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    David Beckham Homme by Beckham

    I agree with Mario, this is a less offensive TdH. Far more simple, far more versatile. Big compliment getter as well. Does not smell cheap at all, but has a cheap tag.

    23rd August, 2012


    PS by Paul Sebastian

    A better, more wearable version of CK Obsession. Lighter, yet lasts longer. Great signature scent material. Not exactly my style though.

    20th August, 2012


    The Secret by Antonio Banderas

    Very similar to 1 Million, but not nearly as good. You can tell they ran out of money after the top notes. A horrible bitter leather note comes in and dominates the majority of the fragrance. Overall, it seems unbalanced and childish. Props to the top notes though, very much like 1 Million, which is a 5 star fragrance imo.

    20th August, 2012


    Essential Sport by Lacoste

    A promising grapefruit and citrus opening, smells zesty and fresh, but turns into a chemical mess that smells like plastic on my skin after the 15 minute mark. It just gets worse and worse as it dries down.

    16th August, 2012


    Light Blue Pour Homme Living Stromboli by Dolce & Gabbana

    Very impressive designer fragrance. I have only worn it once, but enjoyed it from start to finish. In a nutshell, I get a barber shop scent, reminiscent of Rive Gauche, but much more fresh. A noticeable rosemary note which isn't listed here on BN. I like it a lot.

    09th August, 2012


    Jaguar Vision by Jaguar

    Starts off as Aventus (the batches with lots of pineapple), less smokey though. Turns into Black XS. Very nice, but since I own Black XS, the 2 hours of pineapple aren't enough for me, since this smells like Black XS longer than it does Aventus. Regardless, this is probably the best I have smelled from Jaguar, as their other fragrances all have a sour tangerine note, that doesn't particularly sit well with me.

    Update: After wearing it more, I take back as much comparison to the two. It has the pineapple note from Aventus but not the woods, instead it's got tonka, lots & lots of tonka! It eventually gets ruined by the tonka imo, although it's nice and creamy, it ruins a potential Aventus clone. It still has some of Black XS DNA in there too, but more synthetic smelling. To me, it reminds me of Lifesavers candy.

    Longevity is excellent as is projection. 8 hours minimum.

    14th July, 2012 (Last Edited: 16th July, 2012)


    Time for Peace for Him by Kenzo

    An amazing fragrance from an amazing perfumer. When I wear Time for Peace, I can't help but think YSL M7, there's something about it that reminds me of it. Maybe it's the cherry like accord that mixes with the herbal smell; it comes off as very medicinal.

    In the opening I get a complex blend of many notes. Sage, mandarin, cherry, tonka, incense, cinnamon, with a very resinous amber in the background. Like others have said, this is a soft fragrance. Soft, but ever so bold. TfP really makes a statement. Is it worth 200+ a bottle.. well, that's what you would be spending, roughly, to get your hands on this rare little gem. If you can afford it, then get it, ya, it's really good!

    14th July, 2012


    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel opens with a fresh and promising citrus medley. I get lots of bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit. Within 10 minutes though, this is gone, and I'm left with a boring floral, woodsy, musky smell, that stays this way for the next 8 hours. The dry down smells almost identical to Paul Sebastian Casual, which itself, is an utterly boring fragrance.

    Although well made, and put together, typical and boring, not the best quality from a Chanel fragrance either. Perhaps one of the better sporty fragrances out there, but that doesn't say much, since.. in the world of sporty fragrances, the selection is limited to begin with. If the price of a 3.4 oz bottle of Bleu de Chanel was 40 bucks, instead of what it is, it might be a decent value.

    08th July, 2012


    Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

    Weird.. really strange one here. It opens up with a promising green and soapy vetiver. Then quickly becomes sweet and starts to smell like licorice.. black licorice to be exact. A rather strange accord, it's nice but it rubs my nose the wrong way. I think of IdV as a better take on Kenzoair really, with the combination of vetiver and licorice.. Not anise.. LICORICE. Surprisingly nobody has gotten this out of it, except for me. Regardless, if a fresh vetiver scent is what you desire, I would go the route of Grey Vetiver, or Bois Blonds, as IdV is just mediocre at best.

