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    Krizia Uomo by Krizia

    Pine? Where?? I just don't get it. This is a review of vintage Krizia Uomo.

    The opening strongly reminds me of Havana by Aramis.. but within minutes I get a slightly soapy quality and huge blast of aldehydes. Still no pine. NONE. A shame, because this was recommended to be a pine monster, and I literally smell none. Maybe I am jumping to conclusions too quickly, this is only my second time wearing this.

    As it dries down it reminds me of a mix of several old school scents, notably Giorgio Beverly Hills. It has that weird plasticy smelling soapy quality, very "aldehydic", with a sweet and dirty moss note in the background.

    Still on the fence with this one. Nothing unique or groundbreaking.

    08th January, 2015


    Green Jeans by Versace

    Ehh. Mehh.. Smells like a million other fragrances. Opens up with a fresh lime note, very green both in citrus and aromatics, also very synthetic smelling; musky and peppery for a bit too. Oregano absolutely dominates the middle, along with a nice pine.. not a resinous pine, more of a light synthetic smelling pine, like maybe something you'd find in one of those room deodorizers. The base is ultimately boring, very woodsy and mossy. A sort of unsweetened amber accord through the middle and end, sort of smells like beeswax almost.

    Like most from the Jeans line of Versace, you can expect a complex fragrance, but also like the rest of the line, you can expect a very synthetic smell and feel. I have only tried Baby Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans, and Green Jeans. Blue takes the cake hands down. Baby Blue is the worst, and Green is smack dab in the middle. I need to try out Metal, and Black, which are gonna be hard to find.

    Back on topic though, I wouldn't bother seeking this one out. The only natural smelling part is the oregano, if ya wanna smell like oregano, then go for it.

    25th December, 2014


    Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley


    Smells like powdery plastic berries, woods and incense. A wannabe Jubilation XXV, try harder. If this is considered the better of the 2 original releases, then I don't even wanna try Bentley for Men.

    20th December, 2014


    Voyage by Nautica

    Does it smell good? Ya
    Does it last long? Ya
    Does its price tag justify a purchase? Ya
    Is it high quality? Ya

    The typical things I look for in a fragrance, and it passes in everything, yet for some reason I just can't wear Nautica Voyage. I've tried over & over, and I just can't stand something about it. It has like this fruity vibe that reminds me of jelly, that's just too potent of a fruity note to wear. I wish it were lighter, not in projection and longevity, but in scent itself. I'm almost tempted to give it a thumbs down, but I do enjoy smelling it in the air, or on others, just not on myself.

    18th December, 2014


    Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

    This basically smells like buttercream. Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, amber, amber, AMBER. Not really my thing.. just too simple and basic. Very unisex, very sweet, very strong, very gourmand. I had 2 - 1.3 oz bottles, 1 I swapped off, the 2nd is on its way out. Barely wore it, and I never reach for it.

    Undeniably a high quality fragrance of niche like character. Just make sure you love amber and vanilla, because that's pretty much all this one is. Although I should note, that at some time, it gives out this strange synthetic grape note.

    15th December, 2014


    Loud for Him by Tommy Hilfiger

    Let me start off by saying, I enjoy Hilfiger fragrances. They are as designer as can be, yet they take risks, and in most cases end up with a unique but safe fragrance. At least in the past they have, with stuff like the original Tommy, and True Star, but some of this newer stuff has been pretty bad. Loud came out in 2010, right around the time they start transitioning over into just boring mediocre fragrances. Loud is a very boring fragrance, very safe.

    Amongst the opening, I get this fruity, jammy rose note, which is pretty nice, very fruity, but goes away quickly unfortunately. It fades into mostly patchouli -- the patchouli note is very wearable though, it isn't heavy, but it is the dominating note. There's still some rose here, but it's more of a naturally sweet rose, and since there is so much patchouli, it's pretty hard to detect the rose. As it dries down, this dirty dry tobacco note emerges and mixes in. I also detect a little vanilla in there in the base. Fragrantica lists only 3 notes, rose, patchouli, and tobacco, and I agree, those are the main notes here. The smell is familiar, it's not anything new. It lasts about 4-5 hours on me, with minimal projection, but good sillage. The sillage I know is good because I got a compliment when walking by somebody, but I know I cannot smell it radiating off my skin, only when I stick my nose into it up close.

