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    A Taste of Heaven by By Kilian

    This is quite a nice scent, unfortunately with a steep price. The only By Killian I have tried, to date, and a sure winner to me. It is definitley very similar to Caron's Pour Un Homme, but much smoother. Lavender and vanilla are the key notes here. I get a tonka dry down, instead of that nasty cheap mossy musky one from Caron's. Too bad this has to cost so much!

    19th December, 2013


    Ed Hardy Born Wild For Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    Such a strange and fun fragrance is Born Wild. It comes off as a bubble gum type smell with apples and pepper. The bubble gum vibe is really authentic, like the gum from the tree, not like some synthetic fruity mess. This scent slightly reminds me of Polo Modern Reserve and Michael Jordan for men, but much less mature. Longevity is around 7-8 hours on me, and projection is about average. Certainly one of the better Ed Hardy scents as others have noted, but that doesn't say much.

    18th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 19th December, 2013)


    Villain for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    I really jumped to conclusions too fast with Villain. Ed Hardy Villain is a very nice gourmand, similar to The One, but with more power. Where as The One is more oriental, Villain is certainly more gourmand.

    Villain reminds me of several fragrances. Versace Blue Jeans, Mandarina Duck Black, Samba Kiss Me, The One. Up top, I get this creamy lemon/apple pie note, with crust and all. Very gourmand and very sweet. 2 hours later - by the base, I basically just get amber, along with some sweetness there, smells something like vanilla, but not quite.. maybe more of a benzoin type note. There's a little spice there, but there's definitley a noticeable nutmeg note, which contributes to its whole "lemon/apple pie" thing going on. I do enjoy the smell, but this is very easy to over-apply, which, in my case, contributed to my hatred for this scent at one time, as I found it sickly sweet, and overly cloying. I'm not a big fan of amber, but it's actually quite nice in Villain's dry down; though it's gone within a couple hours.

    For me, designer fragrances with amber (especially of the gourmand genre) are hit or miss, usually miss. Villain is a hit for me. A lot of it is its cheap price tag too. I got a 1 oz bottle for 10 bucks shipped. 1 oz of this will last me a long time, with my large collection. I don't reach for it very often, but I did use up my .25 oz mini bottle, so I felt buying another small one was justifiable.

    As for my rating.. I am teetering between neutral and thumbs up. The first time I reviewed this, it was thumbs down, but my opinion has changed significantly. Villain is a nice, safe gourmand, although nothing really special. However, I would be lying if I said it wasn't a good solid fragrance. One thumbs up, but definitley not 2.

    10th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 26th March, 2014)


    Hearts & Daggers for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

    What ever was I thinking. I quickly updated my initial review of this garbage of a scent. The first time I put this on my skin, I thought it was marvelous. Like a creamy kiwi/banana milkshake.. but after a couple wearing, it just started to smell like a chemical/synthetic mess of mush.

    10th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th December, 2013)


    cK One Shock Street Edition for Him by Calvin Klein

    Not too bad, but nothing to search around for. If you have smelled Fuel for Life by Diesel, you aren't missing much. Fuel for Life is actually much better, but if if you don't like FFL's beast mode projection you may enjoy this, as it's more tame. It is nothing reminiscent of the original Shock though.

    Basically.. raspberry, mint, citrus, slightly aquatic, and a cocoa dry down. Fuel for Life meets Victorinox 125 Years Your Companion For Life. Longevity is pretty weak.. 3-4 hours at best. Projection is nice, average, 2 feet or so.

    04th December, 2013


    cK One Shock Street Edition for Him by Calvin Klein

    Nothing like the original, boring, uninspired, and generic.

