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Soir de Lune by Sisley

A gift from my daughter ( who knows me so well)! Its lovely, wearable. Clean...... review from Darvant made me smile because I'm British and yes, it does evoke clean, and laundry, but for some of us there is something powerfully aphrodisiac about that!
13th March, 2013

Stella Rose Absolute by Stella McCartney

A gift...from a friend who knows I love Rose Essence. Its Light, refreshing, wearable. Doesn't make my earth move but a beautiful appreciated gift well worth wearing.
13th March, 2013

Baiser Volé by Cartier

Do like it! Its light, refreshing, reminds me of Paris in the springtime!
13th March, 2013
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Black Orchid by Tom Ford

as other reviewers state, it is very potent, but I do love it. Using is less is probably more!
13th March, 2013

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

Many years ago as I walked through Harods in London, I avoided as usual the perfume praying mantis trying to make me try the synthetic mass produced chemical concoctions and happened upon the sight of a massive bottle of Bal a Versailles. Maybe its quite sad to realise that initially I was seduced by my eyes and not my nose, but yes, it was the case. I did have a try of the tester though and as I wandered around Harods, and then later around London, I felt as though I couldn't forget the fragrance. I suppose in a way, it was like falling in love at first smell. I couldn't rest until I had aquired a bottle for myself, luckily my local wonderful perfumery in York stocks it.
I don't wear it every day, or every week, but like a favourite Lover who only appears occasionally but never fails to please, I absolutely love it!!
13th March, 2013

La Perla by La Perla

one of the few perfumes I have repurchased! Conjures up opulence. affluence and luxuriousness (Is there such a word?)
13th March, 2013