    10 bucks for a bottle is a fair price. Anything more than that isn't worth it, so don't bother.

    13th December, 2014


    Brit Rhythm for Men by Burberry

    The bottle is really nice, as with most Burberry's, but other than that Rhythm offers very little. We don't buy fragrances for the bottles; we buy them for the time and skill put into the fluid inside.

    It kind of follows under the category of Polo Red, but not as spicy, and it also reminds me of CK Shock, and Escada Magnetism. Ya see where I'm going here, as Burberry went for a darker, more mysterious type of fragrance. Brit being one of my least favorite Burberry's even bordering on horrible, Rhythm is just that much worse. It just doesn't do anything, it doesn't go anywhere. An overdose of tonka bean, cheap synthetic tobacco, woods and spices. Nothing stands out, and nothing grabs me. Plus the heavy tonka fragrances are getting really old.. let's move on.

    08th December, 2014


    34 Boulevard Saint Germain by Diptyque

    34 Boulevard Saint Germain is a very well crafted fragrance, that hits me from many angles. My only gripe are the florals, making it a little powdery. This basically smells like an updated and more complex version of Obsession for men. That's if somebody were to ask me to compare it to something... while at the same time, it certainly has its own character.

    There's so much going on in this fragrance. It's resinous, deep, but also citric, floral, woodsy, spicy, and pretty much any category you can think of expect aquatic/fruity, although it is a little fruity. The bottle is beautiful too.

    I'm not big on niche, I find many niche offerings to be unwearable because the taste is just too acquired. Even with 34 Boulevard Saint Germain being probably the most complex and different offering from Diptyque that I have tried, it's still very wearable. The one time I wore it out, from my sample, I got a compliment too. Although this isn't something I would buy, because it's a little too floral/powdery, I can't deny that it's a beautiful fragrance. Diptyque, keep up the good work. Eau Duelle is one of my favorites ever. The quality of your fragrances show, and the art work in the perfumery is unmistakable.

    03rd December, 2014


    Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

    Chic is a hard fragrance not to like, but for me, it's also a hard fragrance not to love. I find it to be very run of the mill, with a slight twist on it. Use of the watermelon note in the opening. The watermelon opening is watery, transparent, and not overly sweet, or synthetic which is a nice change of pace, for a fragrance like this. There's a little kick of pepper and woods there, but mostly, a hefty dose of lemon is what I get. Transitioning smoothly into suede, in the middle. A very woodsy base, as seen in the notes, with like a white musk, and some tonka. Tonka is not overdone, which I am grateful for, otherwise this would probably be a thumbs down for me.

    I've heard some people call this fragrance "mind blowing". Well, it doesn't blow my mind, but it's not a bad scent. I think there are better though, in this genre. Overall, it wears a bit light on my skin. Projection is ok. What I mean by light.. it just doesn't feel like a very depthful fragrance, I expect more from my fragrances.

    22nd September, 2014


    Jubilation XXV by Amouage

    The almighty hyped up Jubilation 25. "Feels like royalty", "There is nothing like it". A few quotes I've heard many times about this one. Jubilation 25 is certainly a nice fragrance, but I wouldn't say I feel like royalty when I wear it, and I wouldn't say it's entirely unique. To be quite frank it kind of just smells like a really resinous, incense-y, prune juice to me.

    High quality, most certainly. That I can tell just by the fact that everytime I spray this on my skin, it takes an hour for the oil to dry up, just by looking at it. That tells me there's a high concentration of fragrance oils in here, which is a plus. Strong powerful ingredients, combined with a master perfumer like Bertrand Duchaufour. Ya it's hard not to like this one. One of the better, longer lasting blackberry notes around. The incense is irritable if you love incense like I do. It's resinous, it's dark, it's spicy, it's sweet, there's a Gothic edge to it. It lasts forever, it projects pretty well. There's quite an abundance of notes here in this one, but the blackberry, cinnamon, resins, and incense are the shining stars here. The base, I get more of an oakmoss, patchouli, woodsy combo, along with a fitting oud note, used very well here.

    The thing with oud for me, is it's usually just paired up with rose, and often times fails for me when put in with so many other notes. Bertrand Duchaufour's expertise really shine on this one, and I think it's his best work, out of everything I have tried.

