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    Samba Kiss Me Man by Perfumer's Workshop

    Truly one of the best gourmands I have ever smelled. Slap a Hermes tag on it, put it in the Hermessence line, and it will go for hundreds, literally. And how fitting, it is a very linear fragrance, with excellent projection and longevity.

    3 words: lemon meringue pie. Sweet lemon and vanilla top notes, with nutmeg, cinnamon, inside of a pie crust. Creamy, sweet, but not cloying at all. What I like the most is there's no tonka bean in here. Don't get me wrong, tonka is a nice enough note, but when you get it dominating your gourmands, over and over and over, it gets a bit annoying. Kiss Me is original, yet so very simple.

    For comparisons, I was able to try Mandarina Duck Pure Black recently, and the similarities are astonishing. Pure Black has a lot of tonka bean in it, which was the only main difference for me. Kiss Me smells more natural. A true winner here, and a must try, for any gourmand lover!

    12 January, 2013


    Vanille Tonka by Parfums de Nicolaï

    Vanille Tonka is a nice enough fragrance, however, it just doesn't serve a purpose for me, other than it smelling nice. Projection isn't that great, and longevity could be better, especially considering it's a gourmand/oriental, from a niche line.. I get roughly 4-5 hours on my skin.

    Vanille Tonka opens with a very powdery vanilla, with a touch of dirtiness from the tonka, I'll note that the tonka in this isn't creamy or overly synthetic smelling like many fragrances. In the background, there's a sweet lemon note -- think more along the lines of lemon cookies or cake, as opposed to it in its citric form. The powdery smell dies down, the lemon cookie note emerges more, accompanied by some type of orangey smell, and a little neroli. I believe these are the mid notes, since the base is more about incense and tonka bean. I will say this.. the way the mid notes come together in this fragrance, is very very nice. It becomes a sort of citrus gourmand.

    Although nice, it still brings me back to quality. It's really lacking here. Projection, longevity, and purpose in general.

    09 January, 2013


    Eau des Baux by L'Occitane

    This is really good stuff. Starts off spicy with vanilla, finishes off creamy with vanilla and tonka. If ya don't like vanilla, don't even try this one. But if you're like me and you miss vanilla dominated fragrances and are sick of cheap tonka bean dominated ones, you will love this! Smells rich and natural. Tobacco Vanille meets Spicebomb, but outdoes them both. Projects nicely, lasts a good 8 hours minimum.

    Not often do I buy back up bottles of fragrances, but with Eau Des Baux, I knew it would be a work horse in my collection, and that's what it is. Very very versatile, but more suitable for cooler days. A+!

    01st January, 2013 (Last Edited: 15 January, 2013)


    Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck

    Just a boring simple fragrance. An overly sweet tonka bean note dominates this one. I wish the fruity/citrus notes were less muted. Save your money, ya you! You! The one contemplating blind buying this because it's hard to get a sniff of it. Instead, go with Jovan Satisfaction for men, or Samba Kiss Me, they smell about the same, and are a small small fraction of the price!

    20th December, 2012


    Beckham Signature for Him by Beckham

    I guess this is ok, if you're looking for a signature scent for the Summer, or maybe even Spring. This is basically a citrus fragrance, with a mild tangerine note, a slight aquatic vibe from the melon, surrounded by citrus smelling floral notes. It's kind of a lighter green type scent.

    Quite transparent. As others have said, longevity and projection are a bit week. Longevity is spotty for me.. it goes away then comes back. Some may enjoy fragrance that do this, I personally do not, because it then messes with whatever fragrance I put on later. Projection is on the weak side. The fragrance itself is along the lines of Versace pH, and Adidas Moves, as it is a vibrant citrus type scent with an aquatic feel. Probably most like Unforgivable though, but with much less melon.

