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    Havana by Aramis

    Absolutely perfect. Amazing.. words cannot describe how fantastic Havana is. I was a little skeptical in trying this one, because I find many of the overhyped fragrances on BN are just that.. overhyped.

    Havana is well worth the hype though. It's spicy, subtly sweet, slightly soapy and very masculine. Few times do I find myself not being able to describe a scent with notes.. and this is one of those times. In a good way, it is so well balanced, that it's hard to say what I smell, when I smell it. All of the notes take centerstage and create one amazing accord.

    In terms of comparisons.. I get a little bit of a Michael Kors for men vibe in there, as well as some of the original Aramis. I get all of the notes listed above except for the tangerine, grapefruit and orange. The star notes though, are without doubt the tobacco, birch tar, and spices. Although not listed, I also get quite a bit of dry cinnamon.

    The result: One of the most masculine and unforgettable designer fragrances ever made. A must try! But, I recommend it for the more mature crowd.

    11th September, 2011


    Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

    Fantastic opening of fresh mango's with some creme behind it. But, as it dries down, so do the mango's, as they turn more synthetic smelling. They blend into the sandalwood note, which is done poorly in this fragrance IMO. Longevity is usually around the 4 hour mark for me, and projection is below average.

    The flanker to this, Double Black, is quite excellent, although it lacks in the longevity and projection departments as well. I certainly see a correlation between the two. But, as far as this one goes, it gets a thumbs up by me. I find that it's okay to have a few designer scents with poor longevity and projection, hell, sometimes, I don't want my fragrance to last all day. Black is a great quick little "pick me up" fragrance. And what it lacks, it makes up for with its uniqueness, and versatility. If you're fortunate enough to have this one on while it's still projecting, you will definitely get compliments. My ex co-worker loved this so much on me, that she bought a bottle for herself. I can see it being unisex as well.

    09th September, 2011


    Power by 50 Cent

    Power is a bit of an oddball. It is sporty, yet sweet, spicy, woodsy, and fruity. Sort of in the same realm as Polo Explorer, only where Explorer brings the pine note too far to the front; Power seems to keep those powerful outdoorsy aromas in the background. Longevity and projection are both awesome, but this is definitely an acquired taste.

    11th August, 2011


    Paul Smith for Men by Paul Smith

    Green, and refreshing, yet may garner many negative comments. For a man, this smells more feminine. To compare it to something, 212 for women comes to mind. As it dries, it becomes much less feminine, and loud. The opening just reminds me of a really busy make up counter, but it quickly mellows out. Overall effect: Another boring run of the mill fragrance.

    09th August, 2011


    Eau Duelle by Diptyque

    Awesome! I truly love Eau Duelle, and its simplicity. The notes I get in this are vanilla, woods, incense, vetiver, vanilla, and woods. Oh ya, and vanilla!

    What I love most is that it is quite simple, but still, there is nothing like it. There are a couple other niche fragrances it reminds me of (Vanille Absolument/Havanne Vanille comes to mind), a couple from the L'Artisan house.

    I basically get a creamy vanilla, with some spice from the incense, lots of woods, and a drop of vetiver crammed into the dry down. The vanilla lasts from beginning to end; and although unisex, it comes off a little more manly than the other unisex vanilla frags to me. Longevity is great (10+ hours) and projection is just as good throughout. If you're looking for a less sweet, (although this is still sweet, but not synthetic sweet) vanilla, and are sick of these syrupy overly sweet vanillas, then spend a little more and give this one a try. Or sample it first!

    I am thoroughly impressed with the house of Diptyque. High quality, and reasonably priced for niche fragrances. Not as synthetic smelling as most, simple fragrances, yet all seem to be unique in their own way.

    09th July, 2011


    Fleur du Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

    A greener take on Le Male basically. A ton of neroli/orange blossom added to the top notes, with a rather noticeable fern note.

    On the first wearing, I thought.. John Varvatos Artisan, but more complex. After a couple more wearings, I began to notice the original Le Male in FdM more and more. My conclusion: Le Male meets Artisan. By the 4-6 hour point, most of the green notes and neroli is gone, and it's pretty much just Le Male.

    Not at mall bad, but definitley not for me. Projection and longevity are just as good as Le Male.