    The price.. that's the only drawback. If it were 100 bucks less, this would be the best thing on the planet. If you have the money though, this one is worth it, and if you know me, I don't much condone niche fragrances, price gouging their customers. I simply find this fragrance to be beautiful though. Time and effort put into it. Great use of ingredients. You're paying for the artwork too, and Duchaufour is no slouch on this one. Stunning!

    On another note though. It does remind me very much of Varvatos Vintage, which I have. So for the time being, until I hit the lottery, I will stick with Vintage, even if I have to reapply it twice.

    19th September, 2014


    Intense Black by Lomani

    I really didn't care for this at all. After a couple wearings, I swapped my bottle away. Intense Black has been compared to Royal Oud by Creed, which is a fragrance I have never tried. I don't get any oud in Intense Black though.

    What I get is a boring, common, sweet/spicy opening, with a woodsy dry down. It mostly reminds me of Diesel Plus Plus, but there's definitley a bit of a Spicebomb thing going on here too. It's just boring and redundant to me, it's been done to death, but much better from other fragrances. Has a cheap, and strong opening. Waste of 15 bucks for me.

    19th September, 2014


    AB Spirit Silver by Lomani

    Like many, I've tried all the Aventus clones. This one is probably one of the better ones, but lets face it.. pineapple is a hard note to pull off. So it's gonna be hard using lower quality ingredients to try and get the smell of pineapple. Creed Aventus does an amazing job at pineapple, one of the few fragrances that makes the note smell so irresistible, and that in combination with the craftsmanship and other notes, make Aventus what it is. But this isn't an Aventus review.

    Speaking of Spirit Silver as its own fragrance, it really does smell like a cheap version of Aventus. You get the pineapple, you get the black currant, you get the apple; a mossy dry down with a vanilla undertone. It does smell good, but to me it also smells like a 20 dollar fragrance. There's also this "grilled meat" note I get in the dry down that really just annoys me.

    I think that in due time, we will get a better quality Aventus clone, it's just gonna take more time for somebody to perfect it with the right quality ingredients, without charging us huge mark ups.

    19th September, 2014


    Kokorico by Night by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Surprised nobody had reviewed this one yet.

    Kokorico Night is quite reminiscent of the original, only better. MUCH better. The original has a very nice dusty/dry cocoa note, but is overwhelming with the sharp cedar dry down.

    The Night version here starts off smoother, creamier. Opening up with a nice blend of citrus and rhubarb, transitioning into a creamier cocoa, although still somewhat dry, not the same exact cocoa note as the original. I do get the cedar dry down like the original, only this one is so much better and much less sharp. Likely because there is the sweetness from tonka in the dry down here.

    Although I don't think this version is as unique and in your face as the original, I find it much easier to wear, which warrants a thumbs up for me. I prefer this to the original.. and there are certainly similarities.

    19th September, 2014


    Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

    For me, this is a hard fragrance to review, because it changes so much. It starts off with one of the best citrus openings I can remember, combining a smooth violet note, and a slight medicinal feel from the thyme. Then it transforms into a lot of jasmine, which is a note I have a strong disliking for. Eventually the top notes comes back, but a little less powerful, some woods there, before meshing with the green grass, and pepper, that makes this fragrance so green, that everyone talks about. With wafts of suede and cinnamon poking in and out, and a kind of nutty like smell in the base. It makes for a unique take on simple notes.

    David Apel, a perfumer I am not too familiar with, really takes my nose on some twists and turns here, yet maintains the overall appeal. By keeping the citrus and green notes up front, and the more unconventional notes that don't really fit in, like the cinnamon, and suede in the back, yet still noticeable. I think the blueberry I am smelling is the note of cassis, which I am not very familiar with, but it keeps things very interesting.

    Although it is nothing like Nouveau Bowery, note wise; they sort of resemble one another to me, at least with their citrus notes. Bleecker Street is far more complex though. As it dries it reminds me of Polo Modern Reserve, without the heavy oakmoss. Until the long and final dry down where I smell tagetes mostly, although not listen int he notes. These are the little orange, red, yellow flowers that have a citric smell. This smell just lasts and lasts and lasts. It makes for a different dry down. I don't often smell citrus in the end of a fragrance.

    Price point just doesn't justify what I get here. I'd say 85 bucks for a big bottle would be a fair price. Bond #9 prices are just way too inflated, and that's my biggest problem with this house.