    I'll put the "pro's" and "con's" here. I guess if ya like the smell of York Peppermint Patty's, that's a pro. well.. it's also a con, because you only get it for about a minute before it's gone. I definitely get the cocoa/mint combination in the very opening, but it quickly diminishes and all I get is boring citrus and tonka in the base. Tonka, tonka, tonka. What gives? I am so sick of these cheap tonka doused fragrances. Good ones like CK Shock, just cashing in on their investment in this case, CK Shock.. and putting out crap like Street Edition. The same thing that nearly ever other designer brand has been doing for the past 10-15 years or so. To me.. this dry down smells a lot like a scent I already own, only not as good. That scent is called 125 Years Your Companion For Life, by Victorinox. Long name huh? In 125 Years.. the fragrance (lol) you get the same cocoa, tonka, citrus combination, only it's less 1 dimensional, because it has a fantastic sandalwood note with it. But this isn't about 125 Years.. this is about Street Edition. I am frustrated with this one, and searched around a bit to sample it, because there was no way I was gonna blind buy a bottle of it and be stuck with it if I didn't like it. And guess what.. well.. there is really nothing to like about this one. Sure it smells nice.. I mean.. not many fragrances really smell horrible, or are unwearable. I'm sure Street Edition will find its market. Unfortunately, it's not me, and it probably won't be many, if any of us here on Basenotes, because we expect much more from our fragrances.

    21st October, 2013


    L'Eau Bleue D'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake


    What a great find this one was. Firstly, I have to thank a fellow Basenoter for turning me onto this one. There aren't many interesting designer fragrances left, and then I found L'eau Bleue, and it gave me hope again. It also reminded me how amazing cypress notes are, when done right.

    L'eau Bleue opens up with a strong herbal aroma, as many others will say, for a lot of people, it's what makes or breaks this one. For me, it makes it. It's interesting, and captivating, and there's nothing sloppy about it. Heavy on the rosemary in the opening, but balanced out well with the lavender, cypress, citruses, and juniper, oh what a juniper bomb this one is! Juniper berry and cypress, the combination is intoxicating to me, very manly, and quite modern. Lots of woods and oakmoss in the base. Very long lasting, I usually get at least 10 hours with this one. Projection is pretty beast too.

    The mastermind behind L'eau Bleue is Jacques Cavallier. Which means a lot to me, because he has made some amazing masterpieces; such as M7, Rive Gauche, Fuel for Life.

    As for comparisons, nothing is quite like this one. It does however remind me of Porsche: The Essence, Lanvin Oxygen, and Norne by Slumberhouse.. ya I said it! If you like herbal, you love cypress and woods.. you gotta check this one out.. and hurry too, because it's getting more and more hard to find.

    15th October, 2013


    Curve Crush for Men by Liz Claiborne

    "Hater's gonna hate."

    I really get the citrus notes from Curve here, but with a more tropical feel. The pear note is very noticeable, and the mid is dominated by lavender. Aldehydes are also pretty strong in the middle. But, the base notes are so dull, I can barely smell them, honestly. It just seems.. so.. unfinished. A little musk, and some sort of powdery smell, accompanied by aldehydes, lavender, and maybe a little of the citrus and pear from the top. The base was done with little attention to details, that is for sure. Longevity is pretty poor, my skin is more on the oily side, and I usually get the best longevity possible with fragrances, but I don't get anymore than 3-4 hours with Curve Crush, MAYBE 5 hours on a very good day. Projection seems to be okay, although, it sits a bit closer to the skin.

    The opening of Curve Crush is really nice, I like it the most out of the entire Curve line. However, the dry down just becomes synthetic smelling, diluted, and boring. A promising opening, with no finish. Another disappointment. However, because the opening is so nice, I still rate this one with 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

    I think this is a safe blind buy for the "average Joe" and a great scent for somebody in high school/college.

    Pros: Same Curve DNA.
    Cons: Fragrance seems unfinished."

    04th October, 2013


    Agua Verde by Salvador Dali

    Fig Brulee For Lack Of Better Words

    Agua Verde is a tricky little devil. Certainly a simple fragrance, not much going on here, but it's very very VERY unique. There is nothing I know that smells like this one. Imagine this.. lemon, figs with burnt sugar on top (brulee), nutmeg, lots of nutmeg. What ya smell is what ya get, as this one is a very linear scent. It's a nice change of pace, but difficult to find when to wear this one. Longevity is 6 hours on me, every time. Projection is pretty average. And, as with most from this house, the bottle is unique.

    Pros: Very Unique
    Cons: Difficult to wear"

    31st August, 2013


    Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

    Stunning Scent.

    I like to put "similar to", but there really is nothing like Amber pour Homme. The Intense version is nothing like the original, so don't even waste your time.

