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    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme Yuzu by Issey Miyake

    Opens beautifully but goes quickly downhill.
    The yuzu opening is very nice. An almost bitter citrus, but not a grapefruit bitterness that I find refreshing. Unfortunately, it doesn't last, and I find the drydown to be harsh and very artificial.

    03rd August, 2014


    Canali Style by Canali

    Pleasant, but nothing more.

    As others note, this is a pleasant enough fragrance. I don't get the pineapple some do, and find it a decent, somewhat synthetic, Italian style wood. But there is nothing special about it.

    Pros: Inexpensive, inoffensive.
    Cons: Dull."

    25th October, 2013


    Usher for Men by Usher

    I can't abide the current fruity-sweet trend, so I can't even get past the opening, which is a strong and artificial version of that accord. My wife describes this as "walking past the perfume counter at Macy's", or an artifical mess. I suppose it might be acceptable to the under-20 set, but there must be must better options, even for the youngsters.

    10th September, 2012


    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    I am in almost complete agreement with Dullah's review below, and yet my rating is negative. Partly this is a matter of taste, and partly also of composition.

    The opening is a blast of bergamot and pepper that is very bracing, and pleasant, but unfortunately disappears almost immediately, to be followed by a truly unpleasant (to my nose) fruity bubblegum accord that lasts rather longer. These are followed by spicy floral, and then tobacco with hint of floral and green notes, both of which are quite good. Unfortunately, even hours into wearing, the fruity bubblegum accord seems occasionally to rise again, ruining the experience.

    This is, at least to my mind, not merely a matter of preference regarding such fruity notes, because it does not belong, and ruins the effect of the -- otherwise very enjoyable -- heart and base accords. I may be overly sensitive to the fruity notes because I dislike them, but I would definitely recommend a full wearing before purchasing this.

    14th March, 2012


    Molinard Homme II by Molinard

    This seems to last well enough on me, but what lasts is a sweet, powdery bit of nothing interesting. I get a bit of mandarin at the opening, but no juniper or cedar. And quickly everything goes pretty much in the direction of baby powder. Not necessarily -cheap- baby powder, but still not particularly interesting.

    29th June, 2011


    Optimistic for Him by Paul Smith

    I gave this a try yesterday, and while there is a brief interesting grapefruit (?) note at the very top, it doesn't last at all and the fragrance turns very quickly to, as Kaern says, "boring generic dreck".

    17th June, 2011


    Bogart Citytower by Jacques Bogart

    At first spray, Citytower goes on very synthetic-smelling and not particularly appealing. After the first blast, it settles down to a slightly spicy, slightly floral, mostly incense that continues pretty linearly. It softens a bit as it dries down, but continues to be primarily incense; I don't really get any of the leather or other notes. Sillage and longevity are good, but it has a somewhat synthetic and cheap feel, and I can't really recommend Citytower.

    27th January, 2011


    Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart

    A very nice designer fragrance, often overlooked, probably because it's so uncommon. FM has a nice 'fresh' feel without being citrus or aquatic. For me, the mint comes through clearly at the opening, but a "warmth" appears very soon (from the spices an musk) that I haven't found in other mint-based fragrances. But the mint remains present throughout, giving this the "feel" (though not the same notes) as Le 3me Homme de Caron, with its interplay of fresh, floral, and warm notes.

    17th January, 2011


    Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

    Finally having a sample of this, I have to agree with those who have a 'meh' reaction. AHS seems to be good quality, but unoriginal and terribly unexciting. Further, at least on my skin, it has a sour, "rotting citrus" note that I find actively unpleasant. (Maybe what FragranceFan255 describes above as "overripe melon".)

    21st September, 2010


    Yerbamate by Lorenzo Villoresi

    I get and enjoy the grass and hay notes that everyone else mentions, and quite like Yerbamate... on a test strip. Unfortunately, on my skin, there is something that makes it turn almost immediately musky/funky, in a way that does not complement or balance the green, but makes it all go horribly wrong. Everything does calm down after an hour or so, but then all of the uniqueness of the fragrance has gone, as well.

    I quiet like this take on 'green', but it's not for me (at least not for me to wear).

    05th September, 2010


    Sandalo e The by Bois 1920

    I like the opening, with its herbal citrus tea notes, and and the move to more floral middle, but neither of them lasts very long on my skin. After about an hour, it moves to more or less sandalwood, with very little tea or anything else. This lasts well, and is pleasant enough, but is nothing particularly special.

    04th May, 2010


    Brit for Men by Burberry

    I agree with some others who find this uninspiring, or as Inselaffe put it "so lacking in personality". I get a bit of spice at the opening, then baby powder, baby powder, and more baby powder. Not really objectionable, and I suppose it is pleasant enough, but, as they say in the movie, "there are so many things that are so much better". I suppose it might be nice for the early-20's age group.

    18th April, 2010


    Acqua da Toeletta by Piazetta di Portofino

    I really like this scent, as well. The citrus/herbal opening is wonderful. Unfortunately, I find the Vetiver to be extremely subtle, and the woods, etc. almost nonexistent. I love it for about an hour, but after that it just seems to fade away to nothing.

    12th April, 2010


    Marc Jacobs for Men by Marc Jacobs

    I rather like the first hit of green, fresh, fig, but it is displaced almost immediately by a coconut cream something that I don't like at all (and doesn't sit well with the opening, IMO). Then after an hour, even that dissipates into a pleasant-enough, but undistinguished and almost-nonexistent slightly sweet woody ordinariness.

    07th April, 2010

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