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    Vegas by Playboy

    This basically smells like root beer..

    15th November, 2010


    Miami by Playboy

    Playboy Miami in a few words: Watermelon Bubble Yum. This is my initial first impression, and not not just for the first time, but time and time again. What comes with it is a certain fruity soapiness. It's very clean, and refreshing. As it dries I mostly get jasmine and some other florals.. accompanied by a strange minuscule cognac accord in the background.. this is the only way I can describe it. This is what my nose smells, but in theory, it has to be the amber creeping up and mixing with everything else. It's a softer, less bold and in your face amber, it's unisex too. The fruity watermelon and apple remain strong through the middle and go back and forth with the floral notes competing for the front. Ultimately the floral musky and slightly woodsy base come in and dominate.

    Miami in a nutshell: watermelon/apple opening, soapy/soft floral musk/amber middle, amber/woods/musk base. The middle and base do blend together very well, so what you get in the middle, you can expect in the base.

    Though a pretty simple smell, this fragrance is very hard to describe in depth, and my review of this, perhaps being the first on BN or any site, is just a little bit of insight into a cheapy. Every fragrance deserves at least one review imo.. ughhh I hate being that guy who's gotta blind buy it knowing absolutely nothing, regardless of its price or availability. Anyways, I hope my review helps the potential buyer.

    04th November, 2010


    Hollywood by Playboy

    Basically a mandarin/bergamot/lemon top with a vanilla and amber base. Highly synthetic smelling; and the base of this smells very much like Cuba City Hollywood. Projection is slightly below average and longevity is about 4-5 hours.

    Other notes:

    This fragrance fades from top to middle to base notes all within 20-30 minutes, the base then lasts for the remainder of its lifespan.

    The middle phase is a sweet floral pattern, the amber and vanilla creep up in the middle notes.

    03rd November, 2010


    King by Parfums de Coeur

    I am completely revising my review, and going from what I once considered a near 4 star cheapy, to about 2 stars.

    Let's get into it. King basically smells like 2 things combined, and this time.. it's not Drakkar Noir and Giorgio. It's corned beef and hair. When I say hair, ya know when ya go to the salon, and there's that smell of fresh cut hair radiating in the air. THAT smell. You feel weird smelling it, but are intrigued and don't mind it. Sort of like gasoline, only not nearly as good.

    King is one part fresh cut hair, one part corned beef. It kinda smells like farts too.. So why is my rating neutral? Well, as it dries, it's not nearly as bad, nor is it from a distance. It's somewhat interesting, but not very wearable. Somehow I've managed to use over 60% of my 1.5 oz bottle. <vomits>

    02nd November, 2010 (Last Edited: 28th December, 2010)


    Catalyst for Men by Halston

    Powerhouse smell, very well blended, but basically smells like mold.

    02nd November, 2010


    Dunhill Pursuit by Dunhill

    Revising my previous review.

    I was able to buy a bottle of Pursuit at a very reasonable price, about 10 bucks for a 1.6 oz, so I figured, might as well take another stab at it, since a sample costs around 3 or 4.

    All in all, it's not a horrible fragrance, but it's probably one my least worn in my collection and one of my lower ranked ones. I see some complain about projection on this one, but I am glad it doesn't project because it may offend people. Pursuit is a very spicy scent, and not your typical spices. I get a very very strong presence of caraway, although it's not listed in the notes. From the opening, it starts out with a nice citrus blend, the yuzu is noticeable, it's a little on the cheap smelling side, but what do you expect. Wait about 20 minutes, and you're well into the heart notes. This is where caraway shines for me, along with cardamom, pink pepper, all on top of a cinnamon background. Can we say spicy? It doesn't smell as cheap in the middle notes. I do pick up all of the base notes here, notably the cedarwood. But yes, projection is very very weak at this point, which is very disappointing, because at this juncture, it actually smells quite nice.

