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    Kenzoair by Kenzo

    Opens up smelling like sand, dirt, and that smell when ya bite into a licorice jellybean and smell it inside. Fresh, black licorice. The combination eventually develops into a fishy/rusty smell.

    The vetiver dry down is nice, but it doesn't make up for the strange elements in this one. Whether I am smelling rust, fish, metal, rubber, sand, dirt, or that smell when you walk into a hair salon. It's just very off-putting.

    30th November, 2011


    Armani Eau Pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

    Bland, boring, cheap-smelling, aromatic/fougere. Chypre-ish but not much until the dry down. I get more lavender than anything. Some dark citrus in the opening. Smells very dated.

    There are much better selections from this genre, such as Azzaro pH, and Polo original. I am not thrilled with Armani pH.

    21st November, 2011


    Baby Blue Jeans by Versace

    Starts off as a slightly brighter version of Carrera Black -- same elements.. citrus (more lime), a little dark, powdery. The lemon opening is quite enjoyable.. but then it takes a turn for boredom in the mid notes. Strangely, the base comes back, intriguing me, with an unmentioned cinnamon note, woods, vanilla and musk; the result is somehow very smokey, sweet, and slightly creamy.

    One of the few fragrances that takes me from like, to hate, to love. Three specific sets of notes, all doing something different. Like 3 fragrances in one! The base notes are very refined, which makes it feel powdery. It also smells a little powdery in the base, but not nearly as much as in the opening. The musk in the base notes comes out watery to my nose, which I actually enjoy.

    Overall: IMO.. Baby Blue Jeans is an old school citrus fragrance. It may definitley feel dated to some, but others will love this. It projects nicely for the first 4 hours, then sits closer to the skin. The base notes can stay on my skin for 10 hours.

    14th November, 2011 (Last Edited: 19th January, 2012)


    Sables by Annick Goutal

    WARNING: Sables lasts extremely long. This could be good or bad; for me, it's a negative. I have a lot of fragrances, and if I wore this too often, they would never see the light. That's right.. Sables lasts for DAYS. Every time I have worn it, I have gotten no less than 48 hours longevity. Projection is very good throughout as well.. but obviously not so much in the 2nd day.

    It opens up with a wonderful dark roasted coffee accord, this is likely to be the immortal note.. once it fades a little it becomes spicy and strange. This would be the pepper blending with the immortal. Result: smell of sand. Yes, it truly does smell like sand and maple syrup. Eventually the pepper wears off, and the sandalwood and vanilla kick in and dry down with the immortal.

    The opening is very loud and somewhat brash.. but still enjoyable. The sand like accord gives character, and the dry down is beautiful and creamy. There is nothing quite like it, that I have found.. I would classify this as an aromatic/oriental/gourmand. The closest possible fragrances I can compare it to would be Chergui or New Harlem.

    My personal preference: I very much enjoy it, but it just lasts too long.. even with showering.

    05th November, 2011


    Passage d'Enfer by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Starts off very nice and refreshing.. quickly becomes spicy, sour, floral, musky, not for me.

    I gave it the benefit of the doubt, and glad that I did. The dry down is a creamy white musk with some incense. Sounds weird, right? It is fantastic! Lasts a good 16 hours too.

    Probably my favorite L'Artisan dry down thus far, out of the 20-30 L'Artisan's that I have tried.

    04th November, 2011


    Essential by Lacoste

    A rather pleasant floral/citrus fragrance, with a slight aquatic touch. Different than your typical AdG mockeries; no melons here.

    Essential opens up with a fantastic noticeable tangerine note, which immediately reminds me of Clinique Happy. After about 20 minutes or so, the tangerine dies down, a tangy-ness from the tomato leaf and pepper come out in the middle, as well as some florals, and a hidden calone note in the background. Base notes emphasize on the woods for the most part, soft, and slightly floral to the end.

