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Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

Bought this, and gave it to my father. There are far better aquatics out there to me.

Polo Blue is the much better of the 2, but more expensive. Eternity Aqua should be more crisp, but it lays flat and gets stuffy to me.

I really only bought this one because I was having a conversation about fragrances with 2 of my friends (non BN'ers, just average Joe's) and when I asked their favorite, both said Eternity Aqua. Heh.
11th October, 2016

Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

This is a better version of Curve Wave. Those who haven't tried Wave, to compare to a more popular fragrance, it's along the lines of Sean John Unforgivable.

That said.. still a bit odd. Sort of a sour aquatic, very synthetic smelling. Has okay longevity for an aquatic, perhaps above average, but nothing like some of the Bvlgari aquatic's.
10th October, 2016

cK one Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein

To me, this is better than 2013, but not as good as 2014. They are all very different. (Haven't smelled 2015)

CK One Summer 2016, is very citrusy, very fresh, very uplifting. If you live in a climate like Florida where it's humid, you won't go unnoticed wearing this. Even though it may seem boring to us aficionado's who are used to expecting so much more from our fragrances.

Mojito accord? Hmm, not so much. I do get a blast of lemon and guava in the opening, yes I can actually smell guava. It pretty much dries down to nothing though, and it doesn't last for more than 2 hours. So I can't give it a thumbs up, because performance is lacking. But, if somebody gets a whiff of you in the first 30 minutes, they will love it! At least in my world. I notice citrus and aquatics render far more compliments than any other genre, at least here in Florida.

Sillage is pretty good, again just in the first half hour, after that, expect a light bubble around you, maybe somebody will smell you in arms reach.

The bottle is awesome on this! it has a palmetto or palm tree leaf engraved into the back of the bottle. Out of the 3 Summer bottles I currently own, this one is by far the best (bottle design, not scent).
01st October, 2016
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4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

Ehh, bought a bottle for 6 bucks. No big loss. It smells fresh, but it also smells cheap, pungent, and even a little bit like plastic.

I'm sure the vintage stuff was great, back before they used all types of chemicals in perfumes. Looking at the notes though, and based on what I smell, and how people around me react to this, it's in need of a serious reformulation. The chemicals are clashing with the notes, it just smells bad.

I do like displaying the bottle with my collection though. Despite the bottle just having a cheap cap and sticker around it, it still looks old fashioned, and I like the look a lot.
01st October, 2016

Azzaro Now Men by Azzaro

Kind of smells like a more citrusy Silver Mountain Water. I actually like this one a bit, Has a nice grapefruit opening note. Definitely a metallic or paper like smelling accord in here, may even be the tea note. I think it adds character to what would be an overall boring citrus.

I have a bottle, but haven't worn it much yet. I may come back and revise this review if my thoughts change.
01st October, 2016

23 by Michael Jordan

This isn't bad, especially at its price. Smells almost identical to Halston Unbound, which is now discontinued. Acqua di Gio, to me, not so much. Unbound and Jordan 23 are both in the same aquatic category, but they lean more toward the greener side, and I don't mean trees, moss, vetiver, I mean more like grassy, and vegetate. AdG is more of a straight aquatic, with a musky dry down.

If you're like me, and you noticed the different directions between AdG and Unbound, you will see MJ 23 as more of a clone to Unbound. Unbound was an excellent fragrance too. Performance wise, it beats out 23 for sure, but at 23's price, you can't really complain.

MJ 23 smells pleasant, gets compliments, has no nasty cheap smelling chemical or overly synthetic accords. It's a no brainer. One of the best cheap ultra fresh fragrances out there, in terms of smell alone.
01st October, 2016

Chrome United by Azzaro

Decent creamy citrus opening, reminds me of Burberry Brit Rythem mixed with Bvlgari BLV, with some citrus added. The opening is actually nice. Within 10 minutes, it turns into basically Chrome Sport, that disgusting chemical, fake water, wet dog, synthetic nail polish remover smell. Horrible dry down, just repulsive. Not as bad as Sport's dry down, but it's pretty bad.

