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    Silver Mountain Water by Creed

    Kind of hard to describe. It's very fresh, slightly green and quite metallic; with that same rather nice metallic note you can find in Green Irish Tweed. SMW is very linear with poor longevity. I tend to hold fragrances well on my skin, but this one isn't good in the longevity department. Although I am left with a very VERY bland and faint smell that's indescribable, after the 3-4 hour mark. It's mostly like an aquatic metal at this point, that may last for the next 2-3 hours. For argument's sake, the overall longevity from when I put it on, until it's completely gone is up to 7 hours. Mind you, it will only be enjoyable in those first 3 or 4. As for the notes, I get some citrus, violet, blackcurrant, green tea, sandalwood, and musk, but it really is dominated by the metallic accord. The result, to me, is a very refined fragrance, I like it but I don't love it. It has character, but it doesn't have anything pushing its character out. Sillage is far below average, as is longevity as said earlier. Worth a try though if you can acquire a sample.. I do believe it is one of the most blended niche fragrances I've tried, to date.

    03 January, 2011


    Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

    I do enjoy this fragrance and have a lot of respect for it as well as the franchise. However, the opening could make or break it for you.

    Paco Rabanne pour Homme is a very green fragrance with a barbershop feel. It's pretty linear from beginning to end. It's spicy, and well blended as many of the old school powerhouses tend to be. My biggest complaint is the extremely sharp opening. Very very sharp and in your face. I never actually realized it until I wore it out. But, if you can hang on about 2 hours (at most) you may enjoy the green/spicy/classic/sophisticated dry down.

    Much respect to this one, but I'm glad I only have a 1 oz bottle of it, as I'm not a fan of such sharp fragrances. Longevity for me is anywhere up to 8-10 hours which is nice, since I enjoy the dry down. The opening though, is what you're going to smell without trying and for me, it makes for a big deduction of a potentially 5 star fragrance as some of its cousins Azzaro pH, Polo, and Drakkar Noir. I'll take them over this any day.

    03 January, 2011


    Escape for Men by Calvin Klein

    Revising my previous review, I realize after reading it, I was rather biased, which is something I try not to be, when reviewing. That been said.. here goes..

    CK Escape.. Undoubtedly, one of the most unique designer scents I have ever gotten my nose under. Excellent longevity and projection, but a very much acquired taste. It reminds me of a bowl of fruit salad, as somebody else has mentioned. Pineapple and eucalyptus notes stand out the most to me here, along with apple, bergamot, and some cypress notes. I have only worn it 2 or 3 times, and from a personal level, I did not like it on my skin, and with my skin chemistry. So I did not spend time sniffing out the notes as it developed, rather, I just waited for it to hopefully get better as it dried down.

    In a nutshell.. Escape didn't work out for me. But, to say it's a horrible fragrance would be pushing the envelope. It's just something you need to try before you buy, 100% of the time, on this one. It may be discontinued and harder to find, but you do not want to go blind on Escape.

    01st January, 2011 (Last Edited: 20th August, 2011)


    cK one by Calvin Klein

    I give this a neutral rating mostly because of the respect I have for it. CK One owned the mid and late 90's; it's what really put CK fragrances on the map. Back then, choices were far more limited than now, so options weren't as great. The result was a choice between CK One, Cool Water, Michael Jordan, or Curve for the most part. Keep in mind the designer fragrance world was very limited then. There weren't 80 million flankers, nor were there many mainstream designer brands being pushed.

    All that aside though, CK One has without doubt been reformulated. I remember when I first tried this, I was in middle school. Back around 97, I think. It was just a fresh, clean citrus, through and through. Not as floral and unbalanced as it is now. Can't remember the longevity then though.

    Now its got that great citrus that I still remember, but only for a short (very short) period in the opening. Within 5 minutes the citrus tones down, and out come the florals.. this makes it much more feminine than it used to be. This doesn't even bother me, I wear what I like, because I like it, not because it smells masculine or feminine. CK One just smells like crap though, after the first 5 minutes. I get a very very prominent "wet paper" accord, that overcasts everything. As if the dominating floral heart that takes over the great citrus opening weren't bad enough, the wet paper accord just makes my stomach churn.

