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Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

Fantastic, somewhat complex vetiver, that doesn't stray far from the original.

Personally, I prefer the original, because of the dark, inky, gothic vibe.. not many like it, especially at this price.

Encre Noire Sport is no slouch though. It opens up similar to Grey Vetiver, with the more citrusy take on vetiver. After it settles in, it completely changes into a dominant lavender, which can't go unnoticed. It smells like dryer sheets. By the 3-4 hour mark it warps back into the original Encre Noire DNA, a bit lighter, without the heavy dark vibe.

I think I actually get better longevity with this version too. I wasn't really set on such a blast of lavender in the mid, especially to the point where it completely changed the fragrance to me, but it's nice. Still, I prefer the original, but for the price, you might as well own both.

Once the newer version drops down in price some more, I will get that one as well.
27th December, 2016

Carven pour Homme (original) by Carven

To me, this is 60% Gucci Envy, 30% CK Obsession, 10% Davidoff Zino. As much as I dislike Zino, it manages to take the good out of Zino and combine it well with spices and aromatic notes.

I do own a bottle, and although I rarely reach for it, it's undoubtedly a high score for me. Quality, well blended, timeless fragrance. Price is still good, worth a blind buy, even if you don't plan on wearing it often. Sillage and longevity are mediocre for me, around the 5 hours mark.. this doesn't matter though.

Even if you own 200+ bottles like myself.. there is only one Carven Homme.. even if you wear it once a year, buy a bottle, before they are gone entirely, and going for 200+ on Ebay, because I guarantee it to be the case here in a few years with this modern classic.
27th December, 2016

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraîche by Issey Miyake

The original is a groundbreaking designer fragrance imo, and this flanker is pretty solid too. My biggest gripe is longevity though, I get 2-3 hours max. The spearmint note is really nice, haven't found a mint note this good since Live Jazz. The opening is similar to the original but only for a few seconds, before it becomes mint and citrus dominated. The rosemary is much more toned down than the original, and overall it's more fresh as the bottle says.

I loved the original so much that I was considering blind buying this at retail when I heard it was coming out. Though I knew if I waited I would find it on sale. Unfortunately for a couple years, it was nowhere to be found, until recently. As I picked up a big bottle for about $25, I don't think I would pay more than $30 for the 4.2 oz.
25th December, 2016
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Flight Sport by Michael Jordan

Trust me Bn'ers, this is one of the worst smelling fragrances out there. Other than the fact that it smells fresh, it has no redeeming qualities. It doesn't last long, it doesn't project, but why would you want it to? It smells disgusting! I can't even describe notes.. it's like somebody took plastic and melted it down, then poured that nasty smelling anti dandruff (T-Gel?) shampoo on it. This doesn't smell like something you wanna smell like, trust me. Avoid at all costs, even if somebody hands you a bottle, just walk away!

It will earn an achievement from me though. Top 10 worst designers of all time. Not far behind is Chrome Sport.
06th December, 2016

Dunhill Fresh by Dunhill

This smells like Nautica Voyage mixed with tennis balls, or "that new car smell" spray or air freshener's. Fresh is ok, but I got rid of my bottle because I never wear it. It's a run of the mill aquatic with a twist to it.
27th November, 2016

Lacoste L!VE by Lacoste

Lacoste Live I find to be very pleasant smelling. Non offensive, fruity and fresh. to me it smells similar to I Am King, only deeper, darker, and toned down. Not to say this is a dark fragrance, because it isn't.

Notes.. I don't really get lime. I do get the aquatic notes, and green notes, and licorice more into the heart. I get a tangerine like note mixed with subtle woods over a light tonka bean background. More so, the sweetness from tonka bean, not as much the smell, which is good, since I don't really like the smell of tonka bean. There's also this awesome incense smell, but it's pretty light, and you really have to stick your nose into the skin to smell it. The licorice note isn't too noticeable, it actually smells like licorice too and not anise.

I do like it, but it's a bit played out. The whole fruity thing, using intriguing notes to lure you in. It's pretty generic really, and the darker side of it isn't pronounced enough to give it that niche like kick that us frag heads desire and crave, as most of us are sick of the generic stuff.

The worse part is projection and longevity are pretty much non existent.
26th November, 2016

Émeraude by Coty

Smells like a feminine powdery version of Habit Rouge. This should have been called Headache, because that's what it is.
15th November, 2016

Rogue Man by Rihanna

This is compared to The One. I scored a bottle for under 10 bucks. The bottle itself is probably the highlight of the fragrance. The fragrance is good, but a bit generic to me. It definitely has a strong resemblance to The One, but it's much less smooth. To me, (although not listed in notes) I get a hefty dose of leather from mid to end. A predominantly amber dry down finishes this one off. It sits close to the skin, and longevity is around the 5-6 hour mark on me.

