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Vetiver Oriental by Serge Lutens

Vetiver?? Where??

This should be called Cocoa Oriental, because there's no vetiver here or anything even green about it. It doesn't smell bad, but the title is very misleading. It's actually a pretty nice cocoa dominant scent.
25th November, 2019

Aqua pour Homme Atlantique by Bulgari

My goodness this is bad! What actually starts off kind of promising, fades quickly into nothing. The opening is no doubt Ambroxanville, but the hit of calone makes it interesting to me, giving off this watermelon vibe, that I found fresh and inviting. Sadly, it fades very fast, and within 30 minutes, all I smell is chlorinated water.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt, as I often don't follow other reviewer's, and I like to experiment things on my own without the persuasion of others. Well.. in this case, everyone who says it's horrible is spot on. It's a dud!
23rd November, 2019

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

Got a sample of this with a purchase.. it smells the same as every other rose/oud combo. Nothing special, in fact, this one has a very chemical smell in the first hour. Not a fan one bit.
23rd November, 2019
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L'Homme Idéal L'Intense by Guerlain

A brief chili note in the opening, of Ideal L'Intense, before it turns into basically a bettor version of Bentley for Men Intense. There's facets of various other fragrances in here, and I think it strays away from the rest of the flankers the most. The almond note in quite muted, unlike the others. The Basenotes notes listed doesn't even say almond, and I would have to agree with that. That doesn't make this a bad fragrance. It's actually one of the best from the line. It's niche quality, without niche unwearability (let's pretend that's a word). This is very versatile, but sadly, limited from its launch, and will be very hard to find soon.
19th November, 2019

Castile by Penhaligon's

In the style of neroli based, classic "colognes", Castile is a sure winner. What makes it special is the twist of rose in the middle, that I feel is what prolongs performance for the better. Castile is an extremely long lasting freshy, with at least 8 hours, and 6 of those house going strong, and 4 of those hours projecting like a beast.

I disagree that this will not fill a room, because it absolutely will. Be careful on the trigger. I over-sprayed with 6 sprays the first time (I had expectations of most of neroli fragrances with poor performance), I think 2 would have done the job well.

Well done Penhaligon's but a bit overpriced. This should cost no more than $70 a bottle imho.
19th November, 2019

Brummel by Antonio Puig

Imagine Avon Mesemerize with more of a chypre quality. That's Brummel. It's ok to me, not really good though, but I respect it. It does smell like it's good quality, but not something I really want on my skin.
17th November, 2019

Pontaccio 21 by Gianfranco Ferré

This honestly smells like mold. I didn't wait for it to progress before scrubbing it off about 20 minutes in. Maybe I got a bad sample, but it seems like I didn't based on others reviews. I've read many of their reviews praising other fragrances that just smell plain bad to me. I appreciate fragrances of all generations, and giving them fair and honest reviews. Pontaccio 21 just smells straight up bad. Probably the reason it doesn't make the cut to today's market. A reformulation would be pointless, so they discontinued it. Like many other from this era, they don't appeal enough to the modern market, so making them is just a waste of resources.
09th November, 2019

The Fragrance Journals : 1962 by Floris

There's a good reason why everyone likes this one. It's damn near perfect!

What I get is 90% Italian Cypress, the same great quality, at a fraction of the price. But wait, there's more! Where the other 10% is perfectly done mint note that sits well under the cypress, so well, so smooth, and never over powers the scent. This makes for something beautiful, high quality, and unique because of the added mint. Sometimes one more ingredient is all you need. Smooth, sophisticated, refined as hell! And different enough to be called its own. The mint gives this a modern edge, while still maintaining 90% of a fragrance that is a classic. (I know Italian Cypress is not a classic, but Halston Z-14 is, and that's where this all goes back to)
27th October, 2019

Vetyverio Eau de Parfum by Diptyque

I guess I'm in the minority with liking the EDT over the EDP with this one. Actually, they are very different fragrances. Yes, the EDT has a boring generic dry down, but that opening is marvelous! For the prices you can get the EDT for, I've seen it for $50 a bottle, I think it's a great deal. The EDP is rarely on sale, and harder to find, and I don't like the mid, because it's too floral, and the dry down is just ok imo. It reverts back to more of a vetiver dominant fragrance, without the florals.
27th October, 2019

Silver Shadow Private by Davidoff

What the heck is Pimm's accent??