    Amber is a landmark in men's designer perfumes, in my honest opinion. An excellent combination of soapy notes, floral notes, and lots of incense. But, Amber.. where is the amber? I certainly pick up on none, but that's a good thing for me, because it's not a note I am fond of. To me, it basically just smells like lots of lavender (although this note isn't listed), and lots of incense. It smells like a modern Drakkar Noir to me. People say this is like an expensive high quality soap, and I couldn't agree with that more. That's the best way to sum it up. Unfortunately, longevity lacks a bit on my skin, and the "Intense" version certainly doesn't amplify it, it's an entirely different fragrance.

    Ya want a good soapy scent? Ya wanna get compliments? This is the way to go. Prada's only really good men's fragrance in my opinion.

    Pros: Unique, comforting.
    Cons: Longevity."

    30th August, 2013


    Set Sail Martinique for Men by Tommy Bahama

    Boring, generic

    Similar to: Nautica Voyage, Bvlgari Aqva, The American Line Navy/Liberty.

    Every now and then, along comes a flanker that is just so bad. This is one of those times. I strongly believe this will be the last one from the line up, unless they can redeem themselves. St Barts was awesome, Very Cool was different, the original was pretty good, and South Seas was amazing. But, St Martinque.. just horrible.

    The opening is a blatant rip off of Maruice Raucel's Nautica Voyage, although it smells more concentrated, like too much packed in there. It transforms into an overdose of the calone accord, picture the main note in Bvlgari Aqva, aka "watery" or "aquatic" notes. As if the overly aquatic top wasn't already bad, in comes an overly musky dry down, with a very poorly done musk note. Strangely I get a heavy dose of figs in the dry down as well.

    I guess I'm in the minority with this one, I simply don't like it, and I wouldn't recommend anybody go out of their way to try and find it, as it's probably one of the harder to find Tommy Bahama scents. Though it has been flooding the shelves lately.

    If you own Nautica Voyage, don't even bother with this.. take my word. Voyage is much higher quality and much more well rounded.

    22nd August, 2013 (Last Edited: 20th February, 2015)


    Banana Republic Classic by Banana Republic

    A nice, casual, citrus/floral.

    Classic is an appropriate name for this one. To me, this is a classic scent, or event classy. Sophisticated, refined, elegant; can be dressed up or down, yet very simple, versatile, and appealing to everyone. In fact, I don't know a single person that doesn't like this one. While it doesn't really garner compliments to me, because of its lack in projection.. those who I have asked to smell it on me, have given nothing but positive feedback.

    Classic opens up with a lot of bergamot. Bergamot, bergamot, bergamot. Nothing but bergamot really. You wanna know what bergamot oil smells like? Check out this one. Within 10 minutes, the other notes begin to emerge. Still mostly bergamot, some other citrus notes, the smell of cotton, and then a huge blast of honeysuckle, about 30 minutes in. Along with the honeysuckle, a nice dose of musk that ties the base together. It stays like this for a good 8-10 hours on me, but projection is pretty weak. It smells really similar to something that I just can't quite put my finger on; I am tempted to say Versace pour Homme.

    If you can find it on sale at discounters, it's a good, safe blind buy. I was able to get a 2-pack of 1.7 oz bottles at TJ Maxx for 20 bucks. Great deal.

    Pros: Simple, versatile, longevity.
    Cons: Projection, availability."

    08th August, 2013


    Azzaro pour Homme Elixir by Azzaro

    Not bad, but nothing special.

    Similar to: Azzaro pour Homme, Openings of: A*Men Taste of Fragrance, Valentino V pH, Spicebomb, Polo Red, Hot Water.

    Azzaro pour Homme Elixir is a decent release. As of late, it seems that Azzaro is trying to capitalize on the "pour Homme" brand, making flankers of the original. A wise decision on their part, since Azzaro pH, is probably one of the best fragrances and top sellers of all time. I can't say the same about Elixir though. At first, I really loved it. So much that I bought a 3.4 oz bottle. But as the weeks and months went by, it just got pushed further and further back on my shelf. My shelf of 150+ scents. When you have a lot of fragrances, scents like Elixir become boring and redundant. It has a good opening, but after that, it's just a boring, generic, tonka and oakmoss dry down. Very common, and just annoying at this point. So perhaps this review may be a little biased, as my frustration with redundant designer release dry downs becomes perceived.

