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    Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

    At the moment I currently dislike my Zero Plus, but that's because I keep trying to pull it off in this hot weather. Zero Plus is clearly a fall and winter fragrance, and not only will it be hard to wear in the hotter months, but it actually diminishes when exposed to too much heat, where as others would project. Some fragrances do this, and ZP is one of them.

    Onto the smell itself. The opening is a huge burst of cinnamon which quickly incorporates vanilla and a very light mossy smell. Like the rubber bottle, you can smell a little bit of a rubber note in the fragrance, but it's not harsh and barely noticeable. The middle and dry down are about the same as the opening, just with more spices. ZP is a rather linear fragrance but should not be taken lightly; it has a powerful opening that might turn some buyers off, but it dries down into basically a thinner consistency of the opening, without all that cinnamon and more of your typical base -- patchouli and musk.

    Makes for a great cold weather fragrance. As I said, do not wear this during hot months, it will evaporate from the skin quickly and give you a bad impression of it. This is a fragrance with a typical 6-10 hour lifespan, using it wrong will knock that down to under an hour.. literally. Because it's limited to only wear a few months out of the year, and isn't as versatile even during those months, I'm giving ZP a B- overall.

    23 April, 2010


    Eau d'Orange Verte by Hermès

    First and foremost, everything you see in that pyramid is sniffable here. So don't expect any surprises or twists and turns. It is what it is, and it's very good at what it does.

    As with every Hermes fragrance I've tried, Eau d'Orange Verte smells just as natural, pure, and like a part of mother nature. The opening actually reminds me of Le Petit Grain by Miller Harris. Lemon and mandarin are highly noticeable in the opening, projection isn't that much in the beginning which was the only surprise. I noticed I sometimes have a problem telling the difference between orange blossom and mango, but thanks to the notes here in front of me, I can confirm that I'm smelling mango. I don't get the papaya until after the mango which is cool; they don't stay together.. rather separate into their own -- sort of. Finally the base.. two notes that I don't particularly care for, but they are done excellently in this one. Everything just fades together beautifully which makes for a fantastic fragrance. This one I'd recommend for summer for sure. Released in 79 yet still modern; good job Hermes!

    21st April, 2010


    Un Jardin en Méditerranée by Hermès

    I recently found a sample of this with a little bit of juice left, enough to totally revise my old review. In my old review I talk about this being a cedar beast.. WTF was I thinking? I guess over the years my nose has better developed and has experienced less common notes like fig.

    Un Jardin En Mediterranee is all about the fig. It opens up with a blast of frash fig, very similar to the style in Philosykos, but a bit more citric. Orange blossom, neroli, call it what you want.. this citrus floral note peaks in and out of the background, but this fragrance is really all about the fig. After about 20 minutes, the fig isn't as citric or "tropical", it turns more woodsy with cypress and juniper, and pretty much dries down this way, with a little bit of musk.

    En Mediterranee is quite linear, as you would expect from most fragrances by Jean Claude Ellena, but his footprint is there, and you can tell right off the bat where this one is going. I like it, but it's a bit too boring for me. I expect much more from my fragrances, especially at this price. Projection and longevity aren't as good as others from this line, I get about 6 hours here, and that's being nice. If I had to choose, I would take Philosykos in a heartbeat over this. It's got the same fig top note, but lasts a hell of a lot longer, projects better.

    20th April, 2010 (Last Edited: 15 May, 2014)


    Axe Dark Temptation / Lynx Dark Temptation by Axe / Lynx

    If you like chocolate, and you like body sprays, then Dark Temptation is for you. Most body spray's I've tried fail in the longevity department, but Dark Temptation does a great job. It lingers and lingers, as a creamy chocolate/vanilla. The opening is far more of a dominant chocolate note. It actually changes a little.

    Body sprays are just that.. So don't expect much. But this one is the first of its kind. A gourmand body spray, that is also light and refreshing. What is best is that it lingers, and while it does, it doesn't overpower. Hard to resist really.

    In the category of body sprays -- Dark temptation gets an A+.