    12th June, 2012


    Allure Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel

    Certainly one of the better citrus fragrances out there, although becoming harder and harder to find as it is now discontinued. From the opening, I get a heavy dose of lemon, although not lemon alone, I also get some other orange citruses, whether orange, tangerine, or maybe even bergamot, there is definitley something there besides lemon. I also get a little neroli, and pink pepper. The pepper dies down and the vanilla begins to emerge, this all happens in the opening. It dies down to vanilla, light citrus, and soft woods on my skin. The first 10 minutes or so, isn't exactly favorable to me. It is similar to Allure Homme Sport in that period, where the pepper clashes with the citrus. To my nose, they just don't mesh well together. Fortunately, Chnael's quality prevails, as does the great Jacques Polge. Edition Blanche is clearly a part of Polge's workmanship. People say the longevity is horrid, but it's really excellent. It lasts a good 8-10 hours, although it does sit very close to the skin after the 2 hour mark.

    10th June, 2012


    Antidote by Viktor & Rolf

    Lots of incense in the opening, smokey, niche quality all the way. Reminiscent of a more complex Gucci Envy. Accompanied by a sweet dried fruit accord, something like cherries. Cherry in the sense of dry and old, not fresh and juicy, I think of the cherry accord in M7's opening. Cinnamon in the background, eventually becomes the front note. Finally a very resinous amber base, with the incense still kicking a little bit. Longevity is 8-10 hours on my skin, but mostly a skin scent. Very enjoyable scent here, especially if you love incense. A lot of notes listed in this one. But the main players are: incense, cinnamon, amber.

    10th June, 2012


    Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

    Opens up with fresh lemons. Quickly becomes a candy like lemon. I smell some geranium and mint somewhere in here. A soft woods base ties it together nicely. The dry down is very reminiscent of Green Water, as is the entire fragrance really. The difference.. One is lemon, one is mint. Green Water also has better longevity, as I only get about 6 hours out of MB. Projection is about average. My biggest problem is the sprayer, it is horrible! Maybe I just got a dud..

    07th June, 2012


    A*Men: Le Gôut du Parfum / The Taste of Fragrance [hot chili pepper paste] by

    Stunning! An orientalish gourmand, based on the chili note. Simply stunning. Taste of Fragrance opens up with a beautiful wild cherry accord very reminiscent to that in Pure Havane. Quickly, it fades, and the spices come out. I get chili paste, or chili powder, and pink pepper all the way. The cherry like smell is still there, and begins to sweeten up. Whiffs of patchouli and coffee linger in the background. The coffee note, eventually takes over, and dominates for the remainder. A sweetness from tonka bean in the base, along with some soft woods, musk, and a hint of florals.

    A beautiful composition, with exceptional longevity and sillage. I believe this one is the best of the flankers, although I have yet to try Pure Shot. It's amazing to see this chili note, mix with the coffee note so well.. it's a beaut!

    04th June, 2012


    Rouge Royal for Men by Marina de Bourbon

    The opening to this is amazing! Imagine M7 without the oud note. I get an herbal cherry opening, reminds me of cherry Halls cough drops. There's a menthol like quality about it, similar to cough drops too, it just goes right up your nose and hits your lungs -- in the best way possible. The honey note becomes very prominent in the middle, as does an exceptionally well done lemon note. As if it couldn't get any better.. the base, I primarily get sandalwood, but to be frank, one of the best and most natural smelling sandalwood phases I have ever smelled, and I LOVE my sandalwood! This fragrance is a true winner, and very inexpensive. Projection is above average as well, and longevity is 8-10 hours on my skin. My only problem is finding the appropriate time to wear this. It can be dressed up or down, but because of the notes, I think it goes better in cooler weather, which is not the season for that right now in Florida. I will be wearing this for sure, after Summer. This fragrance is also very "niche-like", as it is more daring than most of which you would find at the mall. Quality wise, however.. I don't think it is quite niche quality, but it certainly does not smell cheap.

    02nd June, 2012


    Joop! Jump by Joop!