    Onto the scent itself though. The opening is a blast of pink pepper, balanced out with that more and more common "Swedish fish" accord. The same accord I find in the openings of Taste of Fragrance, Valentino V, Spicebomb, Polo Red, Hot Water, even Pure Havane. And, if you have smelled these openings, you know the candied "red" gummy accord I speak of. How appropriate, most of these scents are marketed as "red" scents or with red bottles, denoting the smell of the color red. Elixir is most certainly a red fragrance, in the opening. But as it dries down it shows more of its similarities with the great Azzaro pH. You get that oakmoss, bergamot, lavender, geranium, coumarin; everything that makes it a common fougere. It's really nice, but again, so redundant. The tonka emerges in the middle and is prominent in the dry down. Longevity is 8+ hours on my skin, with average projection throughout.

    If you want masculinity, stick with the original. There is no anise in Elixir, which is the key ingredient in the original, which is what makes it so amazing. Instead you get a fruity top here. A spinoff of the original, with a more modern and youthful appeal to it. But, as said, I prefer the masculinity of the original, which is a timeless classic.

    Pros: Longevity.
    Cons: Boring."

    07th August, 2013


    Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

    Aside from Guess Marciano, I haven't found anything appealing from this house. They tend to go overboard with synthetic smelling aromachemicals.

    Seductive Blue however is well done. Very reminiscent of La Nuit and Burberry Touch, only lighter, and more fitting for warmer climate. Longevity and projection are both pretty poor though.

    This is basically the poor man's La Nuit.

    20th July, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th December, 2014)


    Unforgivable by Sean John

    One of the best aquatic openings that I've smelled, ruined by a hideous dry down.

    Similar to: Millesime Imperial, Bond No 9 Wallstreet

    First off, emphasis on "somewhat" unique. Of course this is compared to its rather expensive predecessor in Millesime Imperial. I haven't really spent much time with MI, so I can't comment. But, I'd say if the dry down is better than this, it may be worth the extra bucks. Unforgivable has really nice opening notes, you can tell that all of the money went to the opening notes here, as well as the advertising of course. I get this uplifting blend of sweet citruses, lime, juniper, and a hint of basil. It mellows out into a more floral heart, bringing in a wet iris note, and sandalwood. But after the first hour of an amazing opening and heart, it just goes down hill, and stays downhill for 7 hours on my skin. All I smell is wet dog. The same wet dog smell I get from Bond No 9's Wallstreet. What a shame, because Unforgivable has some of the most enjoyable top notes I've ever smelled. They transition so smoothly into the floral heart, but then they leave me disappointed in the base. The base is just vile here. Maybe it's the odd combination of rum, amber, woods, and tonka bean, in the base the sits on top of the top and middle notes that just don't mesh well with the base. Maybe it's a hidden "aqua" note, a smell used in some aquatics that's meant to mimic H20. Whatever it is, it loses my vote. Replace the base notes with something simple like just sandalwood, cedar, musk, and maybe tonka, and I think we'd have a winner.

    Pros: Opening notes, Invigorating, Longevity, Somewhat unique
    Cons: Hideous dry down"

    15th July, 2013


    Erolfa by Creed

    Just OK..

    Other than it being an aquatic that still smells "new" today. Erolfa is just an overpriced fragrance really. If you love Creed, you may like it. It has that popular metallic accord you may find in other Creed scents. It's some sort of synthetic note that gives it a cooling effect -- some sort of mint/metallic concoction. Erolfa opens up with this strong accord I speak of, accompanied by simple aquatic notes, melons, citruses, calone I presume, and other artificial "sea breeze" like accords. The lime note is very noticeable in the first minute or so. I quickly get the mid notes, notably a floral note I don't care for.. jasmine. Tons of jasmine in the middle, even the opening. At this point, I don't even want it on my skin, but an interesting twist with a pine note sits behind all else, it makes me sniff and sniff. Eventually, you get a light mossy and fairly strong sandalwood base. From a distance, it actually kind of smells like piss. Longevity is around the 6 hour mark for me.. and projection is about average, with strong projection in the first 10 minutes.