    14th September, 2014 (Last Edited: 15th September, 2014)


    Nouveau Bowery by Bond No. 9

    Not too shabby, but not worth retail price. Nouveau Bowery is one of the more likeable fragrances from this house imo, it's made to please the masses. Lime.. who doesn't love a nice clean lime note? That's what I get in the opening here.. not as candy like, or as sweet like many lime notes, more tart here, almost like a Jean Claude Ellena take on a citrus note. I get some blonde woods in the background, right off the opening, and I can tell there's gonna be some light woods happening later on.

    To my surprise, the lime note is still going strong by the 4 hour mark. Pretty impressed by that, but does it condone a 200+ dollar price tag? Not so sure yet. Mid way through and a floral like note comes out, a very soft light floral note. I am not familiar with "wild lily", but I presume that is what I am smelling here. Half way in and I am getting a clean, very fresh, almost fabric softener like smell, accompanied by a dominant lime note, still very present, but faded more. Less zesty, and fruity, and more synthetic smelling at this point. More along the lines of a cleaning solution.

    By the time I smell some vetiver and oakmoss, I am 4 hours + in. The vetiver is light and lemony, the oakmoss is subtle. Not getting any patchouli though, but I only got a couple wearings from a small sample of this.

    To me, there are just better, lime fragrances out there that have a long lasting lime note to feed your lime fancy. This one sits pretty close to the skin after the 1 hour mark, and then the lime becomes more of a synthetic smelling chemical lime, like I said, the equivalent of a cleaning product. For 200+ a bottle, you could do wayyyyy better.

    14th September, 2014


    Intense Oud by Jovan

    The initial blast of this is actually nice, and somewhat promising. I get more rose than anything. Very similar to the greenish rose from Rose 31. However, this very very quickly dies down, (within seconds) and reveals its inner shell. A cheap, plasticy smelling oud. It almost smells like those blowing bubbles too, if you smell the liquid inside. Sort of like a really cheap bubble bath with no particular flavor. As it dries, it kind of has this chlorine smelling undertone, like you know when you get out of the pool, and your skin has that faint chlorine smell. I really don't like this at all. The oud in here is not good, and barely even smells like wood. More like an abundance of cheap chemicals, thrown together, trying to achieve the oud accord, and failing miserably.

    The more it dies down, the slightly, ever so slightly better it gets. Becoming less chemical smelling, and a little more spicy, but not really in a good way either. I can't help but think of body odor.

    Why this has 3 thumbs up is completely beyond me.. I think this is one of the worst smelling fragrances I have ever smelled. You be the judge though, it's quite cheap!

    13th September, 2014


    Azzaro Pour Homme L'Eau by Azzaro

    A nice rendition paying homage to the great Azzaro pour Homme, but it still doesn't come close.

    When you're an advocate for a fragrance, as I am for Azzaro pour Homme. It's no secret that if you know me through this site, you know my passion about the original, and how I always recommend it when a man is looking for the ultimate "alpha-male" fragrance.

    The original, words are hard to describe how great it is, simply perfection. This review is about the 2011 flanker though simply titled L'eau. L'eau opens up with a much stronger presence of citrus, I get a lot of yuzu. Within minutes, the lavender begins to emerge more, creating this slightly powdery, somewhat bitter accord as it blends with the citrus, but mostly still noticeable is the yuzu, which is a strange almost plasticy smelling grapefruit aroma, that has a hint of neroli there. Yuzu is a pretty unmistakeable note, because it is so unique, but sometimes I can get it confused with other citrus notes blended with floral notes, for example combinations of grapefruit,lemon, jasmine, and lavender. L'eau dries down into a mossy, mucky and woodsy base; but somewhere in between the obnoxious overuse of citrus, and the smooth refined base, I get a dose of geranium in the middle, but it just doesn't fit in to me, as it does in the original.

    Better than the original. HELLLLL NO! The original has so much more going on, and is much more masculine. L'eau is not bad, but the citrus heavy top make it more generic to me. The geranium note in this one feels out of place.