    Decent, just very decent. Joop Jump is a bit of a skin scent to me, though I cannot be so certain as I have only worn this one twice. With that said, I cannot really give a full in depth review, but I can tell you what I get from it. Fortunately, the first wearing smelled the same as the second, which is good, so I know that what I got out of it is what it is on my skin. The opening gives me a slightly herbal, but mostly citrus start, smells a bit cheap honestly. The more it dries down, the nicer it becomes. In the middle notes, which take over about 20 minutes after the initial spray.. I get this tomato leaf like accord, only smoother, along with heliotrope, and some creaminess from the tonka bean. It dies down this way, but more emphasis on the tonka, and less on the interesting mid notes. It has this sort of cheap aquatic note throughout the middle and base, the same note that I find in a lot of fragrances. It almost smells like "wet dog". It isn't so much noticeable unless you go searching for it, which is something my nose has been known to do xD

    Overall, it is just ok. I think for your buck, 25 dollar-ish range, you can do better.

    02nd June, 2012


    Casual for Men by Paul Sebastian

    Casual is the most fitting name for this fragrance, because that is exactly what Casual is. It opens up with a nice citrus blend, with some powder and musk. The top fades pretty quick into a floral heart, a floral heart which I am not at all fond of. Jasmine, jasmine, jasmine. LOTS of jasmine. Jasmine is one flower that I do not want to smell like. Fortunately it doesn't project very much at this juncture. Mostly jasmine now, backed with a little spice and powder, the citrus has died off. The jasmine just goes on and on and on, for a good 4 hours. By which point, I get more musk in the base and maybe some soft woods. Projection is below average, which makes this a good casual office scent, granted you love jasmine. Longevity is about 6 hours or so. It's one of those fragrances to me that has potential but gets killed by one or 2 notes. For me, it's the jasmine, and the musk in the base. I'm not much a fan of musk to begin with, I find the musk in this to smell very cheap, and dirty.

    28th May, 2012


    Scuderia Ferrari Black by Ferrari

    Revising my previous review, I was once head over heels for this stuff. It smelled like Boss Bottled at a fraction of the price; lasted as long, projected as well. However, overtime I realized how cheap and sickening Ferrari Black really smelled. Now, Boss Bottled (arguably its predecessor) is definitley synthetic smelling, but at the same time, very balanced. Ferrari Black is not.

    In the opening I get a sugary sweet, powdery, vanilla, tonka and apple type smell. It stays very linear, and dries down about the same as how it opens. There's some sort of spiced note in there, my guess is the cinnamon, that just goes right down your throat. I think this is what really ruins it for me. Too much of this, too much vanilla, too much apple, too loud and obnoxious. Would be a good fragrance for a clothing store.. I could totally see like Aeropostal with this one. Or even a cheap Pac Sun line. Bought my bottle for 22 bucks, sold it for 5.

    To compare this really, picture an overly sweet version of Caron Pour Un Homme, take out a good deal of Caron's musk, and there ya have it.

    26th May, 2012 (Last Edited: 12th December, 2012)


    Hugo by Hugo Boss

    One of my all time favorite designer fragrances in high school, and still gets much wear from my collection, as I proudly own a 5.1 oz bottle. With such a clash of notes, all of which are highly synthetic smelling, they manage to come together nicely to make one accord in the opening, which to my nose smells like pineapple, cypress, and a little leather. As it dries it gives this "old cheese" smell to many, I see this too, but for some reason, I don't mind it. Hugo doesn't last more than 6 hours on a good day for me, and projection is pretty weak after the first 30 minutes. Overall though, it's quite unique for the designer market, from its release to this day, I haven't come across a big hit like it. Probably because they would have to clone all the synthetic smelling notes in this to generate this overall synthetic smelling accord. I'd hate to throw around the term "synthetic smelling" over & over, but that's what I get. Personally.. synthetic smelling is never a bad thing for me, as long as it comes together well. To an extent, this has some of Tommy's DNA in it, but with more going on. Hard to describe, but easy to wear. A must try in my opinion, but very VERY love or hate.

    24th May, 2012


    KanaBeach Men by KanaBeach

    Heh.. no wonder nobody has bothered to try this. But, of course, I give them all the benefit of the doubt.