    Pros: Ahead for its time
    Cons: Price"

    11th July, 2013


    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    Amazing spicy scent, that succeeds in all categories.

    Similar to: Tobacco Vanille, Eau des Baux, Mugler: Taste of Fragrance, Burberry: The Beat.

    First and foremost. I am a HUGE Olivier Polge fan. And I think this is his best designer brand fragrance. I haven't so much seen or smelled what he can do with a higher budget in the niche realm of fragrances, but I am sure there is lots of potential. He's still fairly young and is gonna make some instant classics, like Spicebomb.

    Spicebomb. Where to begin. First it was Le Male, then 1 Million, now Spicebomb. The ultimate club scent, and keeping up to date with what people wanna smell. Personally, I am not a "club goer", but this is what you wanna wear to get noticed. While it's very very spicy, no doubt, it is balanced out well with a subtle sweetness, tonka bean I presume. The opening gives a huge blast of pink pepper, and paprika more than anything. It's a bit sharp, and definitley in your face.. but it quickly mellows out, the notes combine, along with vetiver, leather, citruses, and cinnamon. I do believe the cinnamon note in here is the real secret to Spicebomb. Cinnamon is a spice, but also sweet in a way, and it really helps Spicebomb, not only to balance out, but to keep a character that distinguishes it from Tobacco Vanille, and others.

    Spicebomb.. not a pepper bomb like Marc Jacobs Bang. There's never too much of anything in Spicebomb once it comes into character. You get a little pink pepper, a little cinnamon, a little vetiver, a little leather, a little saffron, a little tonka bean, on and on. Projection and longevity are both a plus. But I can see this being off putting to some in the opening notes, if you are sensitive to pink pepper or paprika in heavy doses.

    Spicebomb has already gotten its much deserved recognition here on Basenotes, and other forums and communities around the internet. I just hope it doesn't ever get lost in translation, and stays relevant. An A+ masterpiece, and a must try!

    Pros: Longevity, projection, value, unique, balanced.
    Cons: Price is a little high."

    08th July, 2013


    IZOD by IZOD

    Best bang for your buck aquatic on the market.

    Similar to: Adidas Dare, Dunhill Pure, Paris Hilton for Men.

    Where to begin with IZOD. When I first purchased it, I got a .5 oz bottle from Walmart or something. I went through it so quick, and kept reapplying, thinking the longevity was crap. The longevity is actually pretty solid, but the invigorating top notes is what I wanted to smell all day, so I kept reapplying. The top notes I pick up on are tangerine, lime, grapefruit, mint, and cucumber. It flows into a soft creamy floral mid, and a slightly musky, and spiced tobacco base. Note: the tobacco note in here is incredibly smooth, almost unnoticeable. In fact, it took me like 2 bottles later to notice it was even there. It blends in so well with the top and mid, and all the notes combine into the end, making one beautiful tropical/floral/spicy accord. I am now on my 4th bottle of this (first a .5 oz, then (2) 1.7 oz's, currently a 1 oz) I may just pick up the 3.4 and set it aside, as it's becoming a little harder to find lately. Longevity is 6-8 hours on me, though some times I may only get 4 hours. This is one of my comfort scents that I like to wear when I am just sitting at home, and when at home, I could easily smell it on myself 8 hours later, but when I wear it out, I may not get the longevity I desire. Projection is beast mode in the opening, and pretty good for the first hour or so. As for comparisons, this smells very similar to Adidas Dare, only more powerful. I would label this as a fruity, spicy, aquatic. The spice doesn't come until the end, and it's just barely there from the tobacco; ya really gotta dig for it, honestly. IZOD is a true keeper, and a very safe scent for anybody, any age.

    Pros: Different, cheap, safe, tropical, excellent projection.
    Cons: Faulty sprayer, spotty longevity

    05th July, 2013


    Very Irrésistible for Men by Givenchy

    Nice, unique, strange dry down though.

    I was fortunate enough to get a great deal on a bottle of Very Irresistible. I am not 100% sure, but it may be discontinued, as I do not see it in department stores, nor do I see it readily available for purchase online too often.