Silver Shadow Private, in my opinion is a downgrade from the original. It's boring and generic. the original is sophisticated, refined, very different from most modern men's fragrances.

I blind bought Private because I get a thrill out of finding discontinued fragrances for good prices. I might have paid $25 or so, for a bottle that elsewhere goes for twice that. However, since smelling this, it's not worth even $20.

The opening.. sweet, fruity and floral, with a vanilla creamy undertone. Trust me, we've all smelled this a million times already. As it dries, the mid shows a spicy accord, but I can't quite pick up the note. With lavender and violet giving it that sweet, floral aspect, adding the powdery-ness, that purple florals are known for. The violet in this is quite powdery, and dominant in the mid, and almost more like iris. Leather creeps in, and dominates much of the middle, and even into the base. The base is ultimately a boring, generic woodsy smell, with some musk. The same florals from the mid, but much more faded.

Boring, boring, boring. Why was this even created? this makes me wanna never smell the other Silver Shadow flankers. But knowing myself, should a good deal show its face, I will be the first one on it.

Now don't get my lack of enthusiasm wrong. This is a nice smelling fragrance. But, when you've smelled at least 50 others just like it, it's boring and bugs me. Actually, it kind of gives me a slight headache in the mid, because of how powdery it gets. if you know me, you know I like to give comparisons, so as for what it smells like, well here are a few: Versace Blue Jeans, Usher, Guess Suede, Paris Hilton Gold Rush, Pitbull, the list goes on and on. Fruity, floral, leather and woods, very common fragrance for men.
19th October, 2019

Éclat d'Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

A rather boring, very fruity fragrance, with horrible performance. Not like any men's Lanvin I have every tried. Certainly Lanvin's attempt to appeal to the metrosexual market.

Fragrance itself. sort of on the tropical side, kind of like Escada Sunset Heat for Men, or perhaps Adidas Dare. I am King also comes to mind. I got a bottle for super cheap, but have only worn it a few times now. I may update this reivew as i wear it more, should my opinion change.
13th October, 2019

Number 3 / Le 3ème Homme / The Third Man by Caron

A clove bomb, with boring DNA. Too old fashioned for my tastes - I'm talking way, way back to the 40's. A very "Italian cologne". Cloves and lemon, with not much else happening. The middle is ok, but nothing to gloat about. The dry down is nice, but mostly a powdery vanilla and tonka, nothing special. This does remind me of a very stripped down version of D&G pour Homme, without any tobacco. Performance is good, but again, not my taste. I can see this appealing to a lot of men who are into shaving essentials.
13th October, 2019

L'Insoumis by Lalique

This is very non-enjoyable, and all over the place. The beautiful bottle is done, only in Lalique fashion, they are known for their bottles, and often, unorthodox masculine fragrances. this one just stepped too far out of bounds.

The opening: initially, I notice a green and herbal quality, but it changes significantly and in a hurry, and what i was expecting to be a forest like scent, turns into a sweet, cloying, tropical mess. Yes tropical, despite the notes. This is very coconut and fig heavy to me in the opening, accompanied with a dark feel. It very much reminds me of the masterpiece Paul Smith London, but if you took everything great about that, and made it horrible. For those who never got to try that now rare gem, Ferrari Silver Essence contains this similar vibe. The difference is, Silver Essence sticks the course of its route, while L'insoumis floats off in another direction.

The middle brings in a very common lavender note, it does not match at all with the opening, and it even feels like I am wearing 2 different fragrances at this point, perhaps trying to create my own layering combination, and nothing is matching up. The base becomes a little better binding. The top notes have dissipated, the lavender mid is very light now. The base is strong on the patchouli and fake moss, and there's a little bit of vetiver too. the base notes are almost indistinguishable here. To someone who hasn't smelled them a million times, they would just assume it's just a floral woodsy base, because that's how it pretty much smells.