    If you wanna be a part of history, you can try this fragrance, see what it was all about. The thing with One, is that it is history though.. if you missed out on its original formulation, that's a pity... it wasn't mind blowing but it was far better than it is now. Longevity on One also sucks (under 4-5 hours-on a good day), but thankfully, nobody has to endure it for that long.

    01st January, 2011 (Last Edited: 08 April, 2011)


    Wall Street by Bond No. 9

    The overall fragrance is very unisex in my book, and even leads more towards the feminine side a little bit, especially in the first few hours. For the first hour I get really good projection, but after that it dies quite a bit, however it stays very aromatic throughout.. in the sense that, as it's floating up into the air, it's not giving you the full smell that you could smell on your skin up close (or wherever you sprayed). I noticed this to be common on the more expensive niche fragrances. It will project well at first, then die down yet stay aromatic. But, when you smell your skin up close, it'll smell different than what's projecting into the air.

    The more this fragrance's life goes on, the more it blends together, and feels just like one big green/soapy accord. UNTIL.. dun dun dun.. Final stages of Wall Street are pretty bad on my skin. The more it dries, the more it smells like vomit.. vomit and wet dog, with an aquatic touch. But, at this point it's rather faint, so it's not so abrasive, and pretty subtle. In the very very end I'm left with just an aquatic with no notes, it basically just smells very wet.

    It's pleasant, cooling, and relaxing, for the first few hours for sure. And, even if that smell carried on until the end, it still wouldn't be for me. I enjoy green fragrances, but this is more of green/aquatic in a sense, it's also more for a woman I think. It reminds me of some sort of mixed cucumber/melon/vegetable body spray for a woman. Overall longevity is about 10 hours for me, before the wet base completely vanishes. The projection stops around the 4 hour mark, and it becomes quite close to the skin.

    Not worth the money at all, not even sample worthy imo. Different, but nothing to write home about. My niche journey will continue though..

    01st January, 2011 (Last Edited: 09 February, 2011)


    McGraw by Tim McGraw

    I don't get why this fragrance gets bashed the way it does. It's actually a rather nice, comforting, warm fragrance. Generic? ya, a little.. but not entirely.

    For me, Mcgraw starts off with a spicy yet very creamy woods and lavender. I pick up on a vanilla note that isn't listed anywhere, but I do believe it's there. Sooner than later, (10 minutes in) it dies down to a slightly sweet, boozy cognac and nutmeg mix. Although whiskey is listed in the notes, I get cognac in this one.

    The longevity isn't too great for a dark juice like so, usually those tend to last the longest because of more perfume oils. In this ones case, they may have just dyed it this color to make it match with its appearance. Longevity is about 4 hours for me, I tend to hold fragrances very well. Projection is below average, but that's what I love most about the entire Mcgraw line. They all sit close to the skin, but aren't as generic as other skin scents, these have the country thing going on for sure! All of them have exquisite dry downs to my nose, especially Southern Blend.

    I think all of the Mcgraws for men, are safe to blind buy. As long as you understand, they're all spicy, they all have some of alcoholic drink accord in them, and they're all "country". They all also lack in the projection department, but sometimes we all want something of that nature.

    29 December, 2010


    Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger

    Damn you Tommy Hilfiger! This stuff is not good! With such good releases like Tommy, True Star and T, amongst others.. I was expecting a little more.

    Bought it at Wal-Mart on sale for 15 bucks, and returned it.. Ya it was THAT bad. I know I used the term "chemical" often when defining the quality of these cheapies, and this once is now exception. Rightfully so.. this is VERY chemical; both in smell and feel.

    The opening is a harsh citrus, fruity, spicy, woodsy mix infused with ginger and synthetic smelling floral notes. As if you couldn't tell by the note pyramid.. this stuff is all over the place. But it's also very well blended; which makes it hard to detect individual notes. Even when I look at the pyramid, I don't get most of those notes individually. Instead, I get a poorly done combination of 20-30 top notes that you'd find in various mainstream designer fragrances, shoved in a blender with a bunch of electronics. Blended together and BOOM.. they catch on fire. If this confuses you, let me make it simple. 1985 smells like a mix of the most synthetic smelling top notes imaginable and a bunch of electronics set of fire (giving out that "burnt/fried" circuit" accord).