    17 November, 2012


    F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Opens up with a sharp, and pungent lavender and citrus combo, and dries down with an overdose of tonka bean, basically. I see the comparisons to La Nuit, TdH, and Allure Homme for sure. Problem is, those fragrances are well rounded, F Black is quite "rough around the edges". I loved it at first, but more so, because of all the positive reviews. After a while, I realized it was just another fragrance trying too hard to fit into what's in demand right now. F Black has its positives, it projects like a beast, and lasts forever, granted you like the smell. I enjoy the mid notes, where it becomes a smoother version of the opening with some spices and a little tonka; but beginning and end are turn offs. Has a chemical like odor throughout. Almost worthy of a thumbs down. You be the judge!

    26 October, 2012 (Last Edited: 26 March, 2013)


    Ulysse by Vicky Tiel

    Unless you read the reviews for Ulysse, you probably would walk right past it. This fragrance gets a lot of praise from the people who have tried it, or own it. Unfortunatley for my self, it's just so & so. If you follow my reviews, you should know, it's no secret that I'm not a fan of musky fragrances. Ulysse is very heavy on the musk.

    Ulysse opens up with sort of a melon/honeysuckle top (possibly even carnation flower?), with a heavy dose of lavender and musk underneath it. Within 5 minutes or so, the melon top fades, and you're left with nothing but lavender and musk. Projection is fair, longevity is decent -- at about 4-5 hours. This fragrance is very similar to PS Casual, but with a more interesting top note(s)/ The dry down rids itself of the other notes, and leaves you with a powdery musk. From beginning to end though; you can expect powder, florals, and musk.

    I would actually have preferred this scent more if the musk was toned down, as both this and Casual have a nice blend of floral and powdery notes, but with too much musk for my liking. Regardless, Ulysse is a casual scent you can wear to the office every day, if these notes float your boat.

    25 October, 2012


    McGraw Silver by Tim McGraw

    Somewhat reminiscent of Creed Aventus. Ironically, the bottles color scheme and presentation are pretty similar. Whether this was trying to rip off Aventus or not remains to be heard. Both were released in 2010, so who's to know which one was released first.

    Regardless, Silver's composition is simple, pineapple and leather, although neither of these notes listed in the pyramid, this is what I get. Although the combination sounds good, the concoction here is not that great. Decent though. It does have this foggy/cloudy feel to it that ruins things. It also reminds me of Polo Explorer to some degree.

    14 September, 2012


    Lanvin L'Homme by Lanvin

    A quite suitable everyday scent, year round for any event/lifestyle/occasion. But, too boring for me. This is a more subtle version of Love & Luck in my opinion, and far more linear. I basically get a light creamy lavender, with citrus, spices, and white musk. Longevity is mediocre, at around the 5 hour mark. However, it sits rather close to the skin for 4 of those hours. The dry down reminds me of Burberry Touch, but lighter, with a dab of sandalwood.

    09 September, 2012


    Bulgari Man by Bulgari

    Bvlgari Man is certainly my least favorite from this somewhat above average designer fragrance house. I have tried pretty much the entire line of men's fragrances, except for some of the Aqva flankers. Many of their fragrances are bottle worthy, but I don't feel the same with Bvlgari Man.

    Man opens up with a sour citrus and woods accord, very reminiscent of Terre d'Hermes, Loewe 7, and Hypnose by Lancome. It fades down quick into a mostly musky fragrance. Eventually, a series of woodsy notes come in at the dry down, and although the nicest part of the fragrance, it's not enough to get my vote. Projection is very poor on me, but longevity is pretty solid, with 8+ hours.

    Not really my thing. Especially with greats like BLV Notte, Black, Xtreme pH and others. Hopefully Bvlgari Man, won't be a sign of things to come from this house.

    09 September, 2012


    Original Penguin for Men by Original Penguin

    The opening is pretty vile, the pepper note is done well though, I sense a pink pepper. The rest of it is all over the place. The mid gets kind of nice, turns into like a black cherry cola like scent, also reminiscent of a light Escada Magnetism, the dry down is sweet and musky.

    This is a good fragrance if you like dry downs more than openings, and you love orientals, this one hits the spots there. Longevity is about 6 hours, but projection is on the weak side on my skin. I personally don't this fragrance unique, definitley not the opening, however, the dry down is a little different. Think Musc Ravageur, creamy vanilla and musk.

