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Russian Tea by Masque

Love this stuff.. Smells like L'air du Desert Marocain, with an added minty/tea vibe.
12th June, 2018

Just Cavalli for Him (new) by Roberto Cavalli

This is quite good and very underrated. Imagine a much better version of CK In2U, that's what this is. The opening is very powerful. Dries down to a subtle, cocoa/iris type of fragrance. A little powdery in the dry down. the opening is really nice with the chili note.
10th June, 2018

Voyage N-83 by Nautica

Wow.. it's like they took Voyage, left it in the sun, then mixed it with blood and rust. That's exactly how this smells. Sorry but this is so bad. Please discontinue ASAP!!
31st May, 2018
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Aramis Life by Aramis

The notes sounded promising.. unfortunately this is a mix of crap. I get no cucumber, very little lime, nothing refreshing or uplifting. A mix mash of cloudy citrus notes, under a spicy, woody base. Nothing particularly stands out, and overall it just smells foul. I have the older bottle style too, maybe it'll fetch decent money on Ebay.
31st May, 2018

The Mobster by Dua Fragrances

I'm not sure if this is Cannabliss with the Mobster, the note break down looks about the same. In which case, it is an awesome fragrance! Not sure what inspired it, but it truly is good. I haven't tried that many from this brand, but this this is one of the better ones. Not sure why this house gets so much hate either..

Cannabliss with the Mobster opens up with a dark, wet, forest note combined with whiskey. It reminds me of Baraonda but not as sweet. With a dry woody cedar undertone, and like an unsweetened maple kind of smell, it really stands out from anything in my collection.

A couple critiques. Even with a 25% off code, it's around 40 bucks for a 1 oz bottle, but the juice inside is very high quality.. I feel it could be cheaper, like maybe 30 a bottle. My other gripe is the fragrance inside the color is black, not sure if dyed this color or if it's from the absolutes used. It stains the skin, and clothing even worse. So when I put it on, I tend to dab it off with a tissue.. in which case I lose some of the extreme power from the opening. Though not enough to warrant a low rating, this is impeccable juice, unique and super complex. Deserves some attention. Trust me, get a bottle.. CANNABLISS with the Mobster, not The Mobster, I don't know if there's a difference... as I have never tried The Mobster.
06th May, 2018

Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford

Yuck! This is foul! I tried it 3 separate times, and got something different 2 times. The second 2 times I got the same thing.. so here's what I'm going with. Strawberries, almond, tons of tonka, and a weird chemical smelling plastic. Although from a distance I don't get the plastic much, but from up close it's highly noticeable. There's a lot of different facets, but overall it's a type of gourmand scent. The dry down is much different, and I get more of a ginger smell.

I feel that the leather note clashes with the gourmand notes too much, and that's what's making it unenjoyable for me.

Imagine Black XS, mixed with John Varvatos, mixed with Guerlain Ideal EDT, mixed with 5 O'clock Au Gingembre.. and that's basically what this is.
04th May, 2018 (last edited: 09th June, 2018)

Coffee Absolute by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

From a very small sample, what I gather. This is a really solid coffee bean scent. It's not creamy, or like a coffee drink, rather the beans themself. The opening might be a turn off to some, it has a weird smoky vibe, it smells unnatural, but after 10 minutes it gets pretty good.

I'll need to get another sample of this to reassess it.
29th April, 2018

1 Million Privé by Paco Rabanne

This opens up as a more floral 1 Million and dries down to a clone of Amrbe Narguile. It's actually puzzling how so many reviews later, nobody picks this up on any site. Maybe nobody has tried Ambre Narguile.. oh well.. their loss.

This is an excellent fragrance, the best 1 Million flanker in my opinion, full bottle worthy, and worth retail too.

Lasts pretty long, and has good projection, but not as beastly as 1 Million.
12th April, 2018

Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

Some of these reviews are flat out humorous. Let me tell you flat out, this is simply an intense version of the original pour Homme. it's deeper, richer, better longevity. Notes smell the same. Less lemon. A good solid release, that should replace the horrible pour Homme.
27th March, 2018

Light Blue pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

The upside, gets tons of compliments. The downside.. those compliments have to be in the first hour. The downside is this has poor performance, so if you get noticed, it's like in the first hour or so.

I owned the original vintage formula of this when it first came out, the cap is different, the bottle is a little more foggy. The fragrance is just not very good. Extremely boring, citrus and musk with a sour dry down. So I got rid of the vintage to a vintage collector. The reformulation, much much better, but a big hit on performance. The newer stuff is much more crisp, clean, has a more metallic vibe which I dig. Performance is sad, 2-3 hours tops on my skin which retain fragrance oils very well.