    Longevity for me is about 6 hours, with it sitting very close to the skin in the last 3 hours. I would say this is a more in depth take on Happy for Men. Take Happy, mix it with a little bit of Bvlgari Aqva, and voila! Lacoste Essential, is a more enjoyable Summer scent. Light and refreshing, yet has its own character.

    27th October, 2011


    Esencia Loewe by Loewe

    A blast of pine, cypress, woods, and herbs. Lemon up top, as well as some florals -- I pick up on lavender. The lavender which lingers in the background in the opening, and never makes its way to the front, as the pine, and cypress notes dominate this one. What's strange is that pine notes usually come off very sharp; but here.. they are very smooth. An even smoother dry down, and arguably one of the best dry downs ever.

    This may be a late 80's fragrance, but I find it to be quite modern and wearable today. If you don't like the big boys like Azzaro pH, Polo original, and such, you may not like this, as this is an aromatic/chypre/fougere. Projects big in the opening, but after an hour or 2, it settles down. Longevity is excellent. Bottle worthy.

    24th October, 2011


    Green Water by Jacques Fath

    Excellent natural smelling peppermint, backed by herbs, with a watery/aquatic feel and some musk as it dries down. A little bit of lime comes and goes in this one, but the mint is really the top player. Easy, simple, sort of light. A lot of mint in this one, but never thick or cloying. Not as good as the spearmint in Live Jazz, but very much up there with it imo. Longevity sucks though, and projection is okay in the first 30 minutes. Lasts about 4 hours unfortunately. 3.3 oz bottle can be found for 20-25 bucks, so the price certainly compensates for its lack of longevity/projection.

    18th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 09th November, 2011)


    Jaguar Performance by Jaguar

    Revising my review yet again, as I get close to finishing my bottle of this. For me to finish an entire bottle is pretty rare now a days, with having such a large collection. Having said that, I feel my review of this is as accurate as it's gonna be.

    This is one of the few citrus cheapies that is actually different. At first it reminded me of Adidas Moves, and it still does. Imagine all the fruity notes in Moves were sitting there and left to rot. That's what I get from Performance. Rotten citrus, bananas, with both sour and salty smells. you would think it's gross, and it can certainly be if you overdo this one on the trigger, but when worn right, this one can be a real winner.

    13th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 22nd June, 2012)


    Eau de Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    Grey Flannel's attempt at an aquatic fails. This is basically a less complete version of Sean John Unforgivable. What I get here is a salty aquatic sea accord, accompanied with mostly various citrus notes, none of which really stand out. Projection is very poor, as is longevity. The dry down is a little bit musky, with maybe the slightest vetiver note, although hard to detect.

    Glad I only bought a 1 oz bottle, I spent about 7 bucks for it. I'll end up using it on days when I want something very close to the skin that doesn't last, and is very subtle. In terms of smell itself, it doesn't smell bad, or chemical or anything; there's just nothing going on.

    12th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 19th April, 2014)


    He Wood by Dsquared2

    Love at first, just like now. I agree on the magic marker smell. I guess that's what happens when you create a synthetic smelling vetiver.

    It's green, sweet, and aquatic to some extent. Feels watery, which I think is what He Wood was after, since it's classified as "woody aquatic". In my opinion, this is the poor man's version of Grey Vetiver. They are quite similar. He wood opens up with a synthetic smelling vetiver, backed by a light cedar note. It pretty much dries down the same, with a little bit of musk. It's very linear. The opening is pretty sharp and strong, and may be offensive to some. Longevity and projection are pretty good.

    Vetiver and woods would be better with a little more depth, and little less cheap smelling. The end result really is the smell of magic marker. You be the judge.

    04th October, 2011


    A*Men / Angel Men by Thierry Mugler

    What Acqua di Gio is to aquatics; A*Men is to gourmands. And, where there is love, there will always be hate. AdG is a masterpiece, as is A*Men. The talk, the hype, the hate, it's all worth it. A must try fragrance for every man.