    Pursuit sort of goes backwards for me. A boring synthetic/cheap smelling opening, into a nice base. Usually, it's the top notes I dig the most, while most base notes are redundant and boring. The best part of Pursuit is probably the bottle. It fits well into the Dunhill design, with its sleek profile. The typical Dunhill cap with a horizontal line going through it, only this one has an engraved orange compass in the middle of the cap.

    I'd say if you can find this one for the right price, and can wait around to the middle and base notes, you may find this fragrance enjoyable to some degree.

    01st November, 2010 (Last Edited: 17th February, 2014)


    Baldessarini Del Mar by Baldessarini

    Awesome bottle. The end.

    No, seriously. What to say about Del Mar. Well.. having tried the original Baldessarini, and owning Ambre, I find myself wondering wtf. Here we have the Baldessarini brand from Hugo; it's less sythetic, it's more sophisticated, and it had a highly credible image in my mind after having tried both the others.

    Baldessarini is like the niche part of Hugo Boss, but Del Mar is totally Hugo Boss. It's cheap smelling, it's synthetic smelling, it lacks any originality. Does it smell bad? No. In fact, few fragrances actually smell "bad" to my nose. Del Mar doesn't smell bad, but it's not even worth sampling, take my word for it.

    31st October, 2010 (Last Edited: 04th January, 2011)


    Roadster by Cartier

    I guess I'm in the minority with Roadster. To me, it's sickening and makes my stomach churn, gives me a headache and even makes me dizzy. Strangely though, when I smell it from a distance it's not as bad; but for somebody like myself, I have a tendency to smell my arms. The opening is a thick, heavy, cloying, paper smelling mint. I'm not a huge mint fan, but if done well like in Live Jazz, I'm all for it. Roadster is strictly mint, and that's all. As it dries though, it becomes a bit more tolerable.. the vetiver and woods creep in and cancel out the strong mint some what, but it's nothing to write home about.

    Conclusion: If you want a fragrance with mint in it, go with something like Live Jazz, Le Male, or even Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge. If you want a strictly mint fragrance, dominated by mint, strong, heavy mint, you'll like Roadster. I don't though.

    31st October, 2010


    Silver Light by Escada

    The opening of Silver is green and soapy, with some spice as well. It's not entirely different, in fact, it strongly reminds me of Uomo by Moschino. The thing that's most off-putting about this fragrance to me, is the chemical odor I pick up from it. Fortunately it's only strong in the very beginning.. it's reminiscent of the glue/paste accord I get from Curve, or Versace V/S. As Silver dries down, it just gets soapy and slightly floral but its foundation is a green fragrance. Vanilla and jasmine dominate from the middle on out.. the combination of the 2 is actually quite nice, even for somebody like myself who finds the jasmine note to be very feminine. I do think this fragrance is unisex all the way. As for my opinion.. I'm really smack dab in the middle on this. The strange chemical opening isn't enough to complain entirely about because it goes away quickly, and although the dry down is very pretty, it's just not for me.

    On a side note.. the middle/heart notes phase of Silver strongly remind me of Arpege pH, only take out the orange blossom and citrus and replace it with jasmine.

    31st October, 2010


    Canali Men by Canali

    Just another fragrance with no purpose. Canali does absolutely nothing for me. It reeks of so many different notes that it's hard to pull apart, it's just a synthetic smelling mess. I guess it's fair to say that everything is blended together very smoothly, but I don't know what it is I'm smelling. Grapes, lemons, berries, woods, leather, tobacco and spices along with many other fruits, citrus, florals, etc.. all in one huge accord. It doesn't by any means smell bad, but very boring, and uninspired.

    This fragrance is kind of along the lines of Allure, in terms of genre. It doesn't really fit in any genre.. I got one we can put them both in.. "synthetic city".

    24th October, 2010


    Swiss Army by Swiss Army

    I get like a minty/eucalyptus/green/herbal opening that's rather unique. Along with it, comes some sort of slightly unpleasant yet very intriguing accord.. plastic.. maybe some sort of burning toxic material. After the chemical odor dies down. The green notes and herbs come out, the mint doesn't disappear but it hides behind everything. I also get a grape note taking over the top. Before ya know it, the scent is completely gone. I don't pick up on many of the notes in this.