A mess of an opening, a boring heart, a muddled base. There is nothing enjoyable about this fragrance. Unless you wanna smell like a mess, which, hey, I guess some would consider that artistic. For me, it will be hard to get rid of my bottle, simply because I love Lalique's bottle designs/quality. Though there's no sense in keeping a $30 paperweight around. Hopefully somebody else will enjoy this more than me.
13th October, 2019
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Burberry Summer for Men 2013 by Burberry

Found this online for too little to pass up. I paid $9 for a new 3.3 oz bottle. I don 't think whoever is reading this now will get this for that price, but I think at around $30 is fair, and the most I would pay.

I have tried another Burberry Summer, I think it was 2009, and I remember it being better than this. It was much longer lasting too. This one opens with an effervescent citrus note. It's probably just yuzu and lemon, but to me, it smells like fresh squeezed orange juice. It dries down pretty linear, and is gone in 2-3 hours.

It also smells VERY close to Hugo Iced. I own both, and did the side by side, and they are nearly identical in the openings. They both dry down adding a little mint, but the initial 5 minutes is near identical. This one has a somewhat unique woodsy note in the middle, kind of smells like a sweet wood, though it may be too faint for others to even notice.

It's a nice pick-me-up sort of fragrance, but not much more. A guilty pleasure perhaps? A quick trip to the post office, or the gas station. It won't get you through your day, unless you wanna bring a decant and reapply, but then you might be know as "the guy who just sprayed cologne on". I don't like to be that guy, I don't want that sort of attention. I wear fragrances casually, and expect them to last more than 2-3 hours, which this one does not. But for what I paid, I will be keeping mine.

Bottom line: for under $10, it's a steal, even if you just use the bottle for a paper weight, because it looks really cool. Anything over $30 is a rip off, hell I wouldn't even pay over $20, but since this has been out for a while now, you probably won't find such great deals. I won't not recommend blind buying a bottle unless you like simple, linear, and "quick" fragrances. My biased thumbs up comes from the fact that I paid so little. Had I paid $30, it would be a neutral, and if I paid anything more, it'd be thumbs down for sure. I'm guessing that's why the other reviews are the way they are. They smelled this while prices were higher.
11th October, 2019

Alien Man by Thierry Mugler

Sometimes, strange notes can create unique smells. In the case of Alien Man, no, just no!

The opening is sweet, sugary, syrupy, fruity, gourmand-ish. The dry down smells like wet concrete. For comparisons, it smells like CK Reveal Man meets Narciso Rodriguez for Him. The combination is unbalanced.

However, in the even that this may intrigue you, as it has many of my colleagues here. It does perform pretty well.

I am huge Mugler fan. I own the majority of the A*Men collection, as well as a few others from the brand. But, I think this is just horrible. Buy at your own risk, but I would seriously sample this before committing to blind buying a bottle.
11th October, 2019

No. 6 Cedarwood & Geranium by Goodfellow & Co.

What you see is what you get. Goodfellow wants in on the fragrance pie too, just like every other company out there. I personally love their clothing line at Target. I remember some time ago when they were an actual upscale brand, and their clothing is still high quality. But their fragrances.. well..

This one was the most hyped of the initial 4 released, so I did what any other curious BN'er would do, and I blind bought a bottle. Do I regret it? I think so, but not as much as other purchases I've made. No 6 smells good. In fact, it smells fantastic.. if you're lucky enough to smell it before it's gone. It's an EDC that performs worse than an EDC. With advances in perfumery, I have come to expect EDC's to even last longer. Old Spice manages to make their classic fragrance last for 4+ hours, with moderate projection, and it's basically an aftershave! Plus, there are plenty of other "colognes" that have fantastic performance. This is not one of them. This is thin, watered down to the fullest intent, and packaged nicely with an alluring style, that people who love Goodfellow clothing will gravitate towards. Good job Goodfellow, you suckered me in.