    Am I a fan? Well.. no. but it is still better than most of the swill produced lately. This one is a modern flanker that actually goes back to its roots and highlights the original to a very good degree. It's just to me.. the original is already so perfect.. why even bother? A biased review from me is what you will get here, though I am being as honest as possible on what my nose picks up. Biased on my opinion rather, I would not purchase this again because I find it boring. I picked up a nice big 3.4 oz bottle off Ebay for around 20 bucks shipped, which is a good deal for a big bottle of a designer fragrance. My 2 cents.. don't buy this if you have the original, and actually love the original, because this one just isn't as good. However, if you are one of the many, many, many people who have tried the original, hate the opening, and love its dry down, this may be a good option for you, since they dry down similar, but this one has a different opening.

    29th August, 2014


    Cerruti Image Harmony by Cerruti

    A wonderful, pleasant, soft, subtle experience. Image Harmony, like others have said, is a completely different fragrance from the original Image.

    Harmony opens up with a beautiful, soft, floral pear note. It's creamy, and there's a little bit of a zing there from a lime note. It quickly transforms into a smooth jasmine/vanilla. I get some mint, patchouli, figs, woods, musk, and a hint of pepper as well. There really is a lot going on here, but you wouldn't know, because it's so smooth.

    It comes down to smelling mainly like 3 notes: pear, jasmine, and vanilla. Teetering on the unisex line as well, possibly even leaning more towards feminine.. Let it die down a little before judging. If you can get a good deal on this one, pick it up, because it's great quality, with great notes, and nothing is unbalanced. One drawback.. projection is below average, to maybe even poor.

    30th July, 2014 (Last Edited: 28th December, 2014)


    Classic Red by Jaguar

    Well, I wouldn't say entirely unique. The top notes are certainly delightful, a blend of blueberry, raspberry, citrus and leather to my nose, upon the opening. I thought perhaps a dark chocolate vibe or perhaps patchouli, then realized it smells more like a light leather note upon the opening notes. This quickly fades into more or less an overdose of tonka bean, with a slight, very very slight, creamy berry vibe going on there. The dry down of this reminds me of Thallium. In fact, I would say this fragrance is about 90% Thallium, minus the top notes, which only last about 5-7 minutes anyways. Had the top notes lasted longer, had there been less tonka, or at least less so soon, I would be more satisfied. The abundance of tonka is just a cover-up for not having anything else to put in. Tonka, fruity dry down.. mostly tonka.. very boring.

    I could have this with Thallium, and for 15 bucks, have it project for a lot better too.

    15th July, 2014


    Acqua di Giò Essenza by Giorgio Armani

    Wow, I can't believe after this has been out for 2 years, nobody has made the comparison of this to Bellagio for men. To me, this smells a little like the original Acqua di Gio in the opening notes, but becomes more floral, sharp and powdery. I'm immediately reminded of Bellagio, or maybe even L'Eau D'Issey.

    I'm really not much into this one at all, but I do enjoy the cedar note in the dry down, it adds a certain character to it, not the typical cedar note, not very sharp or peppery.

    15th July, 2014


    Jeke by Slumberhouse

    Sorry but this one just isn't good, plain and simple.

    It opens nicely.. very resinous, dark, and earthy. Similar to Norne, but attempts to perhaps go gourmand? Definitely not gourmand though, but slightly sweeter than Norne. It starts to smell like smoldering, burning wood, and a bbq; yes I even get the smell of grilled meats. After about 20 minutes.. it starts to smell like rusty nails, burnt rubber, burning hair, and pencil shavings.. it's quite repulsive.. it stays like this for a good few hours before a sweet benzoin and amber dry down take over.

    Opening, nice. Mid.. Horrid, and unfortunately the majority of the life of the fragrance while projecting, which is why it ruins it for me. The base is ok, but common, typical sweet creamy amber.

    Even though the opening intrigues me, it's not enough to warrant even a neutral rating.. stay far away from this one. DO NOT blind buy.. sample first. Norne is still the best from this house that I have tried thus far.

    18th June, 2014


    A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

    Nothing really special. In a nutshell.. this is a stripped down version of B*Men, with a little added mint. Projection is ok, longevity is pretty poor for a Mugler.. 5 hours tops. Got a partial bottle through a swap, glad I didn't buy this one. If you like B*Men, but find it too sweet, or don't like the rhubarb and coffee notes, you'll like this.