    To my nose, Swiss Army is one fragrance house combined into this fragrance. That house is Ralph Lauren. With Swiss Army I get some Polo Sport, Purple Label, and Safari. A rather unique composition, but nothing to write home about.

    19th October, 2010


    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    First and foremost, I absolutely despise ginger in fragrances.. it's never done right imo. That said, I absolutely LOVE the ginger in YSL l'Homme. It does an excellent job capturing a juicy citrusy ginger note. It pleases the nose, and is almost edible.

    In the top, I get lots and lots of ginger, accompanied by a bitter citrus combo of orange and lemon. In the background, I can pick up on a watery violet note. There's also a heavy dose of white pepper, which starts off behind the ginger, but eventually overpowers it. About 3 hours later, vetiver, tonka, and some gentle woods blend together smoothly for the base, with the most emphasis on the tonka, as it is in La Nuit.

    To some degree, this reminds me of Versace pH, only much much better. Longevity is about average, 6 hours or so. Projection is very good for the first 3 hours.

    14th October, 2010 (Last Edited: 27th August, 2012)


    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Although a boring fragrance, I love the smell of it. It smells like a very masculine laundry detergent. Mostly various woods, blended together smoothly which makes note detection difficult; I also get some pepper. For the price, and what you get, it's not so hot. I'd wear it if somebody gave it to me, but I doubt I'll be buying this.

    13th October, 2010


    Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

    Simply put. Odd. Not only odd, but bad. With a possible brilliant set of notes, the outcome is pretty horrid. Smells like cheap vanilla, mint, powder, and overdose of neroli, and a very bland vetiver, mixed with rubber. Very off putting; and rather insulting to the Fahrenheit brand.

    Somewhat similar to Hermessence Vanille Galante.

    11th October, 2010 (Last Edited: 11th April, 2013)


    Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

    Beautiful fragrance. First and foremost, this is not and aquatic fragrance in my view. This is citrus all the way, and finally a long lasting citrus at that. If you live in Florida you have probably seen and smelled a flower called tagetes. I believe it's in the marigold species. They also grow wildly, and smell exactly like the opening of Aqva Marine which is a citrus floral blast. Although I don't know if it's possible to make this flower into an actual note (I have tried this myself with tagetes), I have seen some fragrances claim to have it as a note, but I think it's more of an accord than anything. What makes this accord is the combination of citruses and neroli, and to be quite honest, I have never seen it done better and more naturally smelling than in this fragrance. Over time, it fades and becomes a little more smooth, less sharp and citrusy. By the 20 minute mark, I pick up on a little bit of rosemary, and maybe even a hint of geranium in there. The cedar note in the base is very dull, but very beautiful. One of the best cedar notes, smell wise that I have smelled. Arguably it's a red cedar, not really sure what that is, but it is a more distinctive woodsy note than others I have smelled.

    Aqva Marine isn't anything mind blowing, but the few notes put into this.. make up a beautiful composition, that is simple, and classy. Usually citrus fragrances are difficult for me to like, because they tend to smell too synthetic or chemical (at least designer ones). Aqva Marine, along with Lacoste Blanc (White), Bvlgari pour Homme Extreme are a few that top my list.

    26th September, 2010 (Last Edited: 18th January, 2015)


    Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

    Cool Water Game's better, fresher and more crisp smelling relative. This one is a bit more aquatic than Game; executes the watermelon note very well, but doesn't last very long. Though appealing, this fragrance is just oh so BLAH. I'm with the majority here on this neutral piece.

    06th September, 2010


    Donald Trump The Fragrance by Donald Trump

    All the negative reviews of this didn't impact my decision to blind buy this. A price of 7.99 at Marshall's on a boring day of fragrance browsing was reason enough for me to give this guy a try. I'm quite glad that I did, and far more pleased than others.