I prefer The One, better yet, The One EDP.. not because it's pricier, because it's simply better. However Rogue is not bad, very wearable, and worth a try if you can't afford The One.
15th November, 2016

Black Soul Imperial by Ted Lapidus

Rarely have I gotten the bubblegum smell that people say they get from other fragrances, but I actually get it here in the opening. Bubblegum meets 1 Million, less sweet, and more powdery. As it dries, I get a sharp woody note which I presume is the cedar. I really don't get much of a coffee vibe here, as others allude to, which is why I blind bought this one. I guess maybe I am spoiled by such authentic coffee notes like in Pure Coffee..

To me, Black Soul Imperial is a let down. My first bottle from this house, and really the only one I had any interest in, except maybe the original to this as well. Though I don't see myself buying another from this brand again. I find the quality and craftsmanship to be below average. I also find that the smell is a bit redundant.
15th November, 2016

Success by Trump by Donald Trump

Trump Success really rubs me the wrong away. It has some good, the peach, nectarine, apricot opening, but it's heavily clouded by a horrible fake aquatic (not calone), chlorine water, "wet hair" note. You know what I mean. The same that's in the dry down of Unforgivable, Wall Street, and many others. The smell of Elmer's Glue lingers in there too.

Even if it didn't have these drawbacks, it would be oh so boring, barely enough for a neutral. These gross smelling accords give it a thumbs down for me, for sure.
13th November, 2016

Tom Ford Noir Extreme by Tom Ford

I can't believe nobody has compared this to Varvatos Vintage. They are so much a like. Except Noir Extreme becomes an amber beast in the dry down, and something like Eau des Baux in the mid, raining down vanilla, tonka, and spice.

To sum things up promptly.. Noir Extreme is a masterpiece. Parts La Nuit, Eau des Baux, Varvatos Vintage. Beast mode at some point in the opening. Sensual, sexy, refined. Longevity is about 6-8 hours on me, while projection is about average, maybe slightly above as it settles in a little. A must try for any fraghead!
11th November, 2016

Eternity Summer for Men 2016 by Calvin Klein

Close to a thumbs up for me. The opening is very enjoyable, almost has a grape smell to me, with a Summer twist on it. However the dry down is too much like Issey Miyake, a fragrance I really don't care for.
10th November, 2016

Samba Star Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Pretty boring, linear, kind of cheap smelling. There is a hefty dose of cocoa in the opening, as Renato says. It reminds me of the cocoa in 125 Years Your Companion For Life, or in CK In2U. A fairly strong presences of lavender here. The dry down is a creamy sandalwood/vanilla combo. Lasting power is roughly 5-6 hours on me, with projection on the weaker side.

This just smells boring, not much going on. Mediocre at best.
07th November, 2016
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cK one Summer 2013 by Calvin Klein

Opens nicely. Dries down into a scrubber pretty much, way too synthetic and chemical smelling to enjoy.
02nd November, 2016

Solare by Vince Camuto

Solare is a nice smelling scent, as others have said, a lighter take on Ultra Zest. Longevity is a big problem for me, I get no more than 2 hours if I'm lucky. This (and my other Camuto reviews) are not based off of one wearing either, but .25 oz bottles. So I have gotten many wears of it, and a good feel.

The plus side, this is always marked down in department stores, which you don't see too often, so if you're a mall shopper, well there you go. It does get compliments.

The scent itself. Can't really detect individual notes, other than orange, and white musk. Perhaps a light vanilla or amber undertone. Again like most Camuto's it just feels incomplete, doesn't go anywhere.
31st October, 2016

Vince Camuto Homme by Vince Camuto

The notes are very misleading here. This basically smells like lemon and nail polish remover. Not that toxic though, actually not very chemical smelling, but the feel of those 2 aromas is still there.

It has like a white musky undertone, and it just goes nowhere, doesn't last either, but that's a good thing here, since it smells awful.
31st October, 2016

Vince Camuto Original Cologne for Men by Vince Camuto

Mediocre at, best, almost a thumbs down. To me this smells pretty similar to Phat Farm Atman, which was a classy leather type fragrance. Camuto though is more refined, as the leather is blended well here. It's more modern too. Also reminds me a little bit of Only the Brave from Diesel.