Price doesn't warrant purchase here to me, maybe if i see a good enough deal, like 30 bucks or less for 4.2 oz, that would be fair. This is a big top seller in the malls. This is a good fragrance for people who want something light, and inoffensive for work.
27th March, 2018

Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

Starts off as an even gross between Fahrenheit and Gucci pH II. I know this sounds weird, but trust me, that's what it is. After a couple hours of doing its own thing, I get the original Fahrenheit dry down with an added dose of vanilla and possibly amber. I really like it, a sensual Fahrenheit, done well. My only gripe is the opening makes me a little nauseous at times.. That Gucci pH II vibe.. I know a lot love this fragrance, but I never liked it. I got used to it for the most part though; and, although not ecstatic with it, I have accepted that this is as good as Dior Fahrenheit Parfum is gonna get.
22nd March, 2018

Viking by Creed

I didn't like this at first, but it really grew on me fast. 20 ml later and 2 decants gone, i add Creed Viking to my wish list. It has an addicting quality about it. The projection is perfect, but it could last longer, for these prices. The smell itself.. there is a lot going on, but I think lemon and sandalwood are the main players. I tend to get something different each time I wear it. I feel there may already be batch variations, as one of my decants had a much darker colored juice inside. The mint note is really what ties everything together here, notes and accords that may be disastrous if anyone else did it, Creed's unique spicy mint accord binds them exceptionally well.

I will say that it reminds me of Everlast 1910, but less rough around the edges. Everlast 1910 is a fragrance with many different facets as well, and also similar notes. Creed is much smoother.
18th March, 2018

Old Spice Wolfthorn by Procter & Gamble

Not too shabby Old Spice. Kind of reminds me of Escada Magnetism (dare I say). It's very fruity, but on the darker side, and also has a fizzy vibe, like a soda.

The down side.. there is a cheapness to it that I can't help but notice.. it's there and it's preventing this from being a good fragrance to wear out.
14th March, 2018
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Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

Picked up a small half oz bottle, glad I didn't buy anything bigger. Overall a synthetic peppery and tonka bean heavy scent, with some obscure fruit notes. I pick up on mandarin mostly, and perhaps cranberry, or some type of strawberry.. very faint though. Mostly dominated by tonka bean.

Just another mish-mash of everything that is already out, capitalizing on the original Red's success, which was a big hit for Polo. Hopefully the Extreme version will be better than the first 2.
14th March, 2018

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

Decent opening, but boring. My question.. where is the cocoa?? The dry down is horrid, and becomes a scrubber for me. Not worth 10 bucks.

Reason I bought this. A friend said it's the sexiest thing he ever smelled. Well.. I think it's safe to say, he hasn't smelled much.
04th March, 2018

Gold Rush Man by Paris Hilton

Yawn. Another follower of 1 Million. An overly sweet tonka base. I sought this one for quite a while, and once I got it, wow so disappointed. Of course Fragrantica reviewers are raving.. well.. lol that's what I get for reading Fragrantica reviews. Paris Hilton for Men, and Just Me are both phenomenal releases, everything else is crap.
04th March, 2018

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

Other than a cool bottle, this is very boring, unoriginal and uninspired, plus it barely lasts an hour. I'll try to give my bottle away.
04th March, 2018

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Simply brilliant. Daring, and sophisticated. A must try for any frag head.
03rd March, 2018

Starwalker by Montblanc

Good citrus based scent with a unique twist from the bamboo. Seems a little boring at first, but wear it a few times, and you'll notice there's nothing quite like it. Wear it too much and you may make yourself nauseous, it's just one of those fragrances..
22nd February, 2018

Legend Night by Montblanc

Very nice, but nothing that hasn't already been done 10 times. Reminiscent of La Nuit, Varvatos Vintage, Noir de Noir, Bvlgari Man Black, Jubilation 25.. you get the idea.

Now how does it smell. A berry, peppery, creamy, sweet, very sweet, almost cloying scent. Projection starts off big, but quickly dwindles down.

The guy who compares it to Memoire d’homme, I gotta agree, but only about half way, as this one is much much much sweeter.

If you like sweet frags like I do, you will enjoy this. I would wait till it finds its way to Fragnet and Ebay first though, before spending retail.
22nd February, 2018

Brut Revolution by Fabergé

Maybe I got old bottles, but this smells nothing like AdG or Unbound to me. This is more along the lines of L'eau D'Issey. It's a bitter, sort of salty, peppery aquatic. Actually it smells identical to Bellagio.