    The opening is just that.. Hard to resist. It's like a caramel apple. Projection is very good in the opening, but dies down pretty quickly. Once I really get a grasp on what I am smelling, it smells like apple, mint, caramel, and chocolate or mocha. Think sour green apples. Think Ande's mints. Combine the two. Amazing! It's hard to take your nose off of where you sprayed. But you have to stick your nose there, because the projection thins out so quickly.

    Before ya know it, it turns into this odd smelling base, similar to that in Sean John's Unforgivable. Like some wet dog type smell, paired with a very weak woodsy note, and something else I just can't put my nose on. This all takes effect quickly, as the top and mid don't last long. The base goes on for a good 4 hours or so, thankfully not incredibly long, because it's just not good really. A damn shame, from a very promising opening.

    Pros: Unique, Sensual, Awesome bottle
    Cons: Projection, Dry down

    30th June, 2013


    Snow Power by Victorinox

    Pretty bad

    Not often will I give a fragrance a lackluster review. I just don't feel this fragrance deserves any praise whatsoever. I managed to find a 1 oz bottle at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks, so I bought it blind. Firstly, the 1 oz bottle sizes in this and Unlimited, I believe the other is called, are awesome! It has a rubbery casing around it with a thing you turn on top to unlock the sprayer. It also include a bungee style clip, which is poorly made. Although, the bottle can potentially be clipped to ones belt loop. Too bad the fragrance is pretty bad.

    I was trying to figure out what it smells like, as it smells identical to something I have tried before. I thought it was quite similar to Akon Konvict, but with less lemon. Then it dawned upon me.. Emporio Armani He! That's it! Snow Patrol is a pretty poor, synthetic smelling, cypress style fragrance. It mostly smells of cheap woods, and citrus, with a hint of vetiver. Imagine Armani He, but poorly made. Armani He is nothing spectacular, but next to this, it is amazing. Don't even waste your time.

    Pros: Neat bottle.
    Cons: Everything except the bottle!

    14th June, 2013


    125 Years Your Companion for Life by Victorinox

    I've decided to remove my full review from before and simplify this, as well as my taste has changed. 125 Years a really underrated fragrance, but I still stick to my decision, it is lacking something, and doesn't have much depth to it.

    This is basically a 4 note fragrance. Citrus, cocoa, tonka, woods. More specifically.. this opens up with a burst of grapefruit, with a little something there keeping it interesting. It quickly fades into the cocoa phase where.. there is supposed to be a hay note, which I kind of get.. as it has this dirty-ish mossy feel in the background. The cocoa gets creamier as the tonka bean emerges, and it dries into a sandalwood base.

    This is a great cocoa fragrance for beginners, who want cocoa, but don't want something as intense as LIDGE, or DHI. The choices for cocoa dominated mens fragrances are actually pretty slim. I think between this, and CKin2U, these would be the 2 safest bets.

    125 Years can be found cheap online, I got mine for I think 20 bucks shipped, maybe even less. At first I wasn't thrilled with it, but overtime I realized, wow.. I have used a lot of my bottle. It's a great "go to" fragrance, when I want something sweet, but not unorthodox. This is always a safe bet. I guess when you have 180 or so bottles and you've used about 1/3 of a 3.4 oz bottle, that says something.

    05th June, 2013 (Last Edited: 22nd April, 2014)


    Fleur de Figuier by Molinard

    This is my first review using the new BN system, so please forgive me if I do this backwards or wrong.

    Onto the fragrance. I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a sample of this through a generous BN'er. In my quest to find a cheap alternative to Philosykos, This one was not what I was looking for, but I would be lying if I didn't recognize it's high points.


    The opening.. coconut, coconut, coconut, by far the most coconut dominated fragrance opening that I have ever encountered. I get a very natural smelling coconut, accompanied by a toasted almond like note. The fig really comes out in the middle, but there isn't much of a base on this one. Perhaps a little cedar, which begins to show its face in the opening really. The combination of notes smell a little more feminine than unisex to me.