    Sweet? Very. Not as synthetic smelling as other gourmands in my opinion. It opens up with an insanely powerful lavender, peppermint, and chocolate combination. One spray will easily permeate throughout the room. As the top fades, which on my skin is 20 minutes max, before the tar comes in, along with some patchouli. Patchouli which combines very well with gourmand notes, does and excellent job here in highlighting the coffee bean note. However, I don't much get coffee bean from it, rather a rich, dark, deep, fudge note. While at the same time, it competes for the the spotlight with a somewhat off-putting birch tar note. The tar note is rather bitter and sour, but interesting nevertheless. Once it fades, it is all uphill from there. The fudge accord dominates, back with patchouli, and other sweets. Smells divine, projects well still. This phase lasts for quite a while, at least 4 hours. The base then goes through 2 phases. One.. tonka bean, caramel, and other sweet notes.. I still get the chocolate fudge. The final dry down (8 hours later) is mostly vanilla, with a slightly powdery feel, along with musk, and still some other sweet notes. Overall longevity can last 24 hours, but by the 8 hour point, it becomes a skin scent. A very nice skin scent at that.

    What's most remarkable to me is the patchouli in the middle notes, and not lasting throughout the base. Surprise indeed, since patchouli is a very strong note, and is usually in the base of designer fragrances. With that said... A*Men may be designer by label, but IMO is niche all the way. It's different, it's daring, it lasts forever, and projects well. I should also note that in the first 4 hours or so, the tar note really doesn't project much. It is different from a distance than up close. Layered, if you will.

    Beautifully done. While I may not like some of the fragrance, I appreciate it entirely. A work of art. Complex, and not for the "noob". Others may say such & such is a perfected A*Men, but IMO, there is nothing even remotely close to it. Give this one a try.

    04th October, 2011


    Incanto pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo

    Like others suggest, this is pretty much a fresh, soapy, green scent. It's a bit boring. It's quite light, but it never disappears the way you would expect a fragrance with a light smell like this to go. It transitions nicely though its phases. Opens up with a ton of bamboo, and a eucalyptus vibe, some sweet citric notes, and a salty feel. Kind of the sharpness from cedarwood, without too much of the cedarwood smell. Cypress emerges as it fades, with the typical boring sandalwood/musk dry down. 6 hours longevity at best, with nice projection for the first 3. This one is in the same realm as Lanvin Oxygen for Men, being a cypress/citrus type scent appropriate for the warmer climate. This one has a great cooling effect without any mint note. Kind of generic. Bottle is nice, like most from this house.

    02nd October, 2011 (Last Edited: 15th May, 2014)


    Candie's Men by Candie's

    Perhaps it is my mind that makes like this fragrance more than I really do, because it is discontinued and somewhat nostalgic. It's a sweet green citrus, and although not listed in the notes, I get a good dose of lavender as well. A lot of notes, but pretty simple. Cheap, synthetic, sweet green notes, a little citrus, and lavender. The opening is very similar to McGraw. The dry down, however, is not very nice. Too much of this, and too much of that; which results in too much of the smell of nail polish. After the 15 minute mark, Candie's goes completely sour on my skin. I can't believe I went through a full bottle of this in high school, what was I thinking!

    02nd October, 2011 (Last Edited: 26th October, 2012)


    Guess by Marciano for Men by Guess

    Very masculine, superbly blended, somewhat different. Although very synthetic smelling, like most of the Guess', Hugo's, CK's, etc. It opens up with a synthetic fruit and spice, that quickly sweetens up a little, at which point, you can already tell that the amber note is going to be the star player here. In the mid, I get lavender, nutmeg, a little ginger, and and some amber in the background. In the end, I am left with a nice amber, leather, musk, woods with a little patchouli, and spices. The base is very balanced and well blended. Strange though, because all of the notes come off as rather synthetic smelling. Regardless, I enjoy it. The best from this house for sure, which isn't saying much. This one is bottle worthy regardless though.

    Projection and sillage are both good. It projects mostly in the first hour though, then sits a few inches off the skin.