    04th June, 2011


    Voleur de Roses by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Pretty much a dark deep rose and patchouli mix. Exceptionally well done. The rose note is wet and dewy, similar to Rose 31's. The patchouli is dirty and bold.. but also clean. I hate patchouli based fragrances, and honestly, I would consider VdR to have more patchouli than rose. Needless to say, the combination is luscious, and the fragrance is beautiful.

    25th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 24th January, 2013)


    Versace pour Homme by Versace

    Bergamot, and neroli in the opening with decent projection. Not exactly what I was expecting from Versace's flagship fragrance, but then again, I can see this appealing to the newer generation of fragrance lovers. While personally, I feel The Dreamer should be their flagship fragrance.. I don't think Versace pH is horrible though.

    It's actually a bit different from most aquatics on the market. Where as, you'll find a lot of the melon notes, fruits, and the aquatic feel. VpH goes more the citrus/floral route, yet still manages to be an aquatic. If ya don't like neroli, then ya won't like this one. The tangy bergamot/lemon may start this fragrance off, but it isn't long before the bitter/powdery neroli note comes out and dominates the opening. Neroli is a flower on an orange tree that blossoms, its smell is distinguished and anybody who knows a bit a about fragrance notes, should be able to pick this note out in virtually any fragrance. It's bitter, powdery, semi-sweet with a little spice. The problem I have noticed with many neroli notes in non-niche fragrances, is they can come off smelling very chemical if ya sniff too much. This is no different in VpH's case.

    As it fades into the floral heart notes, the neroli compliments it, but it also becomes spicy out of no where. It reminds me of Adidas Moves heart notes more than anything. But where Moves is incomplete and lacks base notes for the most part, VpH has a nice light cedar, oud wood, and tonka base. The neroli is there until the end.

    Longevity is pretty good (6-8 hours), but projection isn't the greatest on my skin. It reminds me of Adidas Moves until it dries down more, where it reminds me of Allure Homme Sport. I give it a neutral rating, because it's simply quite hard to find an citrus/aquatic that impresses me. This isn't bad for the average Joe, but I have some personal complaints about it.

    25th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 26th May, 2011)


    Armani Attitude by Giorgio Armani

    I really enjoy the combination of notes here. They are dark, yet synthetic smelling, which actually makes this quite wearable. Dark fragrances that smell too natural (particularly niche ones) I find almost unwearable, but without doubt, a joy to sniff. I couldn't find a sample of this anywhere, then found it on I believe, and the price was right.

    Attitude falls along the lines of Double Black, and even Ferrari Black. It opens up with a very short lived citrus and berry blast, that quickly mutates into a fresh modern leather. You can start to smell a little bit of the coffee notes, but if ya wait about 10 minutes, they then take over this fragrance. Although, a synthetic take on coffee beans.. the note intertwines with the leather note to make one accord. The leather/coffee combination which is already kind of dark, eventually mixes with a fantastic patchouli note, and pretty much dries down this way.

    A big time shame in the projection and longevity departments. Another designer fragrance with star quality, but lacking in these 2 areas. Try spraying this on your clothing, and you'll expect better results; but if you're like me, ya don't like fragrances on your clothing so much.

    Edit: longevity is actually quite good. 8-10 + hours.. projection still fails though.

    22nd May, 2011


    California for Men by Dana

    This is basically a less intense, more tolerable version of King which is a cheapy fragrance. Same color juice, and all. King smells like old bar-b-que'd meat, onions, and a hair salon. California has an impressive sunny/orange/beach-like opening, but looses its promise quickly, and turns into a less intense version of King.

    This fragrance is discontinued, and extremely rare.

    21st May, 2011


    Navegar by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    As much as I love pepper, I couldn't really see into this one. There's no doubt that the pepper is the star player here, with the woodsy notes behind it. The pepper in this was more of pepper oil, very concentrated, which didn't play out well for me. Right off the bat it reminded me of Oscar for Men, by Oscar de la Renta.

    Does it smell good? Sure does, I love the smell of pepper though. But like Oscar for Men, I find this one virtually unwearable. Check this one out, and you will understand what I mean.


    Keeping my old review up for reference.

