shouldn't like this fragrance, but yet I do. It's like a more fresh Le Male (and probably done better than JPG could do) in the grand scheme of things.
18th February, 2020

Sentiment for Men by Escada

I actually really like Sentiment, but it has god awful performance. About as bad as it gets.

It's sort of in the genre with On J D Pozo On El, Escada Sunset Heat, Sean John I am King, CK Crave, etc. It's very fruity, effervescent, top heavy notes. Playful, fun, bright, and uplifting. This one has a little spice, and depth, so it's not as youthful as say I am King, for example.

The downfall is performance. I could bathe in this, and it won't last more than an hour. With prices going up (slowly but surely), this one once saturated the market, now becoming more rare, and like the rest of the men's Escada line, all discontinued, this is probably the easiest one to find.

Unfortunately.. Escada stuck to their roots as they do with their women's fragrances, and carried that reputation over to their men's like where they created mostly playful, unisex fragrances, with zero performance. In the 90's/early 2000's it was fine for them, but in today's market - who want long lasting, strong, compliment getters, there is no place for Sentiment in the modern world.

This is among the less rare of the men's line. This, and Moon Sparkle are both still easy to find online. Escada Homme, Casual Friday, and Magnetism, are the most sought after, and also the most masculine of the men's catalog. With Sunset Heat popping up here and there, it basically just smells like Hawaiian Punch. In which, if that is what you fancy, I would try Armaf Just for You for men, as it's pretty much a clone of Escada Sunset Heat, but with better performance.
14th February, 2020

1881 Bella Notte Man by Cerruti

I have to say, after a love/hate affair with this one. I have finally come to terms that this is a superb fragrance.

The chili/spicy components are done so well, and the patchouli heavy dry down just fits in great! It's not like an A*Men flanker, gourmand patchouli, it's much more natural, much more earthy, incorporates some dirty elements. I think what I like most, is that it's very wearable, without being too over the top, and for being so unique, that's a big plus for me.

I've heard the 1881 line has some real sleepers too. This being only the 2nd I've tried from the house after the original, which was good, but not my taste. Both well done, from and overall lackluster house/brand imo. I intend on trying more from them in the near future.
14th February, 2020

Baque by Slumberhouse

Baque opens with a blast of dark rum and coconut, but it's about to question your olfactory senses. The very brief opening of what appears to be a gourmand boozy type of fragrance, now become herbal, fruity, tobacco. It's a really hard to describe one in that stage.. it takes a few moment before the tobacco takes center stage. The herbal note would make you think it has a ton of basil or even oregano in it. I wanna say I smell some apricot, but it's probably not an oil, rather, an accord one must make, and replicating it seems impossible. I get a fuzzy skinned fruit kind of smell, but apricot, maybe not.

This fragrance will send your olfactory senses through twists and turns on a wild ride, and that's just in the opening. The middle settles more into a tobacco-centric frag, and the base gets a little boring with cedar and vanilla. Though we know, there are no base notes that have note already been done somewhere else, there are only some notes that can carry into the base, and vanilla and woods are definitely two. Thanks to the creator for not boring us with tonka and Iso E, or boring amber. I feel this one could have easily has an amber heavy base and still been good, but the combo of vanilla and cedar was a good choice, giving us something a little fresh, a little less utilized in perfumery.

Bravo, Slumberhouse. Although I am not a die hard fan of this house, I certainly respect and appreciate what the creator has done, something we don't see too often. I find the prices a bit too high for my personal taste, already having a huge collection, I wouldn't wear his fragrances often. Although I feel everyone on this website and reading needs to smell what this man can do. If these sold more at the Tauer price point ($100-$110 or so) a bottle, this house would be at stores everywhere, imho.
02nd February, 2020

Boomtown Bay Rum by Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

I really like this. The gun smoke accord is awesome! At first sample, I thought it smelled like how a heater smells when it's burning, or the smell when you sometimes first turn on a heater, it almost smells like a faint oud smell, but it's probably something you shouldn't be sniffing.. anyways, that's what this smells like! But combined with the traditional bay rum notes, it's actually super pleasant. It almost smells like bay rum with oud. It's quite nice, unique, but not very long lasting.