I find it to be flat, and boring. It kind of smells like just the base of a fragrance. Sort of how Mugler Pure Shot/Energy is, as it just smells like base notes.
09th February, 2018

Noir Exquis by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Toasted coconut, chesnuts, yum! This is a delicious gourmand that is nearly edible. It smells like authentic macaroons. With incredible lasting power and sillage. The dry down i could care less for though. In its final stages it becomes and ISO E overdose, or maybe it's really cedar? Either way.. it's boring, and woodsy as can be.. and did I mention boring? 1.7 oz is plenty, to last a long time.
09th February, 2018

Encre Noire à l'Extrême by Lalique

This is nothing like the original and Sport. I don't get any vetiver in here. This is a wet, muggy, incense. It has a humid quality to it. It's very niche-like, and a bargain for the going prices in terms of quality. However, in terms of wearability, it's something I seldom reach for. I would really have to be in the mood to smell like wet incense, cause that's what this is.

I've contemplated getting rid of my bottle on and off now for a while, but I think I'm gonna keep it, cause A. the bottle is gorgeous, B. it looks good with the other 2, and C. it's high quality. It's sort of along the lines of Dirty English, being an almost unwearable fragrance. I think they both smell excellent, but do I really want them on my skin?
08th February, 2018

Fan di Fendi pour Homme Assoluto by Fendi

Very deep woodsy and spicy. Reminds me of a perfect blend between Dsquared Potion and Dirty English.
31st December, 2017

L'Eau par Kenzo Wild Edition pour Homme by Kenzo

Don't like this at all. blind bought from a seller in the forum marketplace.

TBH, it smells like a dirty diaper for the most part. It someone has the opening of the original, but not as fresh and vibrant. It quickly fades into a weirdo, powdery, musky, synthetic mess.
26th December, 2017 (last edited: 25th December, 2017)

Eau de Rochas Homme by Rochas

Mehh I dunno with this one.

I was pretty stoked in getting a great deal on a big bottle of this, so I jumped at the opportunity. It's one of the few 90's highly regarded citrus fragrances that I hadn't tried.

The opening of this is gorgeous, it's hard to get much better. Citruses coming at you from every direction. Lemon, lime, mandarin orange. Within minutes though it's gone and becomes a bit more floral. By the 15 minute mark, I am left with this awful synthetic/chemical accord, I'm assuming a very fake oak moss. It's just nasty and doesn't smell real in any way.

In other words, I get 15 minutes of enjoyments out of this fragrance. Maybe vintage is better, or maybe just the same? I am not willing to put out the money to find out. I find this to be a pretty much overrated fragrance. Now if you want something that actually deserves hype, Bowling Green is where to go. Same vein of fragrances, same style, same verbena note, much better dry down, but still not a great dry down. I find that these older designer label citrus fragrances have some pretty bad dry downs, where they begin to smell fake and cheap.

If you can get a bottle of this for under 20 bucks (I paid 15 for a near full 3.4 oz bottle) then it's worth it. Top notes are great, and mid is pretty good too for so many florals to not smell feminine at all. I doubt anyone will say you smell bad once the base notes kick in.. you may not even notice what I am noticing. I am very critical in what I smell, and I am very through in the reviews I do, so people can know what they MAY expect.

So maybe it's just me? A lot of the reviewers, I notice, give this a good review for nostalgic reasoning. Which is too biased, and too unfair for others to read. It sways the reviews way too positive, and that's not what I'm about. All personal opinions aside, and no favoritism from me; this is simply an average fragrance, with a cult following.
05th November, 2017

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels

We BN'ers love it, but apparently others don't since its discontinued. This is a review on the EDP.

There really isn't much to say, except that this is one the most perfect men's fragrances ever. Make sure you like the note of iris though. Iris can come off smelling "makeupy" and that's what it does here.

This is a blend of 2 already outstanding masterpieces: Bvlgari Black, and Dior Homme. Superbly blended, with a smooth creamy finish. Long lasting, projects enough to turn heads, and sophisticated. This is a confident mature man's fragrance. If you see the EDP, snatch it up, because prices will just keep getting higher.

I just can't express how well blended this is. Along with one of the best dry downs I've ever smelled. It kills everything in performance too.
03rd November, 2017

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

Hmm maybe all these guys are reviewing another formulation? All I get from this is a clove/pepper bomb, and I mean bomb! It's hard to detect any of the other notes listed. Gave my bottle away.. was only $20, fortunately.
22nd October, 2017

Blueberry by Demeter Fragrance Library

Too sweet, mostly, vanilla, with not enough blueberry. Waste of 8 bucks.
14th October, 2017

Concentré D'Orange Verte by Hermès

It's hard to do citrus better than Hermes, and JCE. Concentre takes all the pizzazz of the original Orange Vert, and adds the desired longevity, without mangling the notes. There are some off looking notes in the breakdown, but trust me, this is just a longer lasting version of the original.
14th October, 2017