I was sent this bottle by Fragnet by mistake, they were supposed to send me Bowling Green.. not sure how they get the 2 mixed up? Nevertheless, I decided to keep it to see if maybe I got a winner (plus Fragnet's customer service wouldn't give a damn to try and make things right anyways) Anyways, this isn't something I ever wanted to try. Thus far no Chrome flankers have impressed me.
20th September, 2016

cK2 by Calvin Klein

CK2 was a blind buy for me, and one I am very happy with. This to me is a perfected version of Burberry Weekend. Weekend is a nice floral Spring fragrance for men, but it has this horrible accord that smells like pesticides or something. CK2 is not a carbon copy of Weekend either, but it shares a lot of similarities.

The notes are left up to the imagination a bit. What I get up top is mandarin, violet, and mint. through the middle, it stays sort of the same but an awesome green rose note creeps in. The base.. I don't really get any of the notes listed, rather a floral musky base, very light and very close to the skin, almost undetectable.

The major drawback for me with CK2 is longevity.. I don't get more than 3 or 4 hours. Another problem (maybe I just got unlucky buying from Fragnet) my bottles seems to leak a lot, perhaps a flaw in the design? So I keep it right side up using the cap as a cradle. However, even when I spray it, it seems to leak a bit out of the collar/neck.

Regardless, this is a beautiful fragrance from Calvin Klein, in my opinion. It follows the theme for Spring, floral, fresh, light, transparent. Projection is good, but longevity, not so much.

To me, this bears no similarities to CK One, or CK Be, as I own them both, and wear both frequently.
10th September, 2016

Memoir Man by Amouage

I'm thrilled to have been able to find a sample of this, and didn't have to blind buy a bottle. The notes looked amazing, and I know Amouage's quality, so that's why I was gonna blind buy. So glad I didn't!

It definitely smells like a lot of the notes listed. In a nutshell, this smells like Polo Modern Reserve, with better quality ingredients. The opening, I get a little mint, a lot of wormwood, a little basil, sitting on top of patchouli, leather and oakmoss.

It transforms into more of a grassy smell, like fresh cut grass. I like this part a little better, as it's more mellow and less pungent. After about 30 minutes, on my skin, this becomes mostly a skin scent, although I do get whiffs of mint and basil, projecting from a distance.

Not really my style fragrance. Though hard not to respect such a masculine fragrance with niche quality. To me, this is for an older gentleman, perhaps the 50+ crowd.
03rd September, 2016

New York Yankees by New York Yankees

Got a sample of this for free. It's pleasant, and not as generic as I was expecting, but still common. It falls into the same category with Exceptional for Men, Usher UR, Jovan Satisfaction, Chanel Edition Blanche, Eternity Summer 2015, etc., you get the idea. The opening is a creamy citrus with an underlining vanilla, possibly tonka bean. It does smell pleasant, but it's all over in about 30 minutes. The base is faint, and smells chemical. Not so much a chemical smell, but the feel it. It smells like no note in the base, just some fake accord, mish mash of I don't know what.

I guess at 10 bucks a bottle, it's not bad.
31st August, 2016

Lolita Lempicka Eau au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Wowwwww, OMG the dry down. The dry down is worth this one alone. A beautiful perfected dry down. This version takes the original, makes it more wearable, and makes the dry down more masculine, with notes of pink pepper and vetiver. I didn't care for this much at first, but it really grew on me.

If you wanna experience an amazing long lasting dry down, then look no further! Not many fragrance's base notes captivate me, this one did. Top 5 dry downs ever, for sure!
30th August, 2016

Gold by Jay Z

In a nutshell.. this has a sweet blueberry opening note, that fades into a creamy vanilla, but not overly sweet dry down. Very likeable, love at first sniff. Like the other reviewer though, this is without doubt a skin scent, and longevity is under 4 hours.

Still have my eyes open to find the Extreme version, with hopes it improves the performance.
27th August, 2016

James Bond 007 Quantum by James Bond


This smells like a million other things. Something from my wardrobe that I couldn't put my finger on. I searched and I thought.. Mesmerize by Avon without the powdery component. It has this "dark blue" smell to it, ya know like in Polo Sport, or Jacomo Paradox Blue, or Navy for Men, or Gravity. Ironically those all have dark blue bottles, and although not all are great fragrances, they certainly represent their color.