Also when I smell it up close, sometimes, the "gun smoke" accord can get overwhelming. So just be careful where you apply and how much.
18th December, 2019
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Vurt Red by PacSun

Along with Kirra and Vurt Black, this was great back in the day. I tried Vurt Green in the store but never bought it. These were around $14 each back in like 2005/2006, for 1 oz or 1.7 oz, which by today's market, probably almost twice that for the same fragrance now. All of the Pacsun frags around this time were awesome, very good top notes, but linear, but all had good performance on me.

Vurt Red was the first Vurt, to the best of my knowledge, and it came out about a year after Kirra. Some employee even told me that Vurt replaced Kirra, not just in fragrances, but in clothing too. So, consider yourselves very lucky if you still own Kirra anything.

Vurt Red was all about the juicy red apple note, and although not a listed note, and much more prominent than the apple in Kirra, it was noticeable, even to the amateur nose. The clean cotton accord combined with bright red apple creating something very similar to Lacoste Style in Play, but without the floral components, and a bit more candy-like.

The bottles were cool, circular with a rubber part in the middle of the color of the fragrance's name, and the sprayer inside matched the color too. A blast from the past, but a good time for fragrances.
11th December, 2019

Kirra by PacSun

Loved this stuff back in the day. I wish it wasn't so hard to get now. It was basically a very calone heavy fragrance with an added apple note. Longevity was pretty good from what I remember. This was big when Pacific Sunwear was the place to go to get my Etnies, Vans, and Quicksilver clothing.. what an era! Feels like yesterday.
11th December, 2019

Nuit d'Issey Pulse of the Night by Issey Miyake

Nothing special really and certainly not worth the inflated prices on Ebay, for a fragrance hyped by a few Youtube reviewers. Here's a REAL review..

The opening is awesome.. but very short lived. When I say short lived, I mean literally a couple seconds. There's this unique mandarin orange or nectarine sort of smell in the initial spray, and while it could be just a melange of chemicals, it likely isnt' since since it's a top note. I sense a hidden note of some sort of citrus that wouldn't last very long anyways, and in this case, lasting even less than ever. It then becomes an incense-driven, sweet vanillic aroma with balsamic undertones, almost teetering on niche style, but it quickly fades to a boring, very boring vanilla, tonka combo. Similar to the dry down of Eau des Baux at this point. This dries down very linear, and adds a little more incense back into the mix. The base notes are ok, but very faint. This is more of a top and middle fragrance.

It is a nice fragrance, but ever so boring and copied. I spoke to someone in the forum who found it close to Prada Luna Rossa Black, and while I see it may be in the same genre of gourmand vanilla, spicy, incense style frags, they are also very, very different. Luna Rossa Black (the much, much better of the 2 imo) goes more of a Midnight in Paris route, with the iris toned down, I think it's a gorgeous fragrance but performance is temperamental with it. While this may have better longevity, the base is really faint, and the smells are not even close. This is a creamy, sweet vanilla and tonka for the most part. The opening and middle are like a typical base of a lot of designer fragrances. Even by looking at the notes, with a top note of incense, one would question if this goes in reverse from the typical note pyramid.

If the price goes down to most Issey flankers, like 30 bucks, it'll be a great buy for anyone, even for me who is not particularly fond of it, but at over $100 a bottle, it's a big joke.

Note: this would be a good fragrance for layering, if you're into that kinda thing.

Added findings: After wearing this more, I noticed a very strong amber dry down. Lots of amber. Sweet, creamy, almost vanilla amber.
06th December, 2019 (last edited: 12th December, 2019)

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Acqua by Fendi

Save yourselves the wasted money. This smells 99% similar to the very boring Ferragamo Subtil, this might even be more subtle. Not worth the current cheap prices, and definitely not worth the discontinued inflated Ebay prices.
04th December, 2019

Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens

Vetiver?? Where??