    09 September, 2012


    Artisan Black by John Varvatos

    A lot of odd notes here, that I don't wanna read. So I'll make this short and sweet. Don't even read the notes if you've smelled the original. Unlike other flankers, this one actually mimics the original. And it actually is "black". Darker than the original, more character, more charm. Not just an overdose of neroli. Add some leather though, and that about sums it up. The rather odd combination is excellent! Longevity is also pretty good on me, as I get 6-8 hours, with mediocre sillage/projection.

    04 September, 2012


    Encounter by Calvin Klein

    Very mediocre at best. The opening gives me the typical CK crap, an array of synthetic smelling fruity notes, mashed together. After 20 minutes it's gone..

    After 40 minutes it's back? Odd. I get oud. Yup, I said it.. there's oud! Is it good? No, not really, but it's an attempt of maybe better things to come. I couldn't just sit there and smell my hand, because it would smell like it was gone. I had to take a whiff.. clear the nasal passages, and then take another whiff some seconds after. The oud eventually mixes with a sharp spicy cedar, and some sort of incense. While it may sound good, it really isn't, the notes are there, but the quality is horrible.

    Almost thumbs down worthy, in my book. Unbalanced and unorganized scent. The dry down improves it, but it still lacks quality. Regardless, the question is answered. CK can do oud. A for effort, A for oud (not this oud, but the demonstration of oud in general), F for everything else.

    04 September, 2012


    Christian Audigier For Him by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    To my surprise, nobody has reviewed this fragrance. This is actually a well known fragrance amongst average Joe's, as it's sold in most retail stores at retail prices; like Kohl's, Belk's, The Men's Warehouse, etc.

    The opening is a berry blast. Blackberry, blueberries, accompanied with a dark pear note, vetiver and suede, all shine through from the start. The berries die off, the pear becomes more noticeable, remains dark, and combines with an array of notes. The result, is an oakmoss, vetiver and leather prominent dry down, with a little bit of fruit and cinnamon there to keep it interesting.

    Projection is weak, and longevity is about 6 hours. I'm not too thrilled with this one, other than its rich berry set of top notes. I have Michael Kors for men which is the way this fragrance dries down, only MK is much better.

    01st September, 2012


    Lacoste Elegance by Lacoste

    An underrated gem is Lacoste Elegance. It opens up with a blast of white pepper (definitley not black pepper), and a confusing background, but just give it a second. Ahh, here comes the mint, it's raining mint leaves. Mint, mint, mint! Eventually it turns into a combination of raspberry, chocolate mocha, and a great mint note that is less intense than the opening. With some citrus in the background, and a little spice. The combination of the raspberry and citrus, makes me think of watermelon flavored Bubble Yum. The base brings in some sandalwood and amber. It slouches in the projection department from beginning to end, but lasts a good 8-10 hours.

    I would say it's sort of a mix of a very light Fuel for Life, with a very light A*Men, minus the tar and patchouli of course. The reason I say A*Men, is because of A*Men's distinctive chocolate fudge note that I haven't found in any other fragrances. I feel Elegance has it, but much much lighter, with a mocha kick to it.

    I really enjoy Elegance, and would love to know the perfumer behind this fragrance. If anyone knows, please message me!

    01st September, 2012


    Nightflight by Joop!

    Not that good. In my attempts to find a great designer pineapple fragrance, I stumbled upon Nighflight. It opens up with a lemon, bergamot, and pineapple. In a sense, it reminds me of a pineapple lifesavers candy, which would have been okay, if this fish like note wasn't accompanied with it. This same repulsive note that I have encountered in many designer fragrances over the years. For me to pretend it's not there is just impossible, as I am extremely critical with smell.

    However, once it eventually dies down, I am left a decent amber, sandalwood and light fruity dry down. Not the worst pineapple note, but not the greatest either, similar to that in Avatar, which is an excellent cheapy, that is ruined by this fishy fruity note. These 2 fragrances actually smell quite similar to one another, I do prefer Avatar for sure. In terms of pineapple fragrances, thus far, Jaguar Vision's pineapple note is the best I have smelled, but it doesn't last very long. It's very much like the pineapple note from the good batched of Aventus.