    20th April, 2010 (Last Edited: 27 October, 2011)


    Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès

    Many of the Hermes frags have the same construction, Un Jardin Apres La Mousson is no different. This one is like a salty green/marine/oceanic/sea breeze fragrance. It starts off smelling like fresh seaweed and pepper, tones down a little bit and some melon emerges -- maybe even cantaloupe. I also wanna talk about the ginger note in Un Jardin Après La Mousson, unlike many other fragrances, the ginger in this is very natural; it smells like something right out of the spice cabinet, as opposed to something like BLV by Bvlgari which is a nice fragrance but has a very cloying somewhat synthetic smelling ginger.

    Projection is high in the beginning as with many from the Hermes house. It tones down within 15-30 minutes to what I think of as the perfect sillage; about 6-8 inches from the skin but periodically rises off the skin and into the air. Longevity is 8+ hours on my skin and enjoyable until the end. I have yet to come across a Hermes fragrance that I hate or that doesn't give off this natural/earthy feeling. This is what I adore about this house, and many should take a closer look at this. You want something natural, or at least natural smelling.. go with Hermes......Seriously.

    20th April, 2010 (Last Edited: 20th April, 2011)


    Bois Rouge by Tom Ford

    Another Tom ford fragrance with a very chemical opening. Not quite as bad as Japon Noir, but still smells bloody and rusty. After being on my skin for a few minutes it starts to smell like burning plastic and rose. The more I smell the more of a headache I get so I'm gonna wait until it tones down a bit before I can finish this review.

    So here we are now, 30 minutes later.. toned down? Yes. Tolerable? Yes. Good? No. Now it smells like a smokey jasmine, mixed with burning plastic. About 45 minutes have passed now and it's well into the base notes where I get some sandalwood, and vanilla, but still notesand disturbing odors from the top and middle. I'll be scrubbing this one off my skin as I did with Japon Noir (which I meant to give a thumbs down)

    Bois Rouge just isn't a good fragrance, at least not to me. If you're more into colognes and edt's than perfumes like I am, then stay away from this one.

    19 April, 2010


    Oud Wood by Tom Ford

    Updating my previous review of this.. it is definitely more synthetic smelling than other Tom Ford offerings. To my nose, its opening and middle smells very similar to B*Men, only lighter and no sweet notes. I get that same sort of rubber, plastic, watery and coconut smell that I get from B*Men; add a little rosewood though. As it dries down is where I kind of want to scrub it off, as it becomes a very dry and spicy wood, smells slightly animalic in the base as well. Not a personal favorite, but an interesting collaboration nevertheless. Sillage and longevity are just mediocre.

    18 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 31st August, 2010)


    Japon Noir by Tom Ford

    Japoir Noir first starts off as a lighter version of Obsession, the alcohol smell is quite noticeable in the opening, so try not to sniff for a few seconds. Afterward it takes on sort of a ginery/inky aroma. Very strange and different, it actually kind of smells like blood and rust. What I noticed about this stuff is that it gets stronger as it cooks on your skin, but only in the first 10-15 minutes. Those first 10-15 minutes were quite harsh to me, and overall Japon Noir gave me a slight headache. It's not a really bad fragrance, it just isn't for me; it's hard to dislike something so unique though, so my rating is neutral.

    18 April, 2010


    Bois Marocain by Tom Ford

    By far the worst Tom Ford fragrance I have tried. Bois Marocain starts off as an in your face cypress. Pine cones, pine needles, sap, and anything else you would associate with pine and cypress rolled into one. Done very distastefully, projects a bit at first as most Tom Ford frags do. Somebody who likes fragrances like Tobacco Vanille will not enjoy this, unless you are a die hard cypress fan, and this may even push it for the fans. I scrubbed this one off my skin because I was so repulsed. All I can say is try before you buy; I give this an F.

    17 April, 2010


    Champaca Absolute by Tom Ford

    Far too feminine for me. Champaca Absolute starts off with an insanely alcoholic smell then transforms into what smells like blowing bubbles. This smell of blowing bubbles lasts and lasts, and is just so boring. Once it dries a little more you can most definitely smell cognac; at this point I'd say it has redeemed itself from that harsh chemical opening. While the smell of "blowing bubbles" still lingers in the background, it's all that I can focus on during the middle notes. Thus far I hate the top notes, I am intrigued by the cognac in the middle but am distracted by the lingering chemicals from the opening. Onto the base, and IMO the only part that doesn't make this a "scrubber". I smell cognac, along with floral notes, vanilla, and amber. The cognac is by far the most dominating note in Champaca Absolute. Stays pretty close to the skin about 20 minutes after application. Not horrible, but more negatives than positives to me; who can resist the smell of cognac though? I give this a C-.