Overall it's just too simplistic for my taste, and barely done well. The only thing nice is that it's versatile, and masculine.
31st October, 2016

Samba Skin Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Simply Awesome! Finally got a bottle of this, at a reasonable cost. This is one of the harder to find Samba's and some places are asking for prices far beyond the $12 or so sticker.

What a fantastic fragrance. Whether or not this is meant to copy Pure Havane or not is beyond me. I have tried Pure Havane once, and this smells identical to it, in terms of smell, and quality. Usually you don't get both when another brand is going out to clone another fragrance.

Now I have plenty of experience with the Samba brand, and believe me they are not a knock off brand. They have plenty of original fragrances. Skin on the other hand, to me is a carbon copy of Pure Havane, again whether or not that was the intention is beyond me.

Whether or not this fragrance is worth owning, is a no brainer. If you see it at a good price, get it. Even if you own Pure Havane, this could be your back up bottle, or vice versa.
27th October, 2016

Eternity for Men Aqua by Calvin Klein

Bought this, and gave it to my father. There are far better aquatics out there to me.

Polo Blue is the much better of the 2, but more expensive. Eternity Aqua should be more crisp, but it lays flat and gets stuffy to me.

I really only bought this one because I was having a conversation about fragrances with 2 of my friends (non BN'ers, just average Joe's) and when I asked their favorite, both said Eternity Aqua. Heh.
11th October, 2016

Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

This is a better version of Curve Wave. Those who haven't tried Wave, to compare to a more popular fragrance, it's along the lines of Sean John Unforgivable.

That said.. still a bit odd. Sort of a sour aquatic, very synthetic smelling. Has okay longevity for an aquatic, perhaps above average, but nothing like some of the Bvlgari aquatic's.
10th October, 2016

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

Took me a good long while to like this. You really need to like neroli.

Despite all the notes listed, I get bergamot, and neroli. It lasts about 30 minutes, an hour on a good day. It smells natural for the most part.

I paid $6 for a 2 oz spray bottle. Never wore it until recently, when I finally got more into neroli notes. Neroli was always a smell that rubbed me the wrong way; and although still not a major fan, I do appreciate more and more, as I wrap my nose around more neroli dominated fragrances.
01st October, 2016 (last edited: 23rd February, 2017)

Now Men by Azzaro

Kind of smells like a more citrusy Silver Mountain Water. I actually like this one a bit, Has a nice grapefruit opening note. Definitely a metallic or paper like smelling accord in here, from the tea note (same sort of effect from Clean Shower Fresh). I think it adds character to what would be an overall boring citrus.

My main gripe is that the bottle is way too wide, it can't be stood up, and takes up way too much shelf space.
01st October, 2016 (last edited: 31st January, 2017)

cK one Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein

To me, this is better than 2013, but not as good as 2014. They are all very different. (Haven't smelled 2015)

CK One Summer 2016, is very citrusy, very fresh, very uplifting. If you live in a climate like Florida where it's humid, you won't go unnoticed wearing this. Even though it may seem boring to us aficionado's who are used to expecting so much more from our fragrances.

Mojito accord? Hmm, not so much. I do get a blast of lemon and guava in the opening, yes I can actually smell guava. It pretty much dries down to nothing though, and it doesn't last for more than 2 hours. So I can't give it a thumbs up, because performance is lacking. But, if somebody gets a whiff of you in the first 30 minutes, they will love it! At least in my world. I notice citrus and aquatics render far more compliments than any other genre, at least here in Florida.

Sillage is pretty good, again just in the first half hour, after that, expect a light bubble around you, maybe somebody will smell you in arms reach.

The bottle is awesome on this! it has a palmetto or palm tree leaf engraved into the back of the bottle. Out of the 3 Summer bottles I currently own, this one is by far the best (bottle design, not scent).
01st October, 2016

23 by Michael Jordan

This isn't bad, especially at its price. Smells almost identical to Halston Unbound, which is now discontinued. Acqua di Gio, to me, not so much. Unbound and Jordan 23 are both in the same aquatic category, but they lean more toward the greener side, and I don't mean trees, moss, vetiver, I mean more like grassy, and vegetate. AdG is more of a straight aquatic, with a musky dry down.

If you're like me, and you noticed the different directions between AdG and Unbound, you will see MJ 23 as more of a clone to Unbound. Unbound was an excellent fragrance too. Performance wise, it beats out 23 for sure, but at 23's price, you can't really complain.

