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    Jeke by Slumberhouse

    Sorry but this one just isn't good, plain and simple.

    It opens nicely.. very resinous, dark, and earthy. Similar to Norne, but attempts to perhaps go gourmand? Definitely not gourmand though, but slightly sweeter than Norne. It starts to smell like smoldering, burning wood, and a bbq; yes I even get the smell of grilled meats. After about 20 minutes.. it starts to smell like rusty nails, burnt rubber, burning hair, and pencil shavings.. it's quite repulsive.. it stays like this for a good few hours before a sweet benzoin and amber dry down take over.

    Opening, nice. Mid.. Horrid, and unfortunately the majority of the life of the fragrance while projecting, which is why it ruins it for me. The base is ok, but common, typical sweet creamy amber.

    Even though the opening intrigues me, it's not enough to warrant even a neutral rating.. stay far away from this one. DO NOT blind buy.. sample first. Norne is still the best from this house that I have tried thus far.

    18th June, 2014


    A*Men Pure Energy / A*Men Pure Shot by Thierry Mugler

    Nothing really special. In a nutshell.. this is a stripped down version of B*Men, with a little added mint. Projection is ok, longevity is pretty poor for a Mugler.. 5 hours tops. Got a partial bottle through a swap, glad I didn't buy this one. If you like B*Men, but find it too sweet, or don't like the rhubarb and coffee notes, you'll like this.

    17th June, 2014


    Ambre Topkapi / PB by MDCI

    Nice but subtle. At first I thought.. "WTF is this?" For one, there isn't much, if any amber. Two, it opens up extremely generic and almost cheap. Reminded me of something form the house of Playboy.. no joke. Though after several wearings, I start to get its charm, and although it isn't anything breakthrough, it's comforting, and signature scent material. For the price though.. not worth it.. not even worth 90% off. I would buy a bottle if it were 20 bucks, because that's what it's worth to me. Not that it smells cheap necessarily.. I have smelled, and bought tons of fragrances at 20 dollars that smelled far more expensive; and that's how I would feel about this one if it had a $20 tag.

    Onto what it smells like. Upon initial spray, I get tons of lavender, blended with ginger, and some caraway.. this is the really generic smelling part, the opening. As it dries a little, it really reminds me of Burberry Weekend, only less floral, and more sweet and smooth, there's a certain accord or note there that they both share. The way Ambre Topkapi turns is almost uncanny based on its opening. I anticipated a boring musky dry down, and while there is musk, that isn't all I get. Raspberry really dominates the middle for me, along with floral notes, and little vanilla in the background, or it could even be the amber.. it's quite the subtle sweet and creamy note behind the already somewhat muted raspberry note, while also powdery. There's a slight metallic tinge to it. The base gets more mossy, musky, and woodsy.

    To me, the star note here is probably the raspberry. Although it isn't the typical in your face raspberry, projection is subdued, and it isn't at all fruity. Maybe more like raspberries and cream, with wafts of flowers, and woods behind it. The more I sniff it, the harder it is to detect the dominating note, they all share center stage pretty equally. Except for the one note that should be here, and that's amber, because I barely smell amber at all.

    Although the words may paint a picture of something special, it really isn't much. I also find this one very difficult to smell after the first 30 minutes, it stays very close to the skin, however when I walk by people, I notice they could smell it, and even on the second day of testing it, 6 hours into it, a family member asked what I was wearing. I could still smell it on myself at the 6 hour mark, but I really have to dig my nose in there deep to find it. All in all, it may last up to 10 hours on me, but again.. hard to detect.

    16th June, 2014


    Zegna Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

    Very common and boring, but not really horrible.

    Opens with a sweet orange/tangerine like note, that quickly blends with a zesty bergamot. After a few minutes, the smell of violets come out, not the best smelling violet.. more on the synthetic side, making it smell more soapy and less floral; but overall this is neither of the 2, rather a citrus fragrance. The vetiver note isn't very prominent at any time, and the base is a blend of sour citrus and a hint of woods. Fairly linear, quite boring.

    They could have done much better, smells kind of cheap, especially as it dries. I was on the fence with this giving a neutral rating, but I decided to go with negative instead, because it really isn't very good.