    Nightflight lasts a good 8 hours on my skin, with strong projection in the first 2 hours, and mild projection throughout the life of the fragrance. Actually.. very good in the projection department, and never cloying or overpowering. The smell itself just doesn't work for me.

    01st September, 2012


    Habit Rouge by Guerlain

    One of the most overrated fragrances ever, and certainly the most overrated from the house of Guerlain.

    I am sure, a lot of the hype on this one comes from fans of Guerlain, similar to the scenario with Bleu de Chanel and Chanel lovers, with BdC, being just an average fragrance.

    Habit Rouge, is bland, boring, and ancient smelling. While many will not put an age on a fragrance, I most certainly will. Habit Rouge smells old! The opening is a bergamot bomb, with the smell of an old bag of make up, you could say powdery too. If you enjoy powder and bergamot, you'll enjoy this.

    There are things I would rather smell like, other than being doused in talcum powder and bathed in bergamot oil.

    29 August, 2012


    Burberry Summer for Men by Burberry

    This review is based off of the 2009 version.

    Frankly, I am not a fan of citrus fragrances, but this one hits the spot. It opens with a sweet yet tart citrus accord, I presume this is the yuzu note. White musk is definitley noticeable in the opening, along with green apple and mint. The mint is pretty subdued, stays in the background, which is a shame, because it's a great mint note! It dries down with some sort of earthy spice, and earthy woodsy notes; bare in mind, very subdued, as the main stars here are yuzu, green apple, white musk, and mint.

    Kind of generic really, but executed well. Very balanced, with great longevity and adequate projection.

    29 August, 2012


    Emporio Armani Diamonds for Men by Giorgio Armani

    Cocoa, strawberries, seriously?? All I smell is alcohol and horribly cheap synthetic notes. Notes that I can't even associate a note with. One chemical like accord that makes house cleaners smell good. Undoubtedly the worst that I have tried from Armani, which is actually a pretty solid designer fragrance house. Maybe even one of the worst fragrances I have ever smelled. It stings the nostrils! I am pretty modest with smell, I don't often give something a 1 star, but this one gets it.

    Armani Diamonds in one word: VILE.

    26 August, 2012


    David Beckham Homme by Beckham

    I agree with Mario, this is a less offensive TdH. Far more simple, far more versatile. Big compliment getter as well. Does not smell cheap at all, but has a cheap tag.

    23 August, 2012


    PS by Paul Sebastian

    A better, more wearable version of CK Obsession. Lighter, yet lasts longer. Great signature scent material. Not exactly my style though.

    20th August, 2012


    The Secret by Antonio Banderas

    Very similar to 1 Million, but not nearly as good. You can tell they ran out of money after the top notes. A horrible bitter leather note comes in and dominates the majority of the fragrance. Overall, it seems unbalanced and childish. Props to the top notes though, very much like 1 Million, which is a 5 star fragrance imo.

    20th August, 2012


    Essential Sport by Lacoste

    A promising grapefruit and citrus opening, smells zesty and fresh, but turns into a chemical mess that smells like plastic on my skin after the 15 minute mark. It just gets worse and worse as it dries down.

    16 August, 2012


    Light Blue Pour Homme Living Stromboli by Dolce & Gabbana

    Very impressive designer fragrance. I have only worn it once, but enjoyed it from start to finish. In a nutshell, I get a barber shop scent, reminiscent of Rive Gauche, but much more fresh. A noticeable rosemary note which isn't listed here on BN. I like it a lot.

    09 August, 2012


    Jaguar Vision by Jaguar

    Starts off as Aventus (the batches with lots of pineapple), less smokey though. Turns into Black XS. Very nice, but since I own Black XS, the 2 hours of pineapple aren't enough for me, since this smells like Black XS longer than it does Aventus. Regardless, this is probably the best I have smelled from Jaguar, as their other fragrances all have a sour tangerine note, that doesn't particularly sit well with me.