    17 April, 2010


    Piment des Baies by Miller Harris

    Like the others I disagree on this being labeled a female frag, this is clearly a unisex fragrance. That been said.. in the opening Piment des Baies projects a little more than many other offerings from Miller Harris. At first it smells like a very zesty lemon, actually reminds me of Lemonheads (candy). Here's where I got confused and couldn't figure out what was happening I thought maybe some floral notes and that it was starting to smell feminine. I then realized it smells exactly like lemon cookies. Picture sugar cookies mixed with lemons. Not as zesty as the lemons in the opening, but lemons nevertheless. I do believe it smells a little more feminine at this point but it's still quite wearable for a man. Let it dry a little more and I smell a little ginger, much similar to the ginger in BLV, but close to the skin. From this point on (10-15 mins in) PdB remains a skin scent but a slightly stronger skin scent that many of the others from Miller Harris. Pretty good overall, longevity is 10+ hours but remember.. it's a skin scent. One of the better ones from Miller Harris indeed.

    17 April, 2010


    Daddy Yankee by Daddy Yankee

    Quite good for a celebrity fragrance. Daddy Yankee is the opposite of linear and goes through several different phases that must be experienced first hand. From aromas like apples to vanilla to coconut and pineapple to chocolate and cinnamon to a fantastic sweet woodsy dry down. Daddy Yankee is on the A list for celebrity fragrances. If you've ever tried Perry Ellis -- 2008 edition I believe with the cloth thing hanging off the bottle, Daddy Yankee has a very similar opening to that. Pleasing, moderate to low sillage, decent longevity, sexy as hell, and completely inoffensive. This one is a keeper, and a great choice for a noob who's looking for something inexpensive and less usual than the typical Hugo's and AdG's to start off their collection. B+

    14 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 13 January, 2011)


    HisStory by Avon

    Grassy -- often I like grassy frags, but not this one. Grassy, powdery, chemical smelling, sharp and offensive. HisStory is History for the most part, and thank goodness it is.

    Its only redeeming quality is its nice sleek bottle.

    14 April, 2010


    En Sens de Bois by Miller Harris

    The opening is quite masculine and projects very little as most MH frags do. I didn't particularly like the opening it seemed somewhat rotten and a mix of vetiver and incense that reminded me of Grey Flannel. Though within 5 minutes it tones down significantly and reminds me of an extremely toned down Grey Vetiver minus the citrus.

    Ten minutes in and it becomes more floral.. dark floral though. It kind of switches back and forth from floral notes, to patchouli to vetiver but all with a woodsy base at this point. It's hard to detect what's going on because it's such a skin scent and nothing really projects. I tend to blow hot air from my mouth on the areas of my arm where I sprayed to get a little bit of projection and life out of it. "Life" I say.. En Sens de Bois, is pretty much lifeless.. but not terrible. It does have a decent aroma, but that's not enough for me. Boring.

    13 April, 2010


    L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris

    Kind of a boozy at first; spicy, cinnamon, floral, accompanied by a sort of pollen like musk. Too many notes that I don't particularly care for, which makes for a fragrance that I could take or leave. Another skin scent from Miller Harris, only this one smells much better in the bottle than on my skin.

    13 April, 2010


    Dunhill by Dunhill

    Very bad, feminine, cheap, and reminds me of nail polish remover. The only thing tolerable is the lemon in the opening, and this is just barley tolerable. If the top was just lemon it would have made for a nice top, but then there's the unbearable middle and base. Absolutely horrible, one of the worst fragrances I've ever come across. Nice sleek bottle though, but that's it. Try before you buy on this one, Dunhill hasn't impressed me yet, though I did enjoy Pure.

    13 April, 2010


    Le Petit Grain by Miller Harris

    This was the second Miller Harris fragrance that I tried, and I'm glad I did. MH totally redeemed itself from the first one I tried Fleurs De Sel, which I didn't care for enough to wear it out.