    14th June, 2014


    Sel Marin by Heeley

    I finally tried the much hyped Sel Marin.. dubbed as one of the best niche aquatics around. Ehh.. well. I am quite critical, and for me, this just doesn't cut it. UNTIL-- I tried this again, and ya know what.. this really is quite good.

    Upon the opening I can't help but think Voyage d'Hermes, but fruiter, less peppery, maybe even more along the lines of Sean Jean Unforgivable, or Wall Street. If nobody would have ever mentioned the smell of "fishy water", I probably would have never noticed it, but it is definitley there, my guess would be the algae note. It's not so much fishy water, as it is just the smell of the ocean in general, which is actually a plus, because it's a quite the natural smell. It's probably the reason this one evokes the feel of the beach. About an hour in, and the middle and top notes are still there. Eventually taking on a more mossy, musky, base with a touch of leather.

    All in all, I think this one is quite nice, but it just reminds me of so many others. What would be nice would be a salty/sea/marine aquatic, or whatever this category of aquatics is.. that actually smells different. They all seem to smell alike in this specific genre. Although it is nice, and a bit more natural than others. Projection and longevity are just mediocre on my skin.

    10th June, 2014 (Last Edited: 20th July, 2014)


    François Charles by Rancé 1795

    This is basically an expensive niche version of Le Male. I lost my sample of this one, and only sprayed it once or twice several years ago. I can't give a full fledged review, but I can say it smelled like a more refined Le Male.. one of the better copies though. Though don't expect anything too natural, the notes still smelled quite synthetic.

    09th June, 2014


    Triomphe by Rancé 1795

    Warm apple? I just don't get it. The first initial spray is a bit confusing.. smells like a nuttier and darker version of Le Male, with an added anise note. It quickly settles into a soft floral/spicy blend. The rose note is most dominant to me. With a little bit of citrus, but not getting the apple here.

    Triomphe smells very "perfumy" throughout, not so much in the first few seconds, but through most of the opening, and middle. Smells like a common feminine floral paper sample from a magazine. As it dries, a smooth vanilla note sits in the background, along with some jasmine and other floral notes; but the rose is always up front. The base definitley highlights the note of sandalwood, but it's all quite dull really. It's hard to detect this one after the first hour. It starts off strong, and I'm thinking it's gonna last and project, but it's really a skin scent, although the sillage is quite good, somebody will notice you if you are walking by them.

    It is just ok to me.. very generic. The rose note is nothing special. The overall composition leans more toward the feminine side, but a man could pull this off as well.

    Make sure to let this one do its thing on your skin, because the first few minutes smell NOTHING like the way this one turns out. It's amazing how some fragrances can do that. Starts off sort of dark, but within 2 minutes, it's very floral and light.

    09th June, 2014


    Eau de Cartier by Cartier

    Eau de Cartier is a nice simple blend of basically violet and yuzu, with a lovely woodsy/musky base. Most Cartier fragrances I have tried have had beautiful dry downs, and this one is no exception. While the opening is nice, but can be a bit harsh for some, its dry down surely redeems itself of any faults it may have started off with.

    The top... can we say yuzu? Lots and lots of yuzu, accompanied with a creamy violet note. Yuzu tends to be a sharp note, so for some, and a few that I was sampling this around, they were not fond of the opening sharp yuzu note. The violets quickly come and balance it out though. It stays pretty linear for a good hour or so before the musky/cedar base kicks in. It even reminds me of Declaration's base to an extent. I also get some of the yuzu and violet from the top.. maybe a little patchouli in the dry down too, and hint of sweetness from the amber.

    This is a pretty good one, I have to give it the seal of approval. It is very simple too, very safe. Also gets some compliments, at least in my world. It will go to my wish list, as I see a smaller sized bottle of this to be a good investment for my fragrance arsenal.

    Also, on the upside of things. I find yuzu notes in designer fragrances to be not so good quite often. I think the yuzu here is done exceptionally well. Sharp, citric, and slightly floral, as yuzu should very well be. Well done.

    One other thing to add. I was trying to figure where I had smelled this before. As it dries down, it reminds me of a fragrance that smells like it just came out of the water, but isn't aquatic at all. That specific fragrance is Paprika Brasil. Although they are very different, they share this common smell of chlorinated water somewhere in them. I find this accord very pleasing to the nose in both of them, not at all off putting.