But, I knew a little more when coming to this dance. I read a little bit on Basenotes about it. The little I did read, might as well have not read it at all. except for that we can all agree that the price is bordering on absurd for what you're getting. $20 for 1.7 oz of a fragrance that lasts 30 mins. I figure, at that rate, using 10-20 sprays per wearing, reapplying throughout the day, this bottle should last me no more than a week, and that's being generous, and if you don't believe me, try it for yourself. $20 a week for a 2 note, 1 dimensional fragrance, that has very little going on, is crazy, when you look at the big picture. That's roughly $1000 a year to smell like cedarwood and geranium. No thanks!

Let's talk about the fragrance, shall we. It opens up with a very good cedar note, I have to say, it's a really good one, but it's also really watered down. I wonder what oils they used, because the cedar is great, and although, I wouldn't say 100% natural, it's pretty good. It's not that fake Iso E inspired, peppery cedar that we get from a lot of fragrances now a days, this is more authentic. While the geranium is certainly a green variety of it, it's not very floral, rather more green and herbal. The geranium peaks through more in the try down.

The price to value ratio just isn't there. It's not worth it, but it smells good. Though i could see this being good for somebody wanting something light and minimalistic as far as notes go. If this were $10 for 1.7 oz it would be a good deal, but at twice that, it's a crime! People are probably saying "well it's only $20", it isn't about what it costs now. It's about the cost per ml, and it's about the idea of price gouging, and that's what this is - Goodfellow putting their name on a product, in a market that is booming at its highest rate ever - fragrances, and capitalizing on the success.
08th October, 2019

Burberry for Men by Burberry

This is a review of the vintage formulation, with box and bottle name as "Burberry's".

First let me say that I have tried the current formulation, and it is, without doubt, one of the worst fragrance I have ever smelled. This is coming from someone who smelled the current formulation first, and not the vintage. So I was not spoiled by the vintage, and then giving a negative review to the current, like a lot of people do. I am someone who tried the current first. The vintage is world's better.

Let me start by talking about the quality. There is just no comparison. The current stuff smells cheap, plasticy, weird, chemical, through and through. The vintage smells great. Modern, masculine, that old school Burberry accord you find through many other Burberry fragrances. Classy, refined, sophisticated. Sandalwood note is on point. Opening is a combination of a tart blueberry note, (which is completely gone in the current formula) citruses, and tagetes. The middle, a little mossy, a little minty, smooth and creamy sandalwood, a touch of florals. The base, more sandalwood, sweetness from vanilla and tonka, and a little musk tying everything together. Transitioning through notes is flawless, and the smell of this (vintage) is absolutely perfect. A benchmark in men's fragrances, and sadly reformulated so far beyond recognition that it makes me sick.

DO NOT buy the current formula of this, because vintages are still available and at good prices. You wanna find the Burberry's bottle, not Burberry. The bottle on the vintage will be mostly red, with a band of traditional Burberry plaid along the bottom of the box. You can find 1 oz bottles for $20-$30, and although it might be the same price as what you can get a current formulation 3.3 oz bottle for, the difference is night and day. This fragrance underwent a horrible reformulation, I am not sure when exactly, but it was when they changed the name of it, so the box should be the key factor when trying to locate this. Yes, you are getting less than 1/3 the amount for the same price, but take my word, you won't regret it.

As for current formulation. There is nothing redeeming about it. I owned the bottle on 2 separate occasions and sold it both times. I will never buy it again, unless they reformulate it.
05th October, 2019

On El by J del Pozo

On El is kind of like CK Crave, in the sense that it's fresh, synthetic, and entirely unique, and completely went under people's radar's which is sad. This one is very enjoyable, but performance is sub par.

On El opens with a bright, green, fresh, accord. It reminds me of kiwi and fresh cut grass. Something about it takes me to the now, very rare Versace Green Jeans. The dry down becomes more metallic, maybe even a little funky, but nothing that ruins it.

The fact that you can still get 3.4 oz bottles for under $20, should be a crime. Because even if you take the worst part of this fragrance, and you focus on that, it's still better than the best part of most modern day "blue" releases.