    Update: After wearing it more, I take back as much comparison to the two. It has the pineapple note from Aventus but not the woods, instead it's got tonka, lots & lots of tonka! It eventually gets ruined by the tonka imo, although it's nice and creamy, it ruins a potential Aventus clone. It still has some of Black XS DNA in there too, but more synthetic smelling. To me, it reminds me of Lifesavers candy.

    Longevity is excellent as is projection. 8 hours minimum.

    14 July, 2012 (Last Edited: 16 July, 2012)


    Time for Peace for Him by Kenzo

    An amazing fragrance from an amazing perfumer. When I wear Time for Peace, I can't help but think YSL M7, there's something about it that reminds me of it. Maybe it's the cherry like accord that mixes with the herbal smell; it comes off as very medicinal.

    In the opening I get a complex blend of many notes. Sage, mandarin, cherry, tonka, incense, cinnamon, with a very resinous amber in the background. Like others have said, this is a soft fragrance. Soft, but ever so bold. TfP really makes a statement. Is it worth 200+ a bottle.. well, that's what you would be spending, roughly, to get your hands on this rare little gem. If you can afford it, then get it, ya, it's really good!

    14 July, 2012


    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel opens with a fresh and promising citrus medley. I get lots of bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit. Within 10 minutes though, this is gone, and I'm left with a boring floral, woodsy, musky smell, that stays this way for the next 8 hours. The dry down smells almost identical to Paul Sebastian Casual, which itself, is an utterly boring fragrance.

    Although well made, and put together, typical and boring, not the best quality from a Chanel fragrance either. Perhaps one of the better sporty fragrances out there, but that doesn't say much, since.. in the world of sporty fragrances, the selection is limited to begin with. If the price of a 3.4 oz bottle of Bleu de Chanel was 40 bucks, instead of what it is, it might be a decent value.

    08 July, 2012


    Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

    Weird.. really strange one here. It opens up with a promising green and soapy vetiver. Then quickly becomes sweet and starts to smell like licorice.. black licorice to be exact. A rather strange accord, it's nice but it rubs my nose the wrong way. I think of IdV as a better take on Kenzoair really, with the combination of vetiver and licorice.. Not anise.. LICORICE. Surprisingly nobody has gotten this out of it, except for me. Regardless, if a fresh vetiver scent is what you desire, I would go the route of Grey Vetiver, or Bois Blonds, as IdV is just mediocre at best.

    12 June, 2012


    Allure Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel

    Certainly one of the better citrus fragrances out there, although becoming harder and harder to find as it is now discontinued. From the opening, I get a heavy dose of lemon, although not lemon alone, I also get some other orange citruses, whether orange, tangerine, or maybe even bergamot, there is definitley something there besides lemon. I also get a little neroli, and pink pepper. The pepper dies down and the vanilla begins to emerge, this all happens in the opening. It dies down to vanilla, light citrus, and soft woods on my skin. The first 10 minutes or so, isn't exactly favorable to me. It is similar to Allure Homme Sport in that period, where the pepper clashes with the citrus. To my nose, they just don't mesh well together. Fortunately, Chnael's quality prevails, as does the great Jacques Polge. Edition Blanche is clearly a part of Polge's workmanship. People say the longevity is horrid, but it's really excellent. It lasts a good 8-10 hours, although it does sit very close to the skin after the 2 hour mark.

    10th June, 2012


    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

    Lots of incense in the opening, smokey, niche quality all the way. Reminiscent of a more complex Gucci Envy. Accompanied by a sweet dried fruit accord, something like cherries. Cherry in the sense of dry and old, not fresh and juicy, I think of the cherry accord in M7's opening. Cinnamon in the background, eventually becomes the front note. Finally a very resinous amber base, with the incense still kicking a little bit. Longevity is 8-10 hours on my skin, but mostly a skin scent. Very enjoyable scent here, especially if you love incense. A lot of notes listed in this one. But the main players are: incense, cinnamon, amber.

    10th June, 2012

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