    LPG starts off with these huge bursts of dried oranges and pine. It has a certain tangy-ness to it, usually I dislike tangy fragrances but this is tangy and sweet simultaneously. One can argue that it smells like Orange Pledge, but to be honest -- that's one cleaning product that I would wear proudly!

    Sillage is pretty poor, I only get it coming about 4 inches off my skin at best, while at the same time it's more concentrated than a cologne so it does have that certain ability to create a sort of vapor in the air as most perfumes do from time to time. Meaning that the sillage basically comes and goes with this one, depending on where you spray, how you move the area of your body where you sprayed it, and the climate that you are in.

    LPG is definitely bottle worthy, I think I would get more out of it with a full sized atomizer as well rather than the decant I have. Just a wonderful inoffensive orange perfume that smells very natural.

    12 April, 2010


    Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris

    Salty indeed, I smell roses and whiskey as well.. it smells very sharp and metallic in the opening. Stays quite close to my skin, but because it's so sharp you can still smell it even without sniffing your arm. The smell from the distance is far better than up close, but for somebody like me who has a tendency to smell my arm or wrist, this is a no-go. As it dries down a little bit it becomes quite herbal and smells like a mixture of green spices. I was gonna rule this out because I didn't like the opening so much, but give it 10-15 minutes and it calms down into something more tolerable. Not great, but not horrible. Not something I would buy more than a decant of.

    12 April, 2010


    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

    With all the people hyping this one up lately, I went into my tin of decants to give it another try.. and I must say.. I'm far more impressed than ever. Of course the projection, sillage and longevity are amazing, but now I'm getting new aromas.

    It's like a field of tobacco leaves dipped in vanilla syrup was set on fire, and burning. Maybe a burning vanilla candle as somebody mentioned before. I kind of smell like a toasted coconut/marshmallow thing as it dries down a little. It's gourmand but not completely devoted to being gourmand, it's kind of a more gentlemanly sophisticated gourmand/tobacco blend. This stuff is also incredibly thick, rich and potent. Excellent.

    But, is it worth the price? To me, no. I'm too used to a thriftier budget when it comes to fragrances, I feel disgusted with myself if I spend 60-80 bucks on one.. nonetheless 170-250!? Jesus Tom Ford, how much are you making marketing some of your stuff. As good as it is, there are far too many other fragrances I can find to tickle my tobacco an vanilla fancy. And, while this stuff may be high quality, I don't think any fragrance is worth such a price.

    12 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 22 July, 2010)


    Diesel Green Masculine by Diesel

    Lime Lime Lime! I love dominant lime notes in a cologne, Green Masculine starts off with lime and vanilla and maintains it until the end. The end is unfortunately 3 hours later. Throw in some greens too, GM is one of the greenest fragrances around, but at the same time it's a gourmand as well. I can safely say that with my knowledge of colognes and a few perfumes (perfumes I'm still getting into.. they take a toll on my wallet) that nothing smells quite like GM -- This I can say with confidence.

    Fantastic scent, poor longevity, mediocre sillage, and completely inoffensive. I will say that sometimes I can get 5 hours out of this, but it's rare. The bottle is unique but annoying, it sprays out minuscule amounts and the sprayer often breaks. I actually ended up opening up my bottle and switching it into a basic travel spray bottle. Getting huge sprays of GM with this, it helped spread copious amounts during applications which is needed if you're gonna wear this one out. I give Diesel Green Masculine a B-

    09 April, 2010


    Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

    Truly a masterpiece. The first time I wore this I put way too much on which is what ruined the first impression. I also found it to smell more feminine than masculine, but that's all a matter of the way you think of rose, since this scent focuses on the rose note.

    Afterward, I tried it again with a smaller application and was really enjoying it. Then I tried it again and again and it just kept getting better. Now I think it's one of the few niche fragrances that's worth springing 220+ bucks for.

    Rose and saffron with like a smokey raspberry aroma. Simply fantastic. It's very strong yet doesn't compromise its power by smelling too synthetic like many other strong fragrances do. The structure of this is very much like Tobacco Vanille; the feeling -- not the smell. A for longevity, A for projection, A for sillage, A for smell, but a C- for versatility. It's not something you can wear everyday; it should be treasured and used only for very special and formal events. I recommend every guy on BN getting a whiff of this stuff at some point in time; even if you're more into mainstream frags like a lot of us on here, or opposed to high end niche fragrances -- this is one that shouldn't be overlooked. To be it's one of the top 5 most beautiful scents I've ever smelled, and is the epitome of elegance. Unless you absolutely hate rose, this is pretty hard to dislike.