This should be called Cocoa Oriental, because there's no vetiver here or anything even green about it. It doesn't smell bad, but the title is very misleading. It's actually a pretty nice cocoa dominant scent.
25th November, 2019

Aqua pour Homme Atlantique by Bulgari

My goodness this is bad! What actually starts off kind of promising, fades quickly into nothing. The opening is no doubt Ambroxanville, but the hit of calone makes it interesting to me, giving off this watermelon vibe, that I found fresh and inviting. Sadly, it fades very fast, and within 30 minutes, all I smell is chlorinated water.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt, as I often don't follow other reviewer's, and I like to experiment things on my own without the persuasion of others. Well.. in this case, everyone who says it's horrible is spot on. It's a dud!
23rd November, 2019

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

Got a sample of this with a purchase.. it smells the same as every other rose/oud combo. Nothing special, in fact, this one has a very chemical smell in the first hour. Not a fan one bit.
23rd November, 2019

L'Homme Idéal L'Intense by Guerlain

A brief chili note in the opening, of Ideal L'Intense, before it turns into basically a bettor version of Bentley for Men Intense. There's facets of various other fragrances in here, and I think it strays away from the rest of the flankers the most. The almond note in quite muted, unlike the others. The Basenotes notes listed doesn't even say almond, and I would have to agree with that. That doesn't make this a bad fragrance. It's actually one of the best from the line. It's niche quality, without niche unwearability (let's pretend that's a word). This is very versatile, but sadly, limited from its launch, and will be very hard to find soon.
19th November, 2019

Castile by Penhaligon's

In the style of neroli based, classic "colognes", Castile is a sure winner. What makes it special is the twist of rose in the middle, that I feel is what prolongs performance for the better. Castile is an extremely long lasting freshy, with at least 8 hours, and 6 of those house going strong, and 4 of those hours projecting like a beast.

I disagree that this will not fill a room, because it absolutely will. Be careful on the trigger. I over-sprayed with 6 sprays the first time (I had expectations of most of neroli fragrances with poor performance), I think 2 would have done the job well.

Well done Penhaligon's but a bit overpriced. This should cost no more than $70 a bottle imho.
19th November, 2019

Brummel by Antonio Puig

Imagine Avon Mesemerize with more of a chypre quality. That's Brummel. It's ok to me, not really good though, but I respect it. It does smell like it's good quality, but not something I really want on my skin.
17th November, 2019

Pontaccio 21 by Gianfranco Ferré

This honestly smells like mold. I didn't wait for it to progress before scrubbing it off about 20 minutes in. Maybe I got a bad sample, but it seems like I didn't based on others reviews. I've read many of their reviews praising other fragrances that just smell plain bad to me. I appreciate fragrances of all generations, and giving them fair and honest reviews. Pontaccio 21 just smells straight up bad. Probably the reason it doesn't make the cut to today's market. A reformulation would be pointless, so they discontinued it. Like many other from this era, they don't appeal enough to the modern market, so making them is just a waste of resources.
09th November, 2019

The Fragrance Journals : 1962 by Floris

There's a good reason why everyone likes this one. It's damn near perfect!

What I get is 90% Italian Cypress, the same great quality, at a fraction of the price. But wait, there's more! Where the other 10% is perfectly done mint note that sits well under the cypress, so well, so smooth, and never over powers the scent. This makes for something beautiful, high quality, and unique because of the added mint. Sometimes one more ingredient is all you need. Smooth, sophisticated, refined as hell! And different enough to be called its own. The mint gives this a modern edge, while still maintaining 90% of a fragrance that is a classic. (I know Italian Cypress is not a classic, but Halston Z-14 is, and that's where this all goes back to)
27th October, 2019

Vetyverio Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

I guess I'm in the minority with liking the EDT over the EDP with this one. Actually, they are very different fragrances. Yes, the EDT has a boring generic dry down, but that opening is marvelous! For the prices you can get the EDT for, I've seen it for $50 a bottle, I think it's a great deal. The EDP is rarely on sale, and harder to find, and I don't like the mid, because it's too floral, and the dry down is just ok imo. It reverts back to more of a vetiver dominant fragrance, without the florals.
27th October, 2019

Silver Shadow Private by Davidoff

Redoing my review before putting this one up for sale.