    02nd October, 2011


    Hei by Alfred Sung

    Hei? This should be called SHE. Pardon me, if my review is biased on this one, as I put it on my skin once, and was immediately disappointed. While looking for a fragrance with a good bamboo note, this was recommended to me, and the price was within reason for sure.

    It is green, but not the type of green I like. It's a little sour, off-putting; I get more floral's than green notes. Not the type of floral's that a man like myself could pull off either. I get a very wet accord too. The dry down is decent, but the opening and mid, really don't go away for a good 4 hours. The base note dry down is a decent soft woods blend, with a little musk.

    While it doesn't appeal to me and certainly doesn't condone a neutral rating. It does get 2 out of 5 stars in my wardrobe. Rarely will many fragrances get 1 star by me, they have to smell like diarrhea, vomit, rotten food, etc. Hei smells like none of those, but it doesn't work for my skin.

    02nd October, 2011


    Curve Connect for Men by Liz Claiborne

    I really don't get any of the notes listed. What I get is 1 very boring accord, that doesn't last and barely projects. With the positive to negative ratio, I was expecting more. Another bottle I will be swapping off. I really have no idea what it is I am smelling, but it's not any type of tea or tobacco.

    I actually prefer Curve Crush to this.. yes I would rather smell like a hooker than smell like this. Maybe my room will like the spray though, or my bed sheets. Maybe, if I ever wet the bed, I'll use Connect to cover up the smell of urine permeating around my room. Urine vs. Connect.. Who will win?? To be continued..

    02nd October, 2011


    OP Blend by Ocean Pacific

    Quite pleasant. Citrus, melons, and lime top notes, typical floral heart (nothing that stood out to me), with a musky dry down. Worth the 7.99 at Marshall's, but not worth much more. Lasts about 4 hours.

    02nd October, 2011


    OP Juice by Ocean Pacific

    At first, I love it. Why? Easily the strongest designer aquatic I have ever put on my skin. Yes. VERY powerful in terms of sillage/projection. But since I own Unforgivable and Curve Wave, which are very similar.. as I like to call this category "Mediterranean Aquatics". I much prefer them, as they have more depth.

    OP Juice is basically just one accord, a sea-breeze like vibe, potential, but it just goes no where. And, it just projects like a monster, and fades into nothing. It smells like the sea, with some strange accord behind it. Sort of a weird bitter calone accord. Hard to describe really. I'll be using the rest of my bottle for room spray (or maybe even bug spray), if I can't swap it off.

    02nd October, 2011


    Joop! Homme by Joop!

    Warning: More than 4 sprays will make you lightheaded.

    I know from experience, as a fragrance buddy dared me to put on 8 sprays. So I did 4 on each arm, and began to stumble. A*Men can do this as well, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love them both. Joop's pink juice should be fair warning, this is more than something clear, this doesn't just go on and come off. It lasts forever, it projects like a monster, and is daring.

    Sweet, sweet, sweet, and some spice. Gourmand? Arguably.. I would label this as a fruity gourmand. Blood orange, juniper, cherry, strawberry, citrus and cinnamon all blast through in the opening. Once they calm down, I get some soft floral notes in the heart (guys who hate floral notes, you need not worry, they are very soft) -- It more or less stays this way for a good 8 hours.. so if ya don't like the fragrance 30 minutes into it, you're not gonna like it 8 hours later. By about the 7-8 hour point, I get some patchouli, vanilla, musk and woods; yet it still maintains that strong powerful dose of JOOP! that I get from the top notes, only much much calmer.

    Take it for what it's worth, Joop! is a revolutionary fragrance. Whether ya love it or hate it, it's gone where no fragrance has gone before. The only differences between this and A*Men, is the overall smell; and the fact that 100 other houses, and perfumers, jumped on the A*Men bandwagon, and tried to recreate it. While Mr pink passion Joop! here got off the hook. Ya like fruity, ya like sweet, ya like power, projection, longevity, and just flat out different? Give Joop! a try.. but never, ever, evvvvvveeeerr, even THINK, about.... buying this one blind. This is one of those that IS love or hate. For me, it's love. Go easy on the trigger, and you'll be fine.