    I have decided to revisit Navegar. If I were a more biased reviewer, this would get a thumbs down for me, just for personal reasons. I really don't get many of the notes listed.. but here's what I do get. Basically this is Polo Modern Reserve in a niche. It's green, spicy, and a deep patchouli in the background.. although not listed in notes.

    Not my type of fragrance at all, but it does not smell bad.

    12th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 07th November, 2011)


    Aqua Motu / Motu by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

    Starts off with a quick burst of honeydew, quickly transforms into a prominent candy cinnamon, with the honeydew/melon pushed to the back. The cinnamon then fades into a strange chemical accord. The cinnamon is still a part of this accord, it smells a little herbal, or even like a dark coffee bean. Strange..

    It ends up just smelling overly metallic to me.

    A somewhat interesting start, a very quick melon like set of top notes, into a sweet/spicy cinnamon, and then it all starts to go downhill from there. You can find samples of this fairly easily. I recommend trying this one out first, before pulling the trigger.

    28th April, 2011


    Pour Un Homme by Caron

    The opening of this is freakin' gorgeous! Vanilla and lavender dominated, with a spiced apple accord. Though, 10 minutes in, the top notes are gone, and I am left with a dirty musk and oakmoss mixed with tonka bean. Not feeling it.

    27th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 19th March, 2013)


    Armani Mania by Giorgio Armani

    Basically.. a weaker version of Emporio Armani He, with a little more citrus. Actually.. once the alcohol died down int he opening, I knew I was smelling tangerine mostly, I come over here to BN, and there it is, in the top notes.

    As others have stated, projection is pathetic. Longevity is ok.. I have gotten up to 6 hours with it, but ya really gotta dig your nose into it, to smell it. Go with Emporio Armani He instead of this one, it is similar and much much better.

    27th April, 2011


    Quiksilver by Quiksilver

    A cheap enough fragrance to blind buy. It took a few wearings to understand the dominating note here. At first I thought of this as a Summer fragrance, mostly because of the name, but also because I smelled a lot of citrus. It's actually a minimal amount of citrus and a lot of woods. Mostly sandalwood, with some cedar as well.

    The sandalwood in this fragrance is naturally smelling, which is quite a surprised. It's not sweet like most synthetic cheap sandalwood's. Quicksilver doesn't mock the sandalwood note, it IS sandalwood. It is a simple fragrance. Starts off with some citrus -- I pick up on the bitter orange and grapefruit, while I also get a fantastic sweet tangerine note in the opening. A little bit of thyme in there as well, but hard to pick up on.

    Dissecting such a simple fragrance is really pointless here. It has a citrus top, and a dominating wood middle and base. An excellent choice, especially if you love sandalwood.

    It's also inexpensive, I got a 1 oz bottle for about 8 bucks. Projection is great, longevity is around 6 hours.

    23rd April, 2011 (Last Edited: 05th October, 2011)


    Vanilla Musk by Coty

    I bought this on sale for like 3 bucks for a 1 oz bottle, I believe. I figured, vanilla is one of the most unisex notes, and I do love it, so why not. I made a good decision, as I find that Vanilla Musk, is a very unisex fragrance. Granted you are open minded about fragrances, and the sexes they have been assigned to; I say wear what ya like.

    Vanilla Musk opens up with a dark, rich yet still synthetic smelling vanilla, and lots of musk. Traces of sweet sandalwood, are noticeable to me; but, come out more in the dry down. Because of the even amount of musk, it allows this fragrance to NOT be too sweet, heavy, syrupy, or cloying as a lot of vanilla fragrances tend to be. Overall, a pretty linear fragrance. Lasts 10+ hours, projects amazingly. For a man, the opening may be a little more feminine, let it settle in for 20-30 minutes, and it becomes more wearable for a guy.

    22nd April, 2011


    Curve Wave for Men by Liz Claiborne

    Another boring fruity aquatic. Smells pretty similar to Sean John Unforgivable, but with some sweeter citrus notes in the opening.