    08th June, 2014


    1740 Marquis de Sade by Histoires de Parfums

    Wanna smell like maple syrup all day? Personally, I don't The immortelle note is very strong here, giving it that maple syrup smell. Blending with woods and leather. It just doesn't do much for me. Smells like somebody spilled the maple syrup on a leather chair. the opening is almost sickly sweet, the dry down lasts and lasts and lasts.. 20 hours easily. 20 hours is okay when it changes and treats me to something different than the opening, but this one stays pretty linear, so it's just 20 hours of maple syrup. Not feeling it really. On the style on New Haarlem, but more mature.

    03rd June, 2014


    BOD Man: Really Ripped Abs by Parfums de Coeur

    They must have changed the bottle of this to blue, because my bottle is red, but I only see it in blue online. Anyways though, Really Ripped Abs is a nice cheapy. It really has a similar smell to something I know; I wanna say Polo Sport, or maybe Jacomo Paradox Blue. It has this very juicy synthetic fruity note. My guess would be bergamot, and orange. I also get a little bit of geranium around the 10 minute mark. It smoothly transitions into a musky lavender, and then a slightly woodsy, but mostly musky lavender base. I get a good 4-5 hours with this one. Not sure the concentration on it. Projection is pretty strong at first, but dies down quickly. Basically citrus, lavender, and musk here. It has a somewhat childish feel to it too, in terms of smell, which makes me not wanna wear it out of the house. This has been compared to Fierce, and although it took me a while, I finally see the similarities. Though Fierce is much sharper, and has more going on, there are some similarities.

    01st June, 2014


    Cadillac Coupe by Cadillac

    This starts off as a sweet synthetic smelling vanilla, reminds be of Cuba City Hollywood, then dries down to what smells like Lomani Ignition, but not as good. Maybe half what Ignition is, projection is fairly weak. I don't get tobacco or leather either, but I do get a heavy dose of amber, sweet amber and vanilla, also a lot of lavender with a slight sandalwood note in the background. It has a balmy and resinous feel overall. This one really is very bland and boring, I expect much more from my fragrances. It smells like a little of this and a little of that. The One by D&G comes to mind too. Overall it's a definite pass for me, but it doesn't smell bad at all, just redundant and boring.

    25th May, 2014


    Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermès

    Revising my previous review from some years ago on this, as I have been sampling a 5 ml sample of this. My feelings haven't changed much. Still more feminine than masculine, still has this cheap soapy quality like Bond No 9 High Line. The opening is a blast of apple and pear, the pear does smell good, very fresh. The dry down incorporates a great rose note. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit is very green though, and not green in the sense of chypres, or anything dark. Fresh green, grass, dewy roses, and something else I can't quit put my finger on. As you can expect with all JCE fragrances, his fingerprint is all over this one. What ruins it for me is this cheap shampoo/rotten-ish note. If that wasn't there, regardless of the this one swaying more to the feminine side, it is undoubtedly beautiful.

    21st May, 2014 (Last Edited: 26th January, 2015)


    Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

    Recently Kokorico has been flooding websites for low prices, so I figured, why not.. 22 bucks shipped for a 1.6 oz isn't much to lose.

    Upon initial spray, I get a wonderful blend of dry cocoa, patchouli, and almost like a dried fruit, or raisin type smell. The cocoa opening here is much better than LIDG, or LIDGE, because there's more cocoa and less patchouli. Unfortunately, it quickly blends with nothing but a ton of cedarwood. The cedar is extremely sharp, actually quite unpleasant. After about 30 minutes though, it settles into a smoother, lighter, but still somewhat sharp cedar dominated dry down, with just a little bit of vetiver.

    The bottle is really unique, being the profile of a man's face, it's sleek and looks nice in the collection. Sprayer works very well too. Longevity on me is pretty good, about 6-8 hours, sometimes up to 10. Projection is on the low/average side.

    Sadly, I don't get any fig that I was really looking forward to here. To me, this smells like a flanker to LIDG really. Both cocoa and patchouli are the big notes in all of these. Not so sure I really like the combination with the cedar base in Kokorico, but I think it may grow on me. As it stands now, this is just a so&so fragrance, with a neutral rating.