    I'm sure it's just a matter of time before they discontinue this catastrophe. While it's completely unwearable, it doesn't smell putrid. There is a tea note that shines through eventually, the ginger accord is ok once it simmers down, and as it dries it becomes a little better. But, for the most part, this is an accident.

    28 December, 2010


    Zirh Ikon by Zirh

    In a nutshell, Ikon is a clove, cinnamon, and incense fragrance with a rubber accord. It's pretty linear and lasts up to 10 hours on my skin (sometimes more). It sort of falls into the same category as Diesel Zero Plus, only it's more bold and has no sweetness. It's definitely interesting and nice, but if I wore this too much, I would probably throw up.

    Other notes: Price is very cheap, I got a 2.5 oz bottle for 7.99! The quality and smell of this fragrance place it in the niche category.

    23 December, 2010


    Story by Paul Smith

    I am totally revising my previous review in which I highly praised PS Story. While it isn't bad, it's not my favorite fresh vetiver scent. I feel fresh vetiver scents are hard to pull off, or maybe I just don't wanna smell it too often, as I think vetiver goes better with woods as opposed to citrus.

    Regardless.. Story is one of the better citrus/vetivers. It's fresh, grassy, oily. The smell reminds me of fresh cut grass, with oil poured over it. Yes, motor oil.. not so much gasoline. It's fresh, yet still a little dirty, which I think is what keeps my attention; while at the same time, I think that's why it's discontinued, because of some aroma's that may not please the average Joe's.

    In the realm of fresh and citrus vetivers, on the designer side, I think Story is my favorite. My biggest gripe is longevity and projection issues, as I usually only get about 4 hours with it. It does remind me of a more complex and less synthetic smelling version of He Wood (which smells like magic marker to me, it also reminds me of Creed Original Vetiver's dry down.

    Again, this isn't my favorite fresh vetiver. In fact, I think the whole genre of such isn't really my taste. Although if I had to pick 2 that are outstanding, they would be Bois Blonds, and Grey Vetiver. Both being a bit more pricey, and niche. I don't think Story is bottle worthy, simply because I don't have a purpose for this genre of scent in my collection. However, for designer's in this genre, I think it's the best one I've tried. I give this one a hesitant neutral rating, because of purpose, longevity, projection, and some minor flaws in craftsmanship, that affect my personal taste.

    18 December, 2010 (Last Edited: 18 February, 2012)


    Façonnable by Façonnable

    Sampled this at Marshall's.. the opening smells like fish food.

    18 December, 2010


    Ferrari Passion by Ferrari

    Decent, generic opening with a little bit of a tropical vibe, into a boring uninspired middle and base, that smells like a horrible chemical mess.

    15 December, 2010


    Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta

    I'm a big pepper fan, but I find the opening of Oscar to be a bit harsh and has huge projection. I only really start to enjoy it around the 2 hour mark. Overall though, this fragrance is completely off my skin by 6 hours max, and anywhere from 2 hours on, it's pretty dull. The pepper is there from beginning to end though, accompanied by a lot of greens. Very fresh, and mature.

    15 December, 2010


    Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy

    Strange, spicy, floral, chemical, and down right confusing top. Spicy in ways other than spices; this just stings the nostrils. Not worth sitting through the top notes, this is a definite "scrubber" to me.

    14 December, 2010


    English Leather by Dana

    I have an entirely new found love and respect for this cologne. I found some in my drawer, but it's no longer going to be there.. it's out of hibernation, and on the dresser with all the others.

    What I get out of it that I never got before, is a very fresh opening; citrus and limes, the lime note is amazing, but doesn't last long, nor does the citrus top. It smoothly blends into the mossy notes, which are sweet, dry, resinous and somewhat earthy. The middle becomes a bit powdery, which is not something I love, but the mossy notes eventually cancel it out before it once again very SMOOTHLY switches into the leather base. I'd say the leather in this is a bit synthetic smelling, and not very modern, but still delightful, and a pleasure to wear.

    This should be a staple in every man's collection. I just wish they made an EDT spray, with better longevity and projection.. but then again, that would ruin the legend that English Leather is.