    I really enjoyed Fleur De Figuier, but a couple things keep me from giving it a higher score. Longevity was pretty good, 8+ hours, and when it seemed like it was gone, it was still there. It maintains this earthy fig and cedar combination for hours and hours, a smell, that I wish projected more. I think more notes, and a more substantial base would have made this a sure winner, but I know keeping fragrances minimalistic (note wise) is Molinard's style. I personally wouldn't put it in my wardrobe, because it's a bit on the feminine side. I recommend checking this one out if you like Black Orchid by Tom Ford.

    Pros: Unique, Sensual
    Cons: Moderate to Weak Sillage, Fragrance seems "unfinished"

    21st May, 2013


    Cool Water Summer Fizz by Davidoff

    Very bright, sparkling, and tart opening. Lemon, lemon, lemon. Sparkling and "fizzy". Lavender is noticeable in the middle; and a shocking twist in the dry down, with leather, suede and cedar being quite noticeable to my nose. The opening is youthful, and "Summer-y", the dry down is mature.

    Longevity, not the greatest.. 4-5 hours on me. But, for 20-25 bucks at local discounters, it's a good buy. It's different from the rest of the Cool Water flankers that I have tried. It has virtually no Cool Water DNA in it, in my opinion, aside from the lavender in the middle. It's simple yet different. I recommend getting it, if the price is right, and you think you would like the above. Harder to find now, I've seen getting pricier on Ebay.

    04th May, 2013


    Aqua Rush by Nautica

    I blind purchased this because of someone saying it smelled like the icy mint Irish Spring, which I adore the smell of, as I wear the antiperspirant deodorant regularly. Unfortunately, it smells NOTHING like it; however, with it costing 19 bucks on Amazon, for the 1.7 oz, it is cheap enough to be a good value fragrance.

    Longevity could be better, and projection is pretty weak. I get a blast of grapefruit, yuzu, and orange in the opening, smells very natural (surprisingly from the house). There's a little bit of mint there, but not enough to call it "icy". At the end of the day, it smells pretty much like Versace pH, with less staying power. The yuzu note in the opening is pretty well done, I don't own many yuzu fragrances, so this one will likely stay in my collection, and get some wear throughout the Summer. Burberry Summer 2009 edition, was the best designer take on yuzu though for sure, but due to its limited availabilities, it is hard to find. I will settle for this.

    04th May, 2013


    Silver by Al Rehab

    I'm so glad I found Al Rehab Silver. If you're like me and you don't wanna spend 300+ on Silver Mountain Water, you can't go wrong with this one. The differences are minimal, in fact you don't have to worry about batch variations like you can expect from Creed, here you get the simple concept of Silver Mountain Water, without a possible "bad batch".

    Opens up with a sharp cooling citrus, and a metallic note. A slight tea sort of note in the dry down, and maybe a touch of spice somewhere in there. I also pick up on a rose smell, but not at all floral, more green than anything.

    Silver has great projection and longevity, and at about 6 bucks for a 1.35 oz EDP, you have nothing to lose. Excellent value, excellent quality. Two big thumbs up.

    19th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 07th March, 2015)


    Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

    Even in its current formula, Old Spice is a winner. Spicy irresistible opening, that women of all ages go bananas for. It turns into a soft powdery vanilla base with a lot of musk; unfortunately too musky for an everyday wearer for me, as I am not keen on musky scents.

    If only they made this in an EDT spray. The $$$ would come rolling in. Old spice is excellent, and one of the best blended male scents ever made. Unfortunately, longevity is pretty poor, as is projection. I guess if you shave your face with a razor (which I don't) - this would work well.

    17th April, 2013 (Last Edited: 08th May, 2014)


    Rive Gauche pour Homme Light by Yves Saint Laurent

    Damn, this stuff is good! Sucks it's discontinued, and hard to find. I obtained a bottle through a swap on BN, and am super glad I did, as it has become one of my signature scents.

    I have only tried the original twice, and found it to be too mossy, powerful, and sharp. This one is definitley similar, but with more lavender. Smoother and less sharp, less "old school", yet still lives up to the Rive Gauche brand. The shaving cream/barber shop inspired bottle fits well. This is not a watered down version of the original. This is full bodied, strong, has big projection and great longevity.

    I'll have to sample the original some more to do a full comparison, but as it stands now, this one is a real sleeper. 2 big thumbs up!