    19th May, 2014 (Last Edited: 14th June, 2014)


    Swiss Army Forest for Men by Victorinox

    I'm thrilled to be the first to write a review on this one. Forest has little details on it around the internet, and on fragrance forums. you could say I took one for the team in buying this. I spent 25 bucks for the 3.4 oz bottle through fragrancenet. First and foremost, bottle. Really nice bottle. Dark green glass, sleek, with an unfinished wood base and cap, it even had some small shards of wood in the box that came off from the cap or base. The cap fits a bit loose though.

    Onto smell. Upon initial application.. yes! There it is, pine, pine pine, and lots of lemon. Although it quickly fades into, to me, what smells like lavender more than anything. Within a couple minutes, this sweetness emerges coming from a powdery accord, and takes me down a route I don't wanna go. The dry down smells like a dirty diaper.

    For comparisons, I'd say the opening may be slightly similar to Givenchy Gentleman Only, while the dry down is similar to the original Kanon, or possibly Royal Copenhagen. It lasts about 4-5 hours on me, and projection is below average, but pretty massive projection for the first 3-5 minutes.

    The first 5 minutes here is the best. The pine/lemon combo is really nice. I had high expectations with this one, but was let down. I wouldn't mind the crappy dry down if the top notes lasted longer. Problem is that the dry down begins around the 10 minute mark, and keeps going until 5 hours later. I'll be reapplying this A LOT just so I can smell these wonderful top notes over and over.

    17th May, 2014


    Dunhill Black by Dunhill

    This has a pretty boring muffled set of top notes. Smells like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I didn't particularly care for this one until it dried down. Here it turns into a soft smooth leather, it really redeems itself from its trashy opening. There really isn't anything "black" about this one though.. the opening has a slight ink like accord for a few moments, perhaps that's where the name came from.

    17th May, 2014


    XS pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

    FINALLY! I tried the original XS. This is one that I have been waiting to smell for years, and just never got around to it. I broke down recently and bought a couple samples off Ebay. First and foremost, I think Creed Himalaya is a pretty nice fragrance, I just don't see the similarities here. They both have a metallic smell, that's about it. In all honesty, XS smells a lot more like Creed Royal Water than anything. It opens up with that dark citrus/woods/cypress. The thing that separates it from the 2 is a noticeable mint note here, but when it hits the floral notes, it smells more like geranium than mint to me. A couple minutes in, and the musk is really showing. It smoothly transitions into what smells like a slightly soapy/woodsy/cypress musk, the mint has become rather muted in the background. A little further in, and some of the herbal notes come more to the front. The dry down and base notes is much nicer than the opening for me in this, just simply nice and clean. Soapy, fresh, woodsy, and a little watery, very simple, but also common. The base kind of disappears suddenly for me, I get about 6 hours of longevity here, but after 4, there isn't much left. XS really has that early 90's smell. That common musk/woodsy clean combo. It's just ok to me, glad I didn't blind buy a bottle of this, because it wouldn't have gotten much wear from me. I'm probably reviewing this one a bit too soon, as I have only worn it 2 or 3 times now. I need to try and pick up more from the base notes, so I may revise this. As it stands now, it's just mediocre to me, and barely at that. I guess I had high expectations and feel a bit let down.

    13th May, 2014


    Spirit by Antonio Banderas

    Spirit is a pretty nice spicy cheapy. It smells pretty common, nothing extraordinary, but good for its price point. You could get a 3.4 oz bottle for under 20 bucks, and this is better than most designer fragrances in its note/classification. I own both this and the VIP edition, the differences are subtle, and I prefer the original slightly more, because it emphasizes more on the apple note instead of the spices.

    Spirit opens up with a blast of apple, cinnamon, and amber. This gets compared to Carlos Santana, I can see that, but Santana is far more powdery, and Spirit is much more resinous. As Spirit dries, the patchouli really comes out, and it blends well with the amber, apple, cinnamon. There may be a little musk there in the base, and possibly even ginger somewhere in the mix. Overall it's pretty linear, doesn't change much. The first time I tried it, I thought it smelled like cat piss. I guess the cheap apple note mixing with the amber were giving that effect, and rubbing me the wrong way.