    06 December, 2010


    Samba Heat Man by Perfumer's Workshop

    Samba Heat is a strangely blended creation. Do I like it? Ehh, I enjoy new things, but this isn't much wearable to me. You will get noticed, you will turn heads, but the reactions will be based on your skin chemistry, and the way you carry yourself while wearing this fragrance. I find Heat to be somewhat daring.. Let's get into what it smells like though.

    In the opening, I get a pina colada thing going on, that specifically reminds me of that pina colada stuff that they pre-numb your mouth with at the dentist before they give ya the novocaine. It has a very medicinal vibe to it, which you can see from Bigsly's note breakdown. The green tea is definitely there and quite predominant for most of the time, accompanied with strange spices, and bitter woods. I also get a hefty dose of ginger throughout, but more so in the opening and middle. If the somewhat awkward opening doesn't appease you, give it a chance, the middle sweetens up quite a bit and becomes very comforting, too bad it doesn't start from the middle though, I'm not too satisfied with it's opening, but I am intrigued.

    This fragrance is aromatic, but doesn't project much, if that makes any sense.. I guess you could say that it projects when it wants to, certain notes in it project more than others, but not enough for the full effect, the effect that you smell when your nose is up close to it. Longevity on this is pretty bad most of the time, usually in the 2-4 hour range, but is better on clothing.. the problem there though, is clothing tends to prevent a fragrance from developing into its full potential, and clothing mostly gives off the top notes for a while, which is not something I want with this one. Price is very low, if you pay more than 12 bucks for the 3.3 than you've overpaid, the bottle is an eyesore though.

    06 December, 2010


    Nautica Oceans by Nautica

    A very nice tropical/lemon/rose/fruity mix, with a hint of lavender and spice. The first time I tried this on I got mediocre longevity.. around the 6 hour mark. But, the 2nd time this stuff lasted all day and all night, I could even smell it a little when I woke up.. Quite impressive in the longevity department for an aquatic type frag, but the longevity is temperamental, and varies.. some days I'll get 6 hours, others I'll get 18. On a day where I get 18 hours, (or smell it when I wake up in the morning) mind you, it's barely a fragrance at that point, it's very watered down, but still there, and still pleasing.

    This fragrance is on the same style as IZOD, Set Sail St Barts, Virgin Island Water, Sunset Voyage, Voyage, Island Voyage, Sunset Heat, etc. It's very tropical, but still pretty versatile which is nice because some of those others are hard to pull off, even in warmer weather.

    05 December, 2010


    Vegas by Playboy

    This basically smells like root beer..

    15 November, 2010


    Miami by Playboy

    Playboy Miami in a few words: Watermelon Bubble Yum. This is my initial first impression, and not not just for the first time, but time and time again. What comes with it is a certain fruity soapiness. It's very clean, and refreshing. As it dries I mostly get jasmine and some other florals.. accompanied by a strange minuscule cognac accord in the background.. this is the only way I can describe it. This is what my nose smells, but in theory, it has to be the amber creeping up and mixing with everything else. It's a softer, less bold and in your face amber, it's unisex too. The fruity watermelon and apple remain strong through the middle and go back and forth with the floral notes competing for the front. Ultimately the floral musky and slightly woodsy base come in and dominate.

    Miami in a nutshell: watermelon/apple opening, soapy/soft floral musk/amber middle, amber/woods/musk base. The middle and base do blend together very well, so what you get in the middle, you can expect in the base.

    Though a pretty simple smell, this fragrance is very hard to describe in depth, and my review of this, perhaps being the first on BN or any site, is just a little bit of insight into a cheapy. Every fragrance deserves at least one review imo.. ughhh I hate being that guy who's gotta blind buy it knowing absolutely nothing, regardless of its price or availability. Anyways, I hope my review helps the potential buyer.

    04 November, 2010


    Hollywood by Playboy

    Basically a mandarin/bergamot/lemon top with a vanilla and amber base. Highly synthetic smelling; and the base of this smells very much like Cuba City Hollywood. Projection is slightly below average and longevity is about 4-5 hours.