    22nd April, 2011


    L'Eau d'Ambre Extrême / Ambre Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    An amber based fragrance that actually sits well with me. Although labeled extreme, there's nothing extreme about it, in terms of the amber note. The amber in this is never too extreme like in say Amber Absolute. To my nose, it opens up smelling more like patchouli than anything else, it then quickly transforms into a mint/amber mix. The mint is mostly overpowering the amber, but the combination is quite nice. The amber gives a little more depth to the mint, makes it pop a little bit. Before ya know it, the amber is on top and it stays this way for quite a while. A somewhat creamy vanilla, and powdery cocoa (very faint), backed with a little spice, and of course, the amber, dominate the base notes, and remain this way for the next 6-8 hours. Overall, I get a good 10 hours out of Ambre Extreme, and good projection.

    The only thing I dislike about this, is somewhere about 10-15 minutes in, it starts to get sour on my skin. It smells like a sour/soapy smell, but it does die down eventually. On the upside of things, this is a fairly different amber based fragrance, quality made, good longevity and sillage, and quite versatile. It's versatility comes from the fact that the amber note is never too dominant, it never gets pushed to the front completely. I think too much amber up top can make the fragrance quite an acquired taste. Personally, I'm not an amber fan, but this one is good.

    15th April, 2011


    Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    I do not like patchouli, but I am open to trying everything. This is said to be the crem de la crem of patchouli based fragrances. It's certainly much cleaner than the others. It doesn't remind me of hippies. It isn't as earthy. It's very smooth, and actually lives up to its reputation. This really is THE patchouli to own. Granted you love patchouli, enough to wanna wear it as a single note fragrance pretty much. All I get out of this is patchouli, from start to finish. And if ya know me, ya know I don't much care for patchouli.

    From the unbiased point of view though, this is good stuff. And it lasts forever, 12+ hours on my skin.

    14th April, 2011


    Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A bit of a different style from L'Artisan, a change of pace from all the spicy and incensy stuff. Bois Farine opens with an extremely pleasant and different aroma. It's powdery, sweet in a slightly gourmand way. Kind of reminds me of some sort of cracker. It has a nutiness too, and somewhat of a creamy vanilla smell. I wanna say there's citrus there too, but I'm not so sure. After researching the 'fennel seed' note, one that I'm not familiar with, it turns out that this is what I'm smelling.

    As it dries, it becomes a little less sweet, a lot more faint. The iris note in this is different. It isn't overplayed, it isn't real powdery or bitter as iris can be. And, the base is very woody, but oh so faint. This scent ends up getting really close to the skin. But, boy is it lovely smell. The longevity, I can't quite distinguish. I had a sample, wore it a few times, and could only really smell it for about 6 hours. Though, I had like this "un-neutral" smell on my skin, that lasted forever, but it wasn't much of anything. Kind of like a faint blueberry and floral smell. It was hard to figure out, harder to smell, but what was left, was pleasant. Projection is average, better on clothing, but ends up as a skin scent for most of the time.

    Overall, I think this is one of the better L'Artisan fragrances for sure. It's very unisex, so either sex could pull it off. It's versatile and unique. Think peanut butter, grape or blueberry jelly, and some soft florals.

    14th April, 2011


    Premier Figuier Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    Not the type of fig that I particularly go for. I prefer the fruitier, more earthy type, like in Philosykos. This fragrance opened up, smelling more floral than anything, but I did pick up on the fig immediately as well. Though it ended up being covered up by a very chalky coconut note. A fantastic natural smelling sandalwood shines in the middle, and it pretty much dries down this way. Projects pretty loudly in the first 2 hours, then calms down. Lasts a good solid 8+ hours.

    I should also note that this fragrance bears a close resemblance to Black Orchid by Tom Ford, although it's a bit less loud.

    This fragrance is labeled as a woman's, and rightfully so here. This is something I would wanna smell on my g/f or mom, not on myself. I also feel that the fig note gets pushed to back too quickly, there are far better choices if fig is your fancy.

    13th April, 2011


    Thé Pour un Été by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A feminine floral fragrance. Highlighted by iris and jasmine notes with a touch of citrus behind it. Give it about 10 minutes, and you'll notice an awesome natural smelling spearmint note creeping in. Unlike others, I don't pick up on any tea notes; I'm a big tea fan, and I wanna believe it's there, but I just don't get any. It doesn't smell like just jasmine, iris, mint, and citrus though; there's without doubt something there bonding it all together, keeping it exceptionally well balanced. I'll assume that's the green tea. Unfortunately, I don't smell the green tea by itself though.