    For comparisons, it reminds me of a mix of Carlos Santana and Jacomo Aura, but more dark. The VIP edition is even darker, with an added dark chocolate note and more emphasis on the spices.. probably ginger. They are both pretty similar though. Longevity on this is anywhere from 4-6 hours usually, closer to the 4 hour mark. Not the best, considering it's a spicy fragrance, and I would expect to get at least 8, but it just doesn't happen. Projection is nice, but subtle, does much better on clothing than skin. Compliment factor is high with this one for me. I don't wear it too often, but it always seems to get compliments, which is a plus.

    06th May, 2014


    Tommy Brights by Tommy Hilfiger

    I smelled this at Dillard's a couple days ago, only on a test strip though, so this review is barely a review, more of a comparison. Better to give something than nothing though! Brights reminded me very much of a fragrance that I own, Michael Jordan "Cologne". Citrusy, cypress type feel, I'm assuming from the juniper berry note that they both share. Brights felt stronger to me than Michael Jordan, maybe a little more resinous too on paper. I really wanna try this one on my skin, as I find MJ to be quite unique, but lacks in performance. Maybe Bright is better. I will rewrite my review if I ever get around to testing this again.

    05th May, 2014


    Freedom for Him (new) by Tommy Hilfiger

    Why the original Freedom gets bashed so much, and this doesn't is beyond me. The newer Tommy Freedom is a waste at any cost. This starts off with a ton of cucumber, blended with basil, spices, and that typical calone like note -- think synthetic aquatic. I totally get the fishy smell that some others have noted to, it doesn't smell good at all. At least the original Freedom smelled nice, although very generic.

    05th May, 2014


    Ferrari Silver Essence by Ferrari

    I disagree with sjg, and this not being amazing, because it is, Silver Essence is nothing shy of amazing. Because, how many men's fragrances can pull off an authentic coconut note, and maintain their masculinity. Not very many.

    I got a mini bottle in a swap with somebody, and the moment I put it on my skin, I knew.. I knew I would be getting a bottle in the near future. Unfortunately, the availability is somewhat limited. There are mostly just tester bottles floating around the net, but for low prices. That said.. I got my hands on a tester fast, because I know soon.. this will be impossible to find.

    Firstly, kudos to Ferrari for changing things up and going for better made fragrances. Lately their stuff has been good, notably, the Essence collection.

    Silver Essence opens up with a robust coconut note, smells natural, and smells more like the rind of the coconut, than the pulp. It reminds me of coconut water too, because there's a juiciness there. It smooths out blending with a light dose of nutmeg and cinnamon, before a heavy incense and a peppery/cedar base take over and it dries down this way. The coconut goes for a good hour, sometimes even 2, which is awesome. The incense/pepper/cedar dominated dry down is breathtaking, and so simple.

    Best of all, this is an EDP concentration; both projection and longevity surpassed my expectations. This definitely comes at me as a niche type of scent. The bottle is pretty nice too, as is the whole collection. Although it's silver, and looks like you wouldn't be able to see into it, you certainly can if you hold it to the light.

    In my opinion, this is one of the better designer releases in recent memory, and one of the top releases from a "car" brand. This certainly puts the much overrated Bentley Intense to shame. If you see this one for under 30, tester or not, and you like coconut, pepper, incense, and cedar.. don't walk, jump... jump on it. You won't regret it. Give it a little time, and these will be completely gone from the American market, and only the people who jumped at the chance would have had them.

    30th April, 2014


    Jacomo for Men by Jacomo

    Mediocre.. very mediocre at best. Almost thumbs down really. Pineapple? Miniscule.. A little bit of a very poor pineapple note in the opening, mixes with a very poor coffee note, a lot of cedar, pepper, lavender. Smells very common, and like Sir Slarty, it reminds me of Gucci Envy as well, but no where near as good. The first time I tried this on.. I kept thinking I've smelled this somewhere before. Around the middle notes, it really begins to smell like Jacomo Aura, which.. reminds me of Gucci Envy, as those 2 fragrances are sort of similar. Jacomo for Men is in no way a pineapple fragrance, nor a coffee one. It's a simple mix of woods and spices, it's boring and played out. Glad somebody sent me a sample and I didn't waste the few bucks blind buying it and then trying to swap or sell it.. cheapies are hard to get rid of. This is not a recommended fragrance by me, save your money and get something else.