    Firstly, I'd like to comment on the top notes. Citrus.. huh? mint.. ehh, basil.. yes, cucumber.. YES, pickles.. YES!! I get a big fat slap in the face with a half sour pickle; and like the food, it's quite an acquired taste. Not your normal pickle, half sours: distinguished look and taste, as is this fragrance. Sort of a off-citrus and very light synthetic cypress thing going on, but the big player in this stuff is the cucumber. The heart is pretty boring. Smells like a mix of juniper berries, greens, and some spices.. notably basil. The base then adds some vetiver. I also get a bit of aloe from this fragrance, perhaps this is their attempt at mint, that ends up smelling like aloe.

    Boring, yes. Why this is billed as the worst fragrance ever to some, is still beyond me. It doesn't smell bad. I wish the cucumber/half sour pickle opening lasted much longer. The Fragrance doesn't project much, but that helps it because if this did project anymore than it does, it would smell very cheap.

    This reminds me of a more wearable Polo Explorer mixed with the synthetic cypress from Usher's VIP, and infused with cucumbers. Worth 7.99? Sure! give it a go, you may like it. It may become your signature fragrance. It's got a different opening than most, but is ultimately boring and generic. To me.. this sounds like the perfect office scent, and let's face it: boring, generic, casual, versatile, less projection.. these are the qualities we look for in an office scent.

    04th September, 2010


    Lanvin L'Homme Sport by Lanvin

    Smells much darker than your average sporty fragrance. Nice, but very unoriginal and uninspired. Sort of reminds me of a toned down 80's powerhouse fragrance.

    03rd September, 2010


    Hermèssence Poivre Samarcande by Hermès

    Mimi's review is pretty much on the money. Starts off very peppery, then adds some incense before the woods come in and dominate the dry down. Though it's peppery and very dry throughout -- but never animalic which is something I enjoy about this. I find it hard to find fragrances that are dry yet still enjoyable to me, because they smell too animalic. Leave it to Jean Claude Ellena to make things perfect though.

    Overall this isn't one of my favorites from the Hermessence line, but it's still quite good, though somewhat copied and not so original. There are better choices for a fraction of the price.

    29th August, 2010


    Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

    Like others, I find this fragrance to be rather green. To me though, I get a big eucalyptus accord, almost identical to the one in Safari. In fact, this reminds me of Safari, but take out all the spices, cinnamon and whatever else makes Safari an oriental fragrance, and replace them with green notes, bamboo and eucalyptus accords, tobacco leaf, and a little woods.

    The opening is what I enjoy most, to me it smells like slightly sweet snow pea pods with a little pepper. I get like a Hermes style opening really, very natural and uplifting. That fades withing 10/15 minutes though, where it becomes another boring Polo fragrance with little sillage and below average longevity. About 3-4 hours or so on my skin (on a good day), mostly close to the skin.

    So, is Purple Label worth all the hype? Is it really much different from the others from this house? Well, yes it is. But, what's to like? After the nice opening fades, it basically stays this boring tobacco leaf/eucalyptus/green fragrance.. sits very close to the skin and doesn't last too long. Bland, boring, next!

    29th August, 2010


    Allure Homme by Chanel

    I totally agree with Shamu, though I don't hate this stuff as much as him. But for those looking for something that smells ultra special, you might wanna look in another direction. People claim this stuff smells a little like something from every genre, and arguably so. I get a little bit of citrus, creaminess, fruity, a little leather accord, some baby powder or a baby wipe smell as it dries, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver and patchouli, along with a grape accord that's there from start to finish; which may seem like a lot to muster up, but it's really not too great. It's super generic, and basically a cheapo with a high price tag.

    Though there's no denying in my mind that it smells good, and I may have been a bit more enthused about such a fragrance back when it first came out, but as for now, with all the other stuff out, and the hundreds of fragrances that I've owned or tried.. this is hiding in the shadows, and deservingly so, it isn't very special to me, and certainly isn't bottle worthy.