With a couple sprays, I make this my SOTD for the last time. Silver Shadow Private is a spin-off of the original, sharing many similarities, but also being different enough to where somebody blind smelling these wouldn't think the 2 were related. Side by side, I get a lot of Silver Shadow's base in it. Silver Shadow imho is a very underrated, solid, formal affair kind of fragrance. It's on the bland side, more of a base note heavy kind of fragrance (think Mr. Blass, Carven Homme, Gucci Envy, etc) In other words, there aren't really any top notes. Silver Shadow Private, is much different, while maintaining the base, adds a bubblegummy sweetness, very synthetic smelling, kind of reminds me of Big Red soda, sort of creamy, fruity, RED in smell. To clarify, not red like chili, paprika, pepper, more like candy red, sweet, candy coated, perhaps some sort of apple note, but I would say there's more florals than anything. Lavender takes over the middle, as the top dries down within 10 minutes. Lavender is heavy in this one (probably the reason I don't like it, as lavender is not a note I am fond of.

All babbling over. In a nutshell, this is just a boring, run of the mill, and now discontinued and overpriced fragrance. I would be happy to get back what I paid ($20 bucks I think) for this, I've worn it about 5 times, enough to get a good grasp on what's going on. Sometimes we get bored and browse these obscure discontinued frags that make you say to yourself "hey, I remember that one, but I never tried it, I wonder if it's good" thinking nobody will have it because it's now rare. Well.. let me save you the time and money, don't waste your time with this one. It's no Gucci Envy. Nor is any underrated discontinued gem, like a million other great ones. This is crap in a bottle for the most part. I can't wait to finally unload this, hey maybe some average Joe from Ebay will enjoy it more than I do. A lot of guys have nostalgic connections to a certain fragrance cause they used to own it, but they never realized how bad it really is. Then again, to each their own.
19th October, 2019 (last edited: 14th February, 2020)

Éclat d'Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

A rather boring, very fruity fragrance, with horrible performance. Not like any men's Lanvin I have every tried. Certainly Lanvin's attempt to appeal to the metrosexual market.

Fragrance itself. sort of on the tropical side, kind of like Escada Sunset Heat for Men, or perhaps Adidas Dare. I am King also comes to mind. I got a bottle for super cheap, but have only worn it a few times now. I may update this reivew as i wear it more, should my opinion change.
13th October, 2019

Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

A clove bomb, with boring DNA. Too old fashioned for my tastes - I'm talking way, way back to the 40's. A very "Italian cologne". Cloves and lemon, with not much else happening. The middle is ok, but nothing to gloat about. The dry down is nice, but mostly a powdery vanilla and tonka, nothing special. This does remind me of a very stripped down version of D&G pour Homme, without any tobacco. Performance is good, but again, not my taste. I can see this appealing to a lot of men who are into shaving essentials.
13th October, 2019

L'Insoumis by Lalique

This is very non-enjoyable, and all over the place. The beautiful bottle is done, only in Lalique fashion, they are known for their bottles, and often, unorthodox masculine fragrances. this one just stepped too far out of bounds.

The opening: initially, I notice a green and herbal quality, but it changes significantly and in a hurry, and what i was expecting to be a forest like scent, turns into a sweet, cloying, tropical mess. Yes tropical, despite the notes. This is very coconut and fig heavy to me in the opening, accompanied with a dark feel. It very much reminds me of the masterpiece Paul Smith London, but if you took everything great about that, and made it horrible. For those who never got to try that now rare gem, Ferrari Silver Essence contains this similar vibe. The difference is, Silver Essence sticks the course of its route, while L'insoumis floats off in another direction.

The middle brings in a very common lavender note, it does not match at all with the opening, and it even feels like I am wearing 2 different fragrances at this point, perhaps trying to create my own layering combination, and nothing is matching up. The base becomes a little better binding. The top notes have dissipated, the lavender mid is very light now. The base is strong on the patchouli and fake moss, and there's a little bit of vetiver too. the base notes are almost indistinguishable here. To someone who hasn't smelled them a million times, they would just assume it's just a floral woodsy base, because that's how it pretty much smells.

A mess of an opening, a boring heart, a muddled base. There is nothing enjoyable about this fragrance. Unless you wanna smell like a mess, which, hey, I guess some would consider that artistic. For me, it will be hard to get rid of my bottle, simply because I love Lalique's bottle designs/quality. Though there's no sense in keeping a $30 paperweight around. Hopefully somebody else will enjoy this more than me.
13th October, 2019