    Kanabeach most definitely isn't bad smelling, it's actually quite pleasing to the nose, and quite liked amongst the many who got a whiff of me in the first 30 minutes. I stress on "30 minutes" though, because this is pretty much the fragrance's power. Kanabeach opens up with a strong, synthetic smelling sweet grapefruit note, backed by a sweet lime. It quickly dries into a floral center, with a "paper-like" smell.. I suspect this to be the tea note. In the base I get sandalwood, and then hours later I get a lingering soft vetiver note.

    According to the website, they claim this fragrance is built around the vetiver note, which is why I sought after it really. Unfortunately, the vetiver in this is minimalistic, and hard to notice until its been on the skin for 4-6 hours; at which point is a simple lemony, wet woodsy vetiver, similar to most other vetivers you would expect as a base note. Like the juice, this fragrance is very very blue in smell. The fragrance's color is nice, but clearly dyed and very watered down and thin. To compare it with another, it is very very similar to BHPC Blue, which is supposed to be a knock-off of Polo Sport, which actually smells nothing like Polo Sport. The differences between Kanabeach and BHPC Blue are that Kanabeach develops much more, it does go through phases, but they are very subtle. BHPC on the other hand is very linear, although it projects more.

    Anyways, overall, I do not regret buying this, I paid like 17 bucks for a big bottle. The bottle is actually pretty nice. The cap doesn't stay on though, poorly made in fitting, but a nice dark rosewood cap. Kanabeach is a good scent for people who don't like fragrances, I guess. It's pleasing in smell, but very boring and uninspired. This won't murder your wallet though, and it won't get any negative feedback.

    26th April, 2012 (Last Edited: 14th January, 2015)


    Liberty (Navy) by The American Line

    I'd say Liberty is the only good one in the line up. Although it is very very reminiscent of Nautica Voyage. Where, to my nose, the only difference I notice is a lot of musk in this one. It also kind of smells like grape jelly. Unlike the others, this one projects moderately and lasts a good 8+ hours on my skin. I don't pick up any amber in it, as listed.

    17th April, 2012


    Devil Dog (Marines) by The American Line

    This one is along the lines of 1 Million, though of course, not nearly the quality. As with all of these fragrances maybe except for Liberty, they do smell quite cheap. Devil Dog is no exception. On the plus side, it does have a nice spicy leather note, but it's not enough to win my vote.

    17th April, 2012


    Patton (Army) by The American Line

    Definitely the most herbal of the line. But behind it comes a cheap chemical odor, ir reminds me of 409 spray. Pass

    17th April, 2012


    Rip Tide (Coast Guard) by The American Line

    One of the better ones from the line, but oh so repetitive. It opens with a sweet amber/vanilla feel, and some spices. I can't help but to think of a root beer float. I don't get the citrus listed at all. This one is pretty smooth, but rather boring.

    08th April, 2012


    Stealth (Air Force) by The American Line

    A powdery, floral, cheap, metallic, musk. Not a fan of any of these really, but this one is the worst from the line.

    08th April, 2012


    Bongo for Men by Iconix

    A blast of grapefruit initially. Becomes more subtle and sweet with a creamy lemon note, some sweet floral notes, and a little musk. There are no notes I could find on this fragrance, but that's what I get. Nevertheless.. longevity is horrible, as I get no more than 3 hours, and that's on a good day.

    31st March, 2012


    Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

    There are many notes listed in here, but the pronounced ones are: geranium, leather, oakmoss, cumin, cedar, and although not listed I get a big burst of lavender in the opening.

    RED opens with a spicy/minty smell. The mint comes from the geranium I presume. Behind it, you can smell a leather note from the opening, The leather finally gets to the front by the base notes. The middle is where the cumin really comes out, and it just smells very musky. This is my least favorite part of the fragrance. The first 5 minutes or so is quite nice, where I get a powerful lavender, mint/geranium, and spice, with leather behind it. It turns into a cumin takeover, backed by leather. Once the cumin disappears, it turns into mostly leather, oakmoss and cedar.

    Not often do I dislike the middle notes of a fragrance, but here I do. The top and base are nice.. take the cumin out of the equation, and we have a winner. I am being biased too because I can't stand animallic notes. While at the same time, I think the cumin makes the fragrance different from most 80's powerhouses. To compare it to another fragrance, it's similar to Polo original in many ways.