Longevity is 3 hours for the most part, I rarely get more than that. Projection and sillage are both on the lighter side.

Purpose? I think this is a great fragrance for a collector, or something who wants to experience the unique Jesus del Pozo brand, while there are still few bottles in existence. J D Pozo made quirky bottles, and interesting fragrances that were unconventional for their time of release. Not to say, they were ahead of their time, On El feels very much like a 90's fragrance -- rather niche style did not have its big come up until the 2010 era; J D Pozo was doing it long before. Niche like, with designer appeal, made most of J D Pozo's men's line unique but very wearable. On El was no different.
19th September, 2019

Azzaro pour Homme Hot Pepper by Azzaro

Aptly named, this one starts off with a hot pepper vibe, so much, that it even made me sneeze, but that's ok!

I love chili, paprika, hot pepper, or any variety of the note. Pink pepper brings in a fruity and sweet sort of nuance as it combines with a tonka like accord in the middle. The dry down is what kills it for me, as it's mostly an overkill of Norlimbanol. I do get some Iso E too, which keeps it a little bit balanced in the dry down, but the Norlimbanol's presence is more apparent. Casherman?? No Azzaro, let's call it what it is, Norlimbanol. An ingredient that ruins new fragrances all the time for me.

Hell, I would be much happier going back to the early 2010's where everything had a tonka/coumarin heavy dry down, than this fake woods crap!

A Fragrantica reviewer says this smells like Taste of Fragrance. My guess is that's the only chili note he has smelled in a fragrance to make that comparison. Yes the chili note smells similar, but come on, it's chili, how many ways can it be done? It's a simple note that creates a smell that you can pretty much imagine before smelling it. ToF?? Nothing similar. ToF is world's better. This one smells more like the opening of 1881 Belle Notte, but not as dark. The mid gives off a Polo Red vibe, and the dry down, well.. if you've smelled any fragrance in the past 2 or 3 years, then you've smelled this. Norlimbanol out the WAZOO.

I am pretty confident with my review. Simple, and gave some comparisons. Many don't mind the "fake woods" smell, but it grinds my gears, personally. So, should you buy this? Well, it's a good chili based fragrance, and I cannot deny that. The chili note has good longevity. The projection is adequate. You don't want a fragrance with a chili note to project real big, it's more of a personal note for you to smell, and maybe people in close proximity. They did good with its projection, keeping it bouncing off the skin, but still contained. At the current price $50-60 range, and being very limited in numbers, I think it's a fair price, if this is something you like. On a side note, it smells nothing like Azzaro pour Homme in any way, shape, or form. Although I love the bottle's in this series, the way they look, and think their names are appropriate. Others may expect them to smell like ApH, and they don't at all. None of them do, but especially not this one. That's a good thing though, as ApH with hot pepper sounds like a mistake waiting to happen. Perhaps these were meant to be layered? They are pretty linear, and have simplistic stages. Though other than capitalizing on the success of the great predecessor, I see no reason why they didn't give these their own branding.

As of now.. I give this a very hesitant thumbs up. Not something I normally do on fragrances with less revered dry downs. The dry down is usually the majority of what you smell. I like the top and mid so much, that 2 out of 3 warrants a thumbs up, but just slightly. I might purchase a bottle if I can find a good deal, but at the current 50-60 price, and already owning Taste of Fragrance, 1881 Belle Notte (actually sold this one as of now, because I don't like it enough), Piment Brulant, and Mercedes Benz Infinite Spicy. I don't really see the need for another chili fragrance in my collection, especially for paying, pretty much retail price.

This fragrance also reminds me of Spicebomb.
16th September, 2019

Ed Hardy Man by Christian Audigier

Like others suggest, there isn't much going on here. A brief ambery-vanilla opening with some spices, kind of like a sportier version of D&G The One. The dry down kind of smells like sand to me. It's not bad, but it's not good either. The performance is sub-par.