    17th June, 2014


    Ambre Topkapi / PB by MDCI

    Nice but subtle. At first I thought.. "WTF is this?" For one, there isn't much, if any amber. Two, it opens up extremely generic and almost cheap. Reminded me of something form the house of Playboy.. no joke. Though after several wearings, I start to get its charm, and although it isn't anything breakthrough, it's comforting, and signature scent material. For the price though.. not worth it.. not even worth 90% off. I would buy a bottle if it were 20 bucks, because that's what it's worth to me. Not that it smells cheap necessarily.. I have smelled, and bought tons of fragrances at 20 dollars that smelled far more expensive; and that's how I would feel about this one if it had a $20 tag.

    Onto what it smells like. Upon initial spray, I get tons of lavender, blended with ginger, and some caraway.. this is the really generic smelling part, the opening. As it dries a little, it really reminds me of Burberry Weekend, only less floral, and more sweet and smooth, there's a certain accord or note there that they both share. The way Ambre Topkapi turns is almost uncanny based on its opening. I anticipated a boring musky dry down, and while there is musk, that isn't all I get. Raspberry really dominates the middle for me, along with floral notes, and little vanilla in the background, or it could even be the amber.. it's quite the subtle sweet and creamy note behind the already somewhat muted raspberry note, while also powdery. There's a slight metallic tinge to it. The base gets more mossy, musky, and woodsy.

    To me, the star note here is probably the raspberry. Although it isn't the typical in your face raspberry, projection is subdued, and it isn't at all fruity. Maybe more like raspberries and cream, with wafts of flowers, and woods behind it. The more I sniff it, the harder it is to detect the dominating note, they all share center stage pretty equally. Except for the one note that should be here, and that's amber, because I barely smell amber at all.

    Although the words may paint a picture of something special, it really isn't much. I also find this one very difficult to smell after the first 30 minutes, it stays very close to the skin, however when I walk by people, I notice they could smell it, and even on the second day of testing it, 6 hours into it, a family member asked what I was wearing. I could still smell it on myself at the 6 hour mark, but I really have to dig my nose in there deep to find it. All in all, it may last up to 10 hours on me, but again.. hard to detect.

    16th June, 2014


    Zegna Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

    Very common and boring, but not really horrible.

    Opens with a sweet orange/tangerine like note, that quickly blends with a zesty bergamot. After a few minutes, the smell of violets come out, not the best smelling violet.. more on the synthetic side, making it smell more soapy and less floral; but overall this is neither of the 2, rather a citrus fragrance. The vetiver note isn't very prominent at any time, and the base is a blend of sour citrus and a hint of woods. Fairly linear, quite boring.

    They could have done much better, smells kind of cheap, especially as it dries. I was on the fence with this giving a neutral rating, but I decided to go with negative instead, because it really isn't very good.

    14th June, 2014


    Sel Marin by Heeley

    I finally tried the much hyped Sel Marin.. dubbed as one of the best niche aquatics around. Ehh.. well. I am quite critical, and for me, this just doesn't cut it. UNTIL-- I tried this again, and ya know what.. this really is quite good.

    Upon the opening I can't help but think Voyage d'Hermes, but fruiter, less peppery, maybe even more along the lines of Sean Jean Unforgivable, or Wall Street. If nobody would have ever mentioned the smell of "fishy water", I probably would have never noticed it, but it is definitley there, my guess would be the algae note. It's not so much fishy water, as it is just the smell of the ocean in general, which is actually a plus, because it's a quite the natural smell. It's probably the reason this one evokes the feel of the beach. About an hour in, and the middle and top notes are still there. Eventually taking on a more mossy, musky, base with a touch of leather.

    All in all, I think this one is quite nice, but it just reminds me of so many others. What would be nice would be a salty/sea/marine aquatic, or whatever this category of aquatics is.. that actually smells different. They all seem to smell alike in this specific genre. Although it is nice, and a bit more natural than others. Projection and longevity are just mediocre on my skin.

    10th June, 2014 (Last Edited: 20th July, 2014)


    François Charles by Rancé 1795

    This is basically an expensive niche version of Le Male. I lost my sample of this one, and only sprayed it once or twice several years ago. I can't give a full fledged review, but I can say it smelled like a more refined Le Male.. one of the better copies though. Though don't expect anything too natural, the notes still smelled quite synthetic.

