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Spice and Wood by Creed

I have strange relationship with this scent. On one hand I enjoy the medium powered cedar smell. I for one love cedarwood and this one makes it enjoyable without it being too heavy if you are not a fan of that. At the same time it smells similar to french lover, it's not an eye opener and it only comes in a 8.4 oz bottle. If I were to buy a scent with that much liquid I want it to be something I love because it's a commitment at the end of the day. I have to think about it.
25th March, 2011

X for Men by Clive Christian

Very light, warm smelling. I am not impressed by this fragrance. Price does not automatically mean high quality.
08th October, 2010

No. 1 for Men by Clive Christian

This one is the only CC I have smelled with any character. A powdery floral, a bit on the fem side but not offensive. I would say skip this and get prada amber or burberry brit and you get the same concept. Not a very masculine fragrance by any means. For the money they ask you would think you are buying a superior purfume, but you are not. CC might be the worlds most expensive perfume company but they are far from being the BEST. Creed still reigns supreme in my eyes. But if you have the cash , give it a chance, maybe it will work for you.
08th October, 2010
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1872 for Men by Clive Christian

I smell butter and only butter. And this is the most expensive perfume company? I was expecting a lot more than this. What a letdown.
08th October, 2010

Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture

Very strong and musky, smelled this off of a chick in the cafeteria line. She claimed she only sprayed it once but it projected like a god damn shotgun. It is not a bad smell but you need to be careful it can get offensive if overapplied.
07th September, 2010

Azure Lime by Tom Ford

I loved the opening of lime , the freshness almost a tropical smell but then the drydown made me sad, nothing but a musky light wood note. Such a pathetic drydown to one of the best openinings I have ever smelled. At least with virgin island water it stayed on a bit longer and kept the lime. Very disappointed because the opening is so good.
04th September, 2010

Aventus by Creed

Since there was a lot of hype around this fragrance and I love Creed it was a must try. The pineapple intro is nice, very nice actually and unique, but sadly the drydown smells like dirt and not very refreshing for the summer. I know many love it and I think one should try it but I am not a fan of it.
23rd August, 2010

Arabian Wood by Tom Ford

This mixture of rose and wood is sexy for a woman to wear, but for me I couldn't wear it. Too feminine.
22nd July, 2010 (last edited: 23rd August, 2010)

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

This is the sexiest fragrance I have ever smelled. This combination of tobacco and vanilla makes it masculine but sweet at the same time. I have to get this.
22nd July, 2010 (last edited: 23rd August, 2010)

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

This is one of the best leather frags i have smelled and this is a man's fragrance without a doubt very uncompromising , professional, but dirty sexy in a way. Love it.
22nd July, 2010 (last edited: 23rd August, 2010)

Verveine Narcisse by Creed

To me this is a romantic type of floral. They consider it to be unisex but I disagree I think this is more for a female. To me Versace knocked this one off with the Dreamer.
01st June, 2010

Bois de Santal by Creed

This fragrance has more wood than Original Santal, but the sweetness in this one makes it too perfumey and definitely in my eyes an older woman's scent.
24th May, 2010

Cyprès-Musc by Creed

Extremely musky with wood. All in all not a bad fragrance.
22nd May, 2010
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Ambre Canelle by Creed

Very perfumey fragrance, I could see a mature woman wearing this and smelling nice. I could not see myself wearing it, but it is well made.
22nd May, 2010

Aubépine-Acacia by Creed

Green , citrus with mint. I thought this was a man's fragrance, reminds me of Green Valley.
22nd May, 2010

"Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

This fragrance is THE man's scent. Masculinity in a bottle and we are going back to 1875 for this. This is a James Bond fragrance, leathery, tobacco and peppery type of fragrance. Extremely strong and very professional. One of my favorites!! Smells like money, old fashioned fragrance where men were men. I am so happy I have a bottle.
20th May, 2010

Sélection Verte by Creed

Very minty, not my type of fragrance, my brother on the other hand is partial to this one.
20th May, 2010

Santal Impérial by Creed

Very creamy type of fragrance, more feminine in my opinion. Not bad but I would not wear it.
20th May, 2010

Royal Scottish Lavender by Creed

There is nothing masculine about this fragrance, it is soapy but too light and it does not say much kind of like Himalaya. This might be nice for a lady actually.
20th May, 2010

Vanisia by Creed

I personally do not care for this fragrance there is not enough sweetness to add depth to it.
20th May, 2010

Tubéreuse Indiana by Creed

Another nice floral by Creed. The house of Creed is notorious for its florals and this one represents the company very well.
20th May, 2010

Fleurs de Bulgarie (new) by Creed

Another nice rose, great for daytime wear for a female.
20th May, 2010

Irisia by Creed

Interesting floral wouldn't expect to like it but on a women it would be great. Give it a try ladies.
20th May, 2010

Jasmal by Creed

Nice sweet floral by Creed. Not my favorite but worth a try.
20th May, 2010

Acqua Fiorentina by Creed

A nice floral aquatic and it smells so beautiful for a woman. Ladies that are reading you cannot go wrong with this fragrance and you could wear it everyday.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)

Love in Black by Creed

I did not like this one, it has a sweet tart accord. They missed the mark on this one.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)

Fleurs de Gardenia (original) by Creed

This fragrance is very floral and very feminine I disagree about it being unisex. Would be great on a lady though.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)

Citrus Bigarrade by Creed

I am not feeling the neroli in this fragrance. It smells too perfumey for me, it would smell fine on a lady but I wouldn't wear it.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)

Bois de Cédrat by Creed

Interesting mixture with bois du portugal and citrus bigarrade in my opinion. Not bad but I will not buy it.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)

Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie by Creed

This is the sexiest fragrance I have ever smelled for a lady. Nuff said.
01st May, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)