    A beautiful fragrance for a woman imo, but as a man, not something I wanna wear. Longevity is over 8 hours.

    13th April, 2011


    Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum by Pinaud

    Smells like a batch of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, doused in cloves, and cinnamon. Also reminds me of Christmas and those cinnamon hard candies from Brach's.

    How amazing this would be in an EDT spray or perfume.

    12th April, 2011


    Paradox for Men Blue by Jacomo

    Different, and distinctive is Paradox Blue. I have tried a handful from the house of Jacomo, and have not been disappointed once.

    Paradox Blue opens up with a deep and almost dark, inky, minty, green/citrus accord. As it dries, it becomes less intense, stays pretty linear, adds a bit of cardamom, and incorporates some light woodsy notes, as well as musk once it dries down.

    A rather hard scent to describe in words, though it certainly fits these terms: citrus, dark, blue, inky, green, dewy, wet, minty/menthol, distinctive.

    A must try for any fragrance lover. It's cheap, and a safe blind buy if you enjoy trying new and different things, that challenge your nose. It is quite versatile, and can also be worn in cold weather, which is awesome for a citrus fragrance. Although I would not recommend blind buying this fragrance if you are a noob. Because it is so complex.

    As a personal note. I have the .17 oz mini bottle. I dab it on my arms every now and then, and it projects pretty well, and lasts long. I find though, if I were to wear this too often, I would not like it, because of its complexity, and being some what unorthodox.

    08th April, 2011


    Bellagio for Men by Fragluxe

    Not bad for a cheapy, a bit underrated to be honest. Those who label this an aquatic and compare it to AdG need to have their heads examined. This is a partial aquatic, but smells NOTHING like AdG. Not even close.

    What I get in the opening is a slightly tangy citrus and floral blend. It's light and uplifting, and you can really smell the violets. The violets then dominate the middle, accompanied by a soapy, sort of metallic odor, it's actually kind of nice.

    The base is mostly woodsy, I pick up on the sandalwood more than anything. The base notes are pretty faint though, so it almost ends with the middle notes. The middle notes (mostly violet) last a good 3 hours. The entire fragrance lasts about 4 usually, on my skin.

    Personally, I could take or leave this one, it was cheap enough for me to buy a bottle and add to my collection. I don't reach for it often, but let me tell ya, when I do, it scores big compliments. Again, I can't say why, but every time I have worn this out, I have gotten at least 1 compliment. One woman told me I smelled amazing, she had a sparkle in her eye and smile on her face. Maybe the smell invoked some type of memory for her. Again, I see this fragrance as just mediocre, but there seems to be something about it, that the ladies love. Granted they get a whiff of you in the first hour, because after then, it isn't projecting very much.

    07th April, 2011


    Coeur de Vétiver Sacré by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    To have vetiver in its name is a bit ridiculous with this one. While vetiver is a note in this fragrance, it certainly isn't a dominating one. Not in the opening, not in the middle, nor the base. Although there is vetiver there, you can smell it a little in the beginning, more so in the middle though, it never quite makes its way to center stage.

    L'Artisan's signature spicy notes are in this, but this is mostly dominated by dried fruits. I get plums, dates and apricot, as well as blueberries, pomegranate, and juniper berries. Take Micheal Kors for men's opening; add some blueberries. Add a little, and I do mean, a litte bit of vetiver. The result - Coeur de Vétiver Sacré. Projection is light, and longevity is poor for a L'Artisan fragrance; I get about 4 or 5 hours. Overall, a disappointment.

    07th April, 2011


    Solo Loewe by Loewe

    Kind of boring, but a very well put together fragrance. It's designer, but it isn't quite as popular. It's different, but not entirely unique. A great signature scent imo, for year round wearability.

    The opening sort of reminds me of TdH, only it isn't earthy, and the orange note in this is far more sour; yet they do resemble one another with the way they are brought out. Surrounded by woods up top, as well as pink pepper, you can almost expect that woodsy dry down. I recalled smelling this somewhere before, yes, it reminded me of Hynose by Lancome, or Antonio from Antonio Banderas. Both of those fragrances have a bitter and sour citrus opening, surrounded by what smells like rosewood. The only big difference is the pink pepper here.