    09th June, 2014


    Triomphe by Rancé 1795

    Warm apple? I just don't get it. The first initial spray is a bit confusing.. smells like a nuttier and darker version of Le Male, with an added anise note. It quickly settles into a soft floral/spicy blend. The rose note is most dominant to me. With a little bit of citrus, but not getting the apple here.

    Triomphe smells very "perfumy" throughout, not so much in the first few seconds, but through most of the opening, and middle. Smells like a common feminine floral paper sample from a magazine. As it dries, a smooth vanilla note sits in the background, along with some jasmine and other floral notes; but the rose is always up front. The base definitley highlights the note of sandalwood, but it's all quite dull really. It's hard to detect this one after the first hour. It starts off strong, and I'm thinking it's gonna last and project, but it's really a skin scent, although the sillage is quite good, somebody will notice you if you are walking by them.

    It is just ok to me.. very generic. The rose note is nothing special. The overall composition leans more toward the feminine side, but a man could pull this off as well.

    Make sure to let this one do its thing on your skin, because the first few minutes smell NOTHING like the way this one turns out. It's amazing how some fragrances can do that. Starts off sort of dark, but within 2 minutes, it's very floral and light.

    09th June, 2014


    Eau de Cartier by Cartier

    Eau de Cartier is a nice simple blend of basically violet and yuzu, with a lovely woodsy/musky base. Most Cartier fragrances I have tried have had beautiful dry downs, and this one is no exception. While the opening is nice, but can be a bit harsh for some, its dry down surely redeems itself of any faults it may have started off with.

    The top... can we say yuzu? Lots and lots of yuzu, accompanied with a creamy violet note. Yuzu tends to be a sharp note, so for some, and a few that I was sampling this around, they were not fond of the opening sharp yuzu note. The violets quickly come and balance it out though. It stays pretty linear for a good hour or so before the musky/cedar base kicks in. It even reminds me of Declaration's base to an extent. I also get some of the yuzu and violet from the top.. maybe a little patchouli in the dry down too, and hint of sweetness from the amber.

    This is a pretty good one, I have to give it the seal of approval. It is very simple too, very safe. Also gets some compliments, at least in my world. It will go to my wish list, as I see a smaller sized bottle of this to be a good investment for my fragrance arsenal.

    Also, on the upside of things. I find yuzu notes in designer fragrances to be not so good quite often. I think the yuzu here is done exceptionally well. Sharp, citric, and slightly floral, as yuzu should very well be. Well done.

    One other thing to add. I was trying to figure where I had smelled this before. As it dries down, it reminds me of a fragrance that smells like it just came out of the water, but isn't aquatic at all. That specific fragrance is Paprika Brasil. Although they are very different, they share this common smell of chlorinated water somewhere in them. I find this accord very pleasing to the nose in both of them, not at all off putting.

    08th June, 2014


    1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

    Wanna smell like maple syrup all day? Personally, I don't The immortelle note is very strong here, giving it that maple syrup smell. Blending with woods and leather. It just doesn't do much for me. Smells like somebody spilled the maple syrup on a leather chair. the opening is almost sickly sweet, the dry down lasts and lasts and lasts.. 20 hours easily. 20 hours is okay when it changes and treats me to something different than the opening, but this one stays pretty linear, so it's just 20 hours of maple syrup. Not feeling it really. On the style on New Haarlem, but more mature.

    03rd June, 2014


    BOD Man: Really Ripped Abs by Parfums de Coeur

    They must have changed the bottle of this to blue, because my bottle is red, but I only see it in blue online. Anyways though, Really Ripped Abs is a nice cheapy. It really has a similar smell to something I know; I wanna say Polo Sport, or maybe Jacomo Paradox Blue. It has this very juicy synthetic fruity note. My guess would be bergamot, and orange. I also get a little bit of geranium around the 10 minute mark. It smoothly transitions into a musky lavender, and then a slightly woodsy, but mostly musky lavender base. I get a good 4-5 hours with this one. Not sure the concentration on it. Projection is pretty strong at first, but dies down quickly. Basically citrus, lavender, and musk here. It has a somewhat childish feel to it too, in terms of smell, which makes me not wanna wear it out of the house. This has been compared to Fierce, and although it took me a while, I finally see the similarities. Though Fierce is much sharper, and has more going on, there are some similarities.

    01st June, 2014

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