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Aomassaï 10 by Parfumerie Generale

Upon initial application I get a blast of cedar with something slightly sweet in the background. It smells like my father, who works as an arborist and loves cream cheese danishes. I was hoping for all the caramel, hazelnut, smoky gourmand yumminess because I normally like gourmands, but this was just all woods and sweet powder on my skin. I would definitely say this is an enjoyable fragrance, but this is not something I would purchase, or contribute to the hype of.
08th May, 2010

Amoureuse by Delrae

Very lovely and spirited. It's a girl-next-door kind of pretty, yet subtly sensual fragrance with a whole lot of white florals and a little bit of honey and sandalwood to skank it up in the drydown. The honey, while not sweet, prevents it from smelling like every other floral. I'm not a fan of white florals, so I can't stomach this. And exactly as a previous reviewer said--I didn't get any tangerine or tuberose like I had hoped--it was almost all jasmine and honey. But I do appreciate its composition and I think it makes an absolutely perfect scent for a very specific kind of person.
08th May, 2010

Shalimar by Guerlain

The EDT of Shalimar smells like a cheap mess on my skin, although it was intended, and is regarded, as a masterpiece by many people coming from a respected perfume house. I have yet to find a Guerlain I can wear.

Initially, I get a whiff of lemon and kitty litter. When it dries down I get a strong powdery scent with a little bit of cat litter in the background. When I sampled this I got the mental image of a grey tabby cat wearing a bonnet and wire-framed glasses selling lemonade out of its litter box. Why does my chemistry always sour up the classics. (Sigh)
07th May, 2010
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Back to Black by By Kilian

Back to Black should have been named something like "Tender White Breast". When I wear this perfume I get mental images of mothers breastfeeding plump babies in classical paintings, billowing white bedsheets, and Victorian women putting spoonfuls of honey in their fancy white teacups. There isn't a "dark" facet in this fragrance-- although there is a whisper of sensuality. You'd only hear (er, smell?) the whisper if your nose was glued to your arm, so chances are, unless you are walking around putting your wrist up to a hottie's face, it's not going to work as an "aphrodisiac".

This isn't a strong fragrance and it has very little sillage, but it lasts a fairly long time as a lingering, sensual skin scent. I don't get any tobacco--on me it's all delicate powder with a naughty little wink of honey. I couldn't imagine paying 225 dollars for a full bottle of this, but I do wear it often, and my sample is now gone.
06th May, 2010

Bell'Antonio by Hilde Soliani Profumi

Bell'Antonio is a very mild whiff of grass, unlit cigarettes, and coffee. Kind of pleasant and easy-going, but not as unusual or mind-blowing as I'd expect for the price tag, and definitely not suitable for me. Very subtle and masculine. If this fragrance had a face, it would be handsome, but in a plain way that takes a while to notice. This is a fragrance for the kind of man who exudes peaceful authority without ever raising his voice. It's the Kevin Costner of niche fragrance.
12th March, 2010

Love's True Bluish Light by Ava Luxe

I'm not sure if a fragrance can formally be classified as "cute", but in my opinion, this perfume is adorable. It is not cute in an over-the-top, cliche way like a basket full of kittens with pink and blue ribbons around their necks, but it is charming in a warmly eccentric way--like a little hedgehog in a polka-dot bowtie. The initial impression from the bottle is that of vanilla, but also a lot of fresh bread. It stays that way on the skin for about two hours before fading completely. This is a linear fragrance that is not challenging, complex, lasting, or demanding, but it is unusual enough with the bread note to assert its place in my heart as a darling little vanilla amongst the plethora of vanillas that try so hard to be sexy.
12th March, 2010

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

I have a total crush on Tobacco Vanille. I received a sample of it, and upon first spray I literally blushed and giggled when I smelled my wrist. It made me imagine Johnny Depp's character from "Crybaby" staring at me intensely from the back of Home Economics class. This is the exact kind of smoke I have been looking for--it adds an air of raw and captivating masculinity, but the vanilla tempers it back into being unisex. This is one of the most truly gender-neutral scents I have worn. Although the sillage isn't that great on my skin (fades to a plain honey aroma within two hours), I spray it on my clothes and I feel like I am the female version of James Dean. I fantasize about buying a full bottle of this and making it my signature scent.
12th March, 2010

Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

When I tried this for the first time, I didn't notice anything remarkable. It just smelled like "perfume." Then with time, I kept digging into my little box-o-samples and wearing this one until it was almost gone. It smelled lady-like, but with something interesting underneath--something about it said, "I'm not like the other girls." On my skin this is mainly apricot, iris, and the delicate slap of a suede glove. To appreciate this fragrance, I find it's best to have a spray version. The vial doesn't provide enough of the product for you to experience the joy that is Daim Blond.
12th March, 2010

Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne

Jayne Ormonde Woman is a scent of contrasts: masculine yet feminine, sharp yet comforting, dark but effervescent. The mental picture it evokes is that of a long walk alone in the woods, looking up at the night sky and the moon through the shaded tops of hemlock trees--are you afraid, or glad to be alone? On my skin, this fragrance is so sharp and green that it almost makes me yearn for a note of spice, or a hint of something creamy. This scent is challenging enough to make me take multiple sniffs to keep an eye on how it is behaving, or what mystery it will reveal. I never know each time I wear it if I will feel refreshed by a cool forest breeze, or be stabbed by the sharp needles of an evergreen. For this reason I hesitate to purchase a bottle. And for this same reason I keep returning to the edge of Ormonde Woman's deep, dark forest.
12th March, 2010

Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens

I wonder if I was sent a sample of something else, because on my skin this was aftershave and more aftershave with a little bit of hippy mixed in. This reeked of Stephen Seagal in a club with his chest hairs all exposed, leering at young girls. I didn't get the smoky or sweet notes from this at all, much to my dismay--I usually like Serge Lutens. But instead, I smelled like I had been necking with someone's father, and I couldn't wash off the evidence. This was so strong on me that I could taste the smell--each time my nose went near my wrist I was blasted with a mouthful of Aqua Velva.
12th March, 2010

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Powdery and musky, like a pair of smoky eyes flirting with you from accross the room. I don't get any of the hay or tobacco. On me this is powdery iris and spices with a bit of honey in the background. Smells like a young woman who is wise beyond her years. This reminds me of the main character is Margeurite Duras' The Lover--a complicated, rebellious, sophisticated young girl who looks older than her age, wears a fedora, and has a much older Chinese lover. "Suddenly, all at once, she knows, knows that he doesn't understand her, that he never will, that he lacks the power to understand such perverseness. And that he can never move fast enough to catch her." — Marguerite Duras (The Lover)
12th March, 2010

Black by Bulgari

At first spray, this smells like a gingerbread man in S&M gear. I like! The bottle itself is a little work of art, and the price is very reasonable. I don't get the tire scent at all, except for when I smell it directly from the bottle. After a half hour, I smell an adrogynous sexy vanilla strapped up with leather. The gingerbread man has escaped his handcuffs and drove away in his black Barbie corvette. Definitely unusual, and my kind of scent. But unfortunately after a full hour, this scent has disappeared from my skin completely, even when I ask other people to sniff me, so I can only rate it as Neutral.
12th March, 2010