    29th April, 2014


    Yatagan by Caron

    Sorry but this is gross. It smells like celery and wet soil. It's probably one of the most vegetal men's fragrances I've ever smelled, aside from Clubman Lilac Vegetal. I have a 5 ml sample of this that I've used about 2 ml of. I'll try to revisit it eventually and see if maybe I can pull the good out of it, but as it stands now, with multiple wearings, I get the same thing.

    There are lots of classic men's fragrances that are safe to blind buy. Azzaro pour Homme, Drakkar Noir, Herrera for Men, many many more. Do not blind buy Yatagan, at all costs, because it would be like blind buying Grey Flannel. Acquire a sample from somebody here and try it out. Or just take my word for it, it straight up stanks!

    22nd April, 2014


    Regatta by Nautica

    Nice but quite boring. I was able to find a half oz bottle of this for 6 bucks shipped through Ebay. I'd say it's worth about that. I wouldn't pay more than 15 bucks for a 1.7 oz bottle of this. It doesn't smell cheap or anything, just redundant. Although it doesn't smell exactly like anything in particular, so it isn't bad. It smells a lot like Banana Republic Classic to me, in fact it's hard to pick out the differences in their openings, until the mint note emerges in Regatta. The mint in regatta is more geranium like than mint, and it's short lived. The focus here is on the citrus. What's nice though is toward the end, I get tagetes also known as marigold flowers I think. It's a citrusy flower, quite distinctive. I can't remember many, if any fragrances containing this note in such a prominent fashion. The tagetes really dominate the base here, along with some soft woodsy notes. It makes for a pleasant and comforting dry down, to this citrus dominated scent. Longevity on me is about 5-6 hours, although sitting closer to the skin for much of the time. The compliment factor is non existent, in my world thus far, I've owned this one for about a month now, and worn it out a good 7 times. It's very comforting and easy to wear, but you won't get noticed. Good safe scent, nothing more, nothing less.

    19th April, 2014


    Musk Wood by Avon

    I found Musk Wood on Ebay for 10 bucks shipped for a 3.4 oz bottle. I don't have much faith in Avon, most of which I have tried from them have been pure garbage. Though with Musk Wood's obvious comparisons to Wonderwood, I figured I would take a shot before this one floats out into obscurity, like many other Avon's have never to be heard from, or seen of again.

    Firstly, the presentation. Garbage as you would expect. No cellophane around the box, cheap cardboard box, no serial numbers. Bottle.. looks ok coming out of the box, sort of a squashed square shape, or a really fat diamond, much bigger than expected, "Musk Wood" on the right side.. bottle is decent. Cap is horrible. Cheap black plastic, you have to really push it to get it on, it feels like it's the wrong size for the bottle. Sprayer works pretty well, as it disperses a shorter, wider spritz.

    So the opening notes.. wow very nice. Smells like lavender and cedar pretty much. I don't get much bergamot, if any. It dries into an almost iris like smell, as it quickly dries down and sits quite close to the skin. Wait about 5 minutes and it's basically a cedar/musk combo, or musk/wood as its name suggests.

    Very linear, very boring. Worth 10 bucks, but nothing more. You can tell they didn't put much time into making this one, as it just contains a few simple ingredients. If you're looking for a soft woodsy scent though, without any added citrus, florals, or any other types of notes, this could work out quite well. The entire fragrance reminds me of the base notes of many scents. For cedar, it almost smells more like sandalwood because it's sweeter, I associate the sweeter wood with sandalwood, as cedar tends to be more sharp and peppery.

    Hopefully this full review will help people who have found no info on this. Again it's not a bad fragrance, but for 10 bucks, you might as well look for something like Kanon Norwegian Wood; which is an excellent simple sandalwood fragrance, that exceeds this in quality, projection, longevity and notes.