    Although, what's a bit more unique about the woodsy dry down here, is that it isn't just woods, or the common woods, patchouli, vetiver, and all that jazz. It's very woodsy, yet rather light. To me, it's more of combination of cypress notes, a lot of cedar, and some sandalwood. The sandalwood here isn't overly sweet or synthetic, it has like that sawdust/workshop vibe to it, which goes very well with me. And, although this dry down may be nothing to write home about, I still find it to be amazing. When it's on my arm, I can't stop smelling it. Who doesn't love a good woodsy dry down? I should also note, the citrus plays a big role in this fragrance, as it lasts throughout, all the way till the end.

    Longevity is 8+ hours, and projection is enough to get noticed for sure, but it definitley is no TdH. To me, Solo Loewe is like a Summer version of TdH. I find some similarities, not so much in smell, rather in presentation, lay out of notes, etc. Let's say, similar in style. I would probably spring for a bottle of this if I ever saw it marked down. But at retail price, I dunno. You'd have to love it. Me.. I like it, I commend it, but love is a strong term in this hobby.

    04th April, 2011


    Escada Moon Sparkle for Men by Escada

    Moon Sparkle smells decent, but is utterly boring form start to finish. It just smells like every other fresh/clean/soapy fragrance. Violet and lavender stick out the most to me, but there's also citrus and spices in there for sure. There's a slight metallic smell there, but I find it to be cooling and plays into the fragrance well. Expect some cedar in the dry down, with a touch of vetiver, and most of what you have been smelling in the top and middle.

    Projection was pretty poor on my skin, but longevity was decent (around 6 hours)
    Not a bad fragrance at all, but a very boring one. Especially from a house like Escada.

    28th March, 2011


    Very Valentino pour Homme by Valentino

    Strange synthetic, very spicy, slightly fruity and herbal opening. After the spice dies down a little, you can tell it's going to turn into a tobacco fragrance. I for one, love tobacco fragrances, but this one just registers as "ok" for me. Once the tobacco kicks into full effect, it sits close to the skin. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing in Very Valentino's case. More projection might accentuate its negative parts.. unfortunately.. it is a bit synthetic. The tobacco has a rubbery/latex smell as well, it just ends up smelling medicinal. The combination of amber and sandalwood sweeten it up in the base, and leave you with a little more than just a weird take on tobacco.

    The overall affect is this: tobacco dipped in cough syrup, and left to dry. Little projection, decent longevity, and just kind of weird. Doesn't smell horrible, but I'm not so sure I wanna smell this way.

    27th March, 2011


    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    First let me start by saying this smells NOTHING like Rochas Man. Rochas Man is synthetic, sweet, and simple. NH is complex. What makes it most complex to me is a note that can be mistaken for several ingredients.. and that note is patchouli. Patchouli imo, is one of the most complex fragrance notes, it can be associated with green, herbal, rubber, chocolate, earthy, dark, and many others.

    Just like in A*Men and various others from Mugler, patchouli does wonders for gourmand fragrances. Taking simple gourmand notes like chocolate, cocoa, or vanilla and coffee in NH's case, and adding a ton of depth to them with the intriguing patchouli note.

    So first of all, to clarify, this smells nothing like Rochas Man, they're both gourmands, but that's about it. New Harlem opens up with a sweet coffee and honey aroma, I wish it lasted longer, but it quickly becomes quite herbal and dark from the patchouli. The coffee note makes its way back to center stage after a little while, where it smells like fresh ground coffee. It pretty much dies down this way, on my skin at least.

    Longevity is great, as with most from Bond no 9, and projection is above average for the first hour or so, then it sits pretty close to the skin. If somebody were to ask me now.. "recommend me a good coffee based fragrance?" I would feel confident in recommending New Haarlem. Coffee is the dominating note, somewhat natural, very robust, gourmand, though more naturally, not by adding any overly synthetic smelling sweet ingredients to it.

    I think it's a bit expensive, but it's definitely high quality. It is fairly unique, but I have come across other niche fragrances with the same robust dark coffee note. I don't see myself purchasing this anytime soon, but I'd be lying if I didn't give it a thumbs up, because it's pretty good.

    21st March, 2011

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