    02nd October, 2011


    Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

    Overrated, yet high quality. Smell is common; and if ya know Channel, ya know, you're not gonna find their fragrances discounted much, if at all. Chanel fragrances are cloned and impersonated quite often, so if ya do decide ya want a Chanel, be sure to buy it from a reputable store.. e.g.: dept store.

    Onto Allure Homme Sport. It opens with a sharp citrus accord with some spice there. Dries down to a creamy lemon. Plain and simple, inoffensive, pleasing, but again.. nothing special.

    Comparisons: Want a creamy vanilla? This reminds me of Ed Hardy's Love & Luck.. which can be found on sale for lower prices. Arpege pH, which imo is the best creamy citrus fragrance on the market, plus the price is right. The opening is quite similar to H2 by Hummer. With that sharp, spicy, citrus accord, and that aquatic feel.

    Allure Sport has excellent projection and longevity, which makes it a winner for many. Along with Chanel's quality that never ceases to amaze me. However, again.. too common for me, I own too many similar fragrances.

    30th September, 2011


    Eau Maximum by Nickel

    An excellent, fresh, citrus/green fragrance. A real winner.

    Eau Maximum opens up with a bright orange note, with some grapefruit, and herbs. The herbal notes are very well blended together as they come off as just one herbal note. As it dries, it maintains the top notes, and brings in a sweet, and sort of dewy patchouli note along with a rather exotic metallic mint note. Different, and most enjoyable. I also get some vetiver in here, but not the typical vetiver. Not earthy, not resinous, not aromatic, nor dirty, as you would expect from most vetiver's.

    Excellent, different, cheap. Although not entirely different to me, as it is quite reminiscent of L'Eau de L'Artisan.

    Projection isn't bad, but longevity is horrible, I get no more than 4 hours on a good day.

    29th September, 2011


    Jovan Satisfaction for Him by Jovan

    Updating my previous review, where I basically just said that it smelled like Usher's UR. While I don't disagree with this, I found something that smells even more like Satisfaction. It's none other than the very popular F Black by Ferragamo. Unfortunately for a budget fragrance like Satisfaction, it has no development. It starts off smelling like a combination of mostly tonka bean, citrus, and a slight labdanum note, and dries down this way, only weaker, with a cedar note added to it. The downside is the longevity and projection. Both are very poor. Also, for those looking for a fragrance that develops, this is not the way to go, as it's extremely linear.

    In terms of smell alone, this is a much smoother F Black.

    27th September, 2011 (Last Edited: 17th April, 2013)


    Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Ridiculously overrated. But artwork nevertheless..

    I am not a fan of musk based fragrances, so that impacts my opinion of this. MR opens with a strong animallic musk note (smells like diarrhea). After about 2 hours, the musk falls to the background, and the spicy notes become more dominant (although noticeable in the opening). Clove, clove, clove, and a dash of cinnamon.

    Four hours later.. MMMM. This is what people wait for, and what people love. Many consider this to be 2 or 3 fragrances in one, because of the fact that the note sets seem to project very well in each phase. 8 hours in, and it's projecting as much as it was in the first hour. With that said.. the base (and my favorite part) smells of amber, vanilla, cinnamon, and tonka. Very creamy, sweet, sensual, high quality. Although quite common.

    Quite common base in terms of smell. Cuba Hollywood is quite similar, and a tiny fraction of the price. Of course, the quality is not as good, it's not as smooth either, but I would rather save the money. Not to slander MR, but the final smell is very common.. reminds me of a fragrance from the Playboy line as well, and D&G The One.

    In conclusion, I would say that if you don't like musk, ya may wanna avoid this one. I do give it props for being 2 or 3 fragrances in one. But, if all your after are the base notes, you can do much better elsewhere.

    27th September, 2011


    Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme

    Different, yet easily becomes boring. A spicy floral top, with a sweet woodsy/musky dry down. Almost identical to Antonio by Antonio Banderas.