Just doesn't serve a purpose in any way for me, so I'll be getting rid of my rarely used bottle. Though I can see this as a good fragrance for somebody just getting into fragrances, that wants something versatile, that's on the sweeter side.
08th September, 2019 (last edited: 14th October, 2019)

Sel de Vétiver by The Different Company

Very mediocre. Firstly, has poor performance on me, notably projection, being mostly a skin scent. Longevity is ok at around 4-6 hours, but it's just so weak!

Smells itself is nice, but umm.. I have Lagerfeld Bois de Vetiver, which smells nearly identical, and costs much less. I get a salty vetiver opening, more emphases on a sea breeze/salty nuance than the vetiver. It isn't until about 10 minutes on skin where the grapefruit and salty accord die off til I get a vetiver note, which is a carbon copy of the vetiver in Bois de Vetiver.

There's nothing about smell and quality here than scream niche to me. Maybe mid range designer. Had this been $55 or so a bottle, it would be a thumbs up, but at its price tag now, no way.

Take away the salty acidic grapefruit top note that lasts, oh maybe 10 minutes, and I'm left with Bos de Vetiver. I'll keep my wallet full and take that one instead, performs much better too!
06th September, 2019

Minty Man by Dame Perfumery

Minty Man was fantastic from what I could remember. I should have saved my review to a document because I remember writing it up, and then when I saw this wasn't in the directory I just trashed it.

So I can't really remember specifics on this one, sorry people. I do remember it was very light. The mint note was spearmint like in Live Jazz. The overall fragrance was very mellow and soft, and I think I got about 4 hours longevity, with it mostly being a skin scent.
31st August, 2019

Vetyverio Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

This has potential, but has a strange dry down. The opening is gorgeous, love the green, earthy, dirty vetiver. Not commercial at all, and not common. Then as it dries, I pick up some citrus, musk, and a heavy metallic smell. Note the citrus is atypical though, it's very dull and more of like an orange and lemon zest than the juice of the fruit itself. The dry down actually reminds me of the opening of Creed Silver Mountain Water. That's not a good thing though, not for this fragrance. It takes a turn for the worst, and I'm hoping the amazing opening can be redeeming in the parfum version which I plan to try soon.
27th August, 2019

cK one Red Edition for Him by Calvin Klein

Smells good, but no man in their right mind should wear this as it's completely feminine. With a juicy floral pear note, backed by vanilla, and a musky dry down. If you're comfortable smelling like a woman's perfume, that is your choice, but I am not. My CK One has made it to my bathroom, as I have no girlfriend to gift this one to. It has become one of my many "poop-pouri's".
24th August, 2019

Sculpture Morning Feel by Nikos

This one is actually quite nice, a bit of a sleeper in my eyes. It's VERY similar to Ferragamo Subtil, but with much, much better performance. Certainly a soft and tame, citrus/woody/spicy sort of fragrance. It has some watery floral nuances, and an aquatic feel as well. The dry down is creamy, and heavy on the tonka bean and vanilla, but also very light in feeling. The woodsy notes take a back seat to the vanilla and tonka, something you don't often see.

In the end, we have a well constructed, well thought out, sleeper of a fragrance. Kind, gentle, or even subtle. This also kind of reminds me of Dunhill Pure. This was a limited edition flanker to the original, and at this time, (2019) 12 years after its release, your chance of finding this in the US market is slim to none, at least at a reasonable price. Pay attention to Ebay as sometimes, these show up by the truck load, for under $20 a bottle shipped. I wouldn't pay more than $30 a bottle for this, and odds are, it's something you've already smelled before, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice!
23rd August, 2019

Just Free by Luciano Soprani

Andrewthecologneguy's review is spot on, but to which, I'd like to add a couple things.

I wanna add that this is very much along the lines of Neroli Portofino, Ferrari Bright Neroli, 4711, and any other simple neroli/floral/citrus blend. It's not as natural as Andrew points out. It's very unisex (think CK One - even smells a tiny bit similar) Performance sucks, but to be honest, Neroli Portofino lasts about the same time, and projection is equal for both. One costs $15, the other $300. It's a no brainer.

