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New-York by Nicolaï

Some scents are timeless. Others should be shoved back into the time machine, and PdN NY is one of them.

The vision I get from smelling NY (after the initial headache) is that of an elderly undertaker spritzing it on the corpse of an even more elderly woman, and then using a few sprays on himself to use up the almost-empty bottle. Our undertaker began his craft during the Great Depression, after all, and would never waste anything.

01st May, 2013

Sandalwood by Crabtree & Evelyn

Smells exactly like the Mysore soap that you frequently find in Indian grocery stores. (Perhaps that is the soapy quality to it.) If you like the scent of the soap, you will like C&E's version of Sandalwood.
24th April, 2013

Le Vetiver Itasca by Lubin

Every fall there is a day of specific quality. The sun is bright, the sky is cloudless, and the world has not yet decided whether it is fall or still summer.

On that day, I take the day off. I drive to Wallace Falls, and begin my hike. I pass by a sign, and enter the forest. The trail first winds by a river, occasionally entering a forest filled with pine trees. As the trail climbs, I begin to smell the mountain air. I come to the lower falls, the first of three. I stand near the edge of the embankment; and while I cannot feel the mist, I can sense the rushing water beside me.

I continue on my hike to the middle falls. This trail spends more time in the woods this time, as it climbs up the mountain. Just as you are getting warm from the seemingly endless march up, there is a small gap in the trees close to the river; the wind rushes around me and I find myself refreshed and resolved and continue to climb.

I finally arrive at the middle falls, by far the most beautiful; the river plunges 260 feet into the pool below. I rest here on the wooden rails along the edge, and take photos. I always take photos, even though I have been here many times before. It is a ritual; this hike is a ritual and I dare not change it.

I hike back down to the lower falls and sit at the picnic bench. As I eat my lunch, some chipmunks come out and play along a nearby log, no doubt waiting for any crumbs I might leave behind. I like to think that these are the same chipmunks that I've seen every year, and they come to visit as they have also recognized the quality of the day and know I will be here.

As I leave the trail, I see the sign again. This sign is unique; it is not a trail sign, but a Wordsworth quote: "Come forth into the light of things; Let Nature be your teacher."

The day is bittersweet; it was beautiful but soon the rains and clouds will come, and I will have to wait until next year when a day of specific quality comes again.

I cannot put this ritual into a bottle, but on the days when I wear Itasca, I can close my eyes and smell the pine, and the mist, and mountain air rushing through a gap in the trees.
05th April, 2013
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Aseel by Al Rehab

Very synthetic smelling. The only notes I can pick up are the artificial rose/jasmine notes; I'm not picking up on the frankincense or oud that other reviewers have mentioned.

I'm not sure that this wears well for men; it's not a "masculine rose" like you'd find in Creed Windsor or C&S 88. It very much reminds me of cheap drugstore fragrances targeted towards women. If you like those kinds of scents, you may enjoy this.
07th January, 2013

Sandalwood by Taylor of Old Bond Street

Smells nice upon initial application, but quickly turns to powder and then vanishes entirely soon thereafter.
17th December, 2012