    As for Chanel fragrances in general. If you're like me, you know your stuff a bit more than the average Joe, but you're not too familiar with some of the more respected houses such as Chanel and Dior, take my advice and avoid this one. I own a decant of Chanel No. 5 for women, and the comparison of quality is just astronomical. No. 5 is a beautiful, well composed, thick, rich and expensive fragrance, stunning! Very much a woman's fragrance, and even if you're opposed to wearing such, there's no denying that No 5 is a masterpiece. Allure on the other hand is just boring; it's hard to believe that these 2 are made by the same company. I'll keep my hopes up for trying Allure Sport, Egoiste, and some of the flankers, but thus far, as far, as Allure goes, all I can say is zzz...

    29th August, 2010


    Hermèssence Vanille Galante by Hermès

    First time I tried this, I liked it, but it wasn't too special to me. Second time I wore it, I hated it! Afterwards I wrote it off, yet still had this 15 ml decant in my possession. Eventually I mustered up the courage to give it another try, and this time I enjoyed it much more, and every time thereafter. Although, I don't see myself buying this again in the future.

    What Vanille Galante does that no other vanilla fragrance does is it extracts the sweetness from the vanilla, and really makes it earthy, with that Hermes touch. But, then the earthy like smells are less earthy than others made by JCE, because of some added synthetic and chemical notes. I pick up a strong rubber/latex note that stays in the fragrance for a while. I think this is what initially turned me off the most, but it's like, the more you smell it, the more you like it. I think rubber notes are actually quite nice in many fragrances, if done right they give a certain ruggedness to them.

    Vanille Galante is an unsweetened vanilla (though naturally sweet), slightly herbal, rubbery, cooling, and medicinal fragrance, very unique but doesn't jump off the wall, because it's quite subtle. A must try though for those looking for a different type of vanilla. JCE proves that there can be vanilla fragrances that aren't syrupy, overly sweet, or cloying. Even if you hate vanilla, ya may wanna give this one a try.

    28th August, 2010 (Last Edited: 09th April, 2011)


    Uomo? Moschino by Moschino

    For me, this fragrance is more of fresh scent than a soapy one. It starts off very fresh, green, and vibrant, then fades into a more lemony, spicy and slightly sour (I think from the lemon) scent. As it becomes more lemony it reminds me of a less attractive version of Purple Water (Asprey). Once the lemon dies down, so does my enthusiasm. The lemon kept it alive for me, and although I'm not a huge lemon fan, I enjoyed the lemon note or accord in this very much; all 15 minutes of it. Afterwards, it's just your typical run of the mil fresh fragrance, with some floral, and woodsy notes that are very common, synthetic smelling, and unappealing to me. As for those who find this unique, umm.. lol. No disrespect, but this is about as generic as generic gets.

    Just smells like a typical chemical Claiborne fragrance, pass..

    26th August, 2010


    Hermèssence Brin de Réglisse by Hermès

    I get a very strong black licorice note in the opening accompanied by a boatload of herbs and some pepper. The lavender kicks in after some of the herbs diminish, which isn't for a good hour or so. Although it seems very strong when you smell it up on the skin, it actually didn't project very much for me, especially when comparing to others from this line. The dry down is more or less the same as Paprika Brasil's only less enjoyable and more dull. I do get anywhere from 6-8 hours longevity, however it's very very dull for more than half of those hours. This one is just so&so to me, I might buy it if it were 90% off :D

    21st August, 2010


    Black Diamond by Canali

    Way too many notes to break apart what specifically is noticeable. But, I can confidentially say that the opening is reminiscent of Polo Sport, then as it dries a little, it becomes less boring and a little more distinguished with its noticeable leather note/accord along with the violet. These are which stand out the most to me, but as others have said it's blended together very smoothly so that you can't so much break it into individual notes. It's like a fruit punch mixed with leather and a little bit of florals, then some spice, then some woods.. You get a little bit of everything here. Quite nice, but ultimately boring and generic. Seems copied a million times, and surely will be, a million more. Worth a try but not bottle worthy imo.

    Update: Black Diamond is very similar to Usher for men, only more potent. If you like Usher, but it doesn't last on you, go with this, you won't be disappointed.