As for the notes in Quantum.. a bit muffled. I definitely get the leather within 5 minutes on my skin. The rest feels like an overly dark citrus/inky smelling thing.. I've picked it up in many other fragrances as well. Not very appealing to begin with, and being that this one is clearly a copy of an already bad fragrance, it just gets an F from me.
21st August, 2016
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L.12.12 Jaune / Yellow by Lacoste

The opening here is a zesty lemon, very nice actually. As it dries I get wafts a light leather note. I dig. It dries down to Lacoste Blanc pretty much.

It reminds me of a cross between True Religion, Lacoste Blanc, and Clinique Happy for Men. I paid like a buck 50 for a .27 oz mini bottle. No complaints.
20th August, 2016

Cigar Black Oud by Rémy Latour

The opening of this is pretty harsh, very pungent. As it dies down though, I do get a bit of Tobacco Vanille, but the vanilla isn't really a thing here. To me, this is more about a tobacco like accord, I get a pretty strong cinnamon note, as well as a ton of anise, although it isn't listed in the notes. It smells a bit animallic to my nose as well.

While it is the closest thing to Tobacco Vanille I've smelled, it's also very far from it. I regret making this purchase. Hopefully it'll get dropped, and I can sell my bottle for more than what I paid in the future.
20th August, 2016

Sunrise Men by Franck Olivier

With an astonishing number of positive reviews on Amazon, including 1 person who claims to own over 200 fragrances and puts this in his top 5.. well I just had to try this.

So glad I only bought a mini, doubt I'll even use this. The opening is short lived, it's all about the dry down which smells almost identical to Fierce. The only difference is it projects less, and it has a dirty-ish musky/powdery smell to it, but it's not too outrageous, though still noticeable to me.

Fragheads, don't follow the average Joe hype, this is mediocre at best.
19th July, 2016

David Beckham Beyond by Beckham

I find the reviews of this very misleading, and even humorous (especially on Fragrantica). When people see a high profile name like Maurice Roucel as the perfumer, the fragrance is "automatically good", take Nautica Voyage for example.. but is it really good, no, not to me.. it's actually quite bad. A high profiled perfumer that usually works with high quality ingredients, doesn't mean a cheap fragrance made with budget ingredients is gonna smell high quality. Beckham Beyond is the perfect example.

Note.. they seem promising. With a mojito note though, that should already scream synthetic to you, since mojito isn't an actual note, it's likely made with aromachemicals (keyword chemicals). Enough on the gripe though, scent itself..

It's not bad. The bottle is quite nice. o me, the opening smells like lime, green apple, vanilla, and spices. It dries down into a rather boring mostly vanilla and earthy patchouli, with a little bit of the leather, as the notes say, they are all detectable to me. Longevity is quite alright at 6-8 hours, but projection is far below average.

Overall it sort of smells generic, with bits and pieces of other fragrances. Reminds me of Edition Blanche meets Diesel Green. I think if Maurice Roucel had a bigger budget, this one would have come out well.. but it has very poor projection, and overall a cheap quality to it.
19th July, 2016

Bora Bora Exotic for Men by Liz Claiborne

What a great find this was! I decided to blind buy Bora Exotic for about $16 bucks for a 3.4 oz. I'm not blown away, but it's a nice change of pace in this one. upon first sniff, immediately I am brought back to Escada Sunset Heat for Men, a discontinued fragrance I used to own. It's very tropical. Not really sure the note on this, if I had to guess, I'd say kiwi on top, like in the original. There may be like a star fruit or dragon fruit note in there.. possibly even lychee, or some other type of exotic fruit. I'd say some citrus, possibly lemon or bergamot. After about 20 minutes I get a noticeable lavender note. Beyond that, it gets a little bit musky, and powdery but hard to tell notes since it's so faint.

I wouldn't say this is a safe blind buy, unless you've smelled Escada Sunset Heat, and you liked it. This is not something you can go out and test though, so blind buying is really your only option. Though I will say, it's very unisex.
12th July, 2016

Drakkar Essence by Guy Laroche

So it took Guy Laroche 20+ years to come out with this? Come on! I was expecting so much more, and to think they're making 6.7 oz bottles of this now, it must sell well. Seriously, who would buy this? Ok, maybe I'm being too critical. Essence smells quite alright. So boring though, so basic, so BLAH. All I really get out of this is a lemon opening, that wears quite subtle, and then a soft woodsy, musky base. Perhaps a little tonka in there?

