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L'Eau Bleue d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

Sweet Herb that works equally powerful like Bitter Herb

Longevity very good. Sillage very good. Seriously one of a kind herblike fragrance

Very aromatic and relaxing

Right now, July 2013, I just visited the website of Issey Miyake parfums

Guess what, l'eau bleue is not there.. I can't find it.. Only the original, intense, and sport version..

Can someone confirm wether this fragrance has been discontinued or still in production?

Pros: Relaxing, one of a kind sweet herb sensation
Cons: Veryyyy difficuuulllttt to find"

23rd July, 2013

Blu pour Homme by Bulgari

Icy opening - invigorating spirit
Warm finishing - luxury impression

Surprisingly, BLV is a good harmony. When you think at the beginning : wow its cool and fresh.. but hey this is boring if this goes on forever.. nah its just like the other light and linear smelling fragrances = you're wrong

At the opening, you'll got the fresh, cool out of the shower feeling IN a masculine way

A moment later, it turned into a luxurious, confident warm aura around the user. Combination notes of Tobacco, gingko, wood, and the musk are incredible. Its warm and mind-relaxing

And of course, I'm getting a lot of compliment and happy faces wherever I go wearing BLV Pour Homme. I love it =)
04th May, 2011

A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

A*Men Pure Coffee

This is what the original A*Men should have been!
Easily meet my high expectation (as a heavy caffeine addict), I love drinking coffee very much

No downside. strong projection, last long, not "that" cloying as the original one does
It's all about the sweet-coffee paradise aura that develops around the user and a powerful compliment getter

Thierry Mugler should really consider it produced as a regular release, not a limited edition. For it will be a legendary coffee fragrance in the future that inspired many wannabe
06th February, 2011
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Angel by Thierry Mugler

Recently, a flight attendant walk passing through me. Long before we're crossing each other, she was reeking this stuff and I can sense it clearly..

Im not sure if she wear the man version or the woman version.. But one thing for sure, it definetely overapllied and bombed the entire plane as she walk around it..

Giving around 3 second of : aahh i wanna bite you, honey

than several minutes hangover of : ughh i can't stand it anymore, please go away, i'm begging you

Well I think it's quite good if not overapllied. Otherwise, you're becoming an active nuclear radiation everywhere you go, reeking this stuff.
12th January, 2011

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Probably the man-est, most masculine fragrance that I ever smell
Monster sillage, monster longevity
a winner

Though some people says that when they sniff APH, they felt like getting a punch because the power of this fragrance and didn't like it at all

But who cares. APH is very distinctive, best worn at colder weather and not that great for hot weather usage
10th January, 2011

Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

Simply said, popular because of it's quality

for an aquatic scent, AdG PH had an atomic sillage. Durability also wonderful, last much much longer than first I expected. The scent itself is not ALL about water. It's more like on the beach, lot of sand, you're waiting for your hot lemonade to arrive while enjoy looking on the sea and get your face blowed by gentle breeze

Honestly from deep down inside my heart, I give this perfume an A score. It's surely a favorite contender for the king of aquatic category
10th January, 2011

Weekend for Men by Burberry

Zesty citrus burst immediately wakes up your senses. Very fresh feeling. After that, entering the dry down base notes phase is truly amusing. Really really amusing. Honey musk added with those previous zesty citrus burst makes me happy and so it did to people around me. Drawing compliments, and just like its name, Happy Weekend folks, but for me everyday is a weekend since I wear Burberry Weekend ^__^
15th April, 2010

Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

a strong, synthetic fougere. may be headaching yes i agree. but the more time I tried to spent with this frag, it smelt more beautiful. authentic, unique, monster sillage, nice longevity, and a 'heavenly' dry down. the dry down is what makes this fragrance called "Eternity"
01st April, 2010

Cool Water Frozen by Davidoff

The name says it all. This fragrance deserved to be called "Davidoff Cooler Water"
More mint, more musk, feeling lighter than the original. If not a cooler one, it may be the Coolest Water that Davidoff ever made
23rd March, 2010