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Trussardi Uomo (original) by Trussardi

Trussardi Uomo definetly a real powerhouse, Trussardi Uomo is the winner in my list as the darkest powerhouse. With complex & deep it make my throat pleasure with heavy of super masculine. High tone of leather, oakmoss, incense smoldering, patchouli, cedar for the base really well structure.

Once the liquid appear into air, it start with rich, luxurious dark, dry & smokey will take out all angle of a room. Bringing me to bright & clear way all pungent, sour throat because the smokey of incense, tobacco & leather burning together. Trust me dude it worth to sample if u like dark & agresif powerhouse.

Trussardi Uomo = Night of living dead
26th May, 2010

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Opening a blast of power gun remind me a lot of Quarom which burning my nose really powerfull. Aromatic style which develope a fresh synthetic, spicy pine, soapy & leathery/tobacco notes (also remind me on Polo Green but different character). When my body start sweating Sung has evolved characters all culminated with the smell of power to center. It's true Sung is great powerhouse that has a class of it's own line with huge powerhouse like VC&A PH, Quorum, Giorgio, Kouros & Oscar de la Renta pour Lui. Great and beautiful purple liquid that is secret weapon come out from nozzle. Sung more wearable than Quorum for office wear...
26th May, 2010

Krizia Uomo by Krizia

After get & wear Krizia for whole day. Go with 4 shoots (back, chest & neck) fantastic on strong & a little fresh of lavendar & pine. Going out from my house and go to my car parking. 2 gurl just asking me "what the fresh smell on u dude?". I just smile and say "this is my new scent that called Krizia" then the gurl say, "ohhh what the hell?"....ok after 30 minute Krizia develop musky, leathery and a hint of floral for the final drydown and last until evening. My sense only can describe the major of fresh pine musky leathery powerhouse.
26th May, 2010
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Fendi Uomo by Fendi

I like to explore all corners of the masterpiece notes in Fendi. Starting with top sharp & strong of citruses & herbal that can not be dealt. The middles & base so rich and complex with leather, flowers and patchouli. This is the monster to reveal the infinite. Although I have a reformulation, but this is very satisfying balancing of patchouli for me and very class. Absolutely for formal & special occasion and never over apply it
26th May, 2010