    27th September, 2011


    Extract of Limes by Penhaligon's

    Starts off with a very fresh lime note. E.g. Freshly cut limes, with the juice dripping out. Though as it fades, it becomes more and more synthetic smelling. It manages to maintain it's "lime flavor" until the end though as it mixes well with a noticeable neroli note. I am not a huge neroli fan, usually because the note comes off too powdery a lot of the time; but not in this case. I pretty much just get lime and neroli here.. and uhm.. a little leather? Maybe it's just me though.

    Overall: Pretty good, if ya like lime. Starts off as a zesty, fresh lime, fades into a candy-like lime backed by neroli. Simple, easy, inoffensive. But, is it worth the price? Not to me. I'll take Gap: The Natural, for 8 bucks over this, if lime is what I crave.

    27th September, 2011


    Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's

    An interesting bland yet spicy opening, giving me not much faith for this one. Once it faded, I became confused. As if I put on an entirely different fragrance. It went from a coriander bomb, to rose, rose, rose. Smooth, and beautiful, is the only way to describe this type of rose note. Slightly fruity, as if somebody poured apple juice or white grape juice all over the rose pedals. A bit feminine though at this point imo (as rose notes tend to sway to the feminine side). A neat salty accord behind the rose note, that keeps my interest.. It becomes a little powdery and musky after a bit. A base of woods is quite dominant, as the note breakdown suggests.

    With this one and these notes: what ya see, is what ya get. Expect those notes listed. I would classify this as an aromatic rose fragrance. It smells less intense on the rose from a distance, than up close.. although the rose may be the key note here, it's not too powerful of a rose note. AKA: This is NO Noir de Noir, for you rose lovers out there. The rose note here eventually becomes a little dirty as it fades down, due to the musk.

    Recommended wear: DATE scent. For sure. This is something you wear when your significant other is close to you. It's an intimate and exotic scent. I give it a neutral rating, because I'm not a huge rose fan, and it hasn't won me over completely yet. But it is without doubt an excellent one from this house.

    27th September, 2011


    Sartorial by Penhaligon's

    In a nutshell: Very powdery, very woody, very musky. Usually I hate musk, but this one is very well balanced. You can tell from the get go that there is going to be a slightly animallic musk there; fortunately it dissipates. The leather note quickly shines in the middle and dominates for a while.

    Overall: A barbershop fragrance with a lot more depth. Comforting, smooth, refined. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Sits closer to the skin for me, after the first 20 minutes, but can last the whole day.

    27th September, 2011


    True Religion for Men by True Religion

    Amazing modern leather fragrance here. Citrus top notes, well balanced with a modern sweet leather accord. Extremely linear, what ya sniff is what ya get. One set of notes for the most part -- citrus, woods, leather. Fades very quickly, so the longevity department is a fail. However, because it does smell so good, it gets a thumbs up by me.

    If ya spray it on your clothing, you're assured a good 4-6 hours. Projection is about average, or slightly below. Bottle is a work of art, and very fitting to its smell. Although at first sniff, it may seem generic, but it really isn't. It's rather unique, as it combines citrus and leather superbly.. something I have yet to see the designer fragrance market to catch onto. If True Religion lasted longer, and projected better, it would be a big hit. Unfortunately, it gets sniffed once, and passed by. Give this one a few wearings before writing it off, as it really does have its own character.

    26th September, 2011


    Blu Notte pour Homme by Bulgari

    BLV Notte is virtually the same as the original BLV for men. The only big difference is that it's a little less loud and powdery. The original BLV has a loud ginger note in the opening, while Notte may have it, it's much more subdued and blended with the other notes.

    BLV Notte, is extremely smooth, and very hard to categorize. It's floral, aquatic, fresh, oriental, and a little spicy. Those who may not like powdery fragrance, but want something powdery in their arsenal, this is the way to go. A must try for any fragrance lover out there. A complex masterpiece, and one the biggest compliment getters I own.

    Other notes: Longevity is above average. Projection is great for the first 2 hours, then it dies down.

    15th September, 2011

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