    17th April, 2013


    Enemy / Ennemi by Nickel

    It's really not that bad. If you can find a bottle, get it on it, because it's pretty hard to find. I smelled this at TJ Maxx at least 5 years ago and recall it having a strong grape note. I ended up finding someone on BN swapping it not to long ago, and I jumped at the opportunity.

    Fragrance itself is not great, but not as bad as many make it out to be. It has the same DNA as Eau Maximum by Nickel. Longevity isn't as good, and it's a little bit confused with incense and spice notes. The metallic accord gives it a sharp kick. In a nutshell, you get a predominately grapefruit, spice, incense, woods fragrance, with a metallic accord. It seems a bit awkward, but it's actually smooth, and clean. Longevity is not that great though. There's also a sour sort of note in here, but the metallic accord kind of masks it.

    I give it a neutral rating, but would probably give 1 thumbs up if it performed better.

    17th April, 2013


    Opus IV by Amouage

    Opens up nicely, as the citrus and coriander oil is quite noticeable. I also get a lavender note. As the middle notes emerge, it starts to smell like bubble gum flavored bubble bath.. which may or may not exist, but it's just what I perceive. Or perhaps some sort of champagne. It actually resembles Champaca Absolute, but with some spice. The cumin spice is very noticeable in the mid, and although it doesn't really match, it keeps things interesting, from a pretty boring floral mid. The base is very incense based, even the mid is quite a bit. I don't really pick up on the animalic notes or the musk, which is good for me, since I don't get along with those notes. Longevity is 10+ hours, projection is big in the opening, but tones down quickly. I really enjoy the opening, and their take on citrus, but after that.. I don't much care.

    Overall, I am not that impressed, but I am intrigued. This is the first Amouage fragrance I have tried. The quality is definitley there, which intrigues me. After looking at some of their note breakdowns, on other fragrances; and now smelling an Amouage fragrance first hand, I am definitley interested. As an introduction to their house, with Opus IV, one of their less popular ones, I can see that the notes are there (some houses list notes that you just don't smell if ya know what I mean), which is something I like; and of course, the quality is here too.

    31st March, 2013


    L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extreme by Guerlain

    At first, when I tried this, I thought I got a bad sample, then I tried it again from another sample and it was the same thing. I know how people say "wait for the dry down, it's amazing!", one can only wait so long. While the dry down is decent, it's not "amazing", and the opening is horrid.

    I am not here to knock it, or to disrespect Guerlain, they have made some masterpieces. For me, the opening of the fragrance is just as important as the dry down. If the opening flops, and the dry down is good, it gets a neutral rating; if the opening is good and the dry down sucks, it may get a neutral rating; if the whole fragrance is good, and it has good longevity, projection, and sometimes versatility, it's a sure thumbs up. But, if the opening smells like farts and Dorito's, and the dry down smells like cocoa, that's been sitting in grandma's purse for a few years, then it's a no go with me.

    The combination of notes are odd, but I won't like, they are quite smooth, nothing is really off balance, nothing is sharp, nothing too spicy, or too sweet. But, the overall general aroma's just smell bad to me. In the opening, the combination of anise and citrus smells like nacho flavored chips, or somebody who's been eating fast food and farting profusely. Maybe it's this "elemi" note that I have never heard of. The patchouli has a strong presence behind these notes, keeping it more interesting; but, if ya know me, ya know I don't much care for patchouli. For me, it takes a good hour before this fart smell goes away, and I am left with a semi sweet cocoa note, surrounded by what smells like iris, jasmine, tea, and woods, notably sandalwood. The final dry down consists of pretty much patchouli, bitter cocoa and sandalwood, which is my favorite part, but, it sits so close to the skin and is so faint at this point. I can get that combination in Dior homme Intense, and not have to sit through hours of torture.

    I'm sorry, but I'll have to go against the grain on this one, LIDGE is pretty disgusting to me. Its only redeeming quality is the final dry down, we're talking 4 hours later. It lasts a good 10+ hours on me. Projection is pretty strong in opening, if ya wanna smell like an old bucket of fried chicken. Check this one out, if you want the people around you to think you've been rolling around in old soggy french fries and crushed up Dorito's. Nah I am just playing on that, that's just me though. To each their own!

    27th March, 2013

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