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Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

I bought this fragrance yesterday Exudes Sophistication beyond belief., very nice to wear anytime. This one is destined for the fragrance Hall of fame imo, Definetley a must try at least once. A must have for any true Fragrance aficionado.
18th June, 2012

Windsor by Creed

Finally got my sample today from luis, my connection from the creed boutique. on my skin, I got the British gin in the opening also got some lime the rest of the time I got the Canadian cedar and the Scottish pine., oddly enough, I did not get the rose scent that many talk about, nor Any ambergris, which is a good thing IMO. this is a lovely,very balanced unobtrusive scent ,which would give MI a run for its money if it were in regular production. Would I purchase the fragrance art?.......Yes, by way of sample though. Currently, Best male fragrance from creed., to my nose.
03rd November, 2010

Erolfa by Creed

Wow, this creed really had me on the fence for a long time. I can smell the citrus with bergamot top , but the mid notes comes off as what i can describe as sea weed smell coupled with sea salt. last stage is the usual ambergris, with a hint of sandalwood. projection and silage are very poor im afraid, at least on my skin. Bottom line, would I wear this ?.......yes! would I buy this?.................No Way! poor silage and longevity does not warrant The price Imo. Only if I got a sample, or as a gift would I wear this ,otherwise save your bucks.
29th October, 2010
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Aventus by Creed

I samples this stuff couple of days ago, (Ill skip the notes), the first blast to my nose was the apples and pinnaple, which to be honest, I didn't like. as the day went on I felt like the pinnaple stayed linear. If i could describe what this smells like, I would say it smells very similar to Chanel allure Homme, but a more refined version. I didn't smell any of the roses or the moss, but I did notice the ambergris has been cut way back in this fragrance, which is a nice change of pace for creed. Now having said all this, I must give credit where credit is due. the projection and the silage were both AMAZING, AMAZING. this lasted on my skin 12 hours plus., no lie! the first 6 hours this projected great I could still smell this on myself, my wife could still smell was great. next six hours, it sat close to my skin like typical creeds. so for this extreme longevity, im gonna give aventus a thumbs up!, and a must try.
25th October, 2010

Original Vetiver by Creed

I love how the lemony, Italian bergamont, slaps you in the face at first spray! a much more refined and better crafted fragrance than Therri Muglar Cologne in my opinion. truley a creed classic. I would not pay full price for this now somewhat dated ,reformulated fragrance. I would either buy at fragrancenet., or the fragrance district in laredo tx.
25th October, 2010

Pasha Fraîcheur Menthe by Cartier

Purchased this one in the fragrance district of Laredo tx. a few years back, very minty and fresh , recommend that you spray close to the skin with this fragrance for maximum silage.
18th October, 2010

Millésime Impérial by Creed

I was given a sample of this stuff, and WOW! blew my mind, just incredible, incredible,and, one more time, INCREDIBLE! Ill spare you the note line up, this fragrance is very image invoking, kinda smells like citrus and flowers wafting in an air of sea salt. simply amazing ,imo. this is the best fragrance creed has ever offered in my humble opinion, However I have not sample creeds Windsor, which is rumored to also be exceptional. silage on me was not great about 2 hours max, although I was outdoors. I agree with qwerty73 , about spraying on clothes to maximize projection also, spray close to the skin, about 2 or 3 inches again, to maximize projection. Is it worth the Money?, I believe so and will be purchasing very soon!
18th October, 2010

I am King by Sean John

All I can say is they should have named this frag.....I am CRAP!
27th September, 2010

Antaeus by Chanel

Wow, the mighty antaeus, to the untrained nose this would be a powdery NUTRON BOMB! the beeswax is what really brings this frag together imo. great stuff, will make my ratation. not for the teenage crowd. A masterpiece par exellance. 14 + silage
Purchased August 26, 2010.
30th August, 2010 (last edited: 03rd June, 2011)

Coach Leatherware by Coach

I bought this stuff august 29, 2010., the opening has lemon ,but i felt the mandarin came out a lot more than the lemon, Very nice smelling tea notes about 45 min, later. overall nice fragrance, reminds me of Aveda pure formance for men. Lastly, the silage was a bit suspect, as I only got about 6 hours, at best. but again, very nice frag.
30th August, 2010

Hugo by Hugo Boss

Not a great scent IMO, the opening is too bay rum for me. too much cinnamon smelling then the middle notes ,namely the clove make this frag, to much of a struggle for me. reminds me of a watered down Zegna Z. Im glad I got this as a gift, and didnt purchase.
30th August, 2010

Armani Eau pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

I love this stuff, been in my rotation for years. It first stuns you with a lemony blast, then slowly gives way to a spicy , woodsy masculine scent. well balanced, meaning , you can wear it at the office or for a night out. this is a must try.
30th August, 2010

Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

just bought a bottle two days ago. this is a very green woodsy fragrance but without the tobacco ,leather , pepper of the original. after the first 30 minuets, the floral notes really start kicking you in the face! silliage is very good ,well past 5 hours . according to, they might be phasing out modern reserve, just like polo explorer.
21st March, 2010
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