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Wrapped With Love by Hilary Duff

First off, I have only smelt this on paper and not on my own body. I am not sure if that makes a difference, but I thought I should put it out there.

I like this smells better than Hilary's "With Love". In fact, I hate her "With Love" (see my other review, in short, its too synthetic). This one is fruitier and sweeter. It has a nicer tone to it. I can't talk about the longevity of the fragrance since it's on a piece of paper and I never actually used it on my skin or clothes, sorry about that.
18th March, 2010

Believe by Britney Spears

I didn't like this fragrance. It's citrus-y and too strong, that is what I thought in the beginning. After the drydown, I also didn't like it. I don't know how to explain it.. but it was just a bad smell (perhaps syntheticly too strong?) But now (it's been three, four days since I sprayed it on the tester strip, the faint smell isn't that bad). I'm not sure I can wait that long for the drydown though.

note: I only smelt this fragrance from a tester strip so I cannot talk about the longevity of the product and the chemistry with my skin.
18th March, 2010

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Initial whiff? Didn't like it. I tried Fancy Love previous to this, and I loved it. Fancy love had a warm feeling to it (probably thanks to the vanilla). But Fancy.. was not good initially. However, the dry down started to smell more sweet and warm, but I think it's "too little too late". Not good enough in my opinion. Then again, this is my initial response. I have been using fancy love for longer so I may have gotten used to it by now? Who knows, but I know is that my initial impression is that I do not like Fancy. I will nab a Fancy Love if I can get it for cheap though.

note: I only smelled this through a tester strip, I am not sure it matters but I feel like its important information :).
18th March, 2010
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Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

note: I only smelt this fragrance on the tester strips.

I like this fragrance. I wouldn't buy it though, but I went to sample a bunch of fragrances (many of which were celeb fragrances) and this was the only one all three of us liked. It's sort of sweet and floral. It smells a little synthetic though (all fragrances are synthetic.. but this one is TOO synthetic, if you get what I mean).

But I'll give this thumbs up because all three of us liked it. Can't say about the longevity because I only smelt this through a tester strip.
18th March, 2010

With Love... Hilary Duff by Hilary Duff

I don't think this fragrance deserves all these nice compliments. It was so synthetic. If you read any of my reviews.. thats really what i say about all the fragrances. But I stand by my words. Maybe synthetic isn't the word, it just smells bad though. I think it was too strong with no love. Like it's missing that warm feeling a sweet fragrance should have. It's harsh.

Note: I only smelt this fragrance through a tester strip.
18th March, 2010

Blue by Ralph Lauren

I now know why there are so many guys that review this. The initial scent is definitely very masculine. I just sprayed it on myself (about 20-30 minutes ago). The dry down is very long. I don't like the initial smell because I am a girl, and girls do not want to smell like dudes. However, when it dries down, it becomes increasingly feminine. It's very soft and nice. I am guessing floral. I agree with the other posters, this fragrance is hard to explain. I don't know what notes are but it's very nice. If only those top manly notes were not there.. then I might not have to return this bottle :(. To get from manly to feminine takes about 30 minutes.. I really like this smell! I am not sure about smelling like a man for 30 minutes though..
18th March, 2010

Romance by Ralph Lauren

It's not bad. My two friends did not like it though. I sort of did. To describe it, I would say it's sort of manly.. almost like it should be a cologne but it still retains a hint of femininity. So I wouldn't get it, unless I was a manly female.. which I am not.

note: I only smelled this through a tester strip, I am not sure it matters but I feel like its important information :).
18th March, 2010

Happy by Clinique

Terrible scent! It smells so fake and synthetic. I use the word "synthetic" a lot for my perfume reviews, but oh man, this one is the king of all that is synthetic. It's like medicine and plastic. It smells bad. This one makes me want to run the opposite direction.. THAT BAD.
18th March, 2010