    30th March, 2012


    Paul Smith Man by Paul Smith

    I guess poor marketing put this one on the discontinued shelf, as with many PS fragrances. But I'm with Olfactory all the way on this. This and excellent masculine, slightly floral scent. Good all year round, but amazing in the fall and winter.

    I'm not a big iris fan, and I know the iris note, and the lipstick like smell it carries with it. PSM doesn't bring that at all. The iris is pretty dominant, but the reason I say "slightly floral" is because it doesn't bring that typical "girly" smelling iris to the table. Instead, you get this dirty iris, backed by patchouli, incense, sandalwood, and cedar (or possibly Iso E). But to my nose, I mostly get iris and cedar. I pick up some citrus notes up top, probably bergamot, as it is a top note master in many fragrances. While in the base I pick up a little of a creaminess from the tonka bean, and my favorite floral note - violet. Not every day do I find violet in the base notes, but here I do. Projection is pretty good for the first 2 or 3 hours, but dies down after. It lasts a good 6-8 hours on a good day, but can be temperamental and last far less.

    I'll be biased here, I freakin' love this stuff. I have owned well over 3-400 fragrances, and tried hundreds more. This one is in my top 10. Although I can see where this could offend some people. Don't knock it till ya try it... or do! More for me this way. PSM personifies a modern, masculine, floral; which is something I've been dying to find for years. This has replaced my baby Fahrenheit, and become my new signature scent.

    05th March, 2012


    David Beckham Instinct Intense by Beckham

    Instinct Intense is along the lines of Ferrari Black, Polo Black, etc. As it has a peachy/mango prominent fruit accord, with some else that makes it sort of mysterious. It opens up with a somewhat confusing fruity note, I would say mango, watermelon, or peaches. In due time, it transforms slightly, the fruit note becomes more prominent, there's some bergamot mixed in there, and a little spice from the ginger, it's also very creamy. It dries down with some soft woods, but for the most part stays linear.

    I'd say if ya like scents like Polo Black, Usher UR, Daddy Yankee, and such, you would enjoy this one. I was fortunate enough to find a .5 oz bottle for about 6 bucks, which wasn't hard on the wallet. I think it's blind buy worthy if ya can get it cheap enough. It's very inoffensive, and also quite comforting. One of those "guilty pleasure scent". Of course, like with most cheapies from this house, the projection and longevity are horrible. I get 4 hours max out of this, with little projection in the first 30 mins, and horrible projection in the last 3 and half hours.

    I'm on the fence with the rating, but I'll go with thumbs up, since it can be found for good prices. The low price can make up for its longevity and projection issues.

    03rd March, 2012


    Samba Nova Homme by Perfumer's Workshop

    Boring, repetitive, and flat out foul. Arguably related to Le Male, although this one came out first. It opens with a huge burst of alcohol that is hard not to take in and notice. I get a bitter and soapy and lavender. It pretty much dries down this way. Smells cheap. Pass

    23rd February, 2012


    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    It took me a while to see what was so special about this fragrance, and after several wearings, I have. At first, it smelled like a typical fruity fragrance with some vanilla and an amber base. It reminded me of gummy bears, and it still does a little.

    When it first goes on, it's fruity, cherry and strawberry like, with a sweet cinnamon accord, slightly reminiscent of Joop!. As it dries, the fruity notes settle down, and compete for the front stage with the amber and vanilla. The amber and vanilla in this are nicely done, smooth, and creamy. Behind it all is this great sweet tobacco/cigar smell, I picture a Black & Mild. This though, stays in the background the whole time, but the tobacco is definitley there, which is something I couldn't get at first. The honeyed tobacco really smells more like honey, patchouli, amber and vanilla, blended together well. Again though, tobacco is there, just not up front.

    Sometimes I wish I could pull off those top notes and dig my nose into this amazing tobacco smell underneath. Unfortunately, the tobacco never becomes prominent in this fragrance.

    Projection is good, as is longevity. It's no A*Men in terms of projection, but it does do a great job.

    12th February, 2012

    Showing 151 to 180 of 460.

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