MJ 23 smells pleasant, gets compliments, has no nasty cheap smelling chemical or overly synthetic accords. It's a no brainer. One of the best cheap ultra fresh fragrances out there, in terms of smell alone.
01st October, 2016

Chrome United by Azzaro

Decent creamy citrus opening, reminds me of Burberry Brit Rythem mixed with Bvlgari BLV, with some citrus added. The opening is actually nice. Within 10 minutes, it turns into basically Chrome Sport, that disgusting chemical, fake water, wet dog, synthetic nail polish remover smell. Horrible dry down, just repulsive. Not as bad as Sport's dry down, but it's pretty bad.

I was sent this bottle by Fragnet by mistake, they were supposed to send me Bowling Green.. not sure how they get the 2 mixed up? Nevertheless, I decided to keep it to see if maybe I got a winner (plus Fragnet's customer service wouldn't give a damn to try and make things right anyways) Anyways, this isn't something I ever wanted to try. Thus far no Chrome flankers have impressed me.
20th September, 2016

cK2 by Calvin Klein

CK2 was a blind buy for me, and one I am very happy with. This to me is a perfected version of Burberry Weekend. Weekend is a nice floral Spring fragrance for men, but it has this horrible accord that smells like pesticides or something. CK2 is not a carbon copy of Weekend either, but it shares a lot of similarities.

The notes are left up to the imagination a bit. What I get up top is mandarin, violet, and mint. through the middle, it stays sort of the same but an awesome green rose note creeps in. The base.. I don't really get any of the notes listed, rather a floral musky base, very light and very close to the skin, almost undetectable.

The major drawback for me with CK2 is longevity.. I don't get more than 3 or 4 hours. Another problem (maybe I just got unlucky buying from Fragnet) my bottles seems to leak a lot, perhaps a flaw in the design? So I keep it right side up using the cap as a cradle. However, even when I spray it, it seems to leak a bit out of the collar/neck.

Regardless, this is a beautiful fragrance from Calvin Klein, in my opinion. It follows the theme for Spring, floral, fresh, light, transparent. Projection is good, but longevity, not so much.

To me, this bears no similarities to CK One, or CK Be, as I own them both, and wear both frequently.
10th September, 2016

Memoir Man by Amouage

I'm thrilled to have been able to find a sample of this, and didn't have to blind buy a bottle. The notes looked amazing, and I know Amouage's quality, so that's why I was gonna blind buy. So glad I didn't!

It definitely smells like a lot of the notes listed. In a nutshell, this smells like Polo Modern Reserve, with better quality ingredients. The opening, I get a little mint, a lot of wormwood, a little basil, sitting on top of patchouli, leather and oakmoss.

It transforms into more of a grassy smell, like fresh cut grass. I like this part a little better, as it's more mellow and less pungent. After about 30 minutes, on my skin, this becomes mostly a skin scent, although I do get whiffs of mint and basil, projecting from a distance.

Not really my style fragrance. Though hard not to respect such a masculine fragrance with niche quality. To me, this is for an older gentleman, perhaps the 50+ crowd.
03rd September, 2016

New York Yankees by New York Yankees

Got a sample of this for free. It's pleasant, and not as generic as I was expecting, but still common. It falls into the same category with Exceptional for Men, Usher UR, Jovan Satisfaction, Chanel Edition Blanche, Eternity Summer 2015, etc., you get the idea. The opening is a creamy citrus with an underlining vanilla, possibly tonka bean. It does smell pleasant, but it's all over in about 30 minutes. The base is faint, and smells chemical. Not so much a chemical smell, but the feel it. It smells like no note in the base, just some fake accord, mish mash of I don't know what.

I guess at 10 bucks a bottle, it's not bad.
31st August, 2016

Lolita Lempicka Eau au Masculin by Lolita Lempicka

Wowwwww, OMG the dry down. The dry down is worth this one alone. A beautiful perfected dry down. This version takes the original, makes it more wearable, and makes the dry down more masculine, with notes of pink pepper and vetiver. I didn't care for this much at first, but it really grew on me.

If you wanna experience an amazing long lasting dry down, then look no further! Not many fragrance's base notes captivate me, this one did. Top 5 dry downs ever, for sure!
30th August, 2016

Gold by Jay Z

In a nutshell.. this has a sweet blueberry opening note, that fades into a creamy vanilla, but not overly sweet dry down. Very likeable, love at first sniff. Like the other reviewer though, this is without doubt a skin scent, and longevity is under 4 hours.

Still have my eyes open to find the Extreme version, with hopes it improves the performance.
27th August, 2016