    06 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 14 May, 2010)


    Perry Ellis for Men (new) by Perry Ellis

    There is simply no designer fragrance that I have changed my mind on so many times. But this time, I think I am certain. Perry Ellis for Men is a sure winner. It's quite different from everything else on the market today, it takes risks, but doesn't overdo it as some niche fragrances might do. It's hard to categorize, but I think I would go with a woodsy/incense/spicy/fruity/aquatic. Strange huh?

    It opens up with a fresh green apple note, that actually does not smell synthetic at all. Backed by a dark sweet and smokey aroma. I can't help but think about burning incense or a Black & Mild cigar. It has a pumpkin spice smell which pairs with some ginger and some strange aquatic note.. similar to the one in the dry down of Wall Street. It almost smells like a wet dog. However, there is enough stuff on top of it to mask it, for the most part. It dries down with some deep bitter woodsy notes. Quite a complex scent really. Disaster? or perhaps a masterpiece.. you be the judge on this one.

    Longevity and sillage are both adequate, as I get about 6 hours or so, with average projection. My one gripe, is that i cannot wear this often, or I will begin to hate it. As that is the case with A*Men, Joop!, and some other great ones. You can only appreciate their beauty if you wear them once in a while.

    03 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 24 March, 2012)


    Adidas Deep Energy by Adidas

    The juice matches the aroma on this one, it's orange and that's what it smells like. It reminded me some what of Nautica's Sunset Voyage, but with more of a faded tangerine opening. Not horrible but nothing amazing. I had one squirt of it on my wrist and it was gone completely in 30 minutes. Not the proper application but I get the feeling the longevity on this will be poor.

    03 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 13 May, 2010)


    Adidas Fresh Impact Limited Edition by Adidas

    Nice, sweet and slightly minty opening; fruity finish. Best out of all of the ones from this series that I've tried thus far.

    03 April, 2010 (Last Edited: 21st April, 2010)


    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

    Starts off like black licorice and turns into vanilla wafers. Sillage on this is interesting because it comes and goes, but its never very heavy. I found Lolita Lempicka to work amazingly in the heat -- on a very humid day in sunny Florida. Fantastic sweet fragrance.. one of the best gourmands around.

    03 April, 2010


    Jovan Ginseng NRG by Jovan

    Decent, typical citrusy scent, but doesn't compare to the original which is extremely hard to find. NRG was actually off the shelves for a while and just brought back not too long ago. (found easily at Walmart now)

    02 April, 2010


    Jovan Bodytonics Soothing by Jovan

    Grassy indeed, I was fortunate enough to find a mini variety set with 4 different ones. I always remember these being very cheap at Kmart, now they are nearly impossible to find.

    02 April, 2010


    Iron by Coty

    The Iron I had was in a different bottle, but I think it's the same studd since it was made by Coty. I had a .5 oz splash cologne of this and thank goodness I did. Another disgrace from Coty..None of the notes in the pyramid are detectable. Iron just smells chemical and moldy to my nose.

    02 April, 2010


    Kenzo Power by Kenzo

    This is Tommy Bahama Set Sail South Seas' younger and non drunk brother. Non drunk because it lacks the rum note, but other than that it smells the same. I prefer the TB, but this is pretty good. Flowery, slightly fruity, soft, can pass as a uni fragrance; less flowery and more powdery dry down. It also smells like Fruit Loops.

    30th March, 2010 (Last Edited: 21st April, 2010)


    Michael Jordan by Michael Jordan

    Cypress, citrus, fresh cut grass, pepper. There are few words to paint the picture for Michael Jordan Cologne. MJ is an excellent safe and very versatile fragrance. It's unique, but it doesn't perform to well in the longevity department. Projection is ok though. Like Hugo for Men, MJ is kind of in a category of its own, where it has just so many notes, none of which are more prominent than the next. All these notes building something unique and different. Like Hugo, MJ make up their own category of masculine fragrances, I'd go with "green/citrus/cypress". A must try, and it's cheap too, which is a plus.

    26 March, 2010 (Last Edited: 19 April, 2014)

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