    Other notes:

    This fragrance fades from top to middle to base notes all within 20-30 minutes, the base then lasts for the remainder of its lifespan.

    The middle phase is a sweet floral pattern, the amber and vanilla creep up in the middle notes.

    03 November, 2010


    King by Parfums de Coeur

    I am completely revising my review, and going from what I once considered a near 4 star cheapy, to about 2 stars.

    Let's get into it. King basically smells like 2 things combined, and this time.. it's not Drakkar Noir and Giorgio. It's corned beef and hair. When I say hair, ya know when ya go to the salon, and there's that smell of fresh cut hair radiating in the air. THAT smell. You feel weird smelling it, but are intrigued and don't mind it. Sort of like gasoline, only not nearly as good.

    King is one part fresh cut hair, one part corned beef. It kinda smells like farts too.. So why is my rating neutral? Well, as it dries, it's not nearly as bad, nor is it from a distance. It's somewhat interesting, but not very wearable. Somehow I've managed to use over 60% of my 1.5 oz bottle. <vomits>

    02 November, 2010 (Last Edited: 28 December, 2010)


    Catalyst for Men by Halston

    Powerhouse smell, very well blended, but basically smells like mold.

    02 November, 2010


    Dunhill Pursuit by Dunhill

    Revising my previous review.

    I was able to buy a bottle of Pursuit at a very reasonable price, about 10 bucks for a 1.6 oz, so I figured, might as well take another stab at it, since a sample costs around 3 or 4.

    All in all, it's not a horrible fragrance, but it's probably one my least worn in my collection and one of my lower ranked ones. I see some complain about projection on this one, but I am glad it doesn't project because it may offend people. Pursuit is a very spicy scent, and not your typical spices. I get a very very strong presence of caraway, although it's not listed in the notes. From the opening, it starts out with a nice citrus blend, the yuzu is noticeable, it's a little on the cheap smelling side, but what do you expect. Wait about 20 minutes, and you're well into the heart notes. This is where caraway shines for me, along with cardamom, pink pepper, all on top of a cinnamon background. Can we say spicy? It doesn't smell as cheap in the middle notes. I do pick up all of the base notes here, notably the cedarwood. But yes, projection is very very weak at this point, which is very disappointing, because at this juncture, it actually smells quite nice.

    Pursuit sort of goes backwards for me. A boring synthetic/cheap smelling opening, into a nice base. Usually, it's the top notes I dig the most, while most base notes are redundant and boring. The best part of Pursuit is probably the bottle. It fits well into the Dunhill design, with its sleek profile. The typical Dunhill cap with a horizontal line going through it, only this one has an engraved orange compass in the middle of the cap.

    I'd say if you can find this one for the right price, and can wait around to the middle and base notes, you may find this fragrance enjoyable to some degree.

    01st November, 2010 (Last Edited: 17 February, 2014)


    Baldessarini Del Mar by Baldessarini

    Awesome bottle. The end.

    No, seriously. What to say about Del Mar. Well.. having tried the original Baldessarini, and owning Ambre, I find myself wondering wtf. Here we have the Baldessarini brand from Hugo; it's less sythetic, it's more sophisticated, and it had a highly credible image in my mind after having tried both the others.

    Baldessarini is like the niche part of Hugo Boss, but Del Mar is totally Hugo Boss. It's cheap smelling, it's synthetic smelling, it lacks any originality. Does it smell bad? No. In fact, few fragrances actually smell "bad" to my nose. Del Mar doesn't smell bad, but it's not even worth sampling, take my word for it.

    31st October, 2010 (Last Edited: 04 January, 2011)


    Roadster by Cartier

    I guess I'm in the minority with Roadster. To me, it's sickening and makes my stomach churn, gives me a headache and even makes me dizzy. Strangely though, when I smell it from a distance it's not as bad; but for somebody like myself, I have a tendency to smell my arms. The opening is a thick, heavy, cloying, paper smelling mint. I'm not a huge mint fan, but if done well like in Live Jazz, I'm all for it. Roadster is strictly mint, and that's all. As it dries though, it becomes a bit more tolerable.. the vetiver and woods creep in and cancel out the strong mint some what, but it's nothing to write home about.