    18th August, 2010 (Last Edited: 12th February, 2013)


    Givenchy Play by Givenchy

    Generic? Ya. Boring? Maybe. But, I'm a sucker for fragrances like these. With its zesty lemon, bergamot and grapefruit opening blended smoothly with the sweet patchouli and a little vetiver. Along with the pepper, creates the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Never too sweet or cloying and never too spicy. In fact, barely spicy, just a little bit of pepper to let ya know that Play is here and kicking. I also get tons of vanilla which aren't listed in any of the notes on any site, but I can assure you, there's vanilla in this stuff.

    This stuff is very versatile and very safe. Ya it's boring, ya it's common, Ya it doesn't project much. Longevity isn't bad though, I get anywhere from 4-6 hours which is ok and expected with a fragrance like this. In the majority of that time, it stays pretty close to the skin, however it can be confusing because after about 20 minutes when you think it's gone completely, it's just very mellow. Hold your breath and take another whiff, it's still there, and others will still smell you. But once the 2 hour mark rolls around, this stuff is pretty delicate, Play doesn't want people to know it's on your skin. I do not recommend this scent for warmer or more humid climates because it will evaporate on the skin. The smell itself is suited for hot weather, but given its quality, it will not work. This is best if used in fall or even winter.

    Play comes in a unique mp3 player like bottle, that's pretty cheesy in my opinion, but still has a nice appearance. If I could compare the scent to another fragrance, I would say Beckham Signature Story. Many probably haven't tried this or even seen it, but Play is basically a far more tamed version of the overly cloying Signature Story.

    Is it worth it? This fragrance lacks in quality, is thin and somewhat watered down, and is a common olfactory fatigue terrorist. The fatigue problem may be more a problem for the noob noses out there. I am pretty good with avoiding it now since being more novice, but sometimes it's inevitable. Worth the price? Nah.. not for what you get. 53 bucks at Macy's for 1.7 oz of this is a joke. I wouldn't drop more than 20 on it.

    18th August, 2010


    V pour Homme by Valentino

    Now discontinued and pretty hard to find is V pH. A very "love/hate" fragrance to say the least. Pink pepper is the dominating note in the opening to me, and actually bares a very strong resemblance to A*Men: Taste of Fragrance. Pink pepper, and gummy bears. The sweetness from the vanilla is pretty beast, and it kind of unbalances this one. It goes from spicy to sweet, to spicy, to sweet. There's incense in the background, and other unique spices (I get a sort of cumin or curry note). Longevity could be better.. I get around 4 hours usually. Projection is well throughout.

    Usually I write off unbalanced fragrances like these, but there's something appealing about this one. Also gets me a lot of compliments.

    16th August, 2010 (Last Edited: 11th April, 2013)


    Boss Soul by Hugo Boss

    Ahh, a great example of too many notes pushed together. The opening of Soul to me smells like neroli, lime, and leather. Kind of reminds me of CK Contradiction in the opening. Then I get this fish food accord. This is no exaggeration.. it smells like fish food to me. It stays this way for the most part during the middle, where I also get the anise coming through which is listed as a top note, but I definitely don't get it until about 20 minutes in. I also get the nut meg and cinnamon, and it reminds me of a loopy more earthy version of Tommy. I also get the vetiver in the middle and even in the top a little even though it's listed as a base note. If you take the time to smell this on your arm from top to base, and look at the notes provided, you may pick up on everything, I piked up on most, but I'm sorry, this just doesn't come together well. On top of that, it smells quite cheap.

    16th August, 2010


    No. 5 by Chanel

    So well blended that it's nearly impossibly to pick apart notes. This here is the epitome of a woman's perfume, this is what perfume is, plain and simple.

    15th August, 2010


    Halston 1-12 by Halston

    Starts off kind of deep and bold, similar to Grey Flannel but without the violet note, but within minutes it transforms into something pretty disgusting. Harsh, toxic, chemical, ewww, pass. Get a sample of this from fragrancenet and see for yourself, it isn't very wearable.

    13th August, 2010

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