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Elite X for Men Skill by Umbro

Totally with Robbo1979, put this on again today as I'm not planning on going anywhere or seeing anyone and repeatedly highly pleased with how good this scent is. I've worn it to worn on severeal occaions and had ladies come up requesting a closer sniff. It's a light, fresh and clean scent with good longevity and apparently very good sillage. Doesn't become tiresome as the day wears on. Hard to place the most prominent notes; something light and slightly fruity like some of CK & Davidoff scents and a hint of amber or vetiver maybe.

With a top footballer's or clothing designer name on this and smart packaging it could easily sell for £30+ a bottle at 2010 prices.

Don't dismiss it just because you can get it very cheaply, it's too good to be written purely based on price, and as Robbo1979 says, don't go near any of the others :)
03rd August, 2010

Second Skin by Ted Baker

I agree with Todd. Nothing like the original Skinwear whatsoever.

A really excellent sequel perhaps better suited to evenings or cool weather. Sensual and spicy but with a warmth and richness to it.

Cannot decide if the topnotes are clove or nutmeg, I think maybe the former. Certainly if you like exotics such as YSL Opium PH or Cacharel PH then I think you'll be delighted with this and also with the fact that it's a very reasonable price.

Longevity and sillage are very good and I cannot fault this scent at all. I like it loads and wear it very often, in fact it's become one of my firm favourites.

Add odd thing to notice perhaps, but people seem to gravitate closer to me when I am wearing this one. It seems to draw people in, perhaps to get a better sniff ? Whatever! Everyone just seems to like it. It's not overpowering, ourageous or outstanding, it's just really nice.
03rd August, 2010

RSVP by Kenneth Cole

I'm with distortech completely - 'I actually really like this. While it is nothing super spectacular, it certainly is not as bad as some others seems to indicate.' I can also agree that with others that it seems not to be a young man's scent and even understand lespritz's view that it 'Smells like cheap, musky old man crap.'. I don't agree that it is only for old men - I believe a very masculine young man could carry this off very well but its is not for anyone over- or underweight. In such a case I think it would perhaps give the impression that they were trying too hard :)

There is something which I can only describe as really delicious about this scent which makes me want to keep wearing it. It's fairly potent with pretty good longevity. For me, I wonder what is there not to like ? Is it too 'nice', too much like a ladies' perfume maybe ?

I shall keep wearing it and enjoying it and suggest that if you like a sweet, rich, velvety, warm and delicious scent with not bad lasting power then it is worth testing, or even buying blind like I did. If you prefer your scents crisp, clean, sharp and fresh then forget it.

This scent will cuddle you - something I enjoy in a scent now and again, but it's not for everyone.
19th April, 2010
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Morgan de Toi Homme by Morgan de Toi

I bought this kind of blind. I seem to recall sniffing it on card before buying online some time later.

I'm indifferent at best. It's very masculine but I find the blend to be rudimentary - very little complexity and not particularly nice to my taste. I do recall the lady in the shop I tested it in saying that she loved it which may have influenced my purchase. This for me will be a scent for the office until it is used up and it will not be re-purchased.

It's a sharp, metallic and slightly oily almost like a bodily secretion but with very little warmth or approachability. Sillage is nothing special and longevity is also nothing special. I could still smell it on my skin six hours later, but not in the air within minutes of application. To me there is so 'little' to this scent from start to finish that the sillage didn't surprise me.

Maybe it will work better in the summer, but with the snow threatening outside, I find myself non-plussed by this.
19th April, 2010

FCUK Connect Him by French Connection

From a vendor's site
Top notes include: rosemary,sangria, lavender and basil.

Middle notes include, sage, green peppercorn and tea leaves.

Base notes include; vanilla, ebony wood, black suede and patchouli.

Very approachable and very long-lasting EDT. Very sweet and after a several hours feels a bit sickly and stale and cloying although it probably wouldn't on a non-smoker.

Pervasive sillage - you'll smell it on yourself and everywhere you've been all day long and well into the night.

My overriding impression is of licorice or aniseed which would be the Sangria I suppose with an underlying hint of masculine muskiness and green of the peppercorns and tea. It's a clean sweet, very foody fragrance that overall I like but can get tired of smelling it by the end of the evening.

At current discount prices it's worth trying. I tried it and loved it, but after wearing it a few times I find I prefer less 'in your face' more sophisticated fragrances.
26th March, 2010

Hai Karate by Healthpoint Ltd

Vile, disgusting synthetic creation that should have been aborted before birth.

I couldn't agree more with tvlampboy's thumbnail: "All that is vile and hellish in the world, but captured in a bottle...." and Tropirock's Ephitet "RIP, Hai Karate. Return to the bowels of hell from whence you came."

By all means use it for removing biro ink marks from fabrics but wear rubber gloves, you wouldn't want to get any of this stuff on you.
26th March, 2010

Extase Musk Man by Extase

Almost impossible to get hold of this now. I do not believe it can surely still be in production.

I have it as 4711 Extase Moschus for Men (bought as a present for me by a German friend from the 4711 Factory Shop in Koeln whilst we were visiting there for a few days) but after researching, the item listed here IS the same product.

A subtle and lightweight fragrance with an opening that is deceptively uncomplex and unremarkable, somewhat reminiscent of Body Shop's white musk oil.

However as the day wears on and the sillage continues for hours (with a longevity of something like 5-6 hours which is surprising for such an unassuming fragrance), you can appreciate that there is some skill and refinement in the subtle blend of ingredients which don't blast your nose when you first apply it, but rather that you notice over the day as mere suggestions.

Top notes are slightly lemony citrus and flowery with a hint of Nivea cream. Dry down is a light musky smell with some powderiness, maybe ambergris.

A shame it is apparently discontinued as I have sought to replenish my nearly dwindled supply for years. It's nice enough to use several times a week at the office without offending anyone including yourself and yet romantic enough to use on a very personal night out.

A very good general use fragrance that is definitely missed by the few people who got to buy it for the short time it was available - judging by the price of the very sporadic miniature bottles that sell on ebay.

At the time, I don't recall it being terribly expensive, it was pretty much centre of the middle price bracket. It was never an expensive scent, and should never be purchased as such, but it was a scent that compliments a male in perhaps the same way as Moschino Uomo? Not totally in your face brash masculine, but undeniably masculine all the same.
26th March, 2010