    Conclusion: If you want a fragrance with mint in it, go with something like Live Jazz, Le Male, or even Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge. If you want a strictly mint fragrance, dominated by mint, strong, heavy mint, you'll like Roadster. I don't though.

    31st October, 2010


    Silver Light by Escada

    The opening of Silver is green and soapy, with some spice as well. It's not entirely different, in fact, it strongly reminds me of Uomo by Moschino. The thing that's most off-putting about this fragrance to me, is the chemical odor I pick up from it. Fortunately it's only strong in the very beginning.. it's reminiscent of the glue/paste accord I get from Curve, or Versace V/S. As Silver dries down, it just gets soapy and slightly floral but its foundation is a green fragrance. Vanilla and jasmine dominate from the middle on out.. the combination of the 2 is actually quite nice, even for somebody like myself who finds the jasmine note to be very feminine. I do think this fragrance is unisex all the way. As for my opinion.. I'm really smack dab in the middle on this. The strange chemical opening isn't enough to complain entirely about because it goes away quickly, and although the dry down is very pretty, it's just not for me.

    On a side note.. the middle/heart notes phase of Silver strongly remind me of Arpege pH, only take out the orange blossom and citrus and replace it with jasmine.

    31st October, 2010


    Canali Men by Canali

    Just another fragrance with no purpose. Canali does absolutely nothing for me. It reeks of so many different notes that it's hard to pull apart, it's just a synthetic smelling mess. I guess it's fair to say that everything is blended together very smoothly, but I don't know what it is I'm smelling. Grapes, lemons, berries, woods, leather, tobacco and spices along with many other fruits, citrus, florals, etc.. all in one huge accord. It doesn't by any means smell bad, but very boring, and uninspired.

    This fragrance is kind of along the lines of Allure, in terms of genre. It doesn't really fit in any genre.. I got one we can put them both in.. "synthetic city".

    24 October, 2010


    Swiss Army by Swiss Army

    I get like a minty/eucalyptus/green/herbal opening that's rather unique. Along with it, comes some sort of slightly unpleasant yet very intriguing accord.. plastic.. maybe some sort of burning toxic material. After the chemical odor dies down. The green notes and herbs come out, the mint doesn't disappear but it hides behind everything. I also get a grape note taking over the top. Before ya know it, the scent is completely gone. I don't pick up on many of the notes in this.

    To my nose, Swiss Army is one fragrance house combined into this fragrance. That house is Ralph Lauren. With Swiss Army I get some Polo Sport, Purple Label, and Safari. A rather unique composition, but nothing to write home about.

    19 October, 2010


    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

    First and foremost, I absolutely despise ginger in fragrances.. it's never done right imo. That said, I absolutely LOVE the ginger in YSL l'Homme. It does an excellent job capturing a juicy citrusy ginger note. It pleases the nose, and is almost edible.

    In the top, I get lots and lots of ginger, accompanied by a bitter citrus combo of orange and lemon. In the background, I can pick up on a watery violet note. There's also a heavy dose of white pepper, which starts off behind the ginger, but eventually overpowers it. About 3 hours later, vetiver, tonka, and some gentle woods blend together smoothly for the base, with the most emphasis on the tonka, as it is in La Nuit.

    To some degree, this reminds me of Versace pH, only much much better. Longevity is about average, 6 hours or so. Projection is very good for the first 3 hours.

    14 October, 2010 (Last Edited: 27 August, 2012)


    Gucci by Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

    Although a boring fragrance, I love the smell of it. It smells like a very masculine laundry detergent. Mostly various woods, blended together smoothly which makes note detection difficult; I also get some pepper. For the price, and what you get, it's not so hot. I'd wear it if somebody gave it to me, but I doubt I'll be buying this.

    13 October, 2010


    Fahrenheit 32 by Christian Dior

    Simply put. Odd. Not only odd, but bad. With a possible brilliant set of notes, the outcome is pretty horrid. Smells like cheap vanilla, mint, powder, and overdose of neroli, and a very bland vetiver, mixed with rubber. Very off putting; and rather insulting to the Fahrenheit brand.

    Somewhat similar to Hermessence Vanille Galante.

    11th October, 2010 (Last Edited: 11th April, 2013)

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