Today and yesterday I tested this and Thallium Sport. I found Thallium Sport medicore, but when next to Drakkar Essence, it blows it out of the water. They do share some similarities in both having fresh citrus top notes, with sweet bases.

I can't think of anything identical to it off the top of my head, but that's because I haven't tried anything this boring to compare it to, in such a long time.

I guess if you want something subtle, fresh, that doesn't last long, with a fairly nice bottle, then this is for you. Definitely not for me.
12th July, 2016

Thallium Sport by Jacques Evard

To me, this has a lot of the original in it; but instead of traveling down the gourmand road, it goes the typical sport fragrance route, but with a little more sweetness.

When I first sprayed it on, I thought of Allure Edition Blanche, but with more tonka sweetness. To me, in a nutshell.. Thallium Sport is Thallium, but replace all the fruity notes with mostly lemon, tone down the projection, and longevity. Longevity is actually quite bad on this one. That doesn't bother me though, since this type of scent has already been "played out" to death. Not worth buying, stick with the original.
12th July, 2016

Anonymous by Thallium by Yves de Sistelle

Oh god, this one is bad. Thank goodness I was able to find a place selling samples cheap, and I didn't blind buy a bottle. To me, Anonymous smells like lemon pledge doused in sickly synthetically sweet tonka. As it dries it becomes a little bit more like the original Thallium for Men, but at this point, I am already repulsed. Do yourselves a favor, avoid this at any cost, not even worth 2 bucks a bottle. This is simply the brand capitalizing on the success of the original.
12th July, 2016

Paradise for Men by Alfred Sung

Bought this blindly based on the mostly positive reviews on here. I could have done without Paradise for sure. Although it isn't bad, it's quite boring; plus the cap is a pain getting off. Longevity is very poor too. This is said to have a papaya note, which I honestly don't get. I get a citrus opening, a bit sour, but not in a bad way.. just think zesty. It's like a zesty citrus slightly tropical opening with a soapy vibe as well. Dry down is very boring. A faint musk with faded citrus top notes. It's gone in 2 hours anyways.
11th July, 2016

Zirh Ikon Pure by Zirh

This is nothing like the unwearable Ikon. Although I did like Ikon smell wise, it was hard to pull off. Ikon Pure is much more versatile. A very dreamy citrus opening reminds me of Allure Edition Blanche. This dries down nicely.. a bit musky, vanilla, oriental smelling dry down, I can't say I get any vetiver, incense or patchouli though. The cap on this is not magnetic, although it looks the same as the original, it's a cheap plastic cap.
18th June, 2016

Hugo Just Different by Hugo Boss

To me, this smells like a stronger mintier version of Beckham Signature. Gets me compliments the few times I've worn it. I won't buy it again though.. too safe, and I already have many safe fragrances that I reach for before this.
18th June, 2016

Pineapple by Demeter Fragrance Library

Juicy, delicious, edible, sweet, canned pineapple. Longevity.. about 2 hours, maybe 3 on a humid day. Projection is actually pretty good, this does very well as a room spray if you don't wanna smell like pure pineapple. I enjoy wearing it around the house, and spraying it around me for my own enjoyment. It's probably (like most Demeter's) not something you'd wanna wear out. I paid 18 bucks on Fragnet for a 4 oz bottle, well worth it. You wanna smell real pineapple, buy this.. not that rip off Aventus.
13th June, 2016

Aventus by Creed

Maybe I got a "bad batch" - twice. I've sampled this twice, and no, not a spray on the hand, but full samples. My latest was a sample I chose that came with my Luckyscent purchase.

I just.. ugh.. I don't get the hype. The pineapple everyone raves about is barely noticeable. you want good pineapple go smell Demeter Pineapple, especially if Aventus rocks your socks, you'll go crazy when you smell the pineapple in Demeter. Aventus' dry down is just mediocre too. Smokey birch wood, maybe some cypress. It doesn't even smell like a signature Creed to me. The older Creeds have a metallic tinge to them, even the newer of the older like VIW.

Aventus does smell good, but not good enough to have its own sub forum. If any fragrance from Creed deserves a sub-forum, it's GIT.
28th May, 2016

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

Not feeling this one at all, and so glad I didn't blind buy a whole bottle. Got a sample with my purchase from Luckyscent. .7 ml was enough to test this on 3 separate occasions for me, and all 3 times were failures.

