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Unforgivable by Sean John

Some years ago a friend of mine gave me a sample of Creed's Millesime Imperial and I loved it. For me it was a sensual and charming scent that I never had smelled before.
Recently I bought Unforgivable and for my surprise it reminds me that wonderfull scent I found on Millesime Imperial.
I can smell alcholic notes on Unforgivable like champagne and rum.
Unfortunatelly it doesn't last as long as I'd like and silage is not so good either, but Unforgivable always will have a place in my collection.
Highly recommended!
Thumbs Up!
07th June, 2010

Eau de Cartier Concentrée by Cartier

Like some reviewers said before, Eau de Cartier Concentree opens green and floral. I can smell violet for a long time and this note makes Concentree to be a more feminine scent than unisex.
Despite of being more suitable for women than men, this is a great cologne, very fresh and clean. It also lasts long and has a good silage.
Thumbs up!
07th June, 2010

Very Sexy for Him by Victoria's Secret

This is a wonderfull cologne. Smells like a spicier version of Animale for men and Polo Sport.
No doubts about girls loving this stuff because Very Sexy Him is warm, sexy and it smells very good!
But I'm not giving thumbs up because this lasts for only 3 or 4 hours. I'd be glad if Victoria's Secret make a "extreme" version of this.
07th June, 2010
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Just Me for Men by Paris Hilton

What a surprise! I have never imagined Paris Hilton making a scent like Just Me. This cologne has a very nice fruity smell, better than Acqua di Giò in my opinion. Lasts a very long time on my skin. Rated with 5 stars!
07th March, 2010

Lucky You for Men by Lucky Brand

This is terrible man! I bought it after some good reviews but for me Lucky You isn't a good cologne. It smells like herb, grass or something like this. Lasts long but it's bad when we are wering a frag like Lucky You.
07th March, 2010

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

This cologne is very famous here in Brazil. It's very common to find or to hear about guys wearing this fragrance. Maybe this is due the fact that 212 Men lasts long and can be used in many ocassions (during summer or winter, day or night, formal or casual events). I love it. 5 stars!
07th March, 2010