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Head Over Heels by Eden Classics

i bought a 100ml only for the bottle. The scent reminds me of Sunflower by EA. When i spray it in bedroom, my dad will complain. He dislike the smell. Fruity floral with water. i guess the fruit part is not lovely. i agree that only the bottle deserve to be collected.
22nd March, 2013

Femme de Montblanc by Montblanc

This is elegant scent and the stay power is fine. Chocolate is obvious but more than it. This is the first time i try Montblanc and it's good. Purple,not pink. You can imagine the two colors for two type of women. And this is for Purple woman.
28th February, 2013

Salvatore Ferragamo by Salvatore Ferragamo

i got a 100ml EDT recently. i used to have a 5ml Q version. This scent is charming in a undernote and peaceful way.The bottle is impressive as well. This is the kind that i would take fancy to gradually. Heart and base notes are more attractive. Top is so so. Almonds makes this scent unique especially in base. Not shallow at all. It's for lady above age 28 i think. Slim and tender apperance but with strong personality inside. Classic scent which time will tell.
01st June, 2012
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Night Magic Evening Musk by Avon

i think this scent rich and round and sexy. Unisex but not the orange or water fresh style but like Toffee. i'll be attracted if a guy wear this.
13th October, 2011

Avon Soft Musk by Avon

This scent make me feel delighted and smoothed. feminie in a tender way. Not loud but soothing and warm. The only pity is that staying power is limited. On my skin just 3-5 hours.
13th October, 2011

Aromadisiac for Her by Avon

i got a bottle of this for a real buy. i guess this scent is not very welcoming for pinky young girls. But it's a really nice one. Impressive staying power at least 8 hours for sure.
i agree with Sophi's view that this is dark and mellow thinking about chocolate and amber.It's better for night. Sort of like Celine's Fever. i notice both have Jasmine and Amber which i enjoy. Oh, there's also something thick in the scent. Just for woman age over 30 i guess.
08th July, 2011

Flowing for Women by Puma

This one is reminds me of Inspiration from Lacoste. Very nice and easy to get alone with.
The staying power is also good. Maybe even better than Lacoste.Woody Floral, suitable for OL daily wear.
08th July, 2011

Rouge by Christian Lacroix

i like the bottle design.For the scent, i feel it very orange, very green and quite sharp. Not my taste. White pepper... i'd rather prefer pink pepper.
14th June, 2011

Fever pour Femme by Céline

i happened to buy this Fever and it becomes one of my favorates. i love the Jasmine,Amber and Vanilla combine and it's mellow sweet. Warm and carmful.Sexy in a secured way.

Top notes Mandarin and blood orange, i don't catch much. Frangipani gives a clean and refresh note which balance Jasmine's wilderness.

It lasts long. After i wash, it still stays.
09th June, 2011

Forever and Ever Dior by Christian Dior

This might be the lightest one in Dior family. Compared with Dior early items, this is not typical Dior. However it's delicate. Last weekend i toured in a Sephora store in Beijing. Most vistors asked for fresh and delicate floral scent. There're many brands and Kenzo is always highly recommended. No.2 is BLV Tea series. i feel this Forever and ever dior new also deserves a try.

It lasts 8 hours. really. Wispy... but you can catch it.
09th June, 2011

Dior Addict 2 by Christian Dior

i think this DAD2 goes popular in China. The bottle looks cheerful and pink attracts young ladies. Fruity fresh fits well Chinese taste. It's nice and maitains Dior's quality.
i used to have one Q version from a Dior collection and enjoys it. It's far from vintage level but the very type for mass market.

09th June, 2011