    09th April, 2014


    Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss

    I like smelling Boss Bottled on other people, just not on myself. It's very synthetic smelling, chalky and dusty in feel, and extremely cloying. I love the smell of it, just not on my skin. Candied apples, cinnamon, powdery vanilla, woods and spices.. sounds masculine as hell right? This is more of a boys scent than a mans though. Try Baldessarini Ambre for the grown up adults version of Boss Bottled. Leave this one for the children.

    03rd April, 2014


    L.12.12 Noir / Black by Lacoste

    Watermelon? Cocoa?? Where??

    First and foremost.. this is a copy more or less of Cool Water Game, another fragrance I can't stand. Game is a synthetic watermelon/patchouli fragrance, a bad combination in my opinion, but hey, some people must like it. Noir is the same, only the watermelon note doesn't last as long, and there's no patchouli in the dry down, rather leather. Patchouli is listed in the base, but I don't get it at all.

    What I get here is cheap watermelon/apple opening, that disappears quite quickly. It becomes more lavender, with a soapy/slightly herbal/slightly floral vibe, before a hefty dose of leather takes over from the middle to the end. Leather is nice, but not with cheap fruity notes.. not my thing. There's too much of a contrast here with the notes, they don't mix well.

    I just don't like it.. but maybe you will.

    01st April, 2014


    Adidas Ice Dive by Adidas

    I pulled the trigger on a 3.4 oz of this recently. Not a big deal, cheap as hell, but who wants to be stuck with bottles just sitting around if they get no use. I own Moves which is quite nice, I've owned Dare, Moves Pulse, Adrenaline, and many other of the more expensive fragrances of there's... although they are all still cheap.

    So I went with Ice Dive because the reviews looked the best for this. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is crap! Firstly. it only lasts about 2 hours, which is actually good, because I don't wanna smell like a bowl of cheap mint all day. Let's not go through all the notes, just what I get. Yuzu, yes.. a plasticy yuzu note opens this one. It quickly (emphasis on quickly) turns into nothing but geranium. Seriously.. this is a geranium monster! There's a soapiness there, maybe a little bit of patchouli behind it, but mostly just a ton of geranium.. which to me, geranium smells like a floral mint. Projection is pretty weak, and it just feels very cheap overall. I know body sprays that do much better than this. I don't pick up most of the notes listed here, except geranium, patchouli and yuzu. I certainly don't pick up on the notes listed from Fragrantica, which include kiwi, lavender, vanilla, mandarin.

    Well, this one will probably be given away, or used as a room spray. I do plan on trying more from this line though.

    01st April, 2014


    McGraw Southern Blend by Tim McGraw

    This one is quite a nice cheapy, but longevity is not very good. What we have in Southern Blend is a VERY spicy, masculine fragrance. Whiskey, tobacco, amber, leather, all big notes, all play a big role here. Violet leaf and lavender in the middle make it slightly floral, and there's some vetiver in the dry down, but not much. I would say this one focuses on the old barrel whiskey accord, this is the central note, it's very spicy, and it's very dominant, so make sure you like the smell of whiskey, or you won't like this.

    I stumbled upon this gem at the end of 2009, and have been through several bottles. It's become a staple in my collection. It also gets compliments, but usually only within the first 20 minutes of wearing it, although I did wear it to a wedding, and received a compliment several hours into the night, so who knows. I do know that I can't detect it on myself whatsoever past the 4 hours mark, but it's inexpensive enough, so I can reapply.

    22nd March, 2014


    Potion by Dsquared2

    Although Potion is pretty loved once tried, I am gonna have to go against the grain on this one. It does have nice woodsy tones, I get the "pencil shaving" feel, which I actually like. It's peppery, but not too peppery. However, there is this subdued honey-like note in the background that just rubs me the wrong way, to be honest it smells like cat piss. This is not from trying it one time. I bought a bottle off somebody in the marketplace, and ended up swapping it after many many wearings. I tried to like this one, but it just didn't work.

    20th March, 2014


    Déclaration by Cartier

    Declaration is about as animalic of a fragrance as I will ever wear. Even if you hate animalic scents like me, you may love this one. Hang in there for the first hour, you get a spicy cardamom, pepper and citrus domination. It settles into an exquisite floral, woodsy, tea & vetiver dry down. One of the best dry downs I have ever smelled. I highly recommend trying this one.

    13th March, 2014

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