The first time I wore this I was actually repulsed. It smelled animallic, metallic, and like a dirty leather that somebody took a dump on.. honestly. The second and third time, I got the same thing, but with more development. Undoubtedly a leather dominant fragrance to me, although no list of that in the notes. This reminds me of this old orangish leather wallet my Grandpa gave me when I was about opened it up, and it reeked of a sour leather smell.

Fortunately, the dry down in this is much nicer than the opening. It sweetens up.. I definitely get the ambergris, which is a note I feel is sort of a shapeshifter or in our world, a smellshifter. I have smelled pure ambergris (possibly treated), in a perfume lab, and it has this sweet ambery quality to it.. no different than what I smell in the dry down here. Back to the "smellshifter" figure of speech, I feel that the ambergris in the base here takes on the leather, and base notes well, prolonging its longevity too.
17th May, 2016

Champion by Davidoff

I rarely give the big thumbs down, but this one deserves it. Note: if you see this on sale, don't be a dummy like me and give in. Although its quirky bottle is made well, and creative, and actually has enough weight (the 1.7 oz!) to pass as a weight.. if you actually care about how your fragrance smells, more than what the bottle looks like.. you'll avoid this at all costs.

Champion opens up with absolutely boring top notes, nothing interesting. Fresh and nice though, unlike its dry down. A slight powdery note in the opening makes me think it may be there in the dry down. All I smell is citrus, lavender, and oakmoss; and whatever note is making it smell a little powdery. Strangely about 10 minutes in, it starts to dry down smelling like an aquatic to my nose. This quickly dies off though, and it turns back into the most generic and synthetic smelling chypre you'll ever smell. You can look at the note pyramid and see right there, this is the epitome of chypre.. but shouldn't chypre's smell natural at least? Not Champion, a synthetic smelling chypre is just flat out hideous, and that's what you get here. Champion's only redeeming quality is as said earlier, a somewhat creative bottle design/packaging. I'm giving my bottle to my neighbor. One the worst smelling designer releases I've smelled in the past 5 years.
17th May, 2016

Rose Flash by Tauerville

I blind bought Rose Flash, and I'm sure glad I did. This is my first Andy Tauer fragrance both trying and owning.

Rose Flash opens with a strong red, fleshy, and jammy rose. The jammy quality makes it smell a little fruity, maybe like a peach or apricot. Over the course of an hour it becomes a little smokey as an incense type note sort of binds the rose together with the vanilla base. It finishes with a soft vanilla dry down, not too sweet, and still maintains a little bit of rose into the end.

Rose is the main note here, undoubtedly. My only regret.. I wish they made a bigger bottle of this, and I wish the price was lower. Don't get me wrong, this is a great quality fragrance.. but 1 oz? I mean come on, at least give us a value option of a bigger bottle, and since we'd be wanting a bigger bottle, knock some of the price off. I do realize that there is a higher amount of fragrance oils in this one, but not $60 worth for 30 ml. This is a fragrance I know I'm gonna wear often, and I know my 1 oz bottle is gonna go fast. That's compliments to the chef so to speak. Andy Tauer made a fragrance that I look forward to wearing each time the bottle gets into my hand. I just need more of it.
10th May, 2016

Encounter Fresh by Calvin Klein

I can't give this a thumbs down under the simple notion that it doesn't smell bad. It is very light though, and has very poor longevity and projection. Possibly the worst in my collection of over 175 bottles. Although I paid only 10 bucks for this 1.7 oz, and even at that price it makes a very pretty paper weight. Although this will indeed get some wear from me, when I want something very light and not to last long. so maybe on a day when I just wanna smell something briefly on myself, then apply another fragrance later on. To me, Encounter Fresh smells like a mix between Hugo (1995) and D&G Light Blue for men. The original Encounter is far better, but also very uninspired like this one, the only difference is the oud in the original keeping it a bit more interesting, but a poor oud note at that. The Encounter line has such a clever name, and could have gone places with the right ad campaign, as a sexy, seductive scent. Cheap craftsmanship and poor attention to detail will make this one become quickly forgotten. $10 bucks? Maybe a fair price, hell maybe even a ripoff at that. Save your money, do yourself a favor, get Light Blue or Hugo.. you'll be much more satisfied.
15th April, 2016