I also like the bottle design, it's different and kind of old school, like most Soprani bottles are. Though despite looking cheap, has great spraying mechanism and parts. The bottle is like a tall narrow Lanvin Oxygen.

A good cheap freshy, fresh out the shower, need something light, spray and go, dumb reach kind of fragrance.

Edit: In my later wearings of this - some new findings. I find this to be very similar to Burberry Weekend, and L'eau d'Issey. As they both have this bitter floral nuance, Just Free also has it, but I prefer it in Just Free, when combining with citrus, and neroli, it blends together better than the others. In a nutshell, I think a safe bet would be to call Just Free - 1 part L'eau d'Issey and 2 parts Neroli Portofino. Add a little more soapiness, and a really good price, and I'm left with one of the better clean fragrances around. A shame this one is virtually unknown in America.
19th August, 2019 (last edited: 14th October, 2019)

Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

This smells like Armani Code, a little big stronger though. unfortunately the strength is coming from Norlimbanol & Ambroxan, both very apparent in its dry down. The cedar-smelling heavy dry down is likely played out by the aromachemical Norlimbanol.

Over all it's boring, with sort of lackluster performance, considering it has so many chemicals meant to prolong the longevity.
16th August, 2019

Fat Electrician by Etat Libre d'Orange

Chestnuts, olives, and vetiver?? I'm sorry folks, but this is just disgusting.

Opportunity showed itself. I had the chance to buy a brand new bottle of this blindly for 90 bucks, or a 2 ml sample for 8, I went with the sample, and boy am I glad I did. With this one i was even kind of upset to waste 8 bucks on a sample, because I don't plan on wearing the other half of it.. EVER.

Fat Electrician, opens up with a strange Play-doh sort of smell.. I've gotten this in some other fragrances, notably - L'Artisan Vanille Absolument. The chestnut note is super dominating in the opening, and not very enjoyable since there isn't much to balance it out. It started drying into a very green vetiver note with the chestnut accord dying down, and an olive note emerging. It's intriguing for sure, but just smells weird. About 2 hours in, it really grabs my interest as it begins to smell like marijuana. It kind of dries down this way. The final end phase is a tonka/vetiver combo that is rather nice,

I do love the smell of marijuana, and have found few fragrances to replicate it authentically. I doubt they were going for it here, but it may have just turned out this way from the combination of notes. I find the dry down much nicer than the loud and obnoxious opening.

I buy my fragrances for the entire thing, not just the dry down. With an ok dry down and a horrible opening, A good dry down is not a good buy.
08th August, 2019

Davidoff Adventure Eau Fraîche by Davidoff

It's hard to find a designer brand citrus fragrance, with a good dry down and good performance. This little sleeper called Adventure Eau Fraiche manages to meet my expectations.

Although my experience with fragrance making is limited, the top notes are usually the easiest to concoct. There are tons of fantastic top note citrus fragrances on the market, that just have horrible dry downs. To name a couple, Adidas Moves, Curve, Bongo Men, Lucky You, Eau de Rochas, Clinique Happy, (this is the case of not having a dry down at all) and to a lesser extent Versace Man Eau Fraiche, and Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc. Really, the list is like the Energizer bunny. With the occasional fantastic ones like Bvlgari Man Extreme, and Concentre D'Orange Verte. What i'm getting at, is you're gonna do a lot of hunting to find the perfect citrus fragrance. Adventure Eau Fraiche is one of the perfect ones. The opening is intoxicating, and the dry down is superb and addictive. Similar to Versace Eau Fraiche, but a little more low key, witch a much better dry down. Davidoff nailed it here, and it's a shame more people don't know about this one.
08th August, 2019

Aspen Discovery by Coty

Blind bought this under the impression it might smell like Polo.. boy was I ever wrong. There's nothing green about this fragrance except for a brief moment of pine in the opening. It quickly turns into that weird herbal lavender accord I get from Tommy T, it's not at all pleasant, and on top of that